VIKRANT MORE<br />Flat no 7, 3rd floors, <br />Ambar-niwas Dhankawadi, <br />Pune 411043<br />Phone: 9762054576<br />Link...
Good Communication.
Confident and ability to work independently.</li></ul>PERSONLAL PROFILE:<br />          I am working as a Database Develop...
My Resume.
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My Resume.


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This is my Resume i attached this with SlideShare.

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My Resume.

  1. 1. VIKRANT MORE<br />Flat no 7, 3rd floors, <br />Ambar-niwas Dhankawadi, <br />Pune 411043<br />Phone: 9762054576<br />Linkedin :-<br />E-mail:<br />OBJECTVIES:<br /> Looking forward to work with an Organization for achieving the goals by utilizing my best professional skills.<br />PROFESSIONAL SKILL:<br /><ul><li>Strong Mathematical, Analytical, and Problem Solving Skills.
  2. 2. Good Communication.
  3. 3. Confident and ability to work independently.</li></ul>PERSONLAL PROFILE:<br /> I am working as a Database Developer/Financial Business Analysts with Trust Fort India. I have been part of Industry from more the two years. During my career I worked in India, Mostly working with SQL Server Technology on SQL , T-SQL and Automation right from the version 2005 to its latest form and the Business Logic for the Short-Term and Long Term Capital Accounting Methods. I worked on developing the queries and it optimization projects for high transactional system. Received Master Of Computer Application from University of Pune and Bachelors of Computer Science from Nagpur University.<br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIANCE:<br />Software Programmer (Database) – 2nd Dec 2009 till present <br />Trust fort. Pune, India<br />Developed stored procedure for Loading Data in CFN (Commonwealth financial network) Database and Posting data in PPS (Preferred Portfolio Service) System.<br />Responsibility of Data Migration between CFN (Commonwealth financial network) and PPS (Preferred Portfolio Service).<br />Worked for Business Logic of Position, Flow and Ledger and Journal Entries of Transactions in the Database.<br />Worked on Corporate Actions like Redemption, Merger, Exchange, Spin off etc.<br />Reconciliation of transactions in the System from database.<br />Commonwealth Financial Network is one of the Biggest Financial Company in The World and the second-largest privately held independent broker/dealer in the nation .Goal has Been the same one that guides the best financial professional and indispensable to client and providing personal support , customized solution, time saving technology and Growth Oriented Environment.<br />Went to the offsite meeting at Shilong (5 day).<br />Performance Enhancements <br />Reduced network chattiness by refactoring code to use stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers and views instead of inline SQL.<br />Cleaned up and modified search manuscripts page, improving performance 10-20% by use of trimming SQL and added stored procedures where needed.<br />Formulated and retailored hundreds of SQL Server 2008 stored procedures and user defined functions to improve efficiency and security within Editorial Manager.<br />Employed indexes, default and foreign key constraints on new and existing database tables to optimize performance on lookups and to prevent database inconsistencies.<br />PROJECT UNDERTAKEN: <br />Developed an individual project on Library Management System Frontend in ASP.NET and Backend in SQL SERVER 2005.<br />Developed an individual project on Online Banking Application in ASP .NET using SQL Server 2005 as Backend.<br />Developed Online Exam Paper Setting System for Government of Maharashtra a Department of ARIS (Agricultural Research Information System) in M.P.K.V. Rahuri. Working of System -Instead of setting paper manually, paper setting should be done by computer system which is a college level or university level system to set paper automatically. This system is developed by using ASP.NET with C#, Back-End – SQL Server 2005.<br />EDUCATION QUALIFICATION:<br />2010 – Master of Computer Application (Management) <br />G.S.Moze College of Pune, University of Pune.<br />2006 – Bachelors of Computer Science <br />S.F.S. College Nagpur, University of Nagpur, Nagpur.<br />TECHNICAL PRIFICIENCY:<br />SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SQL, T-SQL<br />Performance Tuning, Query Optimizer, SQL Profiler and DTA (Database Tuning Advisor).<br />PLATFORM:<br />Windows-XP, Vista, Linux.<br />PERSONAL INFORMATION: <br />Name : Vikrant More<br />Date of Birth : 10-Nov-1985<br />Sex : Male<br />Nationality : Indian<br />Contact Number : 9762054576<br />E-mail :<br />Permanent Address : Flat No.7, 3rd floor Near Foot Over bridge<br /> Balajinagar, Dhankawadi, Pune- 411043<br />I her by declare that all the information provided is correct and true to best of my knowledge.<br /> (Vikrant More)<br />