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Yog Sandesh of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust of March 2009. This has most of the important of Jivan Darshan book written by Swami Ramdev

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Jivan Darshan - by Swami Ramdev

  1. 1. OM CONTENTS m|e% lkgla /S;± cqf¼% 'kfDr% ijkØe%A Editorial 4 "kMsrs ;=k orZUrs r=k nso lgk;Ñr~AA Foreword 5 Year : 6 Issue : 7 March 2009 Jeevan Darshan 6 Editor National Religion 12 Acharya Balkrishan Sub-Editor ‘Bharat Swabhiman’ Aim Dr. Rajendra Vidyalankar Philosophy And Principles 17 Jayshankar Mishra The Religion Of Yoga 34 Subscription Cultural Understanding 38 Single copy.........................15- Annual................................150/- Personal And National Thoughts 45 Five year.............................700/- Eleven years......................1500/- Daily Eulogy 52 Outside India (Annual)......800/- OFFICE OFFICE PATANJALI YOGPEETH Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Delhi-Hardwar High Way Near- Bahadrabad, Hardwar, Uttarakhand, (INDIA) 249402 Ph: 01334-240008, 244107, 246737 Fax No. 01334-244805, 240664 E-mail : divyayoga@rediffmail.com, Visit us at : www.divyayoga.com Publication & Distribution Office Diamond Comics Group of Publications D. C. Magazines Punjabi Pustak Bhandar 257, Dariba Kalan, Delhi-110006 Contact : Gulshan Rai Fax % (0120)&4238010 Fax % (0120)&4238010] E-mail: gulshanrai@diamondcomic.com ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 3
  2. 2. ;L;ka iwosZ HkwrÑr ½"k;ks xk mnku`pq%A its past, or about which the present generation is not aware, lIr l=ks.k os/lks ;Ksu rilk lgAA will never be able to build a golden future. A poet has also The tradition of sages has continued in our mother- written – ‘Jise nij gaurav tatha nij desh ka abhimaan na land. Our forefathers had been great sages, great ascet- ho, who nar nahi, nira pashu aur mritak saman he’. One ics and scholars. Our ancestors lived a simple and re- who does not take pride in his and his country’s glory is strained life enhanced with penance. They lead a life of not a man but is equivalent to a mere animal or a dead sacrifice and welfare, developing good people. With pen- person. ance and the feeling of sacrifice, they continuously strived ‘The honour of the nation is my honour and self-re- for excellence and their words of advice have continued spect, and if the image of the nation, the self-respect of to guide the people of the nation. In this way, they made the country, is hurt at any point then it is my insult. I will their life a ‘sapta hota’ yagna. awaken the nation’s self-respect. I will dedicate my en- With such a life, enriched with these great qualities, tire life for the good of the nation.’ Filled with this feel- the sages worked for the nation. In our nation, the tradi- ing, Swami Ramdevji established the ‘Bharat Swabhiman tion of these great sages is still continuing in the same Trust’ and started the important work of awakening way even now. Even today we have sages with great India’s self-respect across the globe. qualities living in our nation. With his sacrifice, penance, labour and hard work, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Swami Ramkrishna Swamiji is constantly trying to re-establish the almost lost Paranhansa, Swami Dayanand and Swami Vivekanand tradition of sages. Renouncing his own happiness for the have aroused the sleeping spiritual powers in Indian good of others, he has lit the world with the light of Vedic people. Respected Swami Ramdevji has not only lit the knowledge and brought about welfare of mankind. The lamp of spirituality and philosophy in Indian souls, but work of removing ignorance, superstition and evils is also shown mankind a beautiful path, leaving aside sor- constantly going on. Today, Swamiji Maharaj has become row and pain, by joining yoga with spirituality and medi- the carrier of Vedic tradition. cal treatment. Approximately crores of people across the Today our nation is independent but there is still the world have been shown the path of gaining spirituality large problem of protecting this independence. Protect- through yoga and pranayam and vice versa, of gaining ing the independence of the nation is much harder than spirituality through the medium of yoga. For this, people the trials and ordeals of gaining independence. A lot has have entrusted their faith on Swamiji and he has become been said about one’s nation in the Vedas. At various places the symbol of manhood as defined in Indian culture. in the four Vedas, there is discussion about nation. The Today there is no politician, actor or any such saint protection of the nation is not possible by a single person who have as much public support as Swami Ramdevji and that is why it is the duty of all the citizens of the Maharaj. nation. It is necessary to instill the feelings of oneness Every section of society is benefiting from yoga. To and love in all people of the nation and obtain their sup- ensure that even the last man gets benefits from yoga, port. ‘yoga teachers’ trained by ‘Patanajali Yogpeeth’ are spread- It is to light this lamp of national feeling in each and ing awareness on yoga and nationalism to serve the moth- everyone that Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has gifted us erland and sorrow-inflicted mankind. It is the etiquette of ‘Jeevan Darshan’. It gives us directions on our duties the yoga teachers to live a life with the feeling of friend- and responsibilities for the self and the nation. Please help ship towards all, kindness towards the poor and sick, in the accomplishment of national responsibilities by dis- respect towards all religions and communities, and to in- tributing ‘Jeevan Darshan’ to the maximum extent you spire fellow countrymen to lead a life of purity. can. I am an Indian; humanity is my community; my reli- In this way, freeing people from maladies, Swami gion is humanity and my responsibility towards the na- Ramdevji Maharaj is intent on establishing India once again tion. It is to develop this feeling and develop national char- on the throne of ‘Global Guru’ by removing the various acter that continuous work is going on. widespread inconsistencies and faults and instilling the Respected Swami Ramdevji believes that ‘Glorious past feeling of national honour and pride in people. is my self-respect’. The nation that does not take pride in - Acharya Balkrishan ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 4
  3. 3. Our Life is God’s greatest boon. Being born as a human being is God’s greatest gift to us. Life is priceless and living life to fulfill petty goals is an insult to it. To spend your energy in trivial pursuits, and to waste invaluable time in fulfilling material desires and obtaining luxuries is akin to looking down on life. Life is endless, our strengths are also endless and our potential is also vast. We are able to utilize only about 5 per cent of our physical, mental, social and spiritual strengths. Majority of our powers are lying unconscious. If we use our internal strengths fully, we turn from man into superman, from human to super-powerful humans. Our human consciousness gradually falls down to a licentious consciousness and the world out of delusion starts worshipping human beings as Gods. All the divine qualities that were present in Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Mahayogi Shiva, Mahavir Swami, Nirvana-attaining Buddha, Guru Nanakdev and Guru Govind Singh are also inherent in us. A yogi should never consider himself poor, helpless or powerless. At every moment tell yourself, I am vast. I am a repre- sentative of God. I was born on this earth with a great purpose. I have within myself the patience of the earth, the energy of fire, the speed of wind, the calmness of water and the vastness of the sky. My brain has the energy, intellect, wisdom and brilliance of the Brahmin. My arms have the courage, strength, power and dignity of the Kshatriya. Within my stomach I have the business strategies of the Vaishya and I consider it my honour to be able to serve like the Sudra. I am not an individual but a culture. I am a messenger of eternal traditions. India is in me. I am the beloved child of mother India. I am not land, mansion, position or youth. I am not the mortal body but I am the immortal, brilliant, rootless, eternal soul. Love, kindness, peace and affection is my identity and religion. My work is my religion. I am not merely a worshipper of stone idols but of those living idols that my Lord has created Himself and in whose souls He resides himself. I am the worshipper of the chaitanya murta Brahma. Storms cannot make me bend, obstacles cannot hinder my life path and insults cannot distract my patience. I will make my life blessed by surrendering totally to obey the instructions of my guru and the scriptures. I will not allow any hindrance to the flow of virtue in my life. At each moment, I will lead a life full of love, kindness, courage, bravery, power, self-confidence. At every moment, my external and internal life will remain pure and free from fault. In my life, the good of the nation will be above everything else and this will be my motto. I am first of all the child of Mother India and only after that I am an ascetic, householder, politician, actor, worker, officer or businessman. How could I have existed if my country did not exist? My country is everything for me. This life is for the nation. This life is for God. This is the aim of my life. Duty towards my nation comes before my political duties or ascetic duties. The nation’s glory is my glory and any insult to my nation is an insult towards me. I will not allow my country’s glory, pride and honour to be tarnished. Even if I have to sacrifice everything, I will do so in order to make India the super- power of the world. I will bring back the lost glory of my country. Come! Come forward and be ready to sacrifice everything in fulfilling this pure and holy resolution. Come! Let us all unite to build a new India together. - Swami Ramdev ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 5
  4. 4. humanitarian values, and spirituality. Free from the boundaries of region, language, religion, and behavioural debates, I am the war-call for national- ism. 7. I am not merely an individual but the manifestation of the gentility and culture of the entire nation. I AND MY PERSONALITY Hence, the entire country is affected by everything 1. I am not an individual; I am the manifestation of the I do, good or bad. Till the time blood flows through entire nation. I am not narrow or small; I am vast. I my veins and life exists in my body, I will not betray am the image of the Lord. I am the representative my country. This is my ‘Bhisma pratigya’ (unshaken of truth, non-violence and good conduct. In my body, vow). my nation resides. I am the fate and the reflection 8. The purity and fearlessness of childhood, the vigour of India. I am the one who decides the fate of my- of youth, the good sense of old age, and the dedica- self and my nation. tion of ascetics the ideals of my life. Children and 2. I am always in my Lord; my Lord is always in me. saints are not tied by the threads of illusion. Everything that I see around me is nothing but im- 9. Work is my only religion. Work is my worship. Work ages of the Lord. Everything I do is a worship of is the truth of life and the world. Working without the Lord. Everything that I have is a gift from the any desire does not indicate lack of work, it indi- Lord. I am a child of God. He, the ruler of the world, cates the lack of arrogance. the creator of the universe, is my Father. The bless- 10. Valour, nationalism, expertise, farsightedness, spiri- ings of the most superior and divine power are al- tuality, humanitarianism, and humility are the ideals ways with me. of my working style. 3. I am extremely fortunate to have taken birth on the 11. Nation-religion is the biggest religion; Nation-god is soil of this holy and pure country, which has also the greatest God; and love for the nation is the high- been the birthplace of divine personalities such as est form of love. The good of the nation is above Shri Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanakdev and everything else. The nation is everything for me. Guru Govind Singh, brave heroes such as Maharana bna jk"Vªk; bnUu eeA . My body-mind-wealth will all Pratap, Chattrapati Shivaji, Chandrashekhar Azad, remain dedicated to the nation. The seven principles Subhash Chandra Bose, Ram Prasad Bismil, Bhagat of nationalism, the seven duties of spirituality and Singh, Raj Guru and Ashfaq, and holy souls such as idealism are the ideals of my personal national life. Maharshi Dayanand and Swami Vivekanand. I pray 12. When I am alone, it is not loneliness; in the silence to Mother India while offering the flower of my I am permeated by many currents of divine knowl- life. edge and divine inspiration and I find an eternal lamp 4. As my inheritance, my Lord has given me the pa- always shining on me. tience of earth, the energy of fire, the speed of wind, 13. When my internal awakening took place, I found the calmness of water, and the vastness of the sky. myself in the shade of the Sangbodi tree, my thirst 5. Let me be known by my mother, my father, my quenched. teacher, or my ancestors. This is not my glory be- 14. At birth itself, man experiences pain and suffering. cause I did not contribute anything. My parents gave Hence, throughout life there will be thorns to walk birth to me, my teachers gave me knowledge. My upon. Amongst these thorns, you will have to blos- ancestors are my pride. With my knowledge, work som the flowers of your life like tender rose petals. and life, I will create my identity, and in doing so I 15. God wants to choose you for great work. You have will increase the honour of my parents, my teach- to just open up and let the vastness enter you com- ers and my country. pletely. When through meditation and prayer you be- 6. I am not a believer in fate, material enjoyment or come the messenger of the Lord’s powers, then the terrorism. I am a believer in humanity, patriotism, divine powers are at work with you as the medium. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 6
  5. 5. 16. When you long greedily for fame in the external 25. You should never forget your past. The knowledge world, it means you have not yet attained inner of the past saves us from mistakes and in the per- wealth or peace. The day you gain the inner king- son who reaches the top, the remembrance of the dom or happiness, you will Yourself proclaim, ¶izkIra past prevents arrogance. It is only because of for- izki.kh;a {kh.kk% {ksrO;k% Dys'kk% fNUu% f'y"ViokZ getting the past that people forget their parents. If HkolaØe% ;L;kfoPNsnkTtk;rs tfuRok p fez;rsA¸ the memories of childhood and the mother’s womb (Maharshi Vyas-yogsutra 1.16) are remembered, then you will never disregard your 17. Take care not to repeat mistakes. Repetition of mis- parents. Even after touching the sky, remembering takes leads to hindrance in progress and your inner the past keeps a person’s feet on the ground. strength decreases. 26. It is God himself who give birth to us in the form of 18. Knowledge does not simply mean knowing; it our parents. In this way, experiencing the divine means becoming that knowledge.¶l ,oa Hkofr ; relationship in every relationship is yoga. ,oa osnA¸ INSULT TO WOMAN IS INSULT TO MOTHER 19. Be determined but not obstinate. Be brave but not The real beauty of a woman is not her body but her impulsive. Be kind but not weak. Be silent but not character. Woman is not a commodity to be sold in arrogant. Be clever but not cunning. Be patient but the market. She is Sita, Savitri, Jagadamba, Durga, not irresponsible. Show respect but do not be a cow- Taravati, Gargi, Madalasha, Mahalaksmi, Meera and ard. There should be sweetness but not flattery. Laksmibai. Woman is the affection of a mother, re- There should be justice but not a feeling of revenge. gard of a wife and love of a daughter. Do not make 20. A prayer for forgiveness or penance is something women a saleable commodity and do not joke about that is done just once; it loses it’s meaning it re- the character of a woman. This is an insult to mother. peated again and again. The way electronic media keeps placing a question 21. My head has the intellect of a Brahmin, my arms mark over the character of the aware mothers, sis- have the valour, strength and the heroic energy of a ters and daughters of the nation, it should be op- Kshatriya, my belly has the business and manage- posed with full strength. These carnivores of the ment skills of a Vaishya, and in my feet I have the market with rotten minds should be made to under- ability to serve like a Sudra. This is my caste vow. stand that the women of India are not character- 22. I am Agni; I am knowledge, light, speed, the chief less – they are the highest degree of purity. and the commander. ¶vfXujfLe tUeuk tkrosn%¸ CONTINUOUS FLOW OF THOUGHT (Rig Veda 3.26.7). The fire of resolution is always 27. In my inner and outer life, pure qualities such as burning within me. The path of my life is always lighted. non-violence, truth, love, kindness, affection, valour, PARENTS – GODS ON EARTH courage, strength, might, and self-respect, etc. should 23. Always keep happiness and a smile on your face. always be found. To keep this flow unobstructed, Give respect to others; you will get respect. Give one should determinedly immerge yourself in self- happiness to others; you will get happiness. Serve study, and utmost devotion unto God and worship your parents; in old age your children will serve you. of gods. teacher’s nearness, his life, teachings and 24. A mother keeps her child for nine months in the conduct gives us strength from within, and keeps womb with love, kindness, affection and maternal the holy flow of our life continuous. feelings. After this, she keeps her child on her lap for nine months, and till she dies, a mother keeps 28. If you smile, the world smiles along with you, and her child in her heart. The four worlds can be found when you feel sad, depressed, defeated and help- at your parents’ feet. Parents are the God of this less, the world will seem extremely sad to you. world. Children are the only desire of parents. Never 29. Happiness does not come from outside, but from insult such parents. Do not leave them in old age within. Happiness appears when you are in a com- homes otherwise in the next life God will give an pletely silent, unconscious and peaceful state. Live animal’s birth to you where your father will often a life that is always full of inner enthusiasm, energy not be known and mother will leave you in child- hood. Howsoever you sow, so shall you reap. Hence, and self-confidence. God has created and chosen awaken! Once again adopt the culture of ¶ekr`nsoks you for a great purpose. Hko] fir`nsoks Hko] vkpk;Znsoks Hko] vfrfFknsoks Hko¸ 30. You doubt yourself and the Lord at times. How- . My mother is my god, my father is my god, my ever, it is strange that people never doubt untruth or teacher is my god, and my guest is my god. hatred. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 7
  6. 6. Wake Up! Always be Positive! ing but purity of thought. Always be a collector of nectar, be curious! 41. Jealousy, crime, cruelty, exploitation, injustice, At every moment experience God’s contact! irreligion, and corruption are nothing but the out- The Lord always gives us more than what we come of impure thoughts. deserve, more than our abilities and our labour. 42. Pure thought is the basis of a person’s pure food, 31. pjSosfr&pjSosfr] pju~ oS eèkq foUnfr. If there is a rest pure behaviour, pure conduct and pure life. during work then this rest is a sin. Do not let ob- 43. Ethics is nothing but the purity of thoughts. stacles stop you, do not let trouble and temptation 44. A resolute thought is the bridge of success. over power you, do not let insults divert you. Keep 45. Purity of thoughts builds up social capability. marching forward till you reach your goal. 46. Thoughts are the gateway to happiness. 32. The sound of a single deed is louder than a thou- 47. Good thought is the root of good conduct. sand words – it is very powerful. Let us believe in 48. Our entire life is the outcome of our thoughts. the culture of showing by example and not merely Thought is the seed of this tree of life. in making speeches. 49. With unrelenting good resolution and thought, even 33. It is only our thoughts and culture that can be a wicked man can become great. wealthy or great. Similarly, it is only our thoughts 50. Thought is human, while lack of thought is animal. and culture that can be poor, destitute or infamous. 51. Pure thought is the voice behind sweet and effec- 34. A person lost in a crowd can be found but a person tive words. who is lost in the crowd of thoughts will spend his 52. Purity of thought is the solution to all our problems. entire life in darkness. A person trapped in the web Pure thought is the foundation of a healthy, pros- of thoughts will end his life in the same way as a perous and strong nation. spider ends its life by tying itself in his web it spuns. 53. I am confident that the same pure thoughts that made 35. Old age is not how many years you have lived; it is me rise high, that increased my self-confidence and the outcome of your thoughts. If there is energy, took me ahead on my mission will also awaken ev- power, valour, courage and self-respect then even ery individual of the nation, will awaken the self- with increasing age, a person will remain young. A respect of the nation and when everyone performs country will only become great with the knowledge his own duties with entire strength, then certainly of the elderly and the courage, valour and self-re- my country will become great and it will lead the spect of the youth. A very big difference between world. the elderly and the young is – the young are not 54. My biggest strength is my thoughts. My pure fearful of the outcome while the elderly remain con- thoughts have protected me from sin; my thoughts stantly fearful of personal outcomes, and hence, gave me the courage to fight against obstacles and cannot take decisions quickly. adversities. It is because of my thoughts that I have 36. If the flow of my opinions is not able to change the been able to turn my defeat into my victory, and it corrupt people, corrupt governments and corrupt only because of them that I have come out all the systems, then I will be helpless and will be forced more powerful after going through the worst of the to protect my motherland from injustice, poverty, worst disasters. hunger, lack of education, social irregularities, ha- 55. When impure thoughts of jealousy, antipathy, anger tred, crime, misconduct, ill intentions, anger and re- and revenge can make a person hateful and crimi- venge, and will have to undertake a wide-spread nal, then why can’t pure thoughts make a person revolution to remove the wide-spread injustice, patriotic, spiritual, humanitarian and progressive? crime, exploitation and hatred. 56. When with impure thought a person can be made 37. Thought is the biggest strength and wealth. Thought characterless, when a person can sell his or her is the greatest power in the world. Thoughts have body, religion and humanity, why can’t pure thought create a person of character? unlimited strength and energy. Thoughts are evi- 57. If the seeds of hatred and dislike can be sown within dence, sacrifice, might, valour, courage and self- a person with the help of bad thoughts, why can’t respect. Thoughts can rage like the fire and storm, the flowers of love, kindness and affection bloom and be calm like peace and contentment. with the help of pure thoughts? 38. Pure thought-flow is life. In other words, breaking 58. When impure thought can be used to instigate a up the thought-flow is death. person into crime and lawlessness to break down a 39. The great vows of non-violence and truth are noth- society, why can’t pure thought be used to awaken ing but the purity of thought. the inner soul of a person to unite society? 40. Morality, spirituality and humanitarianism are noth- 59. Just as food is the basis for our physical growth, ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 8
  7. 7. similarly thought is the basis for the growth of our nation becomes, and this becomes the cause of its mind, wisdom, intellect and all other feelings. ruin. Hence, along with exaltation, the effort should 60. Just as a person becomes malnourished with the not slow down. use of adulterated or imbalanced food, in the same SERVICE way, people become susceptible to illusions with 70. Without service, the intellect is not purified and with- polluted, impure and imbalanced thoughts; and it is out purification of the intellect, the divine Lord can- this illusion of thoughts that is the root cause of cor- not be experienced. Hence, you should always be ruption, hatred, crime and restlessness. on the lookout for opportunities for service. 61. Our sorrow and happiness do not depend on others SOCIAL WELFARE but rather on our own thought. 71. Man remains more alert to others than about one- 62. Impure thoughts are the root cause of all problems self; if we have the same alertness towards our- such as hatred, tension, crime, murder and suicide. selves and become aware of our mind, thoughts, Impure thoughts are the reason for all kinds of de- feelings, behaviour and work then it will lead to our terioration such as wickedness, obstinacy and arro- welfare. Hence, before trying to improve the world, gance. improve yourself. First, become a good person then 63. Poverty of thought is the cause for sorrow, defi- you will automatically improve the world. Just as ciency and retrogression in the nation. Resolute and shadow is the outcome of the tree; only if the tree firm thought is the backbone of happiness, prosper- is there, we will get the shadow. Bring about your ity and progress. welfare, and the welfare of the world will happen 64. It is important to take care of historical inheritances. on its own. However, the rope that Mahatma Gandhi used to 72. How will one who hasn’t quenched his own thirst tie his goat with is exhibited in museums but the quench the thirst of others? How can a sleeping rope that was used to hang immortal martyrs such person awaken others? How can a hungry individual as Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Ashfaq Ullah satisfy the hunger of others? Hence, before the Khan, and Ramprasad Bismil is not seen in any welfare of the world, first accomplish self-welfare. museum, it is the misfortune of the nation. Because First wake up yourself! Then awaken others!! by remembering the sacrifice of the martyrs the WORSHIP CHARACTER, NOT THE IMAGE self-respect of the people will awaken, and corrupt, 73. Worship character, not the image. Worship person- cunning and criminal people won’t be able to rob ality, not the person. Let us not live life by merely the nation any longer. worshipping stone idols. Let us become worship- LIFE pers of consciousness and awaken the flood of yoga 65. Each morning of life is a new birth for me and each and patriotism in stone hearts. day is like one life for me. I will do today all those WORK things for which God has sent me to this world. 74. Work is religion. Work is worship. Rest is a sin and 66. My life as well as my death – both should be rest only occurs at the end of work. Your own work honourable.dhfrZ;ZL; l thofr. Live life not with is your own religion. Total dedication towards your timidity and weakness but with self-respect and self- own work is the worship of God. knowledge. God has created you for great work. WHY CAN’T THIS HAPPEN? 67. Life is a celebration. Life is God’s greatest gift. This 75. When, for a paltry sum of money, people of our body is the house of God, the residence of Shiva. own nation can become treacherous, can’t the This body is the temple of God. This body is not to people of our country be made upright and honest be fought against. The soul is immortal, everyoung, in order to protect the magnificence of our nation? constant, indestructible, light, energetic, peaceful and A handful of people are ready to sell the country contented. for a handful of money, betray the nation. But there 68. As long as there is life, a person should not become are thousands and millions of people who would die lifeless. Keep moving towards your goal with de- for their nation rather than sell themselves. We have termination showing friendship to the happy, kind- to unite such patriotic people. ness to the sad, love to the good and contempt to FROM ‘I’ TO ‘LOVE’ the wicked. You will definitely get success one day and will always remain happy in life. 76. Where ‘me’ and ‘mine’ unites, there love, kindness, DO NOT GIVE UP THE EFFORT affection and surrender is born, there service and 69. Often, the more developed a civilization is; the goodwill evolves by itself. In worldly relationships more developed a civilization, person, society and where ‘I’ and ‘mine’ are joined, we would always nation is, the lazier that civilization, person, society or be ready to sacrifice for our close relatives. When ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 9
  8. 8. ‘I’ and ‘mine’ gets united emotional. Sensitivity makes us aware of our re- with the country, the feel- sponsibility and keeps us involved in self-duties and ing arises that this coun- national duties. try is mine and what I am SELF-QUALITIES today is solely because of 84. Just as cold, heat, hunger and thirst are the qualities the country. It is then that of the body, honour-insult, happiness-sorrow and a person will become profit-loss are the qualities of the mind. Similarly, ready to sacrifice his ev- love, kindness, affection, respect, devotion, surren- erything for the nation. der, peace and joy are the qualities of the soul. The The life that is within me qualities of the soul are your self-qualities. Wor- is because of the trees shipping the Lord by doing your own work, while that grow on the soil of keeping your self-qualities intact, will take you to this nation. This country Samadhi and fulfillment. LodeZ.kk reH;P;Z flf¼a has given birth to me and the food and water of this foUnfr ekuo% (Gita 18.46). nation’s land has kept me alive. The nation has given LOVE me wealth, power, property and respect. The tears 85. Love is not desire, it is worship. Excess of desire of the mothers, sisters, daughters, children and hu- kills love. Love is the highest degree of surrender man of this nation are my sorrow, and the well- and belief. Love is the cooling shadow of purity, being of the nation is my happiness. Even if one affection and maternal feelings and an honour to person in the country is helpless, destitute, poor, hun- effort, courage, valour and self-respect. True love gry or sick, then this pain of Mother India is my is the one that parents have towards their children, sorrow, my pain. It is my duty or obligation, it is my a teacher has towards his student and a patriot has national responsibility, it is my service ethics to make towards his nation. Others are just attraction, illu- sure that not even one individual of my nation dies sion and false quenching of the body’s thirst. of hunger or sickness. GURU WE MUST THINK LIKE THIS? 86. Saints, guru and acharyas advise us while they are 77. There is no permission for “No”. living at a very high state of the intellect or are as- 78. I will follow the advice and orders of my teachers cended on divine knowledge in a state that is free and scriptures to my utmost capacity. This is my from life. If we too connect ourselves with that state work-culture. of life consciousness then we will also say what the 79. Always set your frequency to positive mode be- saints are saying and our lives too will become com- cause there is a constant flow of energy waves, pletely transformed like the saints’. both positive and negative, from the universe. We 87. Guru is one who awakens, connects you with the have to accept only the positive vibrations from the eternal, tells you the direction, gives you what you universe. have lost, teaches you to call, introduces you to your 80. Instead of thinking “What can I do by myself?”, soul, shows you the way and finally, makes you like think “What can I not do by myself!” Nothing is him. However, remember that guru will just show impossible in this world, everything is possible. you the way; you will have to do the walking your- 81. When corrupt, treacherous, criminal, and irrespon- self. sible people can together rob the nation, why can’t 88. Someone asked a Sufi saint for his introduction – patriotic, honest, responsible and awakened individu- What do you eat? What do you wear? Where do als get together to protect the nation? you stay? The saint replied – I eat death, I wear SHED APPREHENSIONS, BE POSITIVE! shrouds, and I stay in the grave. 82. You sometimes have doubts about truth, love, self FIND YOUR GURU and God, but how strange that a person never doubts 89. You truly see your guru when you become one with untruth or hatred. Always be positive! Always be the mind, wisdom, speech, behaviour and will of guru open to new ideas! Feel the connection with God or a saint, and live your life with divine conscious- every moment! The Lord always gives us more than ness like him. This is why it is said, ¶lkèkwuka n'kZua what we can do, what we deserve and what we iq.;a] rhFkZHkwrk fg lkèko%A¸ Perceiving this body of do. flesh and bones is not the complete vision. See the BE SENSITIVE soul inside the body. 83. Emotion diminishes a person’s intellect and sensi- CONVERSATION WITH GURU tivity enriches humanity. Hence, be sensitive, not 90. Obtaining intelligence directly or indirectly through study of books of the guru is a direct conversation ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 10
  9. 9. with the guru. Each divine sound of the words in fear. If we cannot create any living being, then who the scriptures or written by the guru will ech in you gave us the right to kill them? And we kill any ani- and you will feel that his life is speaking to you mal for the reason that they do not look like us. through the scriptures or his words. Such self-study However, all animals have heart, brain and eyes. transforms our life and makes us images of our guru. They have sorrow and deep pain but we kill them RELIGION because they do not have any weapons for their 91. Omnipresent and scientific truth is omnipresent re- security or because in this new era of the demo- ligion. That which does not measure up to the stan- cratic drama, they do not have the voting rights. dards of omnipresent and scientific truths is not re- Only if they could also speak like us! Maybe then ligion; it is illusion. I am religious, not blinded by they could have made us realize their pain and sor- religion. I will not make religion a business nor will row. But what to do, these animals do not know I make work dirty. how to speak in human language and we celebrate 92. Religion is another name for superior conduct. Re- our joy by cruelly killing these mute animals who do ligion is not merely symbolic, it affects your con- not desire anything and have not committed any sin, duct. The principal root of religious symbols such and feel glorified in carnivorously tearing apart flesh as the Sikha (top-knot) and Sutra (thread) is also and eating it like dogs and wolves. There can be no conduct. Symbolic religion without observing the greater sin or crime than this. If you can lead a established rule of conduct is nothing but illusion vegetarian life without killing innocent animals, then and irreligion. Hence, become religious, not blinded why are you continuing to kill them? Man is veg- by religion. etarian by nature. The organization of the human 93. I do not believe in conversion of religion. Religion is body is that of a vegetarian being – this is a scien- nothing but good qualities which includes non-vio- tific truth. lence, truth, affection, service, control, and good ABILITY behaviour. All these qualities are present in all reli- 98. You have, within yourself, unlimited capability, abil- gions. Hence, there is no such thing as conversion ity and energy to make the impossible possible. You in religion. Religion is nothing but premium ideals of too can obtain the glory of standing with the front a worthy life. line people of the world. You can write a new his- tory of your power, courage and valour on the fore- 94. I do not think it is necessary to try and convert people head of time. by establishing schools and hospitals because even I have changed the lives of crores of people from TIME AND LIFE MANAGEMENT 99. Time is wealth. He who does not honour time or various classes and religions. I have given them walk with time is never forgiven by time. health, have given life to people who were very near 100. By keeping six hours for sleep, one hour for yoga, death but I haven’t changed the religion of even a one hour for daily tasks, two hours for members of single person. the family, you should dedicate the remaining 14 F OOD hours to hard work. This is the best time-manage- 95. Just as poisonous food causes frightening harm to ment in life. This is life management or life philoso- our body, similarly harmful thoughts too cause fright- phy. ening tension, sorrow, restlessness and incurable BEHAVIOUR – SEE EVERYTHING EQUALLY diseases after entering our mind. Hence, if you want 101. Always keep your feelings and vision at equilib- to attain a superior personality, then be alert towards rium. However, it is not always possible to always your food and thoughts at every moment. The behave in the same manner. Everyone is the image amount of cruelty a person does on his body is prob- ably not done by him on anyone else. of my Lord. Everyone is my image. I am in every- 96. This body is the house of God, the residence of one, everyone is in me. This world is nothing but an Shiva. This body is the temple of God. Do not make expansion of my ‘I’ – this is a feeling of equilib- it a bar by drinking alcohol, a hospital by the intake rium. One should behave with a teacher as a teacher. of tobacco, etc. or a graveyard or cremation ground With mother, daughter and wife, there are worldly by eating meat, etc. Be conscientious about rituals, and behavioural differences. Even God does not frugality and wellbeing. Have pure, balanced and behave in the same way with everyone; he pun- complete food in time and make your body healthy. ishes the wicked and protects the good. He is kind WHY ONLY VEGETARIANISM? and also metes out justice. Feeling occurs at the 97. Just as we have to live in this world, similarly other level of the soul, while behaviour occurs at the level living beings too have the right to live here without of the body or the world. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 11
  10. 10. NATIONAL INTEREST IS ABOVEALL 1. There is no greater religion than duty towards the nation. There is no God greater Unfortunately, even than the nation. National interest is above everything. I will not betray the nation after 60 years of for my personal, political, economic and family welfare. I will contribute my body, independence, we mind, wealth, life and vote for national interest. cannot identify our POLITICAL AUTHORITY 2. To leave the authority of the nation in the hands of corrupt, dishonest, criminal, country with one cowardly, weak, and foolish people is an insult to the country. Hence, come! Take name, one language a resolution of 100% voting and stop corrupt and dishonest people from reaching and one culture. the pinnacle of administration. 3. The political leaders of the nation have shown false dreams of progress and the Now let this country religious leaders have given false consolations, thus exploiting the Indian people of sages, Aryavarta, since ages. Now the time has come to move away from dreams, consolations and remain Bharat. Do imaginations and see the present reality of the nation and religion. We have to adopt not feel glorified by a healthy and ideal political religion along with transparency, scientific, religious and spiritual thought and should come forward to stop the erosion of our aspira- calling it by the tions. symbol of slavery, INDEPENDENCE India. 4. Independence without any direction makes a person, society and nation unre- strained and thoughtless bondage makes a person frustrated. Hence, the eyes of the mind should always be kept open in nature independence and administration. The search for truth is only in independence. NATIONAL LEADERSHIP 5. If the leadership of a country lacks valour, humility, transparency and farsighted- ness, then the nation will never be secure. Today, unfortunately, cowardliness and weakness have replaced valour, hypocrisy has replaced transparency, and mo- mentary selfish gain and motive has replaced farsightedness. We have to change this misfortune into good fortune. Similarly, if a person, family, society or organi- zation does not have valour, humility, skill and farsightedness then that person, family, society or organization will also never become successful. LANGUAGE 6. It is excellent to have knowledge of foreign languages because this is essential for communication, business, contact and culture. However, using the language of another country as our national language is a tremendous insult and something to be ashamed of. No civilized country in the world imparts education to its citizens in a foreign language. We will make the national language, Hindi, and other Indian languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, etc. the language of administration. We will impart science, technology and management education in Indian languages and thus give right to the children of the poor, labourers and farmers to also become doctors, IAS, IPS and scien- tists. VIEWPOINT 7. The society or country in which good people are not respected and honoured, and the wicked are not insulted or punished is sure to be ruined. viwT;k ;=k iwT;Urs iwT;kuka p foekuukA =khf.k r=k izorZUrs nqfHkZ{ka ej.ka Hk;e~AA (Panchatantra 3.192) Hence, good people, truthful people and patriots should be given communal honour while the wicked people and traitors should be rebuked in public or communal places. It is only then that good people will increase in society and corrupt people will decrease. 8. How can law-breakers be law-makers? When tainted people cannot even become ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 12
  11. 11. small clerks and officers, how can they become 16. The nation’s honour MLAs, MPs, ministers or the prime minister? is my honour and 9. Never give a final judgment on anyone. Never com- pride, and if the pare two people or great men. Never expect or wait country’s image or for something. Wish never gets fulfilled. Unfulfilled the nation’s pride is desires lead to sorrow and give birth to the feelings blemished in any way, of anger and revenge. then it is my insult. I 10. If you do not oppose injustice or crime then please will awaken the understand that you are a supporter of injustice and nation’s self-pride and crime. You are as big a criminal as the person who will dedicate my life to commits injustice, irreligion and crime. the good of the nation. 11. I am not a person who will admit defeat or commit ¶vkss3e~ jk"Vªk; LokgkA suicide because of the corrupt systems and laws of bna jk"Vªk; bnUu eeA¸ society. I am a warrior who will struggle to establish This life is for the na- truth, justice and dignity with my last breath and gain tion. This is my holy vow and I will remove all traces victory. People who accept defeat are weak, cow- of those who betray my nation. If people ask me ardly and timid. why I talk about the nation, then I tell them that this FOUR SUPERPOWERS country is my own country and I express the sorrow 12. Wealth power, people power, ruling power and soul of my heart with my entire strength so that the self- power are four superpowers. We want to increase respect of the entire nation awakens. There are people the soul power with the help of yoga and unite people who do not speak for the nation, that is, even if there power and stop the exploitation of the nation’s wealth. is injustice and betrayal going on in the nation, they We want to make the country economically strong. remain silent. Such people do not respect the nation At the same time, we want to keep a check on the and do not work for the nation. To such people, I ruling power and want to encourage good conduct, would like to say very clearly that if you do not love dignity and traditions. This is because unrestrained this country, you have no right to live in this country. ruling power leads to wickedness in people power 17. Our culture, our values, ideals, social systems and and with misuse of wealth power, hatred, cruelty, traditions are not so weak that we have to take help restlessness and anarchy spreads in society. from the philosophy of foreign thinkers such as Lenin, TWO FORMS OF POWER Marx or Mao. Our Vedic socialism and spiritualism is 13. When people-power and wealth-power increases on a balanced, all-encompassing and scientifically com- the side of corrupt, dishonest and criminal people, plete philosophy. Indian philosophy emphasizes more then there is hatred, crime, fear, terrorism, injustice, on others’ good rather than one’s own happiness. exploitation and finally destruction of the nation or Hence, we do not need any imported social, religious, world. When people-power and wealth power in- spiritual or political thinking. This is not arrogance creases in the side of good people, then service, good but self-pride. I am not against knowledge but, at the will, brotherhood and love will increase, nationalism, same time, I am also not a supporter of ignorance. spiritualism and humanitarianism will get strength and This is a truth accepted by all that India’s Vedic phi- the nation will prosper and progress. Whenever asuras losophy is the supreme philosophy of the world. got administrative control, property and power, there 18. The rules, laws and democratic systems of the country was destruction, and demigods always used admin- are being used less to punish the bad and criminal istrative control, property and power for th good of elements and more to torture the good folks and pa- mankind. triots. If this is not an insult to democracy and free- 14. The glorious past of the nation is my pride. The na- dom then what is it? tion that does not take pride in its past and that is not FROM YOGA DUTY TO NATIONAL DUTY aware of it’s present problems, cannot create a golden 19. I want to asspcoate everyone with the religion of yoga future. in order to kindle in them the religion of the nation. I 15. I have as much love for my motherland as I do for want to fill each one with the feeling of patriotism. my mother, sister, daughter or teacher. My nation is After self-development with the help of yoga each everything for me. If my nation did not exist, I would morning, I want to fill myself with energy so as to not exist. My head is the Himalayas, my right arm is help the nation’s development. After self-awakening Purbanchal or the lands of the east, my left arm with the help of yoga, I want to take ahead the holy Paschimanchal or the lands of the west, and towards mission of national awakening. The question arises my feet is the Indian Ocean. India is in me. I am in a number of people’s minds about the relationship from India. I am India. I will make India the world’s between yoga and the nation’s progress. So, I want superpower an India that leads the world in spiritual, to make it clear that without self-progress, the nation’s social, economic and political ways I will make. This progress is impossible. Hence, by self-development is my vow. with the help of yoga each morning, we will be dedi- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 13
  12. 12. cated to the progress and prosperity of the nation the if the person who does not love the nation is a rela- entire day. Yoga and nationalism are not two different tion or family member, do not keep any relationship philosophies but are two sides of the same coin! with him. In cleanliness and health too, first comes 20. THE CONDUCT OF CITIZENS AND LEADERS the cleanliness and health of the nation; in prosperity, THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF NATIONALISM first comes the prosperity of the nation; and even in The seven principles of nationalism, valour, trans- progress, he who first makes an effort for the parency, farsightedness, humanitarianism, spiritual- progress of the nation is a nationalist. In education, ism, and humility are the seven pillars or ideals of our he who considers national education to be the best is personal and national lives. These seven principles a nationalist. In languages, he who keeps the language are the main ideals to be followed for our self-duties, of the nation foremost in his life, conduct and national duties and work processes. The seven prin- behaviour, is a nationalist. He, who loves his own ciples form the benchmark for our citizens and lead- nation’s education, habits, culture, yoga, religion, ers. The person who follows these seven principles philosophy and spirituality, is a nationalist. He, who is a true citizen of the nation. Only a person who is dedicated to building a clean, healthy, prosperous lives according to these seven principles can provide and cultural India, to building a self-dependent coun- leadership to the nation. It is with these seven prin- try, a country that is free from hunger, poverty and ciples that we want to bring in a new revolution and unemployment and has a 100 per cent compulsory a new freedom to our personal life and national life, vote bank, with the help of a controlled population, is and make India a world leader again by establishing a nationalist. He, who is resolute on the complete an ideal system in the country. We want to make In- progress and research on Indian treatment methods dia a superpower by following these seven principles. – Yoga, Ayurveda, Yunani and Siddh, etc., is a nation- India will lead the world socially, spiritually and mor- alist. He, who loves the Vedic Indian knowledge, In- ally and usher in a new age of happiness, prosperity dian food habits, Indian dress habits, India farming and peace in the entire world. Each nationalist-minded and Indian traditions inherited from the sages derived citizen and public-service providing leader should fol- from Indian knowledge, that is, Veda, Philosophy and low these seven principles – Upanishad, etc., is a nationalist. He who loves Indian I. Nationalism: He, who always keeps the nation in sports, Indian arts and culture and India’s ancient the utmost position, is a nationalist. He, who consid- language, Sanskrit, all Indian languages and the na- ers the first religion among all religions to be that of tional language, and considers the national language the nation, and only after that comes personal reli- to be above everything, is a nationalist. Even in enter- gion – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, etc., is a na- tainment, he who believes in Indian entertainment tionalist. He, who considers his nation to be the fore- based on values, morals and traditions, is a national- most among all gods, is a nationalist. He, who con- ist. By nationalism, national duties and national laws, siders the of the nation to be above his personal, we denote all the systems, rules and laws, ideals and family and economic interest, is a nationalist. values and traditions, following which the nation at- Amongst the different kinds of love, tains happiness, prosperity and well-being, and the foremost is love of the nation; even in nation moves continuously in the direction of life and the world, love only those progress. Our ideals of nationalism and national duty who love their nation. Do not are – Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Chandragupta, love the person who does not Vikramaditya, Emperor Ashok, Tilak, Gokhale, love his nation. In worship and Gandhiji, Netaji Subhash, Chattrapati Shivaji, Iron man devotion, first comes the wor- Sardar Patel, and Lal Bahadur Shastri, etc. ship and devotion of the nation, He, who does not use foreign products made with after that comes devotion to zero-technology, is a nationalist. God, devotion to mother and de- II. Valour: He, who does not take even a moment to votion to teacher, etc. In prayer, take a decision for the welfare of the nation, and does first comes prayer to the nation; not fear anyone in taking or carrying out decisions in meditation, first comes medi- for the welfare of the nation, who does not get trapped tation of the nation; in thoughts by superstition and lives his life with work, labour, and thinking, first comes the bravery, courage, enthusiasm, and self-respect, has thought of the nation; in work, valour. When a person does not take the work related first comes the work of the na- to the good of the nation lightly and does it aggres- tion; in pride, he who keeps the sively, who takes rests only after every pure mission pride of the nation foremost is that he takes upon himself has reached success with- a nationalist. In relations, the out being diverted by struggle, obstacles and insults first relationship or connec- or being influenced by propaganda, such a person tion is with the nation. Even has valour. He believes in doing today whatever has ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 14
  13. 13. to be done tomorrow, he feels that if a task has to be that external religions, etc. do not become a threat to done tomorrow why can’t it be done today, and if humanity is humanitarianism. Keeping faith in these something hasn’t been done today, how can we think human values is humanitarianism. that it will be done tomorrow? He believes in the VI. Spiritualism: He, who considers universal and sci- philosophy of ‘If not now, never’, who never tires, entific values, ideals and traditions to be his religion, never stops, and believes in rest only after work, who might or might not be religious but is never a and¶vdekZ nL;q%¸ (Ved) and fanatic, who sees God in all humanity and every other ¶dqoZUusosg dekZf.k ftthfo"ksPNr§ lek%A living being including plants, and who dedicates his ,oa Rof; ukU;Fksrks¿fLr u deZ fyI;rs ujsAA¸ entire life to the service of all creatures and the world ( Yajurveda 40.2) and diminishes the sorrow of the world, is spiritual. Live up to 100 years while working, that is the one He rises above narrow thinking and loves mankind clear path of life. Work is worship. Work is the truth and looks upon the whole world as his family. He, of life and this world. This entire creation is only an who always keeps the feeling of ‘Vasudevah outcome of work. ¶LodeZ.kk reH;P;Z flf¼a foUnfr Kutumbakam’ in his heart, is spiritual. Spiritualism ekuo%¸ (xhrk 18-46), Shri Krishna says, worship God and nationalism are not two opposing opinions spo- ken in two different languages. On the other hand, with your work. He, who considers these two are necessary in equal respect for the com- ‘Karmanyevdhikaraste Ma Phuleshu Kadachana’ to plete independence and self-security of every coun- be his motto, has valour. try and its citizens, According to worldly and national III. Transparency: He, whose life is spotless, unstained organization, we are the citizens of an independent and pure, whose personal, family, business and so- country and the protection of its freedom, unity and cial life is based on the benchmark of the seven prin- integrity is our moral duty. This is our national duty, ciples, who does not lead a double life and stays alert and along with this, if we look at things from the about living a sinless life, such a person is skillful. angle of global brotherhood, global peace and social He, who does not have any difference between his coexistence then we are all one and are the sons of internal and outer lives, and has complete purity is one God. Hence, we are all brothers and sisters from transparent. the point of view of being god’s children. This is our IV. Farsightedness: He, who is farsighted, raises above spiritual philosophy and spiritualism. the caste, region, zone, religion, opinion, party, com- VII. Humility: He, who is humble, serves others in an munity, language, etc., and respects all communities, extremely humble manner even after reaching the pin- talks of the progress of his area or region, respects nacle of power, property, luxury and knowledge, and all religions and Indian languages, and while doing all who always keeps the faith that this life and the en- this, does not forget the national well-being, respects tire world is the gift of the Lord. He is of the view all Indian languages and foreign languages too for that the master of this life and the world is one invis- contact and communication but while doing all this ible power, God, who is performing all my actions keeps the national language above everything else. Himself keeping me as a medium. This body-mind- He who keeps the interest of the nation above every- wealth-life belongs to God – one who lives with this thing else is farsighted. A person who gives rise to feeling is never arrogant of his work position or prop- madness of regionalism, religion, regional languages erty and such a person is humble. We have to live our and spreads hatred amongst the countrymen, and life like this and this is the truth of our life and world. burns the nation for the interest of the region, is not a farsighted person. Unfortunately, majority of our poli- 21. SPIRITUALISM (Universal and scientific truths of spirituality, ticians today go from street to street asking for votes religion and culture) in Indian languages and rule from the parliament in A person who is completely dedicated towards the English. Let us become farsighted and, leaving aside life values and ideals demonstrated by the sages such our petty political selfishness, keep the national inter- as the eight yoga principles of yam, niyam, asanas, est above everything else for which the coming gen- pranayam, restraint of the sense organs (Pratyahar), erations will remember us with pride as their ideal resolution, meditation and Samadhi, and the entire and as national figures. Indian religious, philosophical, spiritual and cultural V. Humanitarianism: We are humans before being Hin- traditions, is spiritual, is religious. The five yams of dus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc. and our father non-violence, truth, asteya (not stealing the property is the same, no matter by what name we call him. of others), celibacy and asceticism demonstrated by God has sent us to this world as a human being. sage Patanjali and the five practices of purification, Hence, our first and main religion is humanitarian re- contentment, penance, self-learning and deep devo- ligion. We all have, naturally, within our hearts the tion into God have been accepted by me in the form God-given qualities of love, kindness, affection, truth, of the universal, scientific and global religion, spiritu- non-violence, etc. Hence, humanitarianism, truth and ality and culture and I am completely dedicated to the non-violence are our main religious tenets. Ensuring ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 15
  14. 14. observance of ‘mansa, vacha and karmana’.Opposite that is free from corruption, crime and exploitation. of yam and niyam such as hatred, untruth and steal- Our head yoga teachers, deputy yoga teachers, co- ing, etc. can be considered a sin and a crime. India is yoga teachers, workers and yoga practitioners will a country of extensive cultural traditions. Hence, stay within the framework of these seven modes of whatever is universal and scientific in all the various conduct and will first bring purity, modesty, and ex- religious, spiritual, cultural and communal traditions, pertise into their personal lives and will then take we consider as religion. However, I am not a fol- ahead the mission of national character building. First lower of whatever is superstition, pretence, wicked, self-development and then we will offer everything inhuman and unscientific. I do not believe in such for development of the nation. First self-interest and traditions and hence I am religious, not irreligious. then the interest of the nation and the world – this is Instead of being the worshipper, publicist and ac- our motto. cepter of the symbolic aspect of religion, I consider Non-political lifestyle means that a person connected religion to be the superiority of conduct. I consider strongly with our mission of building a new India the life values of non-violence, truth, love, kindness, will not represent any political party and will not give service, patience, forgiveness, purity, contentment, any special support to any group either directly or etc., to be religion. I consider the tenets of non-vio- indirectly. Our political philosophy is – all party or no lence and truth in all the holy texts such as the Vedic party. That is, support the people that have charac- scriptures, Quran, Bible and Gururgranth Sahib, etc., ter, transparency, expertise and nationalism, belong- to be religion. No matter whatever religion, opinion, ing to all parties. Remember, do not give direct sup- group, community, etc., our personal hopes might port even to honest politicians. Just as we give moral be based on, as a united nation, instead of being di- support in a collective way through Yogpeeth to na- vided by worshipping various gods, we should be- tionalist and honest people, in the same way moral lieve in the worship of the one Supreme power or the support should be given to ideal persons, nationalist Lord. The Lord has various names in various lan- politicians with character. ‘All party’ or ‘no party’ guages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Arabic and means that we do not represent any particular party English, etc. Amongst all these names, I address God but we morally or emotionally support all the people by the name of ‘Om’ because this is the foremost who are good in all parties. Hence, we are ‘all party’,it and most ancient sound of creation. This sound is means we have no connection with the corrupt people universal and scientific. There are many other forms in all the parties and that is why we are also ‘no party’. of ‘Om’ found in Indian philosophy and culture of Our opposition is not any party or person, but it is other countries, such as Amen, Omen, etc. Intensive theoretical and this is how it should remain. Any per- study and research on the scientific influences of ‘Om’ son who is directly connected to any political party reveals that Om is a pure, scientific and medical word. cannot do complete justice to this mission. I am not a This is not a representative of any image, idol or reli- representative or publicist of any political party. I am gious tradition. In short, I believe in a lifestyle based a representative and publicist of national duty. We on nationalism, spiritualism, and idealism. I am not a should always remember that our complete person- supporter of division on the basis of religion and re- ality, our words, food habits and conduct is entirely gion. I am a supporter of nationalism, humanitarian- according to the tradition of the sages and for the ism and spiritualism. honour of this mission. NATION-GOD 22. SEVEN RULES OF IDEALISM FOR 23. ekrk Hkwfe% iq=kks¿ga i`fFkO;k% (Atharva Ved 12.1.12) YOGA TEACHERS Earth is our mother and we are her children. Nation- Following are seven principles for the conduct of the god is the greatest god. Religion of the nation means yogi brothers and sisters dedicated to nationalism: our duty towards the nation, our responsibilities. Ful- 1. Vegetarian filling them is our biggest religion. Just as irreligion 2. No personal agenda and injustice are sinful, it is equally sinful to bear up 3. Healthy with atrocity. Every individual should have gratitude, 4. Capable respect and pride towards the nation. 5. Dedicated 24. It is unfortunate that even after 60 years of indepen- 6. Non-political lifestyle dence we have not been able to identify our nation 7. Commitment to spend at least 1-2 hours each with one name, one language and one culture. Now, day for yoga and national interest. The above-mentioned are mainly connected to our let this country of sages, Aryavartta, remain Bharat. personal life and conduct. If we do not give priority Now let us not feel proud by calling it by the name of to purity, and national thought in our personal life, India, the identity of slavery. and if we ourselves are not healthy, capable, dedi- 25. Those who do not love the soil, culture, civilization, cated and devoid of the obstinacy of politics, then and the people of the nation have no right to stay in how can we fulfill the resolution of building a nation this country. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 16
  15. 15. OUR FIVE MAIN GOALS of self-confusion, and awaken India’s sleeping self- 1. Creating an India that is healthy, prosperous and tra- respect by building national character. ditional with 100% voting, 100% nationalist thought, OUR ORGANIZATION BUILDING 100% boycott of foreign companies, adoption of AND WORK PROCESS ‘swadeshi’, uniting the people of the nation 100%, 3. By observing the aforementioned five vows, we will and building an India that is100% yoga-oriented – This build an India that is healthy, clean, prosperous, self- is the ‘Bharat Swabhiman’ mission. With this the na- dependent, corruption-free, unemployment and pov- tion will get a new freedom and new system, and In- erty-free – this is our firm resolution. To fulfil this dia will become great and the country’s greatest prob- resolution, 1. Divya Yog Mandir (Trust), 2. Patanjali lem – corruption – will get solved. Yogpeeth (Trust) India and International, 3. Bharat OUR FIVE VOWS Swabhiman International (NRI organization), 4. 2. In the special training camps for yoga teachers, Patanjali Treatment Centre, 5. Patanjali Yoga Samiti our participating brothers and sisters are asked to and 6. Mahila Patanjali Yog Samiti – these six main take five vows in order to bring about the knowledge organizations and the people of the nation are being of self-qualities through yoga, to make their mind and involved through the medium of 15 different groups body healthy, and to build national character by devel- in this yoga revolution and national awareness mis- oping own character. You too can take these vows sion. These 15 groups are: and at the same time also request each teacher, devo- 1. Youth group tee, distinguished member, colleague, general mem- 2. Doctor group bers and every citizen in your district to take these 3. Teacher group vows and embark on the mission of building a healthy, 4. Financial service group prosperous and traditional India – 5. Legal group comprising advocates and ex-judges 1. We will only vote for patriotic, honest, valiant, far- 6. Ex-servicemen group sighted, and skillful people. We ourselves will vote 7. Farmer group 100% and also make others vote. 8. Industrialist and businessmen group 2. We will unite all patriotic, sincere, aware, sensitive, 9. Worker group intelligent and honest people together 100% and unit- 10. Officer group ing the powers of the nation will bring about a new 11. Labour group freedom, new system and new change. We will make 12. Science and technology group India the biggest superpower in the world. 13. Art and culture group 3. We will 100% boycott foreign goods made with 14. Media group zero technology and adopt indigenous goods. 15. Senior citizen group 4. We will adopt nationalist thought 100%, and while That is, a total of 15 groups will work. To estab- in our personal lives we observe Hindu, Islam, Chris- lish these 15 groups in each district, the responsibility tian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, etc. religious traditions, in of the selection of the members as well as the coordi- our public lives we will live like a true Indian – a true nator will rest with the aforementioned six main orga- Hindustani. nizations of Bharat Swabhiman and 15 supporting 5. We will make the entire country 100% yoga-ori- groups, a total of 21 constituents of our complete or- ented and make the citizens inward-focused by mak- ganization. These 21 groups, in the 21st century, will ing them healthy and arouse the feeling of self-pride awaken ‘swadeshi’ in the entire nation by running a in each one by removing the cheating, corruption, revolution of complete social, spiritual, moral rise and hopelessness, disbelief and self-languor arising because bring about a new freedom and a new system in the ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 17
  16. 16. country. from office, because all the government elements are there Including 1100 to 2100 yoga teachers from each dis- for our security and to give us justice, and in return for trict, we will prepare 2100 to 5000 special members their work, we give them heavy salaries. Do not be afraid of Bharat Swabhiman and the special members shall of them. Definitely show them respectful behaviour but select 5,000 to 11,000 working members and these keep in mind that they are not your masters and they are will prepare 5-11 lakh ordinary members of Bharat there to serve you. In a democracy, every Indian is the Swabhiman (Trust). master and he has moral and constitutional rights. Every To join in this national revolution through the medium citizen has the right to live with complete freedom, com- of Bharat Swabhiman, contact the local Patanjali Yog plete governance, and self-respect. Hence, wake up! And Samiti/ Patanjali Treatment centre to join any one of do not quietly accept exploitation, injustice and corrup- the above-mentioned 15 groups and come forward to tion in the name of governance. Whosoever is a corrupt become our teacher/member! ruler, throw him out of power with the help of your vot- A BIG QUESTION MARK ON DEMOCRACY AND ing right; and vote 100% to bring into power those patri- THE CONSTITUTION otic, brave, skillful and farsighted people who are honest, 4. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media are who feel for the nation in their heart and sincerely want the four pillars of this democracy. In a democracy, the the progress of the nation! And save the nation! We will voters are not helpless, destitute or slaves and the rulers take a resolution that neither will we rob the nation and are not masters; on the other hand, the rulers are public nor will we allow corrupt, cunning and criminal minded servants to whom people have given power and author- people rob the nation. This country is mine. I will not ity. Those MLAs and MPs have been elected by us to allow it to be ruined. When majority of the leaders who protect our well-being. We have not made them our rep- sit in the Parliament and legislative assemblies themselves resentative to dictate instead of rule or to do injustice to make a joke of democracy and when those who take us under the cover of the law. We do not give rights to oaths on the Constitution themselves kill the Constitu- the people’s representative so that they take away our tion, then we cannot keep silent. I will build the India that right to live. The rulers are our employees and in return the martyrs dreamt of, bring a new independence to the for their services, we give the MLA/MP, ministers, chief nation, and will remove the exploitation and corruption minister and prime minister their salaries, houses, entire that is going on in the name of governance in the nation expenses, travel and petrol expenses, car, etc. through today. our taxes. The rulers do not give free service, instead, in WHAT DEMOCRACY IS THIS? return for this service, we give heavy salaries and entire 5. In this democracy, votes are seeked in Hindi and expenses to each representative and we give him author- other Indian languages while governance is done in En- ity for the welfare of the society, town, region, and na- glish. Can’t the nation be ruled with the national language? tion; and if he misuses this authority we have all the right Can’t the judgment of the High Courts and Supreme Court to take him out of power. In the present time, the country of India be given in Hindi or other regional languages? is so terrorized by the misdeeds of the corrupt rulers and Even after 60 years of Independence, the people of our corrupt authorities that the common man feels himself to country don’t get justice in their own language—what be helpless, destitute, lonely and tired, and even while kind of injustice is this? living in independent India, is desperate because of con- BREAK YOUR SILENCE! stant fear of the governance and is again and again made 6. A country is harmed more by the despondency a victim of exploitation. Now awaken! Do not bear ex- of the good people of the country than by the misdeeds ploitation instead of governance any longer! Live with of the bad people. Hence, now break your silence! Awaken complete self-respect, self-rule, and freedom! This coun- yourself! And awaken the nation!! And come forward to try is yours; you are not a slave but a citizen of free India. defeat the demonic forces of the nation! Just like the legislature of the country, the entire adminis- THE INDIA OF MY DREAMS trative executives and judiciary too, that is all the demo- 7. In order to build a healthy, prosperous and re- cratic processes, administrative officers, police organi- fined India, I have five main goals – Healthy India, Clean zation, and the judicial system, have all been instituted so India, Independent India, India free from hunger, unem- that the people of the nation can live with security, justice ployment and poverty with population control, and India and self-respect. However, if some government officer, free from political corruption with 100% voting. employee or police officer is doing injustice to you or 1. HEALTHY INDIA behaving in an unconstitutional manner, then you have I want to build such an India in which each citizen, the right to raise a voice against that corrupt system and poor or rich, is healthy physically, in thoughts, and in getting that corrupt officer punished, getting him removed feelings. Unfortunately, despite spending or wasting al- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 18
  17. 17. most Rs 6,00,000 crore in health services, only 35 per ing company became the ruler before our eyes. Be- cent of people are being able to control their illness with ginning with the first agent of the East India Company in the help of modern treatment methods and allopathy, while 1615, Thomas Roe to the first Governor General Warren the rest of 65 per cent are not even capable of availing Hastings to the last Governor General Mountbatten, a allopathic treatment. foreign company robbed property and wealth worth Rs We want to give mankind total health by the use of 278 lakh crore for 350 years. The first foreign company, yoga, Ayurveda, acupressure, natural and balanced meth- East India Company, not only robbed the wealth and glory ods and traditional Indian remedies, because it is certain of India but also made it a slave country for 200 years, that only healthy citizens can build a prosperous, mag- and now the 5000+ foreign companies producing flour, nificent, and refined India. salt, water, cold drinks, juice, chips, soap, oil, cream, 2. CLEAN INDIA powder, shoes, sandals and garments, etc., with zero The country’s land, food, water, rivers, air and sky technology (these are the goods in which no special tech- have all become polluted, and the main cause of 50% of nique or science is used) are taking away lakhs and crores the diseases in India is non-cleanliness. Because of pollu- of rupees from the country. This is a big obstacle to the tion in food, thought, mind and behaviour, disease, fear, country’s economic progress. Even if one rupee from corruption, crime and anarchy is spreading in the entire the country is deposited in foreign banks then it is harm- country. Even sage Patanjali had pronounced cleanliness ful and dangerous for the economic condition of the na- to be the first rule for a yogi. The universe is purified by tion. The economic condition of the country is the nation’s sacrificial fires, air is purified through planting of trees, biggest strength or backbone. We will make our country the body is purified by water, mind if purified by truth, strong, and will not make it weak by buying products of wealth is purified by donation, wisdom is purified by foreign companies. Foreigners have robbed us tremen- knowledge, and the soul is purified by study and pen- dously, hence, for the empowerment of the economic ance. We want to build a clean and strong India by puri- condition of the nation, it is essential to bring in foreign fying politics by 100% voting and purifying the nation by currency through trade and jobs, to increase exports by the identity cards of each citizen. To make the air, food trading with foreign nations, to create demand for our and water pollution-free, it is important to have nation- goods in foreign markets. However, if money is being wide movements. credited to the account books of foreign companies be- 3. INDEPENDENT INDIA THROUGH INDIAN cause of you, then you are betraying the country. We LIFESTYLE should not cheat the nation and rather we should become No country in the world can become great without responsible and trustworthy citizens and businessmen of indigenous industries, indigenous education, indigenous the nation. treatment, indigenous technology, indigenous knowledge, We take the vow that we will no longer use in our life indigenous languages, indigenous costumes, and self-re- th daily-use products made by foreign companies using spect of the motherland. zero technology such as Lux, Lifebuoy, Liril, Rexona, I want to make India and each Indian stand on its Pears, Colgate, Pepsodent, Ponds, Lakme, Dettol, Dalda, own feet and be independent and want to place India at etc., We will also never use products by Amway and the highest position in the world. poisonous cold drinks of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, as well as I want to awaken self-respect in every individual of drinking water sold under the brand names of Aquafina the nation, and inculcate Indian languages, culture, re- and Kinley. Even if some foreign companies are only dis- finement, Vedic knowledge in the entire system of educa- tributing fruit juice, water, soap and other good quality tion and medical treatment, and carve a unique identity products, we will not buy those products because these for India in the world. In 1611 in Machli Pattnam (Andhra products while not harming our health are very harmful Pradesh) and in 1613 in Surat (Gujarat), the Mughal em- to India’s economic state, prosperity and the indigenous peror had given permission to a foreign company to trade. Indian industries. Nowadays even Indian industries are Gradually, by exploiting the nation, this company made producing quality essential-use products with purity its roots strong, and in 1757, by gaining victory in the checks. Hence, by adopting an Indian lifestyle, we will Battle of Plassey in Bengal, started invoking taxes. In the save the country from economic bondage and make the unprecedented famine of Bengal in 1769-70, far from country free from poverty, unemployment and hunger helping the victims, the company exploited them all the by increasing indigenous industries. more. Despite the presence of famine in the country, this When the history of India’s progress is written, then foreign company made a lot of profit. Taking the help of our name, at the very least, should not appear in the list its ‘Regulatory Act’, it started its rule in India from 1773 of individuals who weakened the nation and should ap- with the Bengal province. In other words, a foreign trad- pear in the list of people who gave strength to the nation. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 19