Why Product Images are Useful for Downloads<br />Did you know that text and images stimulate different parts of the brain?...
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Why product images are useful for online listings


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Why product images are useful for online listings

  1. 1. Why Product Images are Useful for Downloads<br />Did you know that text and images stimulate different parts of the brain? When you think about it that probably seems pretty obvious. When you have a section of text, it is vibrant and chronological which means that it takes a certain amount of time in order to explain or understand it. In contrast, images can be understood quite quickly, within a matter of seconds. This is why it is so important to use product images when you list your digital goods for sale.<br />The Internet has become an integral part of daily life. We get our news online, we stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, and we do a significant amount of shopping on the World Wide Web. Because we are so connected, images have quickly become a huge part of any online experience. Shopping online is a total experience, so why lose customers because your product listings lack images? Here are some general advantages to using product images:<br /><ul><li>Product images give the customer an idea of what they’re paying for.
  2. 2. Product images allow the customer to visualize the product description quickly.
  3. 3. People recognize images quicker than text so the product image will be the first thing that attracts your customers. The description comes second.
  4. 4. People love examples and samples of what they’re buying. Images achieve this perfectly in the virtual goods industry.</li></ul>However, you do need to remember that using an image is only part of the entire product package. Because you’re selling virtual goods, the image you choose is the only visual representation of your product. This means choosing a relevant and good-quality image. With virtual goods, you may choose an image of the physical package of your product, if one exists. The image may also be a screenshot of one of your samples. What you sell will determine the type of image, but just remember to use the most relevant and best quality possible.<br />Listing your products online will definitely help boost your sales. But listing your product alone with text only won’t do the trick. Take in mind what we’ve just shared with you regarding product images and make some changes. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference.<br />Best place to sell virtual goods<br />Best place to sell downloads<br />