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Vikrant more version 3.0

  1. 1.  VIKRANT MOREFlat no G-206, 2nd floors,Sahil heights Pimple - Nilakh,Pune - 411027Phone: 9762054576Linkedin :- vikrant.a.more@gmail.comOBJECTVIES: Looking forward to work with an Organization for achieving the goals by utilizing mybest professional skills.PROFESSIONAL SKILL:  Strong Mathematical, Analytical, and Problem Solving Skills.  Good Communication.  Confident and ability to work independently.PERSONLAL PROFILE: I am working as a Database Developer/Financial Business Analysts with Trust Fort LLC.I have been part of Industry from more the two years. During my career I worked in India,Mostly working with SQL Server Technology on SQL , T-SQL and Automation right from theversion 2005 to its latest form and the Business Logic for the Short-Term and Long TermCapital Accounting Methods. I worked on developing the queries and it optimizationprojects for high transactional system. Received Master Of Computer Application fromUniversity of Pune and Bachelors of Computer Science from Nagpur 9762054576
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIANCE:Software Programmer (Database) – 2nd Dec 2009 till presentTrust fort. Pune, India Developed stored procedure for Loading Data in CFN (Commonwealth financial network) Database and Posting data in PPS (Preferred Portfolio Service) System. Responsibility of Data Migration between CFN (Commonwealth financial network) and PPS (Preferred Portfolio Service). Worked for Business Logic of Position, Flow and Ledger and Journal Entries of Transactions in the Database. Worked on Corporate Actions like Redemption, Merger, Exchange, Spin off etc. Reconciliation of transactions in the System from database. Commonwealth Financial Network is one of the Biggest Financial Company in The World and the second-largest privately held independent broker/dealer in the nation .Goal has Been the same one that guides the best financial professional and indispensable to client and providing personal support , customized solution, time saving technology and Growth Oriented Environment. Went to the offsite meeting at Shilong (5 day). Performance Enhancements  Reduced network chattiness by refactoring code to use stored procedures, user- defined functions, triggers and views instead of inline SQL.  Cleaned up and modified search manuscripts page, improving performance 10-20% by use of trimming SQL and added stored procedures where needed.  Formulated and retailored hundreds of SQL Server 2008 stored procedures and user defined functions to improve efficiency and security within Editorial Manager.  Employed indexes, default and foreign key constraints on new and existing database tables to optimize performance on lookups and to prevent database 9762054576
  3. 3. PROJECT UNDERTAKEN:  Developed an individual project on Library Management System Frontend in ASP.NET and Backend in SQL SERVER 2005.  Developed an individual project on Online Banking Application in ASP .NET using SQL Server 2005 as Backend.  Developed Online Exam Paper Setting System for Government of Maharashtra a Department of ARIS (Agricultural Research Information System) in M.P.K.V. Rahuri. Working of System -Instead of setting paper manually, paper setting should be done by computer system which is a college level or university level system to set paper automatically. This system is developed by using ASP.NET with C#, Back-End – SQL Server 2005.EDUCATION QUALIFICATION:  2010 – Master of Computer Application (Management) o G.S.Moze College of Pune, University of Pune.  2006 – Bachelors of Computer Science o S.F.S. College Nagpur, University of Nagpur, Nagpur.TECHNICAL PRIFICIENCY: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SQL, T-SQL, Excel 2007 (Basic) .NET C#, C, C++, JAVA Performance Tuning and Query Optimizer, SQL Profiler, DTA (Database Tuning Advisor).PLATFORM: Windows-XP 9762054576
  4. 4. Linux.PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name : Vikrant More Date of Birth : 10-Nov-1985 Sex : Male Nationality : Indian Contact Number : 9762054576 E-mail : Permanent Address : Flat No. G-206, 2nd floor sahil heights Pimple Nilakh, Pune- 411027I her by declare that all the information provided is correct and true to best of 9762054576
  5. 5. (Vikrant More) 9762054576