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Jivan Darshan - by Swami Ramdev

Jivan Darshan - by Swami Ramdev



Yog Sandesh of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust of March 2009. This has most of the important of Jivan Darshan book written by Swami Ramdev

Yog Sandesh of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust of March 2009. This has most of the important of Jivan Darshan book written by Swami Ramdev



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    Jivan Darshan - by Swami Ramdev Jivan Darshan - by Swami Ramdev Document Transcript

    • OM CONTENTS m|e% lkgla /S;± cqf¼% 'kfDr% ijkØe%A Editorial 4 "kMsrs ;=k orZUrs r=k nso lgk;Ñr~AA Foreword 5 Year : 6 Issue : 7 March 2009 Jeevan Darshan 6 Editor National Religion 12 Acharya Balkrishan Sub-Editor ‘Bharat Swabhiman’ Aim Dr. Rajendra Vidyalankar Philosophy And Principles 17 Jayshankar Mishra The Religion Of Yoga 34 Subscription Cultural Understanding 38 Single copy.........................15- Annual................................150/- Personal And National Thoughts 45 Five year.............................700/- Eleven years......................1500/- Daily Eulogy 52 Outside India (Annual)......800/- OFFICE OFFICE PATANJALI YOGPEETH Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Delhi-Hardwar High Way Near- Bahadrabad, Hardwar, Uttarakhand, (INDIA) 249402 Ph: 01334-240008, 244107, 246737 Fax No. 01334-244805, 240664 E-mail : divyayoga@rediffmail.com, Visit us at : www.divyayoga.com Publication & Distribution Office Diamond Comics Group of Publications D. C. Magazines Punjabi Pustak Bhandar 257, Dariba Kalan, Delhi-110006 Contact : Gulshan Rai Fax % (0120)&4238010 Fax % (0120)&4238010] E-mail: gulshanrai@diamondcomic.com ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 3
    • ;L;ka iwosZ HkwrÑr ½"k;ks xk mnku`pq%A its past, or about which the present generation is not aware, lIr l=ks.k os/lks ;Ksu rilk lgAA will never be able to build a golden future. A poet has also The tradition of sages has continued in our mother- written – ‘Jise nij gaurav tatha nij desh ka abhimaan na land. Our forefathers had been great sages, great ascet- ho, who nar nahi, nira pashu aur mritak saman he’. One ics and scholars. Our ancestors lived a simple and re- who does not take pride in his and his country’s glory is strained life enhanced with penance. They lead a life of not a man but is equivalent to a mere animal or a dead sacrifice and welfare, developing good people. With pen- person. ance and the feeling of sacrifice, they continuously strived ‘The honour of the nation is my honour and self-re- for excellence and their words of advice have continued spect, and if the image of the nation, the self-respect of to guide the people of the nation. In this way, they made the country, is hurt at any point then it is my insult. I will their life a ‘sapta hota’ yagna. awaken the nation’s self-respect. I will dedicate my en- With such a life, enriched with these great qualities, tire life for the good of the nation.’ Filled with this feel- the sages worked for the nation. In our nation, the tradi- ing, Swami Ramdevji established the ‘Bharat Swabhiman tion of these great sages is still continuing in the same Trust’ and started the important work of awakening way even now. Even today we have sages with great India’s self-respect across the globe. qualities living in our nation. With his sacrifice, penance, labour and hard work, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Swami Ramkrishna Swamiji is constantly trying to re-establish the almost lost Paranhansa, Swami Dayanand and Swami Vivekanand tradition of sages. Renouncing his own happiness for the have aroused the sleeping spiritual powers in Indian good of others, he has lit the world with the light of Vedic people. Respected Swami Ramdevji has not only lit the knowledge and brought about welfare of mankind. The lamp of spirituality and philosophy in Indian souls, but work of removing ignorance, superstition and evils is also shown mankind a beautiful path, leaving aside sor- constantly going on. Today, Swamiji Maharaj has become row and pain, by joining yoga with spirituality and medi- the carrier of Vedic tradition. cal treatment. Approximately crores of people across the Today our nation is independent but there is still the world have been shown the path of gaining spirituality large problem of protecting this independence. Protect- through yoga and pranayam and vice versa, of gaining ing the independence of the nation is much harder than spirituality through the medium of yoga. For this, people the trials and ordeals of gaining independence. A lot has have entrusted their faith on Swamiji and he has become been said about one’s nation in the Vedas. At various places the symbol of manhood as defined in Indian culture. in the four Vedas, there is discussion about nation. The Today there is no politician, actor or any such saint protection of the nation is not possible by a single person who have as much public support as Swami Ramdevji and that is why it is the duty of all the citizens of the Maharaj. nation. It is necessary to instill the feelings of oneness Every section of society is benefiting from yoga. To and love in all people of the nation and obtain their sup- ensure that even the last man gets benefits from yoga, port. ‘yoga teachers’ trained by ‘Patanajali Yogpeeth’ are spread- It is to light this lamp of national feeling in each and ing awareness on yoga and nationalism to serve the moth- everyone that Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has gifted us erland and sorrow-inflicted mankind. It is the etiquette of ‘Jeevan Darshan’. It gives us directions on our duties the yoga teachers to live a life with the feeling of friend- and responsibilities for the self and the nation. Please help ship towards all, kindness towards the poor and sick, in the accomplishment of national responsibilities by dis- respect towards all religions and communities, and to in- tributing ‘Jeevan Darshan’ to the maximum extent you spire fellow countrymen to lead a life of purity. can. I am an Indian; humanity is my community; my reli- In this way, freeing people from maladies, Swami gion is humanity and my responsibility towards the na- Ramdevji Maharaj is intent on establishing India once again tion. It is to develop this feeling and develop national char- on the throne of ‘Global Guru’ by removing the various acter that continuous work is going on. widespread inconsistencies and faults and instilling the Respected Swami Ramdevji believes that ‘Glorious past feeling of national honour and pride in people. is my self-respect’. The nation that does not take pride in - Acharya Balkrishan ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 4
    • Our Life is God’s greatest boon. Being born as a human being is God’s greatest gift to us. Life is priceless and living life to fulfill petty goals is an insult to it. To spend your energy in trivial pursuits, and to waste invaluable time in fulfilling material desires and obtaining luxuries is akin to looking down on life. Life is endless, our strengths are also endless and our potential is also vast. We are able to utilize only about 5 per cent of our physical, mental, social and spiritual strengths. Majority of our powers are lying unconscious. If we use our internal strengths fully, we turn from man into superman, from human to super-powerful humans. Our human consciousness gradually falls down to a licentious consciousness and the world out of delusion starts worshipping human beings as Gods. All the divine qualities that were present in Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Mahayogi Shiva, Mahavir Swami, Nirvana-attaining Buddha, Guru Nanakdev and Guru Govind Singh are also inherent in us. A yogi should never consider himself poor, helpless or powerless. At every moment tell yourself, I am vast. I am a repre- sentative of God. I was born on this earth with a great purpose. I have within myself the patience of the earth, the energy of fire, the speed of wind, the calmness of water and the vastness of the sky. My brain has the energy, intellect, wisdom and brilliance of the Brahmin. My arms have the courage, strength, power and dignity of the Kshatriya. Within my stomach I have the business strategies of the Vaishya and I consider it my honour to be able to serve like the Sudra. I am not an individual but a culture. I am a messenger of eternal traditions. India is in me. I am the beloved child of mother India. I am not land, mansion, position or youth. I am not the mortal body but I am the immortal, brilliant, rootless, eternal soul. Love, kindness, peace and affection is my identity and religion. My work is my religion. I am not merely a worshipper of stone idols but of those living idols that my Lord has created Himself and in whose souls He resides himself. I am the worshipper of the chaitanya murta Brahma. Storms cannot make me bend, obstacles cannot hinder my life path and insults cannot distract my patience. I will make my life blessed by surrendering totally to obey the instructions of my guru and the scriptures. I will not allow any hindrance to the flow of virtue in my life. At each moment, I will lead a life full of love, kindness, courage, bravery, power, self-confidence. At every moment, my external and internal life will remain pure and free from fault. In my life, the good of the nation will be above everything else and this will be my motto. I am first of all the child of Mother India and only after that I am an ascetic, householder, politician, actor, worker, officer or businessman. How could I have existed if my country did not exist? My country is everything for me. This life is for the nation. This life is for God. This is the aim of my life. Duty towards my nation comes before my political duties or ascetic duties. The nation’s glory is my glory and any insult to my nation is an insult towards me. I will not allow my country’s glory, pride and honour to be tarnished. Even if I have to sacrifice everything, I will do so in order to make India the super- power of the world. I will bring back the lost glory of my country. Come! Come forward and be ready to sacrifice everything in fulfilling this pure and holy resolution. Come! Let us all unite to build a new India together. - Swami Ramdev ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 5
    • humanitarian values, and spirituality. Free from the boundaries of region, language, religion, and behavioural debates, I am the war-call for national- ism. 7. I am not merely an individual but the manifestation of the gentility and culture of the entire nation. I AND MY PERSONALITY Hence, the entire country is affected by everything 1. I am not an individual; I am the manifestation of the I do, good or bad. Till the time blood flows through entire nation. I am not narrow or small; I am vast. I my veins and life exists in my body, I will not betray am the image of the Lord. I am the representative my country. This is my ‘Bhisma pratigya’ (unshaken of truth, non-violence and good conduct. In my body, vow). my nation resides. I am the fate and the reflection 8. The purity and fearlessness of childhood, the vigour of India. I am the one who decides the fate of my- of youth, the good sense of old age, and the dedica- self and my nation. tion of ascetics the ideals of my life. Children and 2. I am always in my Lord; my Lord is always in me. saints are not tied by the threads of illusion. Everything that I see around me is nothing but im- 9. Work is my only religion. Work is my worship. Work ages of the Lord. Everything I do is a worship of is the truth of life and the world. Working without the Lord. Everything that I have is a gift from the any desire does not indicate lack of work, it indi- Lord. I am a child of God. He, the ruler of the world, cates the lack of arrogance. the creator of the universe, is my Father. The bless- 10. Valour, nationalism, expertise, farsightedness, spiri- ings of the most superior and divine power are al- tuality, humanitarianism, and humility are the ideals ways with me. of my working style. 3. I am extremely fortunate to have taken birth on the 11. Nation-religion is the biggest religion; Nation-god is soil of this holy and pure country, which has also the greatest God; and love for the nation is the high- been the birthplace of divine personalities such as est form of love. The good of the nation is above Shri Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanakdev and everything else. The nation is everything for me. Guru Govind Singh, brave heroes such as Maharana bna jk"Vªk; bnUu eeA . My body-mind-wealth will all Pratap, Chattrapati Shivaji, Chandrashekhar Azad, remain dedicated to the nation. The seven principles Subhash Chandra Bose, Ram Prasad Bismil, Bhagat of nationalism, the seven duties of spirituality and Singh, Raj Guru and Ashfaq, and holy souls such as idealism are the ideals of my personal national life. Maharshi Dayanand and Swami Vivekanand. I pray 12. When I am alone, it is not loneliness; in the silence to Mother India while offering the flower of my I am permeated by many currents of divine knowl- life. edge and divine inspiration and I find an eternal lamp 4. As my inheritance, my Lord has given me the pa- always shining on me. tience of earth, the energy of fire, the speed of wind, 13. When my internal awakening took place, I found the calmness of water, and the vastness of the sky. myself in the shade of the Sangbodi tree, my thirst 5. Let me be known by my mother, my father, my quenched. teacher, or my ancestors. This is not my glory be- 14. At birth itself, man experiences pain and suffering. cause I did not contribute anything. My parents gave Hence, throughout life there will be thorns to walk birth to me, my teachers gave me knowledge. My upon. Amongst these thorns, you will have to blos- ancestors are my pride. With my knowledge, work som the flowers of your life like tender rose petals. and life, I will create my identity, and in doing so I 15. God wants to choose you for great work. You have will increase the honour of my parents, my teach- to just open up and let the vastness enter you com- ers and my country. pletely. When through meditation and prayer you be- 6. I am not a believer in fate, material enjoyment or come the messenger of the Lord’s powers, then the terrorism. I am a believer in humanity, patriotism, divine powers are at work with you as the medium. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 6
    • 16. When you long greedily for fame in the external 25. You should never forget your past. The knowledge world, it means you have not yet attained inner of the past saves us from mistakes and in the per- wealth or peace. The day you gain the inner king- son who reaches the top, the remembrance of the dom or happiness, you will Yourself proclaim, ¶izkIra past prevents arrogance. It is only because of for- izki.kh;a {kh.kk% {ksrO;k% Dys'kk% fNUu% f'y"ViokZ getting the past that people forget their parents. If HkolaØe% ;L;kfoPNsnkTtk;rs tfuRok p fez;rsA¸ the memories of childhood and the mother’s womb (Maharshi Vyas-yogsutra 1.16) are remembered, then you will never disregard your 17. Take care not to repeat mistakes. Repetition of mis- parents. Even after touching the sky, remembering takes leads to hindrance in progress and your inner the past keeps a person’s feet on the ground. strength decreases. 26. It is God himself who give birth to us in the form of 18. Knowledge does not simply mean knowing; it our parents. In this way, experiencing the divine means becoming that knowledge.¶l ,oa Hkofr ; relationship in every relationship is yoga. ,oa osnA¸ INSULT TO WOMAN IS INSULT TO MOTHER 19. Be determined but not obstinate. Be brave but not The real beauty of a woman is not her body but her impulsive. Be kind but not weak. Be silent but not character. Woman is not a commodity to be sold in arrogant. Be clever but not cunning. Be patient but the market. She is Sita, Savitri, Jagadamba, Durga, not irresponsible. Show respect but do not be a cow- Taravati, Gargi, Madalasha, Mahalaksmi, Meera and ard. There should be sweetness but not flattery. Laksmibai. Woman is the affection of a mother, re- There should be justice but not a feeling of revenge. gard of a wife and love of a daughter. Do not make 20. A prayer for forgiveness or penance is something women a saleable commodity and do not joke about that is done just once; it loses it’s meaning it re- the character of a woman. This is an insult to mother. peated again and again. The way electronic media keeps placing a question 21. My head has the intellect of a Brahmin, my arms mark over the character of the aware mothers, sis- have the valour, strength and the heroic energy of a ters and daughters of the nation, it should be op- Kshatriya, my belly has the business and manage- posed with full strength. These carnivores of the ment skills of a Vaishya, and in my feet I have the market with rotten minds should be made to under- ability to serve like a Sudra. This is my caste vow. stand that the women of India are not character- 22. I am Agni; I am knowledge, light, speed, the chief less – they are the highest degree of purity. and the commander. ¶vfXujfLe tUeuk tkrosn%¸ CONTINUOUS FLOW OF THOUGHT (Rig Veda 3.26.7). The fire of resolution is always 27. In my inner and outer life, pure qualities such as burning within me. The path of my life is always lighted. non-violence, truth, love, kindness, affection, valour, PARENTS – GODS ON EARTH courage, strength, might, and self-respect, etc. should 23. Always keep happiness and a smile on your face. always be found. To keep this flow unobstructed, Give respect to others; you will get respect. Give one should determinedly immerge yourself in self- happiness to others; you will get happiness. Serve study, and utmost devotion unto God and worship your parents; in old age your children will serve you. of gods. teacher’s nearness, his life, teachings and 24. A mother keeps her child for nine months in the conduct gives us strength from within, and keeps womb with love, kindness, affection and maternal the holy flow of our life continuous. feelings. After this, she keeps her child on her lap for nine months, and till she dies, a mother keeps 28. If you smile, the world smiles along with you, and her child in her heart. The four worlds can be found when you feel sad, depressed, defeated and help- at your parents’ feet. Parents are the God of this less, the world will seem extremely sad to you. world. Children are the only desire of parents. Never 29. Happiness does not come from outside, but from insult such parents. Do not leave them in old age within. Happiness appears when you are in a com- homes otherwise in the next life God will give an pletely silent, unconscious and peaceful state. Live animal’s birth to you where your father will often a life that is always full of inner enthusiasm, energy not be known and mother will leave you in child- hood. Howsoever you sow, so shall you reap. Hence, and self-confidence. God has created and chosen awaken! Once again adopt the culture of ¶ekr`nsoks you for a great purpose. Hko] fir`nsoks Hko] vkpk;Znsoks Hko] vfrfFknsoks Hko¸ 30. You doubt yourself and the Lord at times. How- . My mother is my god, my father is my god, my ever, it is strange that people never doubt untruth or teacher is my god, and my guest is my god. hatred. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 7
    • Wake Up! Always be Positive! ing but purity of thought. Always be a collector of nectar, be curious! 41. Jealousy, crime, cruelty, exploitation, injustice, At every moment experience God’s contact! irreligion, and corruption are nothing but the out- The Lord always gives us more than what we come of impure thoughts. deserve, more than our abilities and our labour. 42. Pure thought is the basis of a person’s pure food, 31. pjSosfr&pjSosfr] pju~ oS eèkq foUnfr. If there is a rest pure behaviour, pure conduct and pure life. during work then this rest is a sin. Do not let ob- 43. Ethics is nothing but the purity of thoughts. stacles stop you, do not let trouble and temptation 44. A resolute thought is the bridge of success. over power you, do not let insults divert you. Keep 45. Purity of thoughts builds up social capability. marching forward till you reach your goal. 46. Thoughts are the gateway to happiness. 32. The sound of a single deed is louder than a thou- 47. Good thought is the root of good conduct. sand words – it is very powerful. Let us believe in 48. Our entire life is the outcome of our thoughts. the culture of showing by example and not merely Thought is the seed of this tree of life. in making speeches. 49. With unrelenting good resolution and thought, even 33. It is only our thoughts and culture that can be a wicked man can become great. wealthy or great. Similarly, it is only our thoughts 50. Thought is human, while lack of thought is animal. and culture that can be poor, destitute or infamous. 51. Pure thought is the voice behind sweet and effec- 34. A person lost in a crowd can be found but a person tive words. who is lost in the crowd of thoughts will spend his 52. Purity of thought is the solution to all our problems. entire life in darkness. A person trapped in the web Pure thought is the foundation of a healthy, pros- of thoughts will end his life in the same way as a perous and strong nation. spider ends its life by tying itself in his web it spuns. 53. I am confident that the same pure thoughts that made 35. Old age is not how many years you have lived; it is me rise high, that increased my self-confidence and the outcome of your thoughts. If there is energy, took me ahead on my mission will also awaken ev- power, valour, courage and self-respect then even ery individual of the nation, will awaken the self- with increasing age, a person will remain young. A respect of the nation and when everyone performs country will only become great with the knowledge his own duties with entire strength, then certainly of the elderly and the courage, valour and self-re- my country will become great and it will lead the spect of the youth. A very big difference between world. the elderly and the young is – the young are not 54. My biggest strength is my thoughts. My pure fearful of the outcome while the elderly remain con- thoughts have protected me from sin; my thoughts stantly fearful of personal outcomes, and hence, gave me the courage to fight against obstacles and cannot take decisions quickly. adversities. It is because of my thoughts that I have 36. If the flow of my opinions is not able to change the been able to turn my defeat into my victory, and it corrupt people, corrupt governments and corrupt only because of them that I have come out all the systems, then I will be helpless and will be forced more powerful after going through the worst of the to protect my motherland from injustice, poverty, worst disasters. hunger, lack of education, social irregularities, ha- 55. When impure thoughts of jealousy, antipathy, anger tred, crime, misconduct, ill intentions, anger and re- and revenge can make a person hateful and crimi- venge, and will have to undertake a wide-spread nal, then why can’t pure thoughts make a person revolution to remove the wide-spread injustice, patriotic, spiritual, humanitarian and progressive? crime, exploitation and hatred. 56. When with impure thought a person can be made 37. Thought is the biggest strength and wealth. Thought characterless, when a person can sell his or her is the greatest power in the world. Thoughts have body, religion and humanity, why can’t pure thought create a person of character? unlimited strength and energy. Thoughts are evi- 57. If the seeds of hatred and dislike can be sown within dence, sacrifice, might, valour, courage and self- a person with the help of bad thoughts, why can’t respect. Thoughts can rage like the fire and storm, the flowers of love, kindness and affection bloom and be calm like peace and contentment. with the help of pure thoughts? 38. Pure thought-flow is life. In other words, breaking 58. When impure thought can be used to instigate a up the thought-flow is death. person into crime and lawlessness to break down a 39. The great vows of non-violence and truth are noth- society, why can’t pure thought be used to awaken ing but the purity of thought. the inner soul of a person to unite society? 40. Morality, spirituality and humanitarianism are noth- 59. Just as food is the basis for our physical growth, ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 8
    • similarly thought is the basis for the growth of our nation becomes, and this becomes the cause of its mind, wisdom, intellect and all other feelings. ruin. Hence, along with exaltation, the effort should 60. Just as a person becomes malnourished with the not slow down. use of adulterated or imbalanced food, in the same SERVICE way, people become susceptible to illusions with 70. Without service, the intellect is not purified and with- polluted, impure and imbalanced thoughts; and it is out purification of the intellect, the divine Lord can- this illusion of thoughts that is the root cause of cor- not be experienced. Hence, you should always be ruption, hatred, crime and restlessness. on the lookout for opportunities for service. 61. Our sorrow and happiness do not depend on others SOCIAL WELFARE but rather on our own thought. 71. Man remains more alert to others than about one- 62. Impure thoughts are the root cause of all problems self; if we have the same alertness towards our- such as hatred, tension, crime, murder and suicide. selves and become aware of our mind, thoughts, Impure thoughts are the reason for all kinds of de- feelings, behaviour and work then it will lead to our terioration such as wickedness, obstinacy and arro- welfare. Hence, before trying to improve the world, gance. improve yourself. First, become a good person then 63. Poverty of thought is the cause for sorrow, defi- you will automatically improve the world. Just as ciency and retrogression in the nation. Resolute and shadow is the outcome of the tree; only if the tree firm thought is the backbone of happiness, prosper- is there, we will get the shadow. Bring about your ity and progress. welfare, and the welfare of the world will happen 64. It is important to take care of historical inheritances. on its own. However, the rope that Mahatma Gandhi used to 72. How will one who hasn’t quenched his own thirst tie his goat with is exhibited in museums but the quench the thirst of others? How can a sleeping rope that was used to hang immortal martyrs such person awaken others? How can a hungry individual as Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Ashfaq Ullah satisfy the hunger of others? Hence, before the Khan, and Ramprasad Bismil is not seen in any welfare of the world, first accomplish self-welfare. museum, it is the misfortune of the nation. Because First wake up yourself! Then awaken others!! by remembering the sacrifice of the martyrs the WORSHIP CHARACTER, NOT THE IMAGE self-respect of the people will awaken, and corrupt, 73. Worship character, not the image. Worship person- cunning and criminal people won’t be able to rob ality, not the person. Let us not live life by merely the nation any longer. worshipping stone idols. Let us become worship- LIFE pers of consciousness and awaken the flood of yoga 65. Each morning of life is a new birth for me and each and patriotism in stone hearts. day is like one life for me. I will do today all those WORK things for which God has sent me to this world. 74. Work is religion. Work is worship. Rest is a sin and 66. My life as well as my death – both should be rest only occurs at the end of work. Your own work honourable.dhfrZ;ZL; l thofr. Live life not with is your own religion. Total dedication towards your timidity and weakness but with self-respect and self- own work is the worship of God. knowledge. God has created you for great work. WHY CAN’T THIS HAPPEN? 67. Life is a celebration. Life is God’s greatest gift. This 75. When, for a paltry sum of money, people of our body is the house of God, the residence of Shiva. own nation can become treacherous, can’t the This body is the temple of God. This body is not to people of our country be made upright and honest be fought against. The soul is immortal, everyoung, in order to protect the magnificence of our nation? constant, indestructible, light, energetic, peaceful and A handful of people are ready to sell the country contented. for a handful of money, betray the nation. But there 68. As long as there is life, a person should not become are thousands and millions of people who would die lifeless. Keep moving towards your goal with de- for their nation rather than sell themselves. We have termination showing friendship to the happy, kind- to unite such patriotic people. ness to the sad, love to the good and contempt to FROM ‘I’ TO ‘LOVE’ the wicked. You will definitely get success one day and will always remain happy in life. 76. Where ‘me’ and ‘mine’ unites, there love, kindness, DO NOT GIVE UP THE EFFORT affection and surrender is born, there service and 69. Often, the more developed a civilization is; the goodwill evolves by itself. In worldly relationships more developed a civilization, person, society and where ‘I’ and ‘mine’ are joined, we would always nation is, the lazier that civilization, person, society or be ready to sacrifice for our close relatives. When ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 9
    • ‘I’ and ‘mine’ gets united emotional. Sensitivity makes us aware of our re- with the country, the feel- sponsibility and keeps us involved in self-duties and ing arises that this coun- national duties. try is mine and what I am SELF-QUALITIES today is solely because of 84. Just as cold, heat, hunger and thirst are the qualities the country. It is then that of the body, honour-insult, happiness-sorrow and a person will become profit-loss are the qualities of the mind. Similarly, ready to sacrifice his ev- love, kindness, affection, respect, devotion, surren- erything for the nation. der, peace and joy are the qualities of the soul. The The life that is within me qualities of the soul are your self-qualities. Wor- is because of the trees shipping the Lord by doing your own work, while that grow on the soil of keeping your self-qualities intact, will take you to this nation. This country Samadhi and fulfillment. LodeZ.kk reH;P;Z flf¼a has given birth to me and the food and water of this foUnfr ekuo% (Gita 18.46). nation’s land has kept me alive. The nation has given LOVE me wealth, power, property and respect. The tears 85. Love is not desire, it is worship. Excess of desire of the mothers, sisters, daughters, children and hu- kills love. Love is the highest degree of surrender man of this nation are my sorrow, and the well- and belief. Love is the cooling shadow of purity, being of the nation is my happiness. Even if one affection and maternal feelings and an honour to person in the country is helpless, destitute, poor, hun- effort, courage, valour and self-respect. True love gry or sick, then this pain of Mother India is my is the one that parents have towards their children, sorrow, my pain. It is my duty or obligation, it is my a teacher has towards his student and a patriot has national responsibility, it is my service ethics to make towards his nation. Others are just attraction, illu- sure that not even one individual of my nation dies sion and false quenching of the body’s thirst. of hunger or sickness. GURU WE MUST THINK LIKE THIS? 86. Saints, guru and acharyas advise us while they are 77. There is no permission for “No”. living at a very high state of the intellect or are as- 78. I will follow the advice and orders of my teachers cended on divine knowledge in a state that is free and scriptures to my utmost capacity. This is my from life. If we too connect ourselves with that state work-culture. of life consciousness then we will also say what the 79. Always set your frequency to positive mode be- saints are saying and our lives too will become com- cause there is a constant flow of energy waves, pletely transformed like the saints’. both positive and negative, from the universe. We 87. Guru is one who awakens, connects you with the have to accept only the positive vibrations from the eternal, tells you the direction, gives you what you universe. have lost, teaches you to call, introduces you to your 80. Instead of thinking “What can I do by myself?”, soul, shows you the way and finally, makes you like think “What can I not do by myself!” Nothing is him. However, remember that guru will just show impossible in this world, everything is possible. you the way; you will have to do the walking your- 81. When corrupt, treacherous, criminal, and irrespon- self. sible people can together rob the nation, why can’t 88. Someone asked a Sufi saint for his introduction – patriotic, honest, responsible and awakened individu- What do you eat? What do you wear? Where do als get together to protect the nation? you stay? The saint replied – I eat death, I wear SHED APPREHENSIONS, BE POSITIVE! shrouds, and I stay in the grave. 82. You sometimes have doubts about truth, love, self FIND YOUR GURU and God, but how strange that a person never doubts 89. You truly see your guru when you become one with untruth or hatred. Always be positive! Always be the mind, wisdom, speech, behaviour and will of guru open to new ideas! Feel the connection with God or a saint, and live your life with divine conscious- every moment! The Lord always gives us more than ness like him. This is why it is said, ¶lkèkwuka n'kZua what we can do, what we deserve and what we iq.;a] rhFkZHkwrk fg lkèko%A¸ Perceiving this body of do. flesh and bones is not the complete vision. See the BE SENSITIVE soul inside the body. 83. Emotion diminishes a person’s intellect and sensi- CONVERSATION WITH GURU tivity enriches humanity. Hence, be sensitive, not 90. Obtaining intelligence directly or indirectly through study of books of the guru is a direct conversation ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 10
    • with the guru. Each divine sound of the words in fear. If we cannot create any living being, then who the scriptures or written by the guru will ech in you gave us the right to kill them? And we kill any ani- and you will feel that his life is speaking to you mal for the reason that they do not look like us. through the scriptures or his words. Such self-study However, all animals have heart, brain and eyes. transforms our life and makes us images of our guru. They have sorrow and deep pain but we kill them RELIGION because they do not have any weapons for their 91. Omnipresent and scientific truth is omnipresent re- security or because in this new era of the demo- ligion. That which does not measure up to the stan- cratic drama, they do not have the voting rights. dards of omnipresent and scientific truths is not re- Only if they could also speak like us! Maybe then ligion; it is illusion. I am religious, not blinded by they could have made us realize their pain and sor- religion. I will not make religion a business nor will row. But what to do, these animals do not know I make work dirty. how to speak in human language and we celebrate 92. Religion is another name for superior conduct. Re- our joy by cruelly killing these mute animals who do ligion is not merely symbolic, it affects your con- not desire anything and have not committed any sin, duct. The principal root of religious symbols such and feel glorified in carnivorously tearing apart flesh as the Sikha (top-knot) and Sutra (thread) is also and eating it like dogs and wolves. There can be no conduct. Symbolic religion without observing the greater sin or crime than this. If you can lead a established rule of conduct is nothing but illusion vegetarian life without killing innocent animals, then and irreligion. Hence, become religious, not blinded why are you continuing to kill them? Man is veg- by religion. etarian by nature. The organization of the human 93. I do not believe in conversion of religion. Religion is body is that of a vegetarian being – this is a scien- nothing but good qualities which includes non-vio- tific truth. lence, truth, affection, service, control, and good ABILITY behaviour. All these qualities are present in all reli- 98. You have, within yourself, unlimited capability, abil- gions. Hence, there is no such thing as conversion ity and energy to make the impossible possible. You in religion. Religion is nothing but premium ideals of too can obtain the glory of standing with the front a worthy life. line people of the world. You can write a new his- tory of your power, courage and valour on the fore- 94. I do not think it is necessary to try and convert people head of time. by establishing schools and hospitals because even I have changed the lives of crores of people from TIME AND LIFE MANAGEMENT 99. Time is wealth. He who does not honour time or various classes and religions. I have given them walk with time is never forgiven by time. health, have given life to people who were very near 100. By keeping six hours for sleep, one hour for yoga, death but I haven’t changed the religion of even a one hour for daily tasks, two hours for members of single person. the family, you should dedicate the remaining 14 F OOD hours to hard work. This is the best time-manage- 95. Just as poisonous food causes frightening harm to ment in life. This is life management or life philoso- our body, similarly harmful thoughts too cause fright- phy. ening tension, sorrow, restlessness and incurable BEHAVIOUR – SEE EVERYTHING EQUALLY diseases after entering our mind. Hence, if you want 101. Always keep your feelings and vision at equilib- to attain a superior personality, then be alert towards rium. However, it is not always possible to always your food and thoughts at every moment. The behave in the same manner. Everyone is the image amount of cruelty a person does on his body is prob- ably not done by him on anyone else. of my Lord. Everyone is my image. I am in every- 96. This body is the house of God, the residence of one, everyone is in me. This world is nothing but an Shiva. This body is the temple of God. Do not make expansion of my ‘I’ – this is a feeling of equilib- it a bar by drinking alcohol, a hospital by the intake rium. One should behave with a teacher as a teacher. of tobacco, etc. or a graveyard or cremation ground With mother, daughter and wife, there are worldly by eating meat, etc. Be conscientious about rituals, and behavioural differences. Even God does not frugality and wellbeing. Have pure, balanced and behave in the same way with everyone; he pun- complete food in time and make your body healthy. ishes the wicked and protects the good. He is kind WHY ONLY VEGETARIANISM? and also metes out justice. Feeling occurs at the 97. Just as we have to live in this world, similarly other level of the soul, while behaviour occurs at the level living beings too have the right to live here without of the body or the world. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 11
    • NATIONAL INTEREST IS ABOVEALL 1. There is no greater religion than duty towards the nation. There is no God greater Unfortunately, even than the nation. National interest is above everything. I will not betray the nation after 60 years of for my personal, political, economic and family welfare. I will contribute my body, independence, we mind, wealth, life and vote for national interest. cannot identify our POLITICAL AUTHORITY 2. To leave the authority of the nation in the hands of corrupt, dishonest, criminal, country with one cowardly, weak, and foolish people is an insult to the country. Hence, come! Take name, one language a resolution of 100% voting and stop corrupt and dishonest people from reaching and one culture. the pinnacle of administration. 3. The political leaders of the nation have shown false dreams of progress and the Now let this country religious leaders have given false consolations, thus exploiting the Indian people of sages, Aryavarta, since ages. Now the time has come to move away from dreams, consolations and remain Bharat. Do imaginations and see the present reality of the nation and religion. We have to adopt not feel glorified by a healthy and ideal political religion along with transparency, scientific, religious and spiritual thought and should come forward to stop the erosion of our aspira- calling it by the tions. symbol of slavery, INDEPENDENCE India. 4. Independence without any direction makes a person, society and nation unre- strained and thoughtless bondage makes a person frustrated. Hence, the eyes of the mind should always be kept open in nature independence and administration. The search for truth is only in independence. NATIONAL LEADERSHIP 5. If the leadership of a country lacks valour, humility, transparency and farsighted- ness, then the nation will never be secure. Today, unfortunately, cowardliness and weakness have replaced valour, hypocrisy has replaced transparency, and mo- mentary selfish gain and motive has replaced farsightedness. We have to change this misfortune into good fortune. Similarly, if a person, family, society or organi- zation does not have valour, humility, skill and farsightedness then that person, family, society or organization will also never become successful. LANGUAGE 6. It is excellent to have knowledge of foreign languages because this is essential for communication, business, contact and culture. However, using the language of another country as our national language is a tremendous insult and something to be ashamed of. No civilized country in the world imparts education to its citizens in a foreign language. We will make the national language, Hindi, and other Indian languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, etc. the language of administration. We will impart science, technology and management education in Indian languages and thus give right to the children of the poor, labourers and farmers to also become doctors, IAS, IPS and scien- tists. VIEWPOINT 7. The society or country in which good people are not respected and honoured, and the wicked are not insulted or punished is sure to be ruined. viwT;k ;=k iwT;Urs iwT;kuka p foekuukA =khf.k r=k izorZUrs nqfHkZ{ka ej.ka Hk;e~AA (Panchatantra 3.192) Hence, good people, truthful people and patriots should be given communal honour while the wicked people and traitors should be rebuked in public or communal places. It is only then that good people will increase in society and corrupt people will decrease. 8. How can law-breakers be law-makers? When tainted people cannot even become ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 12
    • small clerks and officers, how can they become 16. The nation’s honour MLAs, MPs, ministers or the prime minister? is my honour and 9. Never give a final judgment on anyone. Never com- pride, and if the pare two people or great men. Never expect or wait country’s image or for something. Wish never gets fulfilled. Unfulfilled the nation’s pride is desires lead to sorrow and give birth to the feelings blemished in any way, of anger and revenge. then it is my insult. I 10. If you do not oppose injustice or crime then please will awaken the understand that you are a supporter of injustice and nation’s self-pride and crime. You are as big a criminal as the person who will dedicate my life to commits injustice, irreligion and crime. the good of the nation. 11. I am not a person who will admit defeat or commit ¶vkss3e~ jk"Vªk; LokgkA suicide because of the corrupt systems and laws of bna jk"Vªk; bnUu eeA¸ society. I am a warrior who will struggle to establish This life is for the na- truth, justice and dignity with my last breath and gain tion. This is my holy vow and I will remove all traces victory. People who accept defeat are weak, cow- of those who betray my nation. If people ask me ardly and timid. why I talk about the nation, then I tell them that this FOUR SUPERPOWERS country is my own country and I express the sorrow 12. Wealth power, people power, ruling power and soul of my heart with my entire strength so that the self- power are four superpowers. We want to increase respect of the entire nation awakens. There are people the soul power with the help of yoga and unite people who do not speak for the nation, that is, even if there power and stop the exploitation of the nation’s wealth. is injustice and betrayal going on in the nation, they We want to make the country economically strong. remain silent. Such people do not respect the nation At the same time, we want to keep a check on the and do not work for the nation. To such people, I ruling power and want to encourage good conduct, would like to say very clearly that if you do not love dignity and traditions. This is because unrestrained this country, you have no right to live in this country. ruling power leads to wickedness in people power 17. Our culture, our values, ideals, social systems and and with misuse of wealth power, hatred, cruelty, traditions are not so weak that we have to take help restlessness and anarchy spreads in society. from the philosophy of foreign thinkers such as Lenin, TWO FORMS OF POWER Marx or Mao. Our Vedic socialism and spiritualism is 13. When people-power and wealth-power increases on a balanced, all-encompassing and scientifically com- the side of corrupt, dishonest and criminal people, plete philosophy. Indian philosophy emphasizes more then there is hatred, crime, fear, terrorism, injustice, on others’ good rather than one’s own happiness. exploitation and finally destruction of the nation or Hence, we do not need any imported social, religious, world. When people-power and wealth power in- spiritual or political thinking. This is not arrogance creases in the side of good people, then service, good but self-pride. I am not against knowledge but, at the will, brotherhood and love will increase, nationalism, same time, I am also not a supporter of ignorance. spiritualism and humanitarianism will get strength and This is a truth accepted by all that India’s Vedic phi- the nation will prosper and progress. Whenever asuras losophy is the supreme philosophy of the world. got administrative control, property and power, there 18. The rules, laws and democratic systems of the country was destruction, and demigods always used admin- are being used less to punish the bad and criminal istrative control, property and power for th good of elements and more to torture the good folks and pa- mankind. triots. If this is not an insult to democracy and free- 14. The glorious past of the nation is my pride. The na- dom then what is it? tion that does not take pride in its past and that is not FROM YOGA DUTY TO NATIONAL DUTY aware of it’s present problems, cannot create a golden 19. I want to asspcoate everyone with the religion of yoga future. in order to kindle in them the religion of the nation. I 15. I have as much love for my motherland as I do for want to fill each one with the feeling of patriotism. my mother, sister, daughter or teacher. My nation is After self-development with the help of yoga each everything for me. If my nation did not exist, I would morning, I want to fill myself with energy so as to not exist. My head is the Himalayas, my right arm is help the nation’s development. After self-awakening Purbanchal or the lands of the east, my left arm with the help of yoga, I want to take ahead the holy Paschimanchal or the lands of the west, and towards mission of national awakening. The question arises my feet is the Indian Ocean. India is in me. I am in a number of people’s minds about the relationship from India. I am India. I will make India the world’s between yoga and the nation’s progress. So, I want superpower an India that leads the world in spiritual, to make it clear that without self-progress, the nation’s social, economic and political ways I will make. This progress is impossible. Hence, by self-development is my vow. with the help of yoga each morning, we will be dedi- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 13
    • cated to the progress and prosperity of the nation the if the person who does not love the nation is a rela- entire day. Yoga and nationalism are not two different tion or family member, do not keep any relationship philosophies but are two sides of the same coin! with him. In cleanliness and health too, first comes 20. THE CONDUCT OF CITIZENS AND LEADERS the cleanliness and health of the nation; in prosperity, THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF NATIONALISM first comes the prosperity of the nation; and even in The seven principles of nationalism, valour, trans- progress, he who first makes an effort for the parency, farsightedness, humanitarianism, spiritual- progress of the nation is a nationalist. In education, ism, and humility are the seven pillars or ideals of our he who considers national education to be the best is personal and national lives. These seven principles a nationalist. In languages, he who keeps the language are the main ideals to be followed for our self-duties, of the nation foremost in his life, conduct and national duties and work processes. The seven prin- behaviour, is a nationalist. He, who loves his own ciples form the benchmark for our citizens and lead- nation’s education, habits, culture, yoga, religion, ers. The person who follows these seven principles philosophy and spirituality, is a nationalist. He, who is a true citizen of the nation. Only a person who is dedicated to building a clean, healthy, prosperous lives according to these seven principles can provide and cultural India, to building a self-dependent coun- leadership to the nation. It is with these seven prin- try, a country that is free from hunger, poverty and ciples that we want to bring in a new revolution and unemployment and has a 100 per cent compulsory a new freedom to our personal life and national life, vote bank, with the help of a controlled population, is and make India a world leader again by establishing a nationalist. He, who is resolute on the complete an ideal system in the country. We want to make In- progress and research on Indian treatment methods dia a superpower by following these seven principles. – Yoga, Ayurveda, Yunani and Siddh, etc., is a nation- India will lead the world socially, spiritually and mor- alist. He, who loves the Vedic Indian knowledge, In- ally and usher in a new age of happiness, prosperity dian food habits, Indian dress habits, India farming and peace in the entire world. Each nationalist-minded and Indian traditions inherited from the sages derived citizen and public-service providing leader should fol- from Indian knowledge, that is, Veda, Philosophy and low these seven principles – Upanishad, etc., is a nationalist. He who loves Indian I. Nationalism: He, who always keeps the nation in sports, Indian arts and culture and India’s ancient the utmost position, is a nationalist. He, who consid- language, Sanskrit, all Indian languages and the na- ers the first religion among all religions to be that of tional language, and considers the national language the nation, and only after that comes personal reli- to be above everything, is a nationalist. Even in enter- gion – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, etc., is a na- tainment, he who believes in Indian entertainment tionalist. He, who considers his nation to be the fore- based on values, morals and traditions, is a national- most among all gods, is a nationalist. He, who con- ist. By nationalism, national duties and national laws, siders the of the nation to be above his personal, we denote all the systems, rules and laws, ideals and family and economic interest, is a nationalist. values and traditions, following which the nation at- Amongst the different kinds of love, tains happiness, prosperity and well-being, and the foremost is love of the nation; even in nation moves continuously in the direction of life and the world, love only those progress. Our ideals of nationalism and national duty who love their nation. Do not are – Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Chandragupta, love the person who does not Vikramaditya, Emperor Ashok, Tilak, Gokhale, love his nation. In worship and Gandhiji, Netaji Subhash, Chattrapati Shivaji, Iron man devotion, first comes the wor- Sardar Patel, and Lal Bahadur Shastri, etc. ship and devotion of the nation, He, who does not use foreign products made with after that comes devotion to zero-technology, is a nationalist. God, devotion to mother and de- II. Valour: He, who does not take even a moment to votion to teacher, etc. In prayer, take a decision for the welfare of the nation, and does first comes prayer to the nation; not fear anyone in taking or carrying out decisions in meditation, first comes medi- for the welfare of the nation, who does not get trapped tation of the nation; in thoughts by superstition and lives his life with work, labour, and thinking, first comes the bravery, courage, enthusiasm, and self-respect, has thought of the nation; in work, valour. When a person does not take the work related first comes the work of the na- to the good of the nation lightly and does it aggres- tion; in pride, he who keeps the sively, who takes rests only after every pure mission pride of the nation foremost is that he takes upon himself has reached success with- a nationalist. In relations, the out being diverted by struggle, obstacles and insults first relationship or connec- or being influenced by propaganda, such a person tion is with the nation. Even has valour. He believes in doing today whatever has ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 14
    • to be done tomorrow, he feels that if a task has to be that external religions, etc. do not become a threat to done tomorrow why can’t it be done today, and if humanity is humanitarianism. Keeping faith in these something hasn’t been done today, how can we think human values is humanitarianism. that it will be done tomorrow? He believes in the VI. Spiritualism: He, who considers universal and sci- philosophy of ‘If not now, never’, who never tires, entific values, ideals and traditions to be his religion, never stops, and believes in rest only after work, who might or might not be religious but is never a and¶vdekZ nL;q%¸ (Ved) and fanatic, who sees God in all humanity and every other ¶dqoZUusosg dekZf.k ftthfo"ksPNr§ lek%A living being including plants, and who dedicates his ,oa Rof; ukU;Fksrks¿fLr u deZ fyI;rs ujsAA¸ entire life to the service of all creatures and the world ( Yajurveda 40.2) and diminishes the sorrow of the world, is spiritual. Live up to 100 years while working, that is the one He rises above narrow thinking and loves mankind clear path of life. Work is worship. Work is the truth and looks upon the whole world as his family. He, of life and this world. This entire creation is only an who always keeps the feeling of ‘Vasudevah outcome of work. ¶LodeZ.kk reH;P;Z flf¼a foUnfr Kutumbakam’ in his heart, is spiritual. Spiritualism ekuo%¸ (xhrk 18-46), Shri Krishna says, worship God and nationalism are not two opposing opinions spo- ken in two different languages. On the other hand, with your work. He, who considers these two are necessary in equal respect for the com- ‘Karmanyevdhikaraste Ma Phuleshu Kadachana’ to plete independence and self-security of every coun- be his motto, has valour. try and its citizens, According to worldly and national III. Transparency: He, whose life is spotless, unstained organization, we are the citizens of an independent and pure, whose personal, family, business and so- country and the protection of its freedom, unity and cial life is based on the benchmark of the seven prin- integrity is our moral duty. This is our national duty, ciples, who does not lead a double life and stays alert and along with this, if we look at things from the about living a sinless life, such a person is skillful. angle of global brotherhood, global peace and social He, who does not have any difference between his coexistence then we are all one and are the sons of internal and outer lives, and has complete purity is one God. Hence, we are all brothers and sisters from transparent. the point of view of being god’s children. This is our IV. Farsightedness: He, who is farsighted, raises above spiritual philosophy and spiritualism. the caste, region, zone, religion, opinion, party, com- VII. Humility: He, who is humble, serves others in an munity, language, etc., and respects all communities, extremely humble manner even after reaching the pin- talks of the progress of his area or region, respects nacle of power, property, luxury and knowledge, and all religions and Indian languages, and while doing all who always keeps the faith that this life and the en- this, does not forget the national well-being, respects tire world is the gift of the Lord. He is of the view all Indian languages and foreign languages too for that the master of this life and the world is one invis- contact and communication but while doing all this ible power, God, who is performing all my actions keeps the national language above everything else. Himself keeping me as a medium. This body-mind- He who keeps the interest of the nation above every- wealth-life belongs to God – one who lives with this thing else is farsighted. A person who gives rise to feeling is never arrogant of his work position or prop- madness of regionalism, religion, regional languages erty and such a person is humble. We have to live our and spreads hatred amongst the countrymen, and life like this and this is the truth of our life and world. burns the nation for the interest of the region, is not a farsighted person. Unfortunately, majority of our poli- 21. SPIRITUALISM (Universal and scientific truths of spirituality, ticians today go from street to street asking for votes religion and culture) in Indian languages and rule from the parliament in A person who is completely dedicated towards the English. Let us become farsighted and, leaving aside life values and ideals demonstrated by the sages such our petty political selfishness, keep the national inter- as the eight yoga principles of yam, niyam, asanas, est above everything else for which the coming gen- pranayam, restraint of the sense organs (Pratyahar), erations will remember us with pride as their ideal resolution, meditation and Samadhi, and the entire and as national figures. Indian religious, philosophical, spiritual and cultural V. Humanitarianism: We are humans before being Hin- traditions, is spiritual, is religious. The five yams of dus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc. and our father non-violence, truth, asteya (not stealing the property is the same, no matter by what name we call him. of others), celibacy and asceticism demonstrated by God has sent us to this world as a human being. sage Patanjali and the five practices of purification, Hence, our first and main religion is humanitarian re- contentment, penance, self-learning and deep devo- ligion. We all have, naturally, within our hearts the tion into God have been accepted by me in the form God-given qualities of love, kindness, affection, truth, of the universal, scientific and global religion, spiritu- non-violence, etc. Hence, humanitarianism, truth and ality and culture and I am completely dedicated to the non-violence are our main religious tenets. Ensuring ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 15
    • observance of ‘mansa, vacha and karmana’.Opposite that is free from corruption, crime and exploitation. of yam and niyam such as hatred, untruth and steal- Our head yoga teachers, deputy yoga teachers, co- ing, etc. can be considered a sin and a crime. India is yoga teachers, workers and yoga practitioners will a country of extensive cultural traditions. Hence, stay within the framework of these seven modes of whatever is universal and scientific in all the various conduct and will first bring purity, modesty, and ex- religious, spiritual, cultural and communal traditions, pertise into their personal lives and will then take we consider as religion. However, I am not a fol- ahead the mission of national character building. First lower of whatever is superstition, pretence, wicked, self-development and then we will offer everything inhuman and unscientific. I do not believe in such for development of the nation. First self-interest and traditions and hence I am religious, not irreligious. then the interest of the nation and the world – this is Instead of being the worshipper, publicist and ac- our motto. cepter of the symbolic aspect of religion, I consider Non-political lifestyle means that a person connected religion to be the superiority of conduct. I consider strongly with our mission of building a new India the life values of non-violence, truth, love, kindness, will not represent any political party and will not give service, patience, forgiveness, purity, contentment, any special support to any group either directly or etc., to be religion. I consider the tenets of non-vio- indirectly. Our political philosophy is – all party or no lence and truth in all the holy texts such as the Vedic party. That is, support the people that have charac- scriptures, Quran, Bible and Gururgranth Sahib, etc., ter, transparency, expertise and nationalism, belong- to be religion. No matter whatever religion, opinion, ing to all parties. Remember, do not give direct sup- group, community, etc., our personal hopes might port even to honest politicians. Just as we give moral be based on, as a united nation, instead of being di- support in a collective way through Yogpeeth to na- vided by worshipping various gods, we should be- tionalist and honest people, in the same way moral lieve in the worship of the one Supreme power or the support should be given to ideal persons, nationalist Lord. The Lord has various names in various lan- politicians with character. ‘All party’ or ‘no party’ guages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Arabic and means that we do not represent any particular party English, etc. Amongst all these names, I address God but we morally or emotionally support all the people by the name of ‘Om’ because this is the foremost who are good in all parties. Hence, we are ‘all party’,it and most ancient sound of creation. This sound is means we have no connection with the corrupt people universal and scientific. There are many other forms in all the parties and that is why we are also ‘no party’. of ‘Om’ found in Indian philosophy and culture of Our opposition is not any party or person, but it is other countries, such as Amen, Omen, etc. Intensive theoretical and this is how it should remain. Any per- study and research on the scientific influences of ‘Om’ son who is directly connected to any political party reveals that Om is a pure, scientific and medical word. cannot do complete justice to this mission. I am not a This is not a representative of any image, idol or reli- representative or publicist of any political party. I am gious tradition. In short, I believe in a lifestyle based a representative and publicist of national duty. We on nationalism, spiritualism, and idealism. I am not a should always remember that our complete person- supporter of division on the basis of religion and re- ality, our words, food habits and conduct is entirely gion. I am a supporter of nationalism, humanitarian- according to the tradition of the sages and for the ism and spiritualism. honour of this mission. NATION-GOD 22. SEVEN RULES OF IDEALISM FOR 23. ekrk Hkwfe% iq=kks¿ga i`fFkO;k% (Atharva Ved 12.1.12) YOGA TEACHERS Earth is our mother and we are her children. Nation- Following are seven principles for the conduct of the god is the greatest god. Religion of the nation means yogi brothers and sisters dedicated to nationalism: our duty towards the nation, our responsibilities. Ful- 1. Vegetarian filling them is our biggest religion. Just as irreligion 2. No personal agenda and injustice are sinful, it is equally sinful to bear up 3. Healthy with atrocity. Every individual should have gratitude, 4. Capable respect and pride towards the nation. 5. Dedicated 24. It is unfortunate that even after 60 years of indepen- 6. Non-political lifestyle dence we have not been able to identify our nation 7. Commitment to spend at least 1-2 hours each with one name, one language and one culture. Now, day for yoga and national interest. The above-mentioned are mainly connected to our let this country of sages, Aryavartta, remain Bharat. personal life and conduct. If we do not give priority Now let us not feel proud by calling it by the name of to purity, and national thought in our personal life, India, the identity of slavery. and if we ourselves are not healthy, capable, dedi- 25. Those who do not love the soil, culture, civilization, cated and devoid of the obstinacy of politics, then and the people of the nation have no right to stay in how can we fulfill the resolution of building a nation this country. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 16
    • OUR FIVE MAIN GOALS of self-confusion, and awaken India’s sleeping self- 1. Creating an India that is healthy, prosperous and tra- respect by building national character. ditional with 100% voting, 100% nationalist thought, OUR ORGANIZATION BUILDING 100% boycott of foreign companies, adoption of AND WORK PROCESS ‘swadeshi’, uniting the people of the nation 100%, 3. By observing the aforementioned five vows, we will and building an India that is100% yoga-oriented – This build an India that is healthy, clean, prosperous, self- is the ‘Bharat Swabhiman’ mission. With this the na- dependent, corruption-free, unemployment and pov- tion will get a new freedom and new system, and In- erty-free – this is our firm resolution. To fulfil this dia will become great and the country’s greatest prob- resolution, 1. Divya Yog Mandir (Trust), 2. Patanjali lem – corruption – will get solved. Yogpeeth (Trust) India and International, 3. Bharat OUR FIVE VOWS Swabhiman International (NRI organization), 4. 2. In the special training camps for yoga teachers, Patanjali Treatment Centre, 5. Patanjali Yoga Samiti our participating brothers and sisters are asked to and 6. Mahila Patanjali Yog Samiti – these six main take five vows in order to bring about the knowledge organizations and the people of the nation are being of self-qualities through yoga, to make their mind and involved through the medium of 15 different groups body healthy, and to build national character by devel- in this yoga revolution and national awareness mis- oping own character. You too can take these vows sion. These 15 groups are: and at the same time also request each teacher, devo- 1. Youth group tee, distinguished member, colleague, general mem- 2. Doctor group bers and every citizen in your district to take these 3. Teacher group vows and embark on the mission of building a healthy, 4. Financial service group prosperous and traditional India – 5. Legal group comprising advocates and ex-judges 1. We will only vote for patriotic, honest, valiant, far- 6. Ex-servicemen group sighted, and skillful people. We ourselves will vote 7. Farmer group 100% and also make others vote. 8. Industrialist and businessmen group 2. We will unite all patriotic, sincere, aware, sensitive, 9. Worker group intelligent and honest people together 100% and unit- 10. Officer group ing the powers of the nation will bring about a new 11. Labour group freedom, new system and new change. We will make 12. Science and technology group India the biggest superpower in the world. 13. Art and culture group 3. We will 100% boycott foreign goods made with 14. Media group zero technology and adopt indigenous goods. 15. Senior citizen group 4. We will adopt nationalist thought 100%, and while That is, a total of 15 groups will work. To estab- in our personal lives we observe Hindu, Islam, Chris- lish these 15 groups in each district, the responsibility tian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, etc. religious traditions, in of the selection of the members as well as the coordi- our public lives we will live like a true Indian – a true nator will rest with the aforementioned six main orga- Hindustani. nizations of Bharat Swabhiman and 15 supporting 5. We will make the entire country 100% yoga-ori- groups, a total of 21 constituents of our complete or- ented and make the citizens inward-focused by mak- ganization. These 21 groups, in the 21st century, will ing them healthy and arouse the feeling of self-pride awaken ‘swadeshi’ in the entire nation by running a in each one by removing the cheating, corruption, revolution of complete social, spiritual, moral rise and hopelessness, disbelief and self-languor arising because bring about a new freedom and a new system in the ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 17
    • country. from office, because all the government elements are there Including 1100 to 2100 yoga teachers from each dis- for our security and to give us justice, and in return for trict, we will prepare 2100 to 5000 special members their work, we give them heavy salaries. Do not be afraid of Bharat Swabhiman and the special members shall of them. Definitely show them respectful behaviour but select 5,000 to 11,000 working members and these keep in mind that they are not your masters and they are will prepare 5-11 lakh ordinary members of Bharat there to serve you. In a democracy, every Indian is the Swabhiman (Trust). master and he has moral and constitutional rights. Every To join in this national revolution through the medium citizen has the right to live with complete freedom, com- of Bharat Swabhiman, contact the local Patanjali Yog plete governance, and self-respect. Hence, wake up! And Samiti/ Patanjali Treatment centre to join any one of do not quietly accept exploitation, injustice and corrup- the above-mentioned 15 groups and come forward to tion in the name of governance. Whosoever is a corrupt become our teacher/member! ruler, throw him out of power with the help of your vot- A BIG QUESTION MARK ON DEMOCRACY AND ing right; and vote 100% to bring into power those patri- THE CONSTITUTION otic, brave, skillful and farsighted people who are honest, 4. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media are who feel for the nation in their heart and sincerely want the four pillars of this democracy. In a democracy, the the progress of the nation! And save the nation! We will voters are not helpless, destitute or slaves and the rulers take a resolution that neither will we rob the nation and are not masters; on the other hand, the rulers are public nor will we allow corrupt, cunning and criminal minded servants to whom people have given power and author- people rob the nation. This country is mine. I will not ity. Those MLAs and MPs have been elected by us to allow it to be ruined. When majority of the leaders who protect our well-being. We have not made them our rep- sit in the Parliament and legislative assemblies themselves resentative to dictate instead of rule or to do injustice to make a joke of democracy and when those who take us under the cover of the law. We do not give rights to oaths on the Constitution themselves kill the Constitu- the people’s representative so that they take away our tion, then we cannot keep silent. I will build the India that right to live. The rulers are our employees and in return the martyrs dreamt of, bring a new independence to the for their services, we give the MLA/MP, ministers, chief nation, and will remove the exploitation and corruption minister and prime minister their salaries, houses, entire that is going on in the name of governance in the nation expenses, travel and petrol expenses, car, etc. through today. our taxes. The rulers do not give free service, instead, in WHAT DEMOCRACY IS THIS? return for this service, we give heavy salaries and entire 5. In this democracy, votes are seeked in Hindi and expenses to each representative and we give him author- other Indian languages while governance is done in En- ity for the welfare of the society, town, region, and na- glish. Can’t the nation be ruled with the national language? tion; and if he misuses this authority we have all the right Can’t the judgment of the High Courts and Supreme Court to take him out of power. In the present time, the country of India be given in Hindi or other regional languages? is so terrorized by the misdeeds of the corrupt rulers and Even after 60 years of Independence, the people of our corrupt authorities that the common man feels himself to country don’t get justice in their own language—what be helpless, destitute, lonely and tired, and even while kind of injustice is this? living in independent India, is desperate because of con- BREAK YOUR SILENCE! stant fear of the governance and is again and again made 6. A country is harmed more by the despondency a victim of exploitation. Now awaken! Do not bear ex- of the good people of the country than by the misdeeds ploitation instead of governance any longer! Live with of the bad people. Hence, now break your silence! Awaken complete self-respect, self-rule, and freedom! This coun- yourself! And awaken the nation!! And come forward to try is yours; you are not a slave but a citizen of free India. defeat the demonic forces of the nation! Just like the legislature of the country, the entire adminis- THE INDIA OF MY DREAMS trative executives and judiciary too, that is all the demo- 7. In order to build a healthy, prosperous and re- cratic processes, administrative officers, police organi- fined India, I have five main goals – Healthy India, Clean zation, and the judicial system, have all been instituted so India, Independent India, India free from hunger, unem- that the people of the nation can live with security, justice ployment and poverty with population control, and India and self-respect. However, if some government officer, free from political corruption with 100% voting. employee or police officer is doing injustice to you or 1. HEALTHY INDIA behaving in an unconstitutional manner, then you have I want to build such an India in which each citizen, the right to raise a voice against that corrupt system and poor or rich, is healthy physically, in thoughts, and in getting that corrupt officer punished, getting him removed feelings. Unfortunately, despite spending or wasting al- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 18
    • most Rs 6,00,000 crore in health services, only 35 per ing company became the ruler before our eyes. Be- cent of people are being able to control their illness with ginning with the first agent of the East India Company in the help of modern treatment methods and allopathy, while 1615, Thomas Roe to the first Governor General Warren the rest of 65 per cent are not even capable of availing Hastings to the last Governor General Mountbatten, a allopathic treatment. foreign company robbed property and wealth worth Rs We want to give mankind total health by the use of 278 lakh crore for 350 years. The first foreign company, yoga, Ayurveda, acupressure, natural and balanced meth- East India Company, not only robbed the wealth and glory ods and traditional Indian remedies, because it is certain of India but also made it a slave country for 200 years, that only healthy citizens can build a prosperous, mag- and now the 5000+ foreign companies producing flour, nificent, and refined India. salt, water, cold drinks, juice, chips, soap, oil, cream, 2. CLEAN INDIA powder, shoes, sandals and garments, etc., with zero The country’s land, food, water, rivers, air and sky technology (these are the goods in which no special tech- have all become polluted, and the main cause of 50% of nique or science is used) are taking away lakhs and crores the diseases in India is non-cleanliness. Because of pollu- of rupees from the country. This is a big obstacle to the tion in food, thought, mind and behaviour, disease, fear, country’s economic progress. Even if one rupee from corruption, crime and anarchy is spreading in the entire the country is deposited in foreign banks then it is harm- country. Even sage Patanjali had pronounced cleanliness ful and dangerous for the economic condition of the na- to be the first rule for a yogi. The universe is purified by tion. The economic condition of the country is the nation’s sacrificial fires, air is purified through planting of trees, biggest strength or backbone. We will make our country the body is purified by water, mind if purified by truth, strong, and will not make it weak by buying products of wealth is purified by donation, wisdom is purified by foreign companies. Foreigners have robbed us tremen- knowledge, and the soul is purified by study and pen- dously, hence, for the empowerment of the economic ance. We want to build a clean and strong India by puri- condition of the nation, it is essential to bring in foreign fying politics by 100% voting and purifying the nation by currency through trade and jobs, to increase exports by the identity cards of each citizen. To make the air, food trading with foreign nations, to create demand for our and water pollution-free, it is important to have nation- goods in foreign markets. However, if money is being wide movements. credited to the account books of foreign companies be- 3. INDEPENDENT INDIA THROUGH INDIAN cause of you, then you are betraying the country. We LIFESTYLE should not cheat the nation and rather we should become No country in the world can become great without responsible and trustworthy citizens and businessmen of indigenous industries, indigenous education, indigenous the nation. treatment, indigenous technology, indigenous knowledge, We take the vow that we will no longer use in our life indigenous languages, indigenous costumes, and self-re- th daily-use products made by foreign companies using spect of the motherland. zero technology such as Lux, Lifebuoy, Liril, Rexona, I want to make India and each Indian stand on its Pears, Colgate, Pepsodent, Ponds, Lakme, Dettol, Dalda, own feet and be independent and want to place India at etc., We will also never use products by Amway and the highest position in the world. poisonous cold drinks of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, as well as I want to awaken self-respect in every individual of drinking water sold under the brand names of Aquafina the nation, and inculcate Indian languages, culture, re- and Kinley. Even if some foreign companies are only dis- finement, Vedic knowledge in the entire system of educa- tributing fruit juice, water, soap and other good quality tion and medical treatment, and carve a unique identity products, we will not buy those products because these for India in the world. In 1611 in Machli Pattnam (Andhra products while not harming our health are very harmful Pradesh) and in 1613 in Surat (Gujarat), the Mughal em- to India’s economic state, prosperity and the indigenous peror had given permission to a foreign company to trade. Indian industries. Nowadays even Indian industries are Gradually, by exploiting the nation, this company made producing quality essential-use products with purity its roots strong, and in 1757, by gaining victory in the checks. Hence, by adopting an Indian lifestyle, we will Battle of Plassey in Bengal, started invoking taxes. In the save the country from economic bondage and make the unprecedented famine of Bengal in 1769-70, far from country free from poverty, unemployment and hunger helping the victims, the company exploited them all the by increasing indigenous industries. more. Despite the presence of famine in the country, this When the history of India’s progress is written, then foreign company made a lot of profit. Taking the help of our name, at the very least, should not appear in the list its ‘Regulatory Act’, it started its rule in India from 1773 of individuals who weakened the nation and should ap- with the Bengal province. In other words, a foreign trad- pear in the list of people who gave strength to the nation. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 19
    • Then our name won’t be are only two solutions for this: either the people of the written among the trai- nation use their own intellect and produce fewer children tors of the nation and or in case this is not done, then India too should take will be among the patri- strong steps like China against those who produce more ots who used Indian children. Only then can we build a prosperous and pow- products. erful nation and remove hunger, unemployment and pov- 4. INDIA FREE erty. FROM HUNGER, 5. INDIA FREE FROM POLITICAL CORRUPTION UNEMPLOYMENT AND WITH 100% VOTING POVERTY WITH We have gained freedom from foreign slavery but even POPULATION CON- in free India, we see high levels of exploitation, injustice, TROL torture and corruption going on in the name of gover- Poverty, hunger and nance, and there is an environment of insecurity and disbe- unemployment are na- lief in the entire country. In such a situation the country tion-wide problems, and all these three problems are an needs a pure, nationalist thought with which we can re- insult ot any country and a sign of failure of social and move most of the corrupt, dishonest and criminal people political systems. Today, the daily income of 25 crore sitting at the helm of power and bring in a new freedom, people in India is Rs 5 and, on the other hand, only 25 handing over the power to patriotic, brave, farsighted, people in the same country are daily earning the sum of skillful, humanitarian, spiritual, humble and honest people Rs 5 crore. There are two meanings of this is – First, our and building a powerful and democratic India. economic policies are based on feudalism and second, The people representatives, e.g. MLAs and MPs, are our population is increasing in an extremely fast rate each selected by us to occupy the highest position in the coun- day. If we do not take any effective step while there is try or the parliament, that parliament which is the highest still time then the state of the nation will become ex- centre of power and wealth in the nation. The country’s tremely dangerous and uncontrolled. While there will defi- parliament is the main centre of all the systems in the nitely be an unbalance of health, wealth and education in nation. It is from here that the political administrators a society devastated with hunger, unemployment and pov- determine what the education system should be like and erty, there will also be the beginning of an age of hatred, what children should learn. The medical system, eco- crime and communal violence that will burn the entire nomic system, law and security are all liabilities of the nation. This will prove very unfortunate and dangerous political administrators. It is the liability of the political for the country. administrators to improve the agricultural sector which Instead of feudalism, Marxism, Leninism, and unso- in turn will ensure that the problems of hunger and food cial systems, we should adopt Indian socialism which is do not arise. The political administrators are also liable based on valour and a balanced and progressive philoso- for utilizing the labour capital of the nation properly which phy. It is necessary to establish the socialism that was will remove unemployment, poverty, hunger and non- prevalent in our villages before Independence in which education and take the nation to progress. If the politics each village, individual, society and nation is self-depen- of the nation are functioning well then all the systems will dent, capable, independent and happy. Even if we distrib- run well. By politics, nationalism and national duties, my ute equally the wealth and property of the nation amongst indication is towards those systems, laws, ideals, values all its citizens according to communist ideology, within a and traditions which will bring happiness, prosperity and few days there will again be hunger, unemployment, ill- glory to the nation and it will continuously move towards health and poverty because the root cause of these prob- progress. Unfortunately, as the character of majority of lems is uncontrolled population rise, the solution to which the leaders who lead the systems of the nation is not is population control. correct, there is corruption in the nation and because of It is only with population control that we can build an corruption ther is unemployment and it is unemployment India that is free from hunger, fear, unemployment, ill that gives birth to hunger, poverty and crime. health and hatred, and is civilized, healthy, happy and If corruption is removed from politics then every glorious. Just as there is no production with demand, year, more than Rs 10 lakh crore will be spent in the similar is the case in context of human beings. development of the nation, crores of youth will get We do not even have resources or employment for new avenues of employment, there will be industrial people who are already born, and despite this we are progress and there will be all-round development in continuously producing unnecessary babies. In such a the nation. The country will become strong, prosper- state, no one can stop the misfortune of the nation. There ous and free from crime. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 20
    • Our political, administrative and democratic ideals are fice. Martyrs and bravehearts had not sacrifice their lives – Lord Ram, Shri Krishna, Chandragupta, Vikramaditya, so that cowardly, weak, corrupt, dishonest and criminal Emperor Ashoka, Chattrapati Shivaji, Netaji Subhash people rule over free India. We Indians are all equally to Chandra Bose, Tilak, Gokhale, Gandhi, Iron man Sardar blame for the sorry plight of India. Patel and Lal Bahadur Shastri, etc. However, the main Hence, let us take a vow that we won’t sit silently positions in today’s cheap politics, democracy and ad- during the elections; we will ourselves vote 100% and ministration are occupied mostly by corrupt, dishonest, make others also do so and together we will make India a immoral and criminal people and if any patriotic, honest powerful democracy and bring in true freedom to the person with character speaks of cleanliness in politics country and make India free from political slavery. It is and lights the lamp of nationalism in place of immoral only because we do not vote that the administration of politics, and wants to build a new nation by bringing a the nation goes into the hands of corrupt people and the new revolution and new systems, wants to bring in hap- country gets ruined. piness, prosperity and equality by removing corruption, 8. SEVEN NATIONAL DANGERS hatred, crime and intolerance, then these aforementioned 1. Self-confusion, because of self-confusion 2. cor- corrupt, dishonest and criminal people do not like it and ruption, 3. downfall of personal and national character, say that honest, educated, patriotic and truthful people 4. insensitivity, 5. disbelief, 6. hopelessness, 7. self-lan- should stay away from politics, whereupon these dis- guor honest corrupt people can run the country according to The question arises in the heart of each patriotic In- their whims and rob and destroy it. We should remove dian as to why does corruption, the reason for unem- from power the corrupt and dishonest people who have ployment, poverty and hunger, the nation’s biggest prob- ruined the nation and punish them for their sins. If we lem, exist? After research, study and experience of the think that we can sit silent and peacefully and some in- physical science, psychology and the entire emotional set- carnation of God will come and change our country then up of a person, we have come to this conclusion that this is our illusion. To achieve something, we have to when a person moves away from his centre, then within fight or take a stand ourselves. There is no victory with- him arises dishonesty, bribery, hatred, dislike, self-lan- out struggle. Do not live with insults any more. Recog- guor, insensitivity, work confusion and all kind of irre- nize your strengths and unite to defeat these demonic sponsible thought, character and behaviour. Self-confu- powers and pull out corrupt people from the helm of sion is the main reason for personal and national power and replace them with superior people and there is downfall…as a result, anarchy is spread throughout the only on way to do this – 100% voting. nation. Corruption, hatred and crime run wild. From self- Hence, with 100% voting, we have to replace the confusion arise insensitivity and from insensitivity, dis- corrupt political system of the nation with an excel- belief and hopelessness penetrate deeply among the com- lent one, and just as more than 30 countries includ- mon people and as an outcome of all this, self-languor ing Australia, Italy, France and Germany have done, seeps in the minds and thoughts of crores of people in we too should have a rule for 100% compulsory vot- the nation. However, there is a solution to all these na- ing in India. Only then the exploitation, injustice, tional dangers – yoga. When a person becomes self-fo- torture and corruption that is going on in the nation cussed with yoga, that is when he is joined with his cen- in the name of governance will end and the wide- tre, consciousness and soul, then he is not able to do spread feeling of disbelief and insecurity too will end anything that goes against his soul. The soul is, by na- and India will become a powerful democratic nation ture, pure. The soul is full of love, kindness, light, en- in true sense. Otherwise, 25-30% people vote and form ergy, peace, joy and is always content. the government and 70-80% people become victims of A person who is spiritual sees the nation in his body. exploitation, injustice and torture in silence, and these He gets the scent of the soil of his motherland from each corrupt people do not even look after the well-being of particle of his body, in its cells and his blood. This is the 25-30% people who vote for them and instead of because he feels that his body is made from the food, air working for the interest of the nation, give false assur- and water of the soil of this nation. Each cell of my body ances and show false dreams of progress, and mislead has been directly built by the soil of this land. This land and rob the nation. has given me life. This land is my mother who gave birth I consider not voting to be an insult to democracy and to me. My country resides in my body. This is not merely the freedom of the nation. If we do not vote, the nation’s imagination, wishful feeling or emotional thought, and freedom falls into danger. The freedom that we got as a when a person lives with such kind of feeling, then he result of sacrifice of martyrs will change into slavery. If will never be able to cheat his nation. He will consider we do not vote, we are insulting martyrs and their sacri- betraying his country equivalent to betraying himself. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 21
    • When he sees India in the form of his mother, then in would disappear by itself. each citizen he will see his mother’s love. How then will Hence, come! Let us all united take a vow that in the he become a traitor to the nation? He will love hi nation elections this time, we will participate 100% and will not and its people. This is the solution to the national prob- allow the country to be robbed at the hands of the cor- lems. rupt people. We will remove the corrupt, wicked and Hence, it is certainly my firm belief that yoga and spiri- criminal people from power and hand it over to patriotic tuality can save the falling personal and national charac- and honest people. When we vote for patriotic and hon- ter. With yoga, self-focus will replace self-confusion, est people, then corrupt and criminal people will get re- honesty will replace corruption and dishonesty, rise of moved from power and only when power comes in the personal and national character will replace the downfall hands of honest and patriotic people, corruption can be in personal and national character, sensitivity will replace erased. The country’s problem of unemployment, hun- insensitivity, faith will replace disbelief, hope will replace ger and poverty would be removed. India will stand hopelessness, and the feeling of self-glory of the nation amongst the developed nations of the world. India will will replace self-languor. And India will regain its lost glory stand out as the biggest economic, social, spiritual and and become a superpower in the world. political power in the world. India will gain the respect of 9. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM OF THE NATION – the entire world and with our nation’s honour, the honour CORRUPTION – AND ITS SOLUTION and respect of each Indian too would increase in the world. It is only because all the honest and patriotic people We will be able to re-establish the lost glory of India. don’t vote and most of the corrupt, wicked and criminal When corrupt, dishonest and criminal people can get to- kind of people reach the top most political positions and gether and rob the country with corruption, why can’t steal, the hard-earned money that we give in the form of god, gentle, patriotic and honest people save the country taxes for the development of the country. The total bud- from being robbed? get of the local authorities, state government and central The money that is being robbed from the nation by government for the development of the nation is approxi- corruption is our hard-earned money that we give to the mately Rupees 20 lakh crore. In the year 2008-09, the nation in the form of 64 kinds of taxes including land tax total budget of all the state governments were Rs by farmers and house tax, water tax, road tax, sewerage, 909444.75 crore and the central government budget was service tax, VAT, income tax, sales tax, etc. by the com- Rs 801600.00 crore. If the budget of the local authori- mon man. This money has been given by us for the de- ties, municipal corporations and the development authori- velopment of the nation, and corrupt and criminal people ties are also added to this, then the total amount comes to steal this very money with the aid of dishonest paper- approximately Rs 20 lakh crore. work or corruption. Of this, at least Rs 10 lakh crore gets sacrificed at the Come! Let us all take a resolution that we will not altar of corruption every year, and in one term of the allow corrupt people to steal our hard-earned money. We central government, that is 5 years, corrupt and criminal will spend this money in the development of the nation type of people loot approximately Rs 50 lakh crore from and make the nation strong. the country. If Rs 10 lakh crore were distributed without 10. DESTRUCTION OF THE NATION any bias amongst the 600 districts of the country, then WITH CORRUPTION each district would directly or indirectly get Rs 4.5 crore I. The main reason of unemployment: It is only be- everyday, and approximately Rs 1666 crore would be cause of corruption that unemployment is prevalent spent on development directly or indirectly in each dis- in the country. Corruption is the main reason for trict in a year. If Rs 1666 crore was spent in a district in unemployment, poverty, hunger, fear, want, robbery, a year then no one would remain unemployed in that dis- hatred, kidnappings and crime. If there would be no trict, and if there is no unemployment then there would corruption in my country, there would be no unem- be no problem of poverty or hunger in the country, and if ployment. there is no poverty and hunger then everyone would be II. Reason for obstruction in progress: When the nation’s happy, and if everyone is happy then hatred, robbery and wealth gets accumulated with some corrupt, dishon- other crimes in the country would be almost zero. In est and criminal kind of politicians and officers be- short, corruption is the reason for unemployment cause of corruption. The money/property that is and the misery of the country. If the money that is robbed from the nation is spent for their dogs, cats, robbed by corrupt people is used for the development of cows, etc or else accumulated cash gets rotten in the nation then new avenues for employment would have their rooms, while the common man does not get come about. When there would be no unemployment in two square meals a day. This is not all—to hide their the country, then the problem of hunger and poverty crime, the money is stored in foreign banks as in ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 22
    • Swiss bank accounts, which stop the progress of dustries and factories have become victims of such the nation. conspiracies. III. Reason for the humiliation of patriotic and honest V. The reason for four roads and communication sys- people: It is because of the increase of corruption tems: When there would be no corruption involved that patriotic, honest and hardworking people have in communication systems and the wealth of the to live with insults. Many-a-times, the price of hon- nation would be utilized in making good roads, over- esty has to be paid with your life. bridges, etc., then our communication system would IV. Reason for death of Indian industries: When the become very beautiful and there will be three main wealth of the nation gets accumulated in the hands benefits of this – first, the 1 lakh deaths approxi- of a few corrupt people, then investment of foreign mately caused each year due to road accidents will companies have to be invited for industrial develop- almost become negligible. Second, good roads will ment in the nation. First, our nation’s wealth gets mean the valuable time of the people won’t be accumulated in the wrong hands because of corrup- wasted. Third, vehicles will no longer waste almost tion and then these corrupt people declare to the world 50% of their fuel as they do now while waiting at that India is a poor nation. With such declaration, traffic jams. Because of good roads, the country will they get India into debt and all the more embarrass- save around Rs 2.5 lakh crore in petrol and other oil ing position because of loans by the World Bank and expenses, and the lesser amount of fuel burnt means other prosperous nations. The truth, on the other lesser pollution in the nation. The people of the na- hand, is that there is no other country in the world tion will also be able to avoid illnesses that are caused as prosperous and beautiful as India. If India’s natu- by increase in pollution such as cancer, T.B., allergy, ral resources and tax money is used properly then in asthma, etc. just a few years we can become the biggest power VI. Reason for fatal diseases: When the pollution is re- in the world. A few corrupt politicians and a few moved from the Pollution department then the people corrupt officers have got together and are making of the nation will get god air, good water and clean the country poor. On top of that, foreign companies land. Unfortunately, today the air, water and soil has too start taking their share of our wealth. If there is become so polluted that unless we take care of it in no corruption in the nation then there would be double time then we will be leaving behind a poison-filled the rate of progress. In the absence of corruption, country for the coming generations and our children firstly the wealth of the nation would be used for the will become victims of fatal diseases such as can- good of the nation and along with this the country cer, T.B and AIDS and will die untimely deaths. Un- would not be in the need for foreign investment. The less the immoral and naked dances being served country will see industrial, academic and other through cable television and the Internet is not stopped planned growths with the nation’s own wealth, the in time, then our youth will remain in the grasp of country will prosper, and the foreign companies intoxicants and sexual desires. The lives of our chil- which take away a huge chunk of our country’s dren which are yet to come will be in trouble and money each year won’t be able to lay any claims to they will rebuke us and say what a nation our fore- our wealth. The country will become much stron- fathers have left behind for us. ger from the economic point of view. Our exports VII. Reason for social injustice: No other civilized na- will increase and imports will decrease, that is, mil- tion of the world educates their citizens in a foreign lions of people will get employment from indigenous language. Unfortunately, the 5% English educated industries. However, because of selfish motives and people of our nation considers the rest 95% people corruption, politicians place their own known cor- to be illiterate fools and only their children can study rupt, dishonest, unconstitutional and good-for-noth- and become doctors, engineers, scientists, IAS or ing officers in charge of government industries and IPS officers. This is the reason why the medium of slow them down in the business race. First, these instruction in the higher education institutes of sci- corrupt people rob the nation – they tear up Mother ence, technology and management is English. This India and eat her up, and after that these dishonest is also a big corruption and an injustice to crores of politicians in collaboration with foreign companies people in the country because if science, technology hand over the nation to foreign companies. This is and management education was given in Indian lan- like saying whatever we could rob, we have and now guages such as Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, it’s your turn. Loot whatever you can and then to- Kannada, Oriya, Bengali and Assamese or in the na- gether let us sell it off to a multinational company tional language Hindi, then the child of a poor through a conspiracy. Many-a-times, indigenous in- labourer or a farmer could also become a doctor, ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 23
    • engineer or scientist; he too could become an IAS or can get a ration card, voter ID card or identity card IPS officer. However, the useless and corrupt rulers made in our country by only paying Rs 500-Rs 1000. of the nation do not want this to happen. This con- Any terrorist, drug dealer or traitor can enter India spiracy was started from the first day of Indepen- through Bangladesh or Pakistan and a handful of dence and has continued till today since then. people in our county, for the greed of a little money, VIII. Cause of deaths of the poor: When there is cor- put the lives of all citizens at risk. Even today, for a ruption in education the poor or common man of the mere Rs 50-100, transport papers are stamped to let country can never move ahead. On top of this, be- loaded trucks pass without any checks, which is a cause of corruption in the medical sector, we have high risk to our nation. adulterated medicine, unnecessary medicine, unnec- XII. Reason for extortion and robbery: Apart from cor- essary operations, and terrorizing in the name of treat- ruption, the people involved with industrial develop- ment. The poor thus struggle and die untimely deaths. ment and planned growth are also tortured in an un- IX. Reason for exploitation in place of governance: It constitutional manner and business persons are ex- is only because of corruption that injustice is done torted by corrupt officials and politicians. Sometimes with people with bribery, hawala business, exploita- this extortion is in the name of party donation and tion instead of governance by police and administra- sometimes in the name of election funds. First, there tion and misuse of law. The law is used to torture is a robbery in the name of elections and once the poor, truthful and honest people. elections are won, it is as if they have got a permit to X. Reason for lack of sanitation: It is only because of rob. There is a fixed price for everything – before political corruption that there is filthiness in the na- elections in the name of donations and afterwards in tion. There is poor sanitation in the county only be- the form of corruption and extortion! Is this democ- cause of our unconstitutional ways and because of a racy? Is this freedom? The laws that are formulated lack of strong will power. If we practice waste man- in the highest temple of justice in the nation are mostly agement with determination and honesty, and behave not used to correct the various systems of the na- sternly with people who spread filth, then the coun- tion and instead are misused for looting, extortion try can definitely be made clean. The workers who and corruption. In a democracy, the centre of power have to clean the towns are made to clean the houses and property is with the administration. With the of corrupt officials. Because of poor sanitation, to- control of administration moving more and more into day the world sees India as a dirty country. This hands of corrupt people, the country has started sentence is common amongst NRIs and foreigners: moving towards disaster instead of progress. Culturally, India is the best but as far as cleanliness XIII. License Raj: Everything is in the hands of govern- is concerned, India is a very dirty country. We have ment officials – from a person’s birth certificate to to erase this image and we have to increase the glory his death certificate, from the registration of a mo- of the nation all over the world. Education, aware- tor cycle to a car, from the building of a small house, ness and a corruption-free strong punishment sys- shop, factory or school, etc. to the running of it, tem needs to be set up to make the nation clean. from land registration to making of ration card and XI. Reason for insecurity in the nation: It is only be- identity cards. When most of the leaders who lead cause of political corruption that our politicians in- the system themselves become corrupt, then this dulge in dirty and cheap politics of votes and nation- corruption spreads from the PM to the Peon and the breaking hatred. It is only because of this that there people of the nation are robbed without mercy. This is controlled population growth in the country and is what we see in India today. In some states, where the government is taking no strong steps against it. corruption is less, the government and government Poor education and unconstitutional governance are officials do not interfere in people’s lives without the main reasons for this limitless, uncontrolled popu- any reason. lation growth. If the government thinks about the XIV. Reason for the plight of agriculture and farmers: welfare of the nation then it could control the popu- Because of irresponsible politics, there is lack of lation size like China. Instead of controlling the popu- proper water control which leads to floods, fam- lation of our nation, we are also sheltering over 4 ines, hunger and suicides by farmers every year. The crore illegal migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh. total agricultural land in India is 17.5 crore hectare, This can put our nation’s security at risk and have of which 10 crore hectare can be used for agricul- also taken away avenues of income and work from tural purposes. If water management is done prop- us, increasing the problems of unemployment and erly, then this 10 crore hectares can be completely hunger. It is only because of corruption that anyone utilized and the problems of food and hunger can be ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 24
    • removed and India can be made self-sufficient in ruined because of in- food grains and edible oils. The rural economy of toxication. The lives of the nation can be improved, bringing happiness into women and children at the lives of crores of farmers and agricultural work- home get destroyed. ers. We are not able to mete XV. Reason for inflation: Because values are not prop- justice to the country erly fixed, the prices of commodities required by the and its people in the common man such as iron and cement reach the administration of the sky, and the farmer does not get full price for his education policy, medi- crop. As a result, the gap between the rich and poor cal policy, agricultural becomes very huge. And this oceanic gap becomes policy, security policy the reason for social inequality and injustice. and foreign policy and XVI. Merciless exploitation of natural resources: It is the country keeps the result of our corrupt political system that today moving towards ruin. Just to provide benefits to even though India has plenty of natural resources certain people and because of cheap mentality, we available in the form of iron, gold, diamonds and give subsidy to slaughter houses that kill such ben- pearls, mineral products, gas and petrol, the country eficial animals such as cows and buffalos, and be- is being made weaker day by day due to misuse of cause of this, a negative energy is created in the coun- these resources by government officials, in a kind try by the cries of lakhs of innocent animals every- of conspiracy. The iron, coal, gold and mineral mines day. Society and homes are affected with restless- are knowingly handed over to mafia gangs by some ness, insecurity and adversity. India is an agricul- corrupt, dishonest and criminal people for their self- tural country and even today, in many states, carts ish gains. If the natural resources are mined judi- are pulled by bullocks, buffalos and camels, the land ciously, managed well and skillfully handled then even is tilled with the help of bullocks or camels, which today India can be a wealthy country. saves millions of rupees in petrol and diesel costs. XVII. Reason for the insult of intellectual talent: Indi- When all these beneficial animals are killed by the ans have a lot of intellectual ability and talent. Indi- slaughter houses and agriculture gets mechanized, ans are running many important organizations in then on one hand many lakhs of rupees would be many countries. However, here, intellectual talent is spent on petrol and diesel and on the other pollution intentionally insulted and such people are not allowed too would increase manifold. Remember that what- to progress so that some uneducated, idiotic, illiter- ever amount of money is spent in petrol and diesel is ate and immoral people can destroy the country mer- going to the gulf countries, and if money goes out of cilessly. the country in any form then it is not good for the XVIII. Reason for good-for-nothing, unconstitutional economic state of the nation and the country be- and irresponsible conduct: When the politicians that comes weak. lead the system themselves show irresponsible XX. Reason for the loss of millions of rupees of the behaviour and do not have any liability towards their common man in the stock market: Because of col- duties, then the organizations of the entire country laboration between some corrupt, dishonest, uncon- and the people running those organizations become stitutional and good-for-nothing officials and some unconstitutional, good-for-nothing and irresponsible. greedy, corrupt businessmen and wrong policies of This is the reason that in most of the government some irresponsible politicians as well as short-sighted, schools and colleges, we have teachers but no edu- loose rules and laws, millions of hard-earned money cation. In government hospitals, we have doctors of the nation have gone down the drainpipe of the but the philosophy of treatment is not there. Despite stock market recently. This painful episode is not the existence of police administration, criminals and just connected to the highly dishonest Harshad Mehta corrupt people do not get punished. Victims have to or to Raju, the owner of Satyam Company. If the go from pillar to post to get justice while criminals thousands of companies in the stock market are move about freely. judged without any bias, then who knows how many XIX. The reason for wrong intention and wrong poli- companies will be found to be walking in ‘Asatyam’ cies: Because of our wrong intentions, wrong poli- (untruthful) paths and cheating the nation. Even cies are made and because of these wrong policies, though certain companies are not making profit, they every village has a brewery. As a result, the poor, are shown to be profit-making companies on paper hard-working farmers and underage children get and their shares which are actually worth peanuts ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 25
    • are being sold for crores of rupees. All this is hap- pranayam 365 days in a year, then by telling people about pening under the eyes of the government because of the benefits of removal of corruption, can’t I motivate its wrong policies. The common man has to bear the honest and patriotic people, for just 1 day in 5 years, the loss of millions of rupees in the stock market. to vote?...My answer is we will be 100% successful in The victims of such cheating, corruption and rob- bringing people out from their homes and very soon, the bery are invariably the innocent people. Some of them highest positions of authority in the nation will be occu- get affected by depression; the families of some oth- pied by patriotic, valiant, farsighted, humanitarian, spiri- ers become homeless; in yet other families, marriages tual, learned, sensitive, hard working and humble people get cancelled while a few even commit suicide. and a new freedom, new system and new change will 11. FEAR GOOD PEOPLE AND come and India will once again shine in the world with DESTROY THE BAD! the glory of her golden days. Even if people with good souls are in a weak, poor 13. BENEFITS OF THE NON-EXISTENCE OF and pitiable condition, fear them and never do them any CORRUPTION harm because giving that pure soul trouble will turn all 1. If there is no corruption – directly, 10 lakh ru- your joys into sorrow. However, no matter how much pees and indirectly 10 lakh rupees will be spent on the power, strength, position or property a corrupt, dishon- nation’s development. When this 20 lakh is spent annu- est or criminal kind of person might have, never fear ally on the nation’s development, each district will be able them because the soul of corrupt and dishonest people is to get development work of more than 10-12 crore ru- dead and it is only to destroy them that the Lord has pees done each day. When so much wealth will be spent given birth to us in this world and country. This is the in development work in each district, then there will be very advice that Shri Krishna gives in Gita: no unemployment. When there is no corruption, there ifj=kk.kk; lkèkwuka fouk'kk; p nq"Ñrke~ A will be no unemployment, and there will be no poverty, èkeZlLFkkiukFkkZ; lEHkokfe ;qxs ;qxs AA a hunger, hatred or inequality arising because of unemploy- (Gita) ment. When there is no corruption, everyone will get equal Come! Let us all get together to destroy the demonic opportunity of justice and development. forces; let us take away the strength and property of 2. If there is no corruption – the adulteration that is corrupt, dishonest and criminal people and give power to going on in food and thought will disappear. Along with patriotic, honest and truthful people. Come! Let us all Vanaspati oil, ghee, drinking water, fruits and vegetables take a vow together, a pledge together, a resolution that being pure, even the character of every person and that we will remove this stain of corruption from the fore- of the nation will be pure. head of Mother India. Come! We will together arouse the Excellent services and treatment will be available to lost dignity of India and build a new powerful India. We you. The country will remain clean and each citizen will will not hand over a corrupt India to our coming genera- get clean drinking water. When the standards of cleanli- tions and instead will present an ideal and powerful India ness and purity are intensified, then there will be control to them – A India that they can be proud of. over adulteration in food and drink products and over the 12. CAN CORRUPTION END IN OUR NATION? almost 50% diseases that occur because of non-cleanli- Till the time the people who lead the system do ness and adulteration of food and water. There will be no not mend their character, corruption will not be removed torture in the name of remedy. Corrupt people will no from the nation. It is the biggest challenge to mobilise longer will able to adulterate medicine and food products, patriotic people with character to develop leaders with and we will get pure milk, ghee, edible oils, and spices character. such as turmeric. It is a truth that there is no drought of patriotic, hon- 3. If there is no corruption – your children will get est, sensitive, valiant, farsighted and learned people. The good education and habits in schools, colleges and uni- problem is not shortage of people with character. What is versities. Correcting the tempering that has been done necessary is voting for these people and placing them in with Indian culture and history, the glorious work done authority. The goal of Bharat Swabhiman is to develop a by martyrs and bravehearts of the nation will again be very large vote bank in the nation of patriotic people and included in the curriculum. Also, your children will be people with character, and to use our vote for patriotic able to get science, technology and management educa- people. People say that often the honest, educated and tion in the national language, Hindi and other regional lan- patriotic people do not vote during elections after seeing guages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Gujarati, the crowd of mostly corrupt politicians. In my opinion, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, etc. and even the children of when I can tell people about the benefits of Kapal-bhati poor labourer or farmer can become doctor, engineer, and Anulom-Bilom and make crores of people practice scientist, IAS, IPS, etc, and people will be saved from ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 26
    • the extortion that is going on in the name of tuition. Citi- character can continuously betray my nation, and I will zens of the nation will be saved from the social injustice remain silent. that is going on in the name of education. I consider national duty and responsibility to be as 4. If there is no corruption – you will not be a vic- pure as any religious person considers religious tradition, tim to exploitation in the name of administration. You will worship of gods and goddesses, rites and rituals and say- not need to give bribe/price in return for work done in ing prayers in church, temple, etc. to be pure. government offices. Corrupt government workers, of- I will not sit silent now! I have now committed my- ficers, bureaucrats, and corrupt dishonest and criminal self to open revolution against the corrupt politicians of politicians will sop asking for donations and bribes. the nation! And all of us will take rest only after we re- 5. If there is no corruption – we can make India the move corruption from the nation! I will not stop, nor will largest producer of food grains. The lives of 80 crore I bow down! Now I will not stop before I make India people in our nation is directly or indirectly dependent on free from unemployment, poverty, fear and hunger. My agriculture. These farmers and agricultural labourers will belief is that there are crores of people like me who wor- get equal participation in development. By developing the ship India like a mother, who also cry for the victory of 10 crore hectares of agriculture-capable land in the na- Mother India, and all those who love India and the people tion again, we will be become self-sufficient in food grains, of India will stand by me in this biggest non-violent revo- edible oils, fruits and vegetables, and in the field of tex- lution of the 21st century and we will all wint he battle. tiles and garments by cultivation of cotton, etc. By bring- 15. THE HONOUR OF FIVE MOTHERS ing in progress and self-dependency in the agricultural ARE AT RISK – sector, we will be able to bring about a dynamic rise in 1. MOTHER, 2. MOTHER INDIA, 3. VEDA the national economic GDP and make villages self-de- MOTHER, 4. MOTHER COW, 5. MOTHER GANGA pendent. The mother who has given birth to us is joked about 6. If there is no corruption – citizens of the nation publicly today. Girls, daughters, sisters, and daughter-in- won’t need to go without food, clothes or shelter, essen- laws are all forms of mother. In the hunger of pleasure, tial commodities and won’t have any electricity, water women, that is mother, is being considered only as an and road problems. Each citizen will be able to live with object of pleasure, as a saleable commodity in advertise- complete self-respect, complete freedom and self-gover- ments or in the market with the argument that nudity nance. sells. That is why we show it, distribute it and sell it. 7. If there is no corruption – indigenous, home in- Society harasses woman, commits adultery or misbe- dustries will get more opportunities and the indigenous haves with her in order to satisfy physical hunger and economy of the nation will get a profit of lakhs and crores uses condoms simply to prevent the spread of AIDS – of rupees. such an attitude is an insult to motherhood, mother and 8. If there is no corruption – natural resources will woman. The ideals or glory of mother is made a joke in be used correctly for the good of the nation and the dia- pubs, restaurants or dance bars – this is a dirty and ugly mond, iron, coal, gold and aluminum mines that are worth trick played with Indian culture. I want to ask humbly billions will not be sold for pittance. On the other hand, whether even a prostitute would want her daughter to fall this national wealth will be used to improve the life of the into the ditch that she herself has fallen into? Would any impoverished people of the nation. true parents want their young daughter to drink alcohol 14. WHY DO I FEEL MY NATION’S PAIN? and smoke in pubs with strange men or indulge in inap- You must have often heard people saying that why propriate beahviour in an intoxicated state with charac- does only Baba feel the pain of the nation’s corruption? terless, wild and reckless men? Will any father with busi- When Baba does not have any attraction for authority, ness interests in cigarette or alcohol, etc. intoxicating wealth and power, why does he travel day and night for substances want his innocent child to be trapped in the the nation’s troubles? So I want to reveal to you the true evil circle of intoxication and spoil her life or youth? Even feeling in my heart with complete honesty and truthful- a person trapped in intoxication does not want his child ness – I call and feel India is my mother and that is why to be a thief, dishonest or characterless. We have to pro- I look at the conspiracy of corrupt politicians against tect the respect of mother and human values from the mother India and the failing democracy, sensitive values characterless. The way values of personal character and and ideals from the view of political misconduct and infi- national character are falling in this race of progress, we delity. I am not a cowardly, weak, timid, helpless, des- have to protect both of these with firm determination. perate and slave child of Mother India that in front of my Along with staining the character of mother, the char- eyes her glory can be continuously robbed with corrup- acter of Mother India has also been stained by corrup- tion, that irresponsible people and traitors with criminal tion, poverty, unemployment, hatred, crime, terrorism, ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 27
    • hunger, social injustice, along with Ganga. wickedness or exploitation 16. FIVE NATIONAL MYTHS AND THE REALITY in the name of governance. 1. India is a poor country, 2. Only about 5% people I will free Mother India pay tax in the nation, 3. All people are dishonest, 4. from corrupt, dishonest, Corruption cannot be removed, only corruption will criminal and characterless govern the nation, 5. The nation’s progress and em- politicians. In the beginning ployment is not possible without foreign investment. of creation, our forefa- The Fact thers used to pray to the It is a conspiracy run by some corrupt, dishonest and giver of knowledge and cunning people to spread these lies and false rumours. It science, Veda mother, by is a conspiracy to develop self-languor amongst people saying “Stuta Maya Varda that these lies and false figures have been circulated. On Vedamata Prachodayanta the basis of reality, true figures and theories, we present Pavmani Divjanam”. The the facts in front of the citizens so that patriotic people protect of the Veda that is the oldest text in creation, of may get together and unmask the corrupt people, and the Veda mother, is our cultural, spiritual and national duty. come forward to change the country and the country’s By doing research and study on Vedas, I am resolved to fate. protect Veda and Vedic tradition. 1. India is a poor nation!....White Lie! The Mother Cow that is the home of 36 crore gods Fact: India is the most powerful and richest na- and goddesses, the Mother Cow which our ancestors tion in the world. used to worship because the kindness, love and affection This is a very big truth that people of most of the in her is for the good of the nation, that Mother Cow is developed countries are weak but their leadership or law being killed in slaughter houses daily in lakhs. This is the is very strong. Here, the people of the nation are strong main reason for the unbalanced increase in disastrous but the leadership is cowardly, timid and corrupt and the natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, law is weak. The total budget of local authorities, state hatred, and wickedness. A negative energy is born in the governments and central government of India is Rs 20 entire country from the scream and shrieks of the merci- lakh crore. And this Rs 20 lakh crore budget is there less, heartless killing of cows, buffaloes and other inno- when corruption is in its peak everywhere in the nation. cent lives who are killed mercilessly and heartlessly in If corruption did not exist, the total budget of India could slaughter houses. Cow slaughter is the reason for disas- be Rs 35-40 lakh crore. You think, you decide, can the ter and sorrow. I consider the killing of cows, buffaloes budget of a poor nation be so huge? The corrupt and and any other innocent life to be immoral. In this cre- dishonest people of the nation are intentionally portraying ation, every living creature has equal and complete right the nation poor. If the corruption, then not even one per- to live with freedom and enjoy life. India is the land of son in the country will remain unemployed or poor. People great saints and great souls such as Lord Mahabir, Ma- are kept unemployed, poor and illiterate as a conspiracy. hatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand and Maharshi Dayanand This enables the corrupt administrators rule over the poor, Saraswati. India is a nation that believes in truth, non- unemployed, illiterate and insecure people according to violence, and values of good conduct. We, the citizens of their whims and run an autocracy in the name of democ- such a pure nation, should remove the stain of cow slaugh- racy. ter from the head of Mother India. 2. Only about 5% of India’s people pay tax! …White Mother Ganga is the symbol of our devotion, faith Lie! and belief. Corrupt politicians and governments are the Fact: Almost 100% people pay tax in India! biggest obstacle to Mother Ganga’s purity and continu- Every Indian who puts on two garments to cover his ity. Corruption is deeply immerged in its purity and con- body and uses 1-2 bars of soap in the year or wears tinuity. As a result, after Naroda-Bulandseher, after the shoes or sandals or goes to shops or the market and buys monsoons, only 2% of the Ganga water remains. 98% is daily essential goods such as flour, salt, toothpaste, oil, dirty water comprised of sewage from toilets and waste spices, paper, pen, iron, cement, etc., pays duty in the water from factories. The Ganga that makes each of us form of VAT or excise on all these items. Even a common pure, is herself getting dirty. I see purity of water more man definitely pays tax in one way or the other such as connected with human good than religion. It is my belief stamp duty, water tax, house tax, sewage tax, road tax, that only if the water, land and air of the country is pure service tax, sale tax, etc. Thus, isn’t this a white lie that and clean, the nation will be safe. I am resolved in my only 5% people pay tax! This myths and false rumours vow to clean ad purify all the rivers in the entire country are spread in a conspiracy so that if some corrupt an ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 28
    • dishonest people rob the nation, then no voice is raised, seat of authority. By organizing patriotic people, I will so that when someone asks for an account of the tax unveil the truth behind the myth that only corrupt people money paid by these corrupt people, they are able to say, can rule over the nation. My resolution is that henceforth ‘You do not even pay tax. Who are you to ask?’ This only patriotic people will govern the nation. myth has been so deeply embedded in the hearts of the 5. The nation’s progress and employment is not pos- common people that they feel they do not have any con- sible without foreign investment!...Utter falsehood. tribution at all in the nation’s progress. While the truth is fact: If resources are 100% utilized then our na- that each Indian has the right to ask the various systems tion will progress and there will not be any unem- of the nation, the authority of the nation, about the col- ployment. lected by the government through various taxes, money This is also a projected lie in order to rob the nation of the money that they have contributed for the progress and a conspiracy that without foreign investment our of the nation. They have the right to ask, ‘What has hap- country will not progress. The truth is if the wealth of pened to that money?’ the nation is not destroyed by corruption is big enough to 3. All people are dishonest!...The biggest conspiracy. ensure that not even one person of the nation need not be Fact: In India, 99% of the common people are hungry, poor or unemployed. If the wealth is not depos- honest, or they want to live with honesty. ited in the hands of the dishonest people, and is invested This kind of lie that everyone is dishonest is spread in solid business and progress then there will be so much because the illusion that everyone is dishonest becomes wealth coming into the nation that we will reach the sta- deeply engraved in the mind of a patriotic, honest person tus of being able to loan out money to other nations with with character. Whereas the reality is that 99% of com- interest. India will then be able to stand with pride as the mon Indians are honest or want to live with honesty while biggest economic power in the world. 99% of the representatives of the nation, that is almost Today the reality is that about Rs 70 lakh crores, 99% of the politicians, MPs, MLAs were dishonest. In money that has been stolen by some corrupt people, are order to hide their own dishonesty, these 99% corrupt deposited in foreign banks. And the corruption by the and dishonest people have carried out this very big con- corrupt people continues. Reality is not that this country spiracy by calling the 99% honest citizens of the nation won’t be able to progress without foreign direct invest- dishonest and liars. The day these 99% sensitive, aware, ment (FDI); truth is the day we bring back our stolen patriotic and honest people unite together, these 1% dis- money from foreign banks, that day the world will not honest people will be destroyed. And India will be called a run. The world is running by our money stolen by cor- nation of honest people, not dishonest people. rupt, dishonest people. At the very least, the economic 4. Corruption can never be removed, only corrup- source of powerful nations like Switzerland comes from tion will rule the nation!...Deep conspiracy! the corruption in our country. Resolution: Only honest, patriotic people will gov- 17. OUR FIVE FORTHCOMING NATIONAL-SOCIAL ern the nation REVOLUTIONS – Only corrupt people will govern the nation. Even this 1. Corruption removal, 2. Making all services lie is being told like a conspiracy with which honest, pa- available to the last person in the country, 3. triotic people are never able to come into authority and Cleanliness revolution, 4. Establishment of na- one corrupt person after the other sit in authority and tional and Indian languages in the nation, 5. Free mercilessly loot the nation. There are also honest, patri- education for the poor and compulsory inclusion of otic, educated and responsible people with character who yoga education in the curriculum. are capable of excellently governing the nation without 1. Removal of corruption: By uniting the people of corruption. A simple question arises in everyone’s minds the nation through the medium of yoga, I will run a na- – is it possible for good people with character to get to- tionwide revolution and remove the stain of corruption gether? Can patriots be given votes keeping patriotism from Mother India. above everything else? Can’t honest people become MPS, 2. Availability of all services to everyone: In each MLAs? The direct, complete and simple answer to this is of the 6,38,365 villages of the country, a yoga teacher there are patriotic people with character who are capable would be established and free yoga education would be of leading the nation but the patriotic, honest people who imparted through the medium of the yoga teachers. We would vote for them and bring them into power are not will give the last person in India the dignity of leading a organized. healthy life through the medium of yoga, Ayurveda and The aim of Bharat Swabhiman is – to organize these nature, and teach them the art of living a healthy and patriotic people and by organizing them to bring patriotic, independent life. honest, sensitive, sincere people with character to the 3. Nationwide Cleanliness Mission: By running a ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 29
    • mission by making a work policy, we will remove filth dren are not prepared to stand? This is a matter of utter from the nation and portray a clean image of India in shame and insult that we give them the charge of secu- front of the world. rity of the nation who themselves are not secure. 4. Unity of languages in the nation: Along with the Shall we make them sit on the highest throne of the national language Hindi, we will give necessary respect nation, a throne on which some day in the past was oc- to other Indian languages such as Gujarati, Tamil,Telugu, cupied by such people of character as Lord Ram, Shri Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, etc. How- Krishna, Emperor Ashoka, Vikramaditya, iron man Sardar ever, using the language of another country as national Patel, Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Lal Bahadur Shastri and language is a big insult and matter of embarrassment. No Guljari Lal Nanda? civilized nation in the country gives education to its citi- Shall we hand over the nation to such people who are zens in the language of another nation. themselves handcuffed in prison? They who themselves Because technical, medical and management, etc. edu- do not have a good conduct, how will they conduct the cation does not take place in national language Hindi and affairs of the nation properly? other Indian languages, the dreams of many children to He who himself falters, how will he make the nation become scientists, doctors and managers, etc. remain stand? An aged father hands over his business to his young unfulfilled. Many children of labourers, farmers and the children, remains secure and advices his children as nec- poor, despite being good in other subjects, are not able to essary. Will our politicians, like a father, for the good of pass to the matric examination because of not being pro- the nation, be ready for the majority participation of youth ficient in English language or failing in it, and hence are in authority? kept from becoming doctors, IAS, and scientists. We Shall we hand over the authority of this nation to those will provide our children with equal opportunities in our people who have made no special contribution at the per- language. We will provide vocational education to them sonal level for the progress, building, prosperity and ser- in mother tongues – Malyalam, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, vice of the nation? You decide – Nehruji, Sardar Patel and Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, etc. Babu Rajendra Prasad, etc. fought for the nation’s inde- along with national language, Hindi. pendence, and gave their entire youth and life for the 5. Free education for the poor and compulsory freedom of the nation. Today if you look at the lives of yoga education included in the curriculum: the people who are in authority or wish to be in authority, We will provide free education to the children of the you will find that leave alone providing service or progress poor, labourers, farmers, villagers, forest dwellers and of the naion, they have directly or indirectly robbed the tribals in government and non-government schools in the nation in a big way. Apart form looting the nation in the morning and afternoons, in non-school hours, and give form of tax money and corruption, they have also sold them the right to live with self-respect and independence, the priceless land of the nation for peanuts. Shall we hand and increase the participation of the poor in progress. I over the nations to these robbers? will communicate with the governments to make yoga 19. MY FIVE EXPECTATIONS FROM THE CITIZENS education compulsory for classes 1-12. If governments – 1. Give voice to my voice, 2. Complete coop- do not agree then with the help of student organizations eration and assent to national issues without fear and teacher organizations of various schools and colleges and greed, 3. Have courage to oppose wrong deeds, and common people, a revolution will be started demand- 4. Give votes or notes for the nation, 5. Resolve to ing for yoga education, not sex education! live like a true Indian 18.IN WHOSE HANDS SHOULD WE HANDOVER I do not want authority, nor do I want wealth, nor do THE REINS OF THE NATION? I have any greed for the throne. I do not want any of Shall we give the reins of the nation into the hands of these five things – authority, wealth, throne, vote or note. cowardly, corrupt, dishonest, timid, weak people? I want you to give your full cooperation and assent on Shall we make administrators from amongst those national issues without fear and without attachment. Give people who cannot administer themselves! For whom voice to my voice, give votes and notes for the nation, national duty is not above everything, money is every- have courage to oppose wrong deeds and take the reso- thing and for money they sell their nation, can betray lution of living life like a true and good Hindustani. For their nation and for wealth can become a traitor to the my personal life, I have never had any need of authority, nation? wealth, throne, vote or note in the past, nor do I have any Shall we handover the reins of the nation in the hands need today and nor will I have in the future. At the same of such people who are hypocrites and whose children time, my resolution is to see that the authority and wealth too are ashamed to grow up in their names? Shall we of the nation is in the hands of the patriotic, good, honest stand behind such people behind whom even their chil- people with character. Corrupt, honest and criminal people ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 30
    • get power with notes and authority with votes and they country without rulers by the people for the good of the use this authority and power not for progress but have nation, can move forward and stand with self-respect in always used it for destruction and selfish needs. Hence, the world, then why can’t we remove corruption from do not give notes or votes to the wicked! our nation and bring about a new freedom, new system I want you to add your voice to my voice which I am and new change in the nation, or make India the biggest using for building up national and personal character. Make superpower in the world. this yagna or revolution of ‘Bharat Swabhimaan’ suc- The history of the entire world is witness that when- cessful by offering your mind, body, wealth and life. Give ever the population of any country stand in revolution votes to patriotic, learned, valiant, farsighted and skillful together then systems, authorities and history changes people with character, which can make the nation free and the impossible becomes possible. from hunger, corruption, unemployment and poverty. We 20. QUESTIONS ABOUL THE DETAILS OF THE can be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, WEALTH OF POLITICIANS IN ELECTION COMMIS- etc. at home or in our personal life but in social and na- SION tional context, we are an ideal and true Indian and will When a corrupt politician gives the details of valua- work to make India the most powerful nation in the world. tion of his house and land, etc. in the election commis- Along with yourself, think of your neighbour, also think sion, then the value of his house is Rs 5 lakh and the land of your society and nation. If the streets near you are is valued at Rs 50 lakh. But when that politician goes to dirty then take up the task of removing the filth and bringing take a loan from the bank, then that very house is shown about cleanliness. If a cleanliness drive is organized, come to be worth Rs 5 crore and the land to be Rs 50 crore. forward and participate. Come forward to provide lead- For the good of the nation, a law should be estab- ership in such tasks. If children are not being given good lished that the property of politicians should be evaluated education in government schools in your neighborhood at the market rate and if it does not match then the gov- or nearby villages, if patients are not being given proper ernment should give 1 ½ of times whatever amount is treatment in your nearby government hospitals, if the mentioned in the election papers and keep the property forces created for your security, independence and re- with itself, or else the property should be auctioned and spect such as police, administration, representatives of whatever amount has been declared by the politician on the people such as board member, MLA, MP, minister, his papers, money or land of that value should be left etc. are not doing their social, democratic, constitutional with him and the rest should be declared national prop- and national duties properly, then raise your voice against erty. them! Oppose them! Come forward to make them sin- 21. DEALERS OF INTOXICANTS ARE GUILTY OF cere in their work! THE DEATH OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT LIVES We are Indians first of all. Our thought is nationalism. Encouraging alcohol consumption is not conservation We should think of solutions to each problem by keeping of human rights or democracy. This is because after con- nationalism above everything. We should not give rise to sumption of alcohol, a person loses his intellect and only unnecessary arguments and debates on issues of progress, someone who has the power of remembrance or intellect even if there is personal disadvantage in it. Many-a-times can be called a human. Alcohol makes a person sense- the progressive works around us, including building of less, stupid and animal-like. Hence, to encourage and con- roads, over bridges, schools, universities and other so- serve the culture of alcoholism, to indulge in alcoholism cial and national development work may directly cause and to make alcohol available – these three fall under the loss to us, but if it is for the good of the nation and soci- category of social and moral crime on the basis of work ety then we should not raise an unnecessary debate or theory, argument, ground reality and human values. oppose it. Will any parents want their young daughter to behave Never talk of hopelessness, self-languor, disbelief. licentiously, immorally and disgracefully with character- When the nation can be freed from 700 years of slavery less, wild and reckless boys in pubs, deeply intoxicated or when iron man Sardar Patel could unite 565 princely with alcohol and cigarettes? Will any father dealing in the states and kingdoms that were ruled from many genera- business of intoxicants such as cigarettes or alcohol want tions by royal families with his positive thinking, firm his innocent children to get trapped in this destructive will, farsightedness and valour and build one India, and cycle and destroy their life and youth? Even a person even in Free India, if one brave, valiant and revolutionary who is himself intoxicated will want to save his children woman Prime Minister could declare in 1968 that the from it. Even thieves, and people with bad conduct and property of kings and erstwhile rulers to be national prop- bad habits would not want their children to be thieves, erty, and if our neighbouring country China could control characterless or have bad habits. its population increase with firm measures, can run the Intoxicants and alcohol is the root of crime and de- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 31
    • struction. Alcohol, tobacco, etc. are the main cause of MY POLITICAL VIEWPOINT wickedness, bad conduct, unchastity, misconduct with 23. I will not rob the nation, nor will I become weak, women, bad culture, hatred, crime, family ruin, liver dis- nor will I tear it apart. At the same time, I will not allow eases including cirrhosis of liver and liver cancer, kidney the nation to be robbed, nor will I let it become weak, diseases, heart diseases and TB, etc. fatal diseases. Be- now will I let it to be torn apart. cause of the use of alcohol, cigarette and other intoxicat- 24. I will not break democratic or constitutional sys- ing substances, 5 lakh people die every year in India from tems but at the same time, I will not live like a destitute, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure and cancer, etc. diseases. slave or in a pitiable condition. I will also not allow cor- The responsibility of the lakhs of such innocent people rupt, dishonest and criminal people to break any demo- falls on the people with direct or indirect interest in the cratic or constitutional systems. The things that are hap- business of alcohol, cigarettes, etc. When the dealers of pening in the temple of democracy are not written any- intoxicating substances can be fined a sum of 5000 crore where in the Constitution of India. The people who are for the people who are ill because of consumption of taking pledges on the Constitution in the temple of de- alcohol, cigarettes, etc., and when Saddam could be mocracy are themselves killing democracy, and are eat- hanged for the death of 148 people then action should ing India alive with corruption and dishonesty. I will not definitely be taken against the intoxicant dealers, alcohol quietly bear this sorry plight of the Mother India. mafia responsible for the death of thousands of citizens 25. I will not govern but I will not bear exploitation in and directly or indirectly responsible for the destruction the name of governance. of the homes, lives, families and children of crores of 26. I will not indulge in politics but I will not allow people, and they should be taken behind bars or hanged. corrupt, dishonest and criminal people do their cheap 22.VOTING IN AN IN EBRIATED STATE politics by socially exiling them. IS A CRIME 27. We will not sit on thrones but at the same time we It is a crime in India and the world to drive any ve- also have the resolution that each and every citizen gets hicle such as a car, scooter, etc in an intoxicated state awakened with yoga and a healthy, prosperous and tradi- because driving a car in that condition is dangerous to tional India is built. We will developed our personal char- oneself and to others. Similarly, keeping this view in mind, acter and run social revolutions across the country to it is clear that election is the time for handing over the develop national character. We will unite patriotic indi- reins of authority of the nation into the hands of a person viduals so that corrupt, dishonest and criminal people are with full consciousness and intellect. If during this time, not able to sit on thrones. we are intoxicated and we vote in a state of unconscious- POLITICAL THOUGHTS ness, then the authority of the nation can go into the wrong 28. My political thought is – ‘All party’ and ‘No party’. hands. Hence, voting in an intoxicated state can be the People with good and pure character in all parties are my cause of a very big disaster and downfall of democracy own. That is why I am ‘all party’. Corrupt, dishonest and constitutional values. and criminal people from all parties have no connection In India, there is open business of alcohol during elec- with me. That is why I am ‘no party’. tions. To attract voters towards oneself, laws, regula- IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZATION tions, democracy and constitutional values are mocked 29. There is power in organization. When stones get at openly. If while voting in an intoxicated state, a crimi- together, they become a mansion. When organs get to- nal, rogue, thug, corrupt, dishonest and characterless gether, they become a body. When teachers come to- person becomes MLA or MP, then is this right for a clean gether and teach, a school, college or university is formed. democracy and constitutional values? Unfortunately, it is When soldiers get together, they form a powerful army. matter of deep shame that alcohol is openly sold and riv- When pearls come together, they become a necklace. ers of alcohol flow during democratic elections. The elec- When states come together, they become a powerful na- tion commission should urgently declare voting in an in- tion. When threads get together, they become a garment toxicated state to be illegal and protect our constitutional and the threads that were themselves naked when alone, values. Such a law should be passed that if any person are now used in covering up another’s body. When labour comes in after consuming alcohol to vote then a test gets together, the nation’s industries stand to attention. should be carried out in the voting booth itself and the 30. Give yourself as an offering in the continuous yagna election officer from that zone should immediately stop of person and nation development. It is not always nec- that person from casting his vote. This is very necessary essary to start a new organization. The goal is not reached for national good. Voting in an intoxicated state is an in- by floating in different directions. Hence, Come! Let all sult to democracy and constitutional values, it is an insult of us nationalists unite! This is also the advice of the to the nation. Vedas. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 32
    • vks3e~ lekuks eU=k% lfefr% lekuh] lekua eu% lg&fpÙkes"kke~A NATION’S IS DEVEL- lekua eU=efHkeU=;s o% lekusu oks gfo"kk tqgksfeA OPMENT IS NOT POS- vks3e~ lekuh o vkdwfr% lekuk ân;kfu o%A SIBLE WITHOUT SELF lekueLrq oks euks ;Fkk o% lq lgklfrAA DEVELOPMENT (Rig Veda 10.191.3-4) 35. Only a yogi can pro- 31. When corrupt people are together then why don’t tect himself from the good people unite and remove wickedness with bravery? worldly attractions of There is limitless power in organization. It is only be- wealth, position, status, cause the feelings of honesty and integrity, humanitarian- form and beauty. Hence the ism, nationalism and spiritualism are not united that there first and essential requisite is fear, corruption, crime, poverty, unemployment, anar- in this nation-awakening chy, restlessness, and insecurity in this world. The day mission of India’s self-re- good people will become one, there will be peace and spect is that each yoga happiness on this world and wickedness will end. We teacher, worker, and member must be a yogi. This is will join hands and all good people will also join in and because if we do not practice yoga or are not yogis, self- collect strength. This is the advice of the Vedas - ^^laxPNèoa indifference arises. And this dishonesty, corruption, ha- laonèoa la oks eukafl tkurke~** (Rig Veda 10.191.2) tred, crime, insensitivity, idleness, unawareness, materi- 32. There are two main powers in any organization – alism and impurity are nothing but a result of this self- people-power and wealth power. The success or failure indifference. of any organization depends on these two. I invite you to BECOME A YOGI make the revolution of India’s self-respect successful. 36. By starting yoga duties along with national duties Join this organization yourself first and unite other patri- and joining the religion of yoga with the religion of the nation, we have not done any opposing work and rather otic people to join this huge mission and make it success- have accepted yoga in a vast form. There is no doubt, ful, and help by giving monetary help too because only confusion, illusion or hesitation in my mind regarding the money can make any such huge mission successful. It is duties of yoga and the nation. My intention and rules are only because of lack of wealth that most work losses very clear and my intention is to bring unity and mo- happen. At the same time, also keep in mind that wealth rality to divided India. Yoga means – to unite. I want to accumulated in an irreligious or immoral manner or unite the entire world with yoga as a medium. I want to method also leads to misfortune. Hence, it is only by ac- first make each person in the nation a yogi. When each cumulating wealth earned in a pure and religious manner person in India is a yogi then he will be a youth of char- that we have to attain the goal of India’s self-respect. acter; he will be a patriotic teacher or doctor; he will be losZ"kkeso 'kkSpkukeFkZ'kkSpa ija Le`re~ (Manusmriti 5.106) an aware farmer; he will be a thoughtful chartered ac- countant; he will be a hardworking lawyer; he will be a After an organization is established and known, lakhs soldier, security person or policeman with tradition; he of people join in with their mind, body and wealth. You, will be a dutiful supervisor, worker or labourer; he will be however, join this mission of nation building as a founda- an energetic businessman; he will be a patriotic artist or tion stone. Those who rule over what is already estab- journalist; he will be a scientist dedicated to the good of lished are ordinary people. Brave men are those who labour the nation; he will be a healthy, active and sensitive senior to build new traditions and new kingdoms. citizen; he will be an intelligent and sensitive judge and 33. Hence, Come! Let us all unite and build a new advocate because it is my clear opinion that there can be no development of the nation without self development. India. Let us bring in a new freedom and new system and By doing and helping others do yoga, I will turn each unite patriotic and gentle people, unmask corrupt people person into a good person. I will make a mother an ideal and build a powerful and prosperous India with tradi- mother. I will build such a foundation of tradition and culture and prepare ideal mothers and ideal fathers through tional values. yoga, so that children like Lord Ram and Shri Krishna are 34. The meaning of organization is – contact, com- again born here. When, with the help of yoga, a self- munication, mutual respect, support and putting in com- realized person sees the society, nation, entire universe in munal labour and struggling hard till we do not get suc- himself, he will not cheat anyone, he won’t hate anyone because he will feel that cheating or lying to another is cess. With mutual contact and communication between cheating or lying to himself. It is because of self-confu- patriotic, honest, gentle, pure and good people, we have sion that there is corruption, dishonesty, immorality, an- to unite the nationalist, brave-hearted, skillful, farsighted, archy, and insensitivity. With this yoga revolution, we will establish the age-old tradition of the sages across the humanitarian, spiritual and humble people of the nation globe and re-establish a kingdom of happiness, prosper- and awaken the self-respect of India. ity, joy and peace. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 33
    • AN INTRODUCTION TO YOGA 1. Yoga Samadhi (Yogsutra—Vyas Bhasya 1.1) Yoga is Samadhi. Yoga is the spiri- Yoga is Samadhi, tual philosophy of self-realization, or self-knowledge. Yoga is life philosophy. Yoga is self-discipline. Yoga is not merely physical exercise but a complete lifestyle. yoga is the spiritual Yoga is the spiritual knowledge of making the soul pure and seedless. Yoga is a philosophy of self- complete medical science. Yoga is the science of life. Yoga is the solution to all the realization, and self- problems of individuals, societies, countries and the world. knowledge. Yoga is 2. ^^leRoa ;ksx mP;rs** (Gita 2.48) You have the power within you to turn darkness life philosophy. Yoga to light, sorrow to happiness, defeat to victory, unfavourable to favourable. You is life management. have the fuel within you to make a sick body healthy. Illness, sorrow, danger and struggles are nothing, you have the enthusiasm, valour and self-respect required Yoga is self-control. to check death. Simply go ahead continuously in life without getting diverted. On Yoga is not merely e day you will definitely be successful – this is yoga. physical exercise but 3. If you want to be free from Vishad-yoga (sorrow) and enter the 18 yogas men- a complete lifestyle. tioned in the Gita including Sankhya, Karma and Gyan-yoga, then practise Pranyoga. Yoga is the spiritual Pranyoga is the union of all yogas. knowledge of mak- ASHTANG YOGA ing the soul pure (THE EIGHT YOGA PRACTICES) 4. The eight yoga practices are Yam, Niyam, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahar (restrain- and seedless. ing the sense organs), Dharna (firmness), Dhyan (meditation), and Samadhi. No one can become a yogi without the implementation of ashtang yoga. YAM 5. Non-violence, truth, abstinence from stealing, celibacy and asceticism are the five yams. NIYAM 6. Cleanliness, contentment, penance, self-learning and utmost devotion to God are the five niyams. KARMA YOGA 7. Penance, continuous and regular study of the self and utmost devotion to God are karma yoga. ri% Lokè;k;s'ojizf.kèkkukfufØ;k;ksx% (Yog sutra 2.1). One should not get diverted even during penance, struggle and devotion. Penance is nothing but continuously moving towards the goal fighting against obstacles, storms and emotions. There is a success be- hind every failure. Visualizing honour behind insults, never sitting down hopeless, defeated or sorrowful. Only he who continuously struggles or does penance reaches the peak of spirituality or sorcery. 8. The meaning of continuous study of the self is to constantly study the self. The ‘self’ should be aware of itself—live an aware life, be alert, and should be always in touch with his soul. Light, energy, happiness, formless and truth are part of the nature of the soul. Soul is bright, immortal, everlasting, imperishable and pure consciousness. Not ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 34
    • to lose memories of this image of the soul is self- man might be, he can never become the Supreme study. To live every moment in awareness of your Lord. soul is self-knowledge. THE GOAL OF YOGA 9. Utmost devotion to god means complete surrender 16. I want to establish a healthy, prosperous and tradi- to the divine father, the Lord. We have got this body, tion-bound nation through Yoga. This is the thought mind, wealth, position, power, form, youth, this en- of my life. tire world and life only by the grace of God. Living 17. I want to awaken patriotism in each and every one life with this in mind is a devotion to God. with the help of Yoga. I want to connect each one 10. While doing work, always keep in mind that you are with their national duties with the help of Yoga. I want just a small speck and the strength, understanding, to take forward the holy mission of self-awakening capability, energy and speed is being given to you through yoga awakening. Developing my self with indirectly by God. To do your work in this way, keep- yoga, I want to dedicate my entire being to the pure ing yourself free from arrogance, is a devotion to mission of bringing about nation development. God. To live very moment with penance, self-learn- 18. I want to build a progressive, cultured and prosper- ing and devotion to God is karma yoga. Karma yoga ous society and nation by making the sick healthy, does not mean avoidance of work; it means working making health useful and transforming pleasure seek- without arrogance in your work, working with com- ers into yogis and increasing the health, awareness plete surrender in God. Observing work as worship and qualities of the people of the nation. and doing work keeping in mind that you are nothing 19. The primary aim of Yoga is Samadhi. At the same but a small speck, is karma yoga. time, if the diagnosis of incurable illnesses can also 11. Constant practice of penance, self-learning and de- be done with scientific data, it is not of small impor- votion to God makes it easy to gain freedom from tance. Yoga is very vast. Keeping a narrow view on the five sins of false knowledge, false memory, an- yoga is an insult to yoga. ger, hatred and attachment. 20. A person who is in the grasp of ignorance, obstinacy, ACHIEVEMENT OF FULFILLMENT selfishness and arrogance cannot be acquainted with 12. Fulfillment is obtained by some great souls from birth, truth. These are also four reasons behind the opposi- some through medicine, some through mantras, some tion to yoga. As knowledge about yoga increases in yogis get it through penance, and some get it through people, all obstinacy will go away and the subtle truth Samadhi. ^^tUekS"kèkeU=ri% lekfèktk% or salvation will take the place of selfishness and ar- fl¼;%**(Yogsutra 4.1) rogance will be replaced by Omkar. FIVE STATES OF THE MIND THE OUTCOME OF WORLDLY PLEASURES 13. Evidence (Praman), hostility (Viparya), variation 21. Illness, fear, sorrow, restlessness, insecurity, intoler- (Vikalpa), sleep (Nidra) and memory (Smriti) are the ance, impatience, ignorance, hatred, old age and death five states. Controlling them with practice and as- are the outcomes of worldly experiences. ceticism is nothing but Yoga. 22. To get happiness, contentment and peace by experi- KEY TO LIBERATION encing worldly pleasures is just as futile as trying to 14. The four main keys required for liberation are: Intel- pacify fire by pouring clarified butter in it. Content- lect, asceticism, six properties (tranquility, punish- ment and peace does not come from worldly plea- ment, respect, solution, disinterestedness and endur- sures but from intellect and knowledge. ance) and mumuksha or the desire to attain salvation. THE OUTCOME OF YOGA GREAT MEN OR INCARNATIONS 23. Health, fearlessness, happiness, peace, security, tol- 15. When a human being gets blessed with godly quali- erance, love, kindness, patience, intelligence, energy, ties through yoga, then he becomes a demigod, great virility, immortality are the outcomes of yoga. soul, an architect of an age or a great man. The power, 24. We get strength with yoga, salvation with knowledge, knowledge and light of Gods arts becoming visible in devotion with love and nourishment with service. him. Such great men with godly qualities are then Getting nourishment with service means when we worshipped by the people of the world as incarna- serve, then the entire society or nation stands by us tions of God, such as Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, in order to fulfill our pure resolutions. etc. There is only one Supreme Lord but there may YOGA – A SCIENCE be many children of that Supreme Lord in the form 25. When knowledge comes forward after passing of incarnations, great men or demigods. All god-like through the experimental stage, then it becomes sci- incarnated men too worshiped and worship just one ence. When scientific experiments are done on yoga, Supreme Omkar. Hence, no matter how superior a Ayurveda, and Vedic knowledge, then the outcome ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 35
    • we get is called proof. Today these are scientific as Ayurveda, Unani, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, etc. is well as proven. an insult and betrayal of medical science. 26. Do not reproach knowledge, salute it. It is not wise YOGA IS THE SOLUTION to unnecessarily oppose Yoga and Ayurveda because 34. Experiencing worldly pleasures ignites the volcano of obstinacy, selfishness, ignorance or arrogance. of desire, just as pouring clarified butter on fire can 27. Good health is the basic right of human beings. Good never calm it down. Hence, yoga is the solution. Do health is the birthright of mankind. Become self-de- not burn yourself in the fire of worldly experiences! pendent in matters of health with the help of yoga Now heat yourself with the fire of yoga and gain and pranayam. Vaid, doctors, medicines, teachers and victory over disease, old age and death!! scriptures will all combine to make you weak. Hence, 35. The road to retirement from crime and ambitions – become aware and move ahead in life with valour. Instead of asking for position, power, luxury from Your vaid, doctor or teacher is seated inside you. You god, you should ask for his mercy. If a person’s have all kinds of medicine inside you, all Vedas and thoughts are constantly the same as they are on a scriptures are also there inside you. Hence, become cremation ground, in good company, when sick or in self-dependent and self-respecting. trouble, then crime will automatically cease to exist. 28. Every teacher, saint and scripture says that truth, God DO NOT BLINDLY INDULGE IN and all solutions are within us. However, they often VICES, BECOME A YOGI! do not show us the path to the inside world. Be aware! 36. Nature is there to give happiness from sacrifice re- Breath or Pranayam is the way to reach the inside lated worldly experiences. Worldly pleasures without world, that is from known to unknown, from tan- yoga will give disease, old age and death. gible to intangible. 37. It is not necessary to go anywhere to reach God. 29. I want to break the narrow confines of community, When the unknown will disappear from the person’s region, religion or regionalism and unite the entire mind with the help of service, chanting, penance and nation and mankind with Yoga. yoga, and hence will become pure, then he will find YOGA – MEDICAL TREATMENT METHOD God within himself. 30. Treatment of sick people is above everything. The 38. lq=kek.ka i`fFkoha |keusgla lq'kekZ.kefnfra lqiz.khfre~A day this statement is accepted in the arena of health, nSoha ukoa Lofj=keukxleÏoUrhe~ vk#gsek LoLr;sAA that day the struggle amongst various medical treat- (½Xosn 93-10). ment methods will cease and there will be mutual This body is a beautifully crafted boat to help us discussion instead of arguments. cross the ocean of existence. Self-realized people 31. Yoga and Ayurveda are systemic remedies while All- and yogis sit on it and cross the sea of existence, opathy is a symptomatic treatment method. This is and undiscriminating people and those who indulge the main difference between ancient and modern medical science. in worldly experiences get trapped in whirlpools. 32. My ambition is not to compare yoga and allopathy CELIBACY AND CHASTITY (BRAHMACHARYA) and place a question mark against any treatment 39. To save life and mind from being torn apart in this method. However, by placing various treatment meth- world full of subjects, Brahmacharya is the only me- ods in front of the patient, I want to give him the dium. opportunity of being able to choose the best treat- MIND ment method. 40. The states of the mind must be removed. When the 33. A person can invite death by buying poison from the mind ceases to exist, there will be a new birth; you market. Tobacco and alcohol are responsible for will get a new vision and you will find a beautiful deadly diseases such as cancer and these can be world around you and then you will become aware bought from anywhere. However, a person very close of the happiness of life. We ourselves are the reason to death because of ill health does not have the free- for our happiness and sorrow. The day we realize dom to choose the treatment method he would want this truth, that day our sorrows will disappear. to use to get his health back. By sacrificing the 41. Social and moral values, truth, non-violence, humani- wellbeing of patients, some powerful medicine com- panies are busy looking after their own wellbeing and tarianism, sensitivity, purity of character and toler- torturing patients instead of solving problems. ance will bring about global wellbeing and the world Wrongly criticizing the traditional, faultless treatment will become happy. Also, do not forget that if you do methods and opposing the inexpensive, simple, sci- not cultivate these values and stand by them then you entific and proven treatment methods such as Yoga, will never be happy in your personal life as well. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 36
    • BODY into zero. It is through 42. ^^v'ek Hkorq uLruw%** (Rig Veda 6.75.12). Our body meditation that one can should be as alert and powerful as lightening. To live enter the zero state. with illness and disease is a sin and a crime. 49. It is only by entering the 43. There are four bodies – large, tiny, root and the fourth. unknown that the There are three forms of bodies: 1. the body that is doors to the known are visible or the large body, 2. The body that is not vis- opened. It is only by ible or the tiny body, and 3. The root natural form is reaching the state of the root body. The five large elements make up the thoughtlessness that di- large body. The five breaths, five sense organs, five vine thought is attained. small elements (panchtanmatraye), mind and wisdom When qualities are born, – these 17 elements make up the tiny body. When the the person is no longer living being is in ecstasy on union with God in the attracted by external at- condition of Samadhi, this is the fourth body tractions and the person becomes free from the bonds MEDITATION of life. 44. Meditation is not an escape from the world. This is 50. Fights and wars are taking place in this world be- not a process of separating yourself from everything cause of honour, wealthy, position, power and arro- or closing yourself from all directions. This is under- gance. When a person attains self-knowledge through standing of the truth of the world. What can this world meditation and devotion, he also attains internal give us apart from status, power, property, honour, wealth, kingdom and unlimited power and there is an residence, food, garments and endless sorrows con- end to arguments and wars. nected with all of these? The meaning of meditation 51. Pure and divine thought take birth in an intellect that is going beyond this world where mounted on su- has become thoughtless and passionless with the help preme knowledge, you are able to see yourself and of meditation and pranayam. the world with the eyes of the intellect as a neutral, 52. Hearing, reflection, remembering again and again and unchanging witness. Then you will not want what self-interview – this is called Shravan Chatustay or you do not have or remain discontent with what you quadrangle. have. You will then see the beauty of the Lord in this BLISS OF THE MIND entire world. 53. To show friendship towards the happy, kindness to- 45. The meaning of active meditation is – constant alert- wards the sad, delightfulness towards the virtuous ness, constant awareness, always natural and intelli- person and hope towards the wicked keeps the intel- lect happy. gent. When we remain aware, intelligent and natural BREATH IS MEDICINE then we automatically move from bad towards good. 54. izk.kL;sna o'ks loZ± f=fnos ;Rizfrf"Bre~ (Prashnopanishad 46. Till a person does not know himself through medita- 2.13). Breath is medicine. Breath is parents and mas- tion, he does not obtain self-respect, internal happi- ter. Breath is Vasu, Rudra and Aditya. Breath is the ness, self-contentment, internal peace, internal wealth Supreme lord Himself. and high bloody struggle for power, property, honour 55. ^^;ksxf'pÙko`fÙkfujksèk%** (Yogsutra 1.2). The mind finds and status in the world will not end. it intriguing to remain in falsehood, imagination or 47. Meditation is not stupor or ignorance. It means be- dreams. The mind either remains lost in the pains of coming totally conscious with the highest nectar of the past; in the agony, in the memories of the past or in the worries about the future. The meaning of yoga the supreme knowledge, where stupor and ignorance is to live in the present, where there are no troubles is completely removed and finally the devotee’s intel- or worries. In present there is creation. It is the lect becomes seedless. In this seedless mind, desires present that creates the past and it is the present that do not sprout just as roasted chana (Bengal gram) lays the foundation for the future. Past and future is loses its ability to sprout. Desires do not sprout in the without existence. Only the present exists. To live in intellect of a devotee who has attained awakening. the present is to celebrate life. It is only when one 48. Asceticism is not another name for running away but goes beyond the mind that the reality of the conscious it is the name for the highest degree of intellect and soul acquires a shape. Hence, the meaning of yoga is knowledge. The main ambition of asceticism is to to connect with one’s consciousness, centre or real- ity; to recognize oneself and to recognize the Supreme become constantly progressive, dedicated and Lord existing within oneself; to see yourself in the hardworking in a disinterested state after attaining universe and the universe inside you. To expand one’s complete vision. The meaning of asceticism is to go identity from the confines of narrowness in all direc- beyond limits into the limitless, endless infinity. Cre- tions. I am in everything and everything is in me. ation and removal of doubt occurs only by stepping This expansion of ‘I’ is yoga. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 37
    • CULTURE THE STRUGGLE OF CULTURES 1. We have a glorious past that is 1,96,08,53,109 years 6. Only when there is no research on the knowledge of old. ^lk izFkek laLÑfrfoZ'ookjk*(Yajurveda 4.14). We languages, struggle and differences arises in cultures, are the carriers of the oldest culture in the world. civilizations and races of the world. The opposition Our magnificent history goes back to approximately to Veda, Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian culture is also 200 crore years. With our hard work and devotion, because of the lack of research on Sanskrit or Vedic we will free Mother India from the troubles of the knowledge. In the same way, addressing religion or present and made a powerful, golden India that will calling God by various names in the various languages lead the world. of Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, 2. Indian culture comprising restraint, good conduct, Punjabi, etc. leads to illusion. ^,da ln~ foçk cgqèkk good feelings, joint families and the glorious tradition onfUr* (Rig Veda 1.164.46). There are many names of sixteen cultures is the best, omnipresent, scien- of one truth and if the illusion of names disappears, tific culture in the world. we can move towards world peace. Our aim is olqèkSo 3. The forefathers and culture, civilization and philoso- dqVqEcde~ (Panchtantra 5.38). phy of the people of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, ASCETICISM Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the other 7. Asceticism is not another name for running away. Asian countries were the same. India was the su- Asceticism is the highest level of intellect. The com- preme kingdom of the world. In the middle ages, there plete aim of asceticism is to be constantly progres- came about geographical and cultural divisions and sive, hard working and putting in effort in a detached people got divided into various religions. Hence, de- manner after attaining supreme vision. spite observing the different religions like Hinduism, RENUNCIATION 8. My sanyas or renunciation is not cultural escapism. Islam, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, our forefa- Asceticism is nothing but intellectual climax. Hence, thers were the same and even do not run and at the same time do not lose yourself today the blood that runs through in worldly experiences. Just wake up and awaken us is the same. Cultural differ- others – this is our spirituality. No running away from ences and civilizations cannot life, no sorrow for death. We have to always remain divide us. This is our cultural and the same – this is yoga. Renunciation is nothing but geographical past and present. doing your work in a detached manner without any 4. Often it is seen that the desires or expectations about the outcome. more developed a culture and the COMPLETENESS OF PRAYER more developed a person or so- 9. Knowledge, work and devotion complete prayer or ciety becomes, lazy and this be- mediation. Only knowledge will bring about a feeling of arrogance, and a person who lives his life only on comes the cause of its downfall. knowledge will be like a desert and build dryness, Hence, with exaltation the effort false arrogance and an artificial or imaginary person- should not end. ality in his life. Hence, knowledge is incomplete with- 5. Indian religion, phi- out work; work without devotional knowledge is losophy, spirituality, political sci- bondage, and becomes a vanity. Hence, we can get ence, ethics, Vedic mathematics, salvation only by work in which our intellect is used. astrology and Vedic knowledge With knowledge, we get complete vision, and this is universal and scientific. As we vision should be definitely be used in work and devo- have a vast and magnificent cul- tion. God does not give beggars but to those who tural background, we do not deserve it. Always worship character, not the image. need imported religion, philoso- 10. Independence does not mean indiscipline. Indepen- phy, western culture and foreign dence is the name of self-governance. While living an independent, self-dependent life, help others also morals. The interest of the na- to become self-dependent. First become devotee and tion lies in the culture and civili- then you yourself become a reformer.^^ekrk Hkwfe% zation of our own nation. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 38
    • iq=ks¿ga i`fFkO;k%** . Earth is our mother, we are her RELIGIOUS SACRIFICE children. Nation is the biggest God and religion means 17. All holy work, starting from the ceremony in which the duties towards the nation. Our responsibilities are offerings are made to the consecrated fire, are called the biggest religion. religious sacrifices or yagna. 11. It is an equal sin to bear exploitation as it is to actually 18. Brahmayagna (worship of God), Devyagna (ceremony do injustice and wickedness. Every individual should in which offerings are made to the sacrificial fire), have gratefulness, respect and pride towards his na- Pitriyagna (service to parents), Baliveswadev yagna tion. (eating after offering food to others or keeping a por- 12. When the internal eyes are opened or divine vision is tion aside for others), and Atithi yagna (Travellers obtained with yogic devotion, company of spiritual who are scholarly, helps others, has control over the teachers and philosophy, self-study of Upanishads and senses, religious, truthful, and without craftiness are other ancient texts, detached work and service, then called guests and one should always serve them). the Supreme Lord is seen in everything. In all rela- These five great yagnas are our ancient culture. tionships, divine relationship is felt. This is the com- SATSANG pleteness of devotion, worship or prayer. 19. That, on the doing of which one gets away from THE PRAYER OF A DEVOTEE untruth or falsehood and acquires the truth, is known 13. Instead of asking wealth and its by-products from as Satsang. That which leads us to entanglement with god, ask God for God. Ask the Lord for support or sin is called bad company. his devotion. Asking for his wealth and luxury are RESPECT 20. Respect is mother and belief is father. Respect is the petty demands. consecrated fire of the purifying yagna of life. Re- 14. Do not pray for position, authority, wealth or mate- spect is the perception of divine knowledge. Respect rial luxuries from God because he is a kind father and is the acquisition of the highest knowledge and the always gives us more than we are worthy or capable staircase to eternal peace. In our religious life, re- of. Just pray to God – O Lord! Let me be able to spect is the holy water that is sprinkled during wor- carry out my work as if it is my religion and O Lord! ship. Let me not forget you even for a moment. Just give THE WAY TO FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE me this boon. 21. If a person’s thoughts and wisdom always remain GREAT ADVICE still as when he is in good company, undergoing self- 15. Prajapati has three great advices. His advice for demi- reflection, in cremation ground or in times of trouble, gods was suppression or self-control. For the asuras then the person becomes free from the bonds of at- or demons, His advice was that praying for compas- tachment and illusion. sion should be their religion. Hatred, anger and re- HEAVEN AND HELL venge are the reasons for global restlessness. For 22. Achieving special happiness on the personal, familial, human beings, He advised sharing. The religious text social, economic and spiritual fronts is heaven; and is this – share and eat, do not store, read the book of achieving circumstances of extraordinary sorrow is distribution. (Brihadaranyak Upanishad). hell. SIXTEEN RITES SALVATION 16. The foundation of building a human life is “sixteen 23. To become free from sorrow and the causes of sor- rites”. Hence, I will make my and my nation’s life row such as disease, fear, sadness, five afflictions, birth and death, etc. is salvation. better with the following sixteen rites: Garvadhan or DEATH conception, Punsavan (ceremony that is performed 24. Death is not the solution because birth is certain after in the third month after conception), Simantonayan death. Hence, accepting death in weariness of get- (Vedic rite that is performed in the fourth, sixth or ting scared of life or being hurt by the troubles or eighth month after conception), Jatkarma (ceremony betrayal of near and dear ones is foolishness. performed on birth), Namakaran (name giving cer- 25. It is the mind or ‘mana’ that should be killed or de- emony), Annaprasanna (ceremony in which food is stroyed. On destruction of the mind there will be a first given to a child), Churakarma (tonsure cer- new birth. You will gain a new vision and find a beauti- emony), Karnavedh (ear piecing ceremony), ful world around you. And then you will feel the joy of life. Life will become a celebration. The day we Upanayan (investiture with sacred thread), Vedarambh understand life, that day life’s sadness will end. (the start of education of the Vedas), Samavartan (cer- THE EIGHT BENCHMARKS OF THE emony performed on return of student from gurukul), TOUCHSTONE OF TRUTH Grihastha or householder, Vanaprastha or retirement, 26. The eight evidences include that which is perceived, Sanyas or renunciation and Antyesti or last rites. inferred, compared, heard, traditional, reasoned, pos- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 39
    • sible and absent, and it is PHILOSOPHY through these that we get 33. The six texts composed by the sages Gemini, Kanad, the knowledge of truth and Gautam, Patanjali, Kapil and Vyas – Mimansha, untruth. These are the Vaisheshik, Nyay, Yoga, Sakhya and Vedanta – are benchmarks of research called philosophies or Upang. and truth. These eight evi- 34. RELIGIOUS TEXTS dences are the touchstone Ramayan: Composed by the great Sage Balmiki in of the highest knowledge. Sanskrit language, Ramayana is the first epic that CREATION’S OLDEST describes the pure character of Lord Ram. In this BOOK – VEDA there is a conspectus of the various relations, broader 27. According to Indian view of rules such as ideal parental devotion, devo- belief, Veda is the pure tion towards the mother, beneficial political duties, knowledge that evolved etc. From this text, we get to know the values of an from the pure souls of the ideal and disciplined life; the character of an ideal four sages Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira in the be- woman, her purity and devotion towards her hus- ginning of creation. The oldest text of Indian culture band; ideal love of a brother; the high standards of and tradition, Veda is not merely a book on methods socially beneficial nationalism. This epic has been of worship or work. It is the first text that encom- translated into many languages. passes everything from complete teachings of knowl- Gita: This world famous text is a part of edge and science to universal and scientific truths. Mahabharata, composed by great sage Vyas. In its 28. Veda is the divine and universal truth that emerged 18th chapter, 18 kinds of yoga have been described from pure souls of the four sages, Agni, Vayu, Aditya by Yogesheswar Sri Krishna. In this, Arjun, who is and Angira in the beginning of creation and got trans- saddened by the prospect of war, is given the knowl- formed into Rig, Yaju, Sam and Atharva on knowl- edge of kshatriya duties. Narrating the importance of edge, science, religion, work principles, etc. yoga through the medium of leRoa ;ksx mP;rs, the VEDIC TEXTS great messages of Karma yoga such as 29. Texts written by our ancient sages are called Vedic deZ.;sokfèkdkjLrs ek iQys"kq dnkpu and ifj=k.kk; texts. They contain the highest truth without any bias. lkèkwuka fouk'kk; p nq"Ñrke~ are found in Gita, which, Man, being affected by ignorance, prejudice, selfish- even today, inspires and motivates people who feel ness and obstinacy, may also write something wrong. low, defeated and sad to start doing good work. Hence, the texts written by sages that come in the Bible: The Christian text, Bible, gives messages of category of self-realization include six philosophies, humanity, love, service, etc to mankind. Special im- eleven Upanishads, Gita, Mahabharat, Balmiki portance has been given to the fact that every good Ramayan, etc. and the book of divine knowledge, deed that we do makes God happy and every sin we Veda. If the writing of some scholar follows the Vedas, commit saddens God. God is always with us. truth, science and is supported by evidence, then even Quran: In this religious text of the Muslims, there is these can be studied. If a writer writes unnecessary the advice of giving all human beings safety, peace, and unscientific things then you should not waste social goodwill and good of mankind. Here impor- your valuable time and money. tance has been given to Takva, meaning penance, sac- UPVEDA rifice, patience and strength. Roza has been consid- 30. The science of age is called Ayurveda, the knowl- ered a duty in devotion to God so that we to can edge of weaponry and their use is called Dhanurveda, understand the hunger and thirst of the poor and also the science of vocal modulation and music is called can keep our bodies fit. Gandharvaveda and the knwoeldge of art is called Guru Granth Sahib: For the welfare of mankind Shilpashastra. These are the four Upvedas or the sci- and to awaken strength, devotion and valour, Guru ences deduced from the Vedas. Nanakji, Guru Angad Devji, Guru Amardas ji, Guru VEDANGA Ramdas ji, Guru Arjundevji, Guru Hargovindji, Guru 31. Education, Kalp, Grammer, Nirukt, Verse and Astrol- Har Raiji, Guru Harkrishnaji, Guru Teghbahadurji, and ogy are the universal knowledge of the Vedic texts. Guru Govind Singhji has advised in this holy book, These are called Vedanga or the six subordinate “Ek Nur te sab upajya, Kaun bhale kaun mande”, branches of the Vedas meaning there is one divine light and the entire world UPANISHAD is lit by it. 32. There are eleven Upanishads. The hidden knowledge Shad-Darshan or the six schools of Indian Phi- of the sages on spiritual truth is presented in the form losophy: The main subject of schools of Indian Phi- of messages and conversations in the Upanishads. losophy is – philosophy of the soul, complete phi- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 40
    • losophy of the world and nature and communication that the drop, even after becoming one with the river, with the Divine Lord. Indian philosophy has been di- still remains a drop and the river remains the river. vided into two segments – Astik and Nastik. Charvak, The drop becomes a part of the river. Buddhist and Jain philosophies are considered Nastik 41. The individual soul is free to do whatever it wants while Nyay, Vaisheshik, Sakhya, Yoga, Eastern but it is always submissive to God in getting the just Mimansa and Vedanta (Northern Mimansa) are six fruit for its deeds according to the divine system. Astik philosophies. In philosophies, the combination KARMA AND FATE of two completes each other; for example, the com- 42. Whatever a living being does with his mind, speech binations of Sakhya and Yoga, Nyay and Vaisheshik, and body is called ‘Karma’. There are three stages of and eastern Mimansa and Vedanta. karma – Kriyaman (present performance of work), The eleven Upanishads: The Upanisads is the sim- Sanchit (that which is collected) and Prarabdh or fate. plified spiritual description of the Vedas, Upavedas, That which is done in the present is Kriyaman Karma. Brahman texts (the theological part of the Vedas, dif- The influence that the Kriyaman has on the intellect ferent from the mantras), and Aranyaks. In other is Sanchit Karma, while the experiencing of the fruit words, it tells us how to work in a detached manner of work that we have done in this life and our previ- with penance, surrender and knowledge for 100 years, ous births is Fate. getting the necessary knowledge of God, living be- 43. Strength, valour, attraction, inspiration, speed, ings, nature, and obtaining salvation or freedom. speech, judgement, activity, enthusiasm, memory, Jain texts: The philosophy of the great ascetic saint determination, will, love, hatred, connection, division, Mahavir on non-violence, truth, self-realization and convener, divider, devotion, touch, vision, tasting, renunciation is found in Jain scriptures. smelling and knowledge – these 24 capabilities make Buddhist texts: Teachings of renunciation of illu- a living being of worthy authority. sion and obstinacy, eight-fold path and freedom from NATURE sorrow and eternal peace in the form of Nirvana are 44. The association of truth, sin and ignorance is called found in the Buddhist texts. root nature. From nature comes wisdom; from wis- GOD dom come arrogance; from arrogance comes mind, 35. God, life and nature – these are three existences with- five sense organs, five work organs, five Tanmatraye out beginning. (subtle form of matter); From tanmattraye comes the 36. We are all children of God. That God is the image of five elements including earth – These are the 24 ele- Sacchidananda, formless, all-powerful, just, kind, ment and the 25th is living being, that is man, and without birth, eternal, unequalled, basis of everything, God. This is the entire world. Lord of all, omnipresent, all-knowing, ever young, 45. Nature is our mother. We should protect it. Trees are immortal, fearless, constant, pure and the creator. like our father who protects us. The amount of oxy- Everything should worship this one God. He is the mother and father of all. gen that you have taken in this life, the same amount 37. With the help of prayer to the Lord, we obtain de- of oxygen should be returned to nature by planting tachment from the world and endless love from God. trees otherwise the Lord will tell you, ‘Son! You We become free from pride and get godly qualities haven’t returned the oxygen you have breathed by with devotion and prayer. planting trees. Hence, now go and balance your ac- 38. When we accept God, it is also a divine truth that we count books! Now become a tree and return the ourselves have first been accepted by God. amount of oxygen you have taken from nature!’ 39. The great sage Patanjali considers Him to be God, PILGRIMAGE who is free from affliction (five afflictions including 46. That with which man crosses the ocean of sorrow is ignorance), work (good-bad), change of state (birth- called pilgrimage. The service and company of par- death) and hopes (desire), and is all-knowing, omni- ents, teacher, scholarly and worthy people, religious present, all-powerful, just and kind. undertaking and holy work is pilgrimage. LIVING BEING CAUSE OF SORROW 40. Living beings are the immortal children of God. Indi- 47. What you have with you is what you share with oth- vidual souls can never become the supreme soul. In- ers and what you give to others is what you get in dividual souls can never become all-knowing, omni- present or all-powerful. This is the difference between return. If you have love, kindness, affection, happi- living beings and God. A life is a drop of water while ness and joy then you will also share this with others God is the river. Life in the form of a drop joins the and you will get these in return to from others. And if river and becomes part of it! Superficially we may you are filled with anger and hatred then whatever say that the drop becomes the river but the truth is you share, you will get. Whatsoever you sow, that ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 41
    • will you reap. We sow the seeds of acacia trees and MAN in return, instead of thorns we want flowers which 54. A man is someone who does his work thoughtfully. we do not get. This is the reason for our sorrow. ^^euqHkZo tu;k nSO;a tue~** (Atharva Veda 8.1.6) END OF SORROW GIFT 48. We ourselves are the cause for our sorrow and hap- 55. The love, thought, feeling and strength that is given piness. The day we understand this truth that day is much more important than the object given as a our sorrow will end. If you smile then the world smiles gift. at you and if you feel depressed, sad, hopeless, and ARROGANCE AND LAZINESS defeated then the world seems sad to you. 56. There is no greater enemy than arrogance and there 49. Happiness comes from within, not from outside. is no greater crime than laziness. Crime is not merely When you are in the state of complete silence or con- absence sin. Not doing any good also falls in the cat- centration then happiness emerges. It comes down egory of sin. A lazy person committing crime because from within. We build up obstinacy towards every- he is not doing any good work. Not opposing sin, thing – religion, truth, saints, life, work, duty, non- injustice or irreligion is also a crime. In this way, if duty, body and the entire universe on the basis of the you are not part of the solution, then you yourself are sanchit, what we hear, what we see, and inferred a problem. knowledge. DOUBT 50. Only He who does not have any obstinacy reaches 57. You should never misuse power, disrespect knowl- the pinnacle of life. We have to break our obstinacy. edge and doubt belief. In life, doubt is like a com- Obstinacy build arrogance and false illusion, it makes puter virus. “Sanchayatma Vinasyati” (Gita). us wicked and narrow. When obstinacy is broken, TRUE HERITAGE the doors of truth open. Only knowledge will bring 58. It is not important how much property you leave your about arrogance. Only knowledge will, like a desert, children; what is important are the values you give bring about dryness, false pride and hypocritical or them as inheritance, because it is with the seed of imaginary personality. Hence, knowledge is incom- values they will build the mansion of life or establish plete without work. Without work, with only knowl- the kingdom of the world. edge, devotion becomes bondage; and without knowl- MEANING OF PROGRESS edge, devotion becomes just a show. Hence, only by 59. Progress does not mean how much or the great doing intelligent work we can obtain Samadhi or sal- amount of wealth acquired by a wealthy person. The vation. true meaning of progress should be how much edu- 51. Complete vision is gained with knowledge; this vi- cation, medical treatment, social justice and honour sion should definitely be used in work and devotion we are being able to give to the last common man in after it is obtained. Each time, each moment, live a the nation and in the world. life filled with enthusiasm, energy and self-confidence. IMPORTANCE OF THE PRESENT 52. God has created you for great work. Social and moral 60. The complete effort in doing one’s own duties or values, truth, non-violence, humanitarianism, sensi- work with complete knowledge, strength, energy, tivity, purity of character, and tolerance will bring valour and self-respect is known as hard work. Hard about global good, the world will become happier. work is stronger than fate because it is hard work Before this, do not also forget that if you do not be- that creates destiny. The hard work of this moment lieve or have faith on these moral values then your decides the fate of the next moment. It is the truth personal life can never remain happy. that life only exists in the present; the past has al- INDUSTRIES ready occurred. It has lost its reality and has lost its 53. Industries are the temples of progress of Mother In- authority. That which has not come as yet is the fu- dia where priests in the form of workers worship ture. Future never comes. That is why it is called Mother India with their work and make the country unknown. That which has come has become the prosperous and powerful. If we want to make India present. Hence, authority is only there with the present magnificent and a superpower of the world, then we and present is the creator of the past and future. Liv- have to respect industries, factories and workshops ing in the present is yoga. like temples. Just as there are never any strikes in a FOUR ASHRAMS temple and its doors open everyday, similarly there 61. The gradual steps in life are the four ashrams or reli- shouldn’t be any strike in the industry and factory gious orders of Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha temples. We should look upon strikes in factories as (householder), Vanaprastha (retirement) and Sanyas a crime akin to betrayal of the nation. (renunciation). ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 42
    • STATES 73. Wisdom, intellect and five 62. Awakened, dream and unconsciousness are the three sense organs (ears, eyes, states. skin, tongue and nose) – 63. When the mind is doing work through the organs, it these seven elements is in awakened state. When the mind is doing work form the intellectual body. even when the organs are not working, during sleep, 74. That in which the light, it is dream state. When the entire organ and mind energy, peace and happi- completely stop working and only breathing occurs, ness of the soul is experi- it is unconscious state. enced in true nature is the BALANCE receptacle of bliss. 64. Wealth is not everything but it is also true that only 75. Ancient texts such as wealth brings about fruitfulness. Without wealth, ev- Atreya, Satpath-Brahman erything becomes meaningless or wasted. More wealth are books written by than required also brings about downfall. Hence, bal- sages. These are called Puranas, history, Kalpa, Gatha ance is the eternal principle of life and the world. and Narasanshi. 65. Balance is health. It is physical and emotional imbal- DEVOTEE AND TROUBLE ance, non-control, irregularity and disproportion that 76. This is also an eternal truth that the kind and loving bring about ill-health. Lord throws his devotee very far away from Him ADMINISTRATOR into the forests of danger, trouble, poverty, want and 66. He who himself lives with control can become a true misfortune so that he feels the hunger of despera- instructor, teacher, administrator or leader. tion, restlessness and the separation, and gradually, 67. Only he whose behaviour is softer than a flower, whose step by step, comes near the Lord, learning the mys- discipline is tougher then thunderbolt and who has a tery of each factor and drink the nectar of His love. determined nature can become true instructors, ad- THE WAY OF SUCCESS ministrators and leaders. 77. There is no greater enemy than arrogance and there YOGA EDUCATION, NOT SEX EDUCATION is no greater crime than laziness. 68. Character building of youth and students will take vkRekua jfFkua fof¼ 'kjhja jFkeso rqA place with yoga education, not with sex education. cqf¼a rq lkjfFka fof¼ eu% izxgeso pA z Unfortunately, some characterless politicians do not bfUnz;kf.k g;kukgqfoZ"k;kaLrs"kq xkspjku~A want the character of the people of the nation to be vkResfUnz; euks;Dra HkksDrsR;kgqeuhf"k.k%AA (Kathopanishad) q Z developed with yoga. Their fear is that if the nation Soul is the rider of this body chariot. Wisdom is the acquires character then characterless people will lode charioteer and mind is the reins. The sense organs heir authority. Hence, by advocating sex education are the horses that run on the roads of experiences. they are taking their country into a pit. The soul is experiencing with the help of the senses CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE and mind. One who has divine knowledge and holds 69. Physical body or receptacle of food (Annamay kosh), the reins-like mind firmly and steers the chariot away receptacle of life or vital air (Pran kosh), psycho- from the roads of worldly pleasure and desires, and emotional body (Mannomay kosh), Intellectual body drives on the roads of truth, restraint and good con- (Vigyanmay kosh), and receptacle of bliss (Anandmay duct, he will reach his destination. kosh) – these are the Panchkosh or the five bodies 78. Gain victory over desires and tastes with prayer. He (receptacles) within the body according to the Vedic whose words are always true and has control over system. his actions cannot be defeated by any power on earth. 70. Complete vision with the five basic elements, seven 79. Big thoughts, hard work and firm determination – humours and three doshas is the physical body. these are the three mottos of success. 71. Pran (breath), Apan (emission of wind backwards), HAPPY LIFE Saman (air used in digestion), Udan (air which raises 80. The aim of life is not worldly pleasures, gambling, up the throat) and Vyan (the vital air that circulates alcohol, meat, travel, leisure and entertainment. Life the whole body) are the five vital airs, and Naga, is being able to give satisfaction, happiness, content- Koorma, krinkal, Devadutta and Dhananjaya are the ment to others with service and obtaining content- five upaprans or sub-types. This is the receptacle of ment, happiness and complete satisfaction with de- vital air. votion. 72. Mind, Ego and the five work organs of speech, hands, 81. Everyone is able to get six feet of land to live, two feet, kidney and urinary organs – these seven ele- garments to cover the body, and two rotis to satisfy ments form the psycho-emotional body. hunger. The thirst of people are never quenched. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 43
    • Hence, Veda Bhagavat says – rsu R;äsu Hkq´thFkk% The thing that has evidence, reasoning and order of (Yajurveda 40.1). Go through worldly experiences creation is called possible. The knowledge that is based with a sacrificial attitude and live for a 100 years do- on absence is called absence. Just as someone told ing hard work in a disinterested manner. ^^dqoZUusosg another to bring water. The person who is bringing dekZf.k ftthfo"ksPNra lek%** (Yajurveda 40.2) the water sees that water is not here but should be 82. m|kua rs iq#"k uko;kue~ (Atharvavaeda 8.1.6) – O got from where it is. This knowledge is called ‘ab- Man! God ahs created you to rise high, not to fall sence’ evidence. low. THEISM POPULARITY 91. Belief and faith in existence is belief in existence of 83. A person will reach the pinnacle of popularity by show- god or theism. See the unseen in the seen, the large in ing love towards the younger, respect towards the the small, and the tree in the seed. The dwarf is also elders, giving the credit of success to everyone, al- the giant. ways remaining happy and positive thought. FATE VIRTUE 92. Just as a sculptor makes stone idols, we too scupt 84. Doing good towards oneself and others is virtue and our own destinies. doing harm is vice. A CALL SACRIFICE 93. mfÙk"Br tkxzr izkI; ojku~ fucksèkr (Kathopanishad 85. The meaning of sacrifice is – leaving aside bound- 3.14). arise! Wake up! Move towards your goal with aries and entering into the limitless and immeasurable courage, valour, intellect, bravery and hard work. Your eternity. Sacrifice does not mean letting go but mak- destination is calling you, go and acquire it. ing the vastness known to oneself. Only by entering 94. Do now, get now. Do yourself, get yourself. If not zero does birth and solution take place. It is only by now, then never. ^^dk;± ok lkèk;s;a nsga ok ikr;s;a**. meditation that you can enter a zero-like state. 86. It is only by entering the unknown that the doors of Do or die. Can cut, but cannot move away. Ved the known will be opened. It is only by reaching the Bhagavat advises. stage of thoughtlessness that you will attain divine u efj";fr u efj";fr ek fcHks%A thought. u oS r=k e`;Urs uks ;UèUre%AA 87. When each birth of qualities has occurred then the loksZ oS r=k thofr xkSj'o% iq#"k% i'kq%AA attractions fail to attract the person any more and he ;=ksna czã fØ;rs ifjfèkthZouk;de~AA becomes free from life. (Atharvaved 8.2.24-25). 88. To make a change it is not time but determination You will not die, fear not. He who fears dies. He that is required. The wickedest of wicked people can who does not fear does not die. Make the strength change with just one moment of pure resolution or of the Supreme Lord your security shield. No power thought and become good. on earth can defeat you. SUCCESS SURRENDER 89. No person is great by birth, nor is anyone high or 95. The abandonment of the Ego is surrender. Jealousy, low by birth. Even in Indian culture, the caste sys- hatred, intolerance, wickedness, thirst, anger are all tem is not based on birth but on work. Deeds make a divergences of arrogance. Hence, always live life as man great. One who dedicates his life in performing a witness. 96. Never consider yourself to be master. We are all trust- his duties with constant effort, courage, patience, ees of the trust of God. The complete end of afflic- bravery, hard work and valour definitely reaches the tions is reaching God. pinnacle of success in life. Truth and continuous work THE RESOLUTION OF A DISCIPLE is success. The constant flow of work is success. 97. u"Vks eksg% Le`fryZCèkk RoRizlknkUe;kP;qrA EVIDENCE fLFkrks¿fLe xrlUnsg% dfj";s opua roAA 90. That which is known through the sense organs and (Gita 18.73) the mind is perceiving; knowledge of fire after seeing O Teacher! My attachment has gone away with your smoke, etc. is assumption; those which have similar pure proximity. I am now available to my soul. With forms is comparison, such as comparing a cow with your grace, all my ignorance, attachment, and illu- a Nilgai; and the true advice of completely reliable sions are gone and I know that I am the ever-young, and God, that is godlike great men, is called ‘word’ immortal, constant, indestructible, unchangeable, evidence. The history that is based on such ‘word’ light, energy, peaceful soul. Now I am established in evidence and a path free from untruth is called tradi- my form and in my form I see your image. O Teacher! tional theory. If by saying one thing, the second thing O yogeshar! I will now follow your words completely is understood without being said, it is called Arthapatti. without any doubt. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 44
    • 1. LEAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS, MAKE PERSONAL good can come out of this for any nation or society. AND PUBLIC LIFE PURE! A truthful person is not very good at acting. It is also Character and self-respect falling victims to equally true that acting cannot be considered as the real- selfishness ity. Our soul is always aware of acting and truth. Hence, Double standards of people are the biggest hurdle to we have to leave this pageantry, drama and superstition the rise and progress of any society. A lot of contrast is and move towards the truth. Only then will our internal seen between our personal and social life today. Accord- and external personalities would be one. ing to the Indian Vedic tradition of “Yadantar Tad Bahya 2. GIVE SUCH A FORM TO RELIGION THAT EVERY Yad Bahya Tadantaram”, our internal and external lives PERSON ON EARTH COULD ACCEPT IT used to be the same. Unfortunately, today, Some questions connected with religion, God and the the people mounted at the crest of religion Constitution force us to think. Religion, God and the laws and politics have started singing a new and rules of a nation, in a way, play an im- tune: Look at our social lives and do not portant role in increasing friendship, try to peep into our personal lives. Iron man kindness, love, goodwill, happiness, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Lal Bahadur peace and prosperity in a nation. Un- Shastri, Maharshi Swami Dayanand fortunately, some representatives of Saraswati and Yogi shri Arobinda, etc were different communities are spreading such great men whose internal and exter- illusion in the name of religion for nal lives were pure and without any stain. cheap publicity. They know Unfortunately, the religious and political very well that religion never leaders today have turned traditions and permits the breaking of principles upside down. Earlier, political hearts and spreading of ha- leaders used to do Shirsasana, and hence the coun- tred. try used to run well. Nowadays, leaders have Even then, because of stopped doing Shirsasana, thus the country is turn- narrowness, they misuse re- ing upside down and doing it. This is why in the ligion. Such a person is very education sector, sex education is being advocated harmful to a nation and so- instead of yoga education. ciety. One should never At present, approximately 4500 companies across doubt the proofs given by the country are selling products made with zero tech- sages and great men. However, nology to the people and every year approximately 90,000 it is possible that maybe it is not crore rupees are being sent out of the country in the form religion that religious leaders, pandits, granthis, mullah- of profits of these companies. Even in the neighbouring maulavis or fathers are doing, may be it is just an illusion country of China, multinational companies run according or betrayal in the name of religion. The selfishness, obsti- to the Chinese government. There, major portion of the nacy, ignorance or arrogance of these religious leaders profits have to be spent by the MNCs in local develop- won’t let you get introduced to the truth. Or else, if you ment and they have to take the permission of the govern- too hunt for religion, truth and goodness with the light of ment to take the profit out of the country. There is no obstinacy, selfishness, arrogance or ignorance, then you such provision in India. We say ‘Bande Mataram’ but do too won’t be able to get introduced to the truth. Hence, not mean it. This is harmful for the nation. National char- hunt for religion, truth and goodness with the light of acter and self-respect is disappearing today. Entangled in science, knowledge and self-knowledge, leaving aside selfishness and narrowness, society has forgotten its val- obstinacy. Our learned sages have saidthat , Become you ues and I do not know where it wants to end up. Every are your own guru. Search for knowledge, truth and god person is acting. It is true that it is very nice to see acting, from within. but it is also an eternal truth that a person needs to live in At the time of India’s independence, some scholars reality. Acting out the emotions of love, patriotism, power, studied the Constitutions of many counties. The laws made knowledge, capability, meditation, devotion, form, grace, by the British who abided by the primary law of “Put purity and skill, people are moving quite far away from your foot down and rule”, the laws that were made by the truth. This is dangerous for culture of mankind. No them to rule over us were included as it is in the Indian ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 45
    • Constitution. In the present circumstances, it is impor- happiness, light and peace, a person becomes so absorbed tant to take another look at the laws regarding religion in Omkar, the Supreme Lord, that he forgets himself. He and the Constitution and it is necessary to have a discus- just experiences the divine joy of God – this is nothing- sion with a positive view on some aspects of these. It ness. Maharshi Dayanandji used to say the person who must be kept in mind that the religious feelings and faith meditates, the mind with which he meditates and the thing of people are not hurt. on which he meditates, exists. However, in Samadhi, the A solution should be found to prevent division in the soul is absorbed only to attain the Lord’s form of joy, name of casteism, fanaticism and religion. At this time, it peace and light, and in the light. Just as a person upon is important to solve many burning issues and questions. diving into water remains under water for some time, In ancient times, when there was no religious text, was similarly man emerges himself in the joy of the Supreme there a kingdom of irreligion? Thousands of years ago, Lord to get joy in Samadhi. This thing is said by the sage there was no temple, mosque, gurudwara or church on in another way. Just as an iron rod placed in fire acquires earth. Everyone used to pray to the Lord under the open the form of fire, similarly in the light of the divine knowl- skies. The question is were people of those days happy edge of god, the soul too becomes enlightened and for- or are they happier now while praying in temples getting the body, etc. becomes ecstatic with the and mosques? Lord’s light and knowledge. This is Samadhi. The definition and language of sci- Shri Bhoj Maharaj gives the meaning of ence is same across the world. Reli- Samadhi in this way:^^lE;xk/h;rs ,dkxzh gion is also a science of life. Why fØ;rs fo{ksiku~ ifjâR; euks ;=k l lekf/ can’t its description and language %**A (Bhojvriti Vibhutipad 3.3) also be the same? Some organi- That in which the mind is re- zations established in the name moved from perplexity and is con- of religion are spreading illu- centrated, is called Samadhi. The sions. To maintain unity, moral- first words described in Yogdarshan ity, administration and justice in are “Savitark Samapti”. In medita- society, a Constitution and law tion, differences remain between and order are required. In the word, meaning and knowledge and same way, to maintain happi- when there is and of all reasoning ness, peace and joy in our inter- (Nirvitak Samapti), it should be un- nal lives, religion is necessary. We derstood as the state of Samadhi. In humans before we are Hindus, this state of ecstasy of Sampragya Muslims or Christians, then why Samadhi, the devotee gets the blessing can’t the Constitution and religion of of god in the form of divine knowledge. the entire world be one? Why can’t After this there are various stages of learned men decide an equal constitution Samadhi –Nirbeej (seedless) Samadhi. There for world peace? is a layer of past experiences in the worldly in- Why shouldn’t all women get equal rights? One tellect of experiences, pleasures and desires. When should also notice the reservation going on in the nation these experiences and their influences are removed along on the basis of caste and religion. Actually the time has with the seed then all afflictions get completely cured. come now to move away from the shelter of the temple, Then the possibility of attachment and bondage also dis- mosque, church, parliament and assemblies and move appears. This is called Nirbeej Samadhi. This is the ful- under the open skies where every good and learned per- fillment of yoga and life. Asceticism is the highest peak son talks about religion and the Constitution. Religion and of knowledge. Reaching this pinnacle through yoga is Constitution should be defined on the basis of human Moksh, on attaining which the yogi feels that he has at- values and emotions leaving aside selfishness, narrow- tained everything that has to be attained and all afflictions ness and obstinacy. Religion and Constitution should be (false knowledge, false memory, anger, hatred and at- given such a form that every individual and every nation tachment) that had to be removed have been destroyed; can adopt it. Religion is for uniting, for peace and non- as if the cycle of obtaining one body from another has violence. It is not a weapon for breaking or for spreading been torn apart. restlessness and hatred. 4. SPIRITUALISM IS THE SOLUTION TO ALL PROBLEMS 3. THE JOY OF GOD’S AUTHORITY IN SAMADHI A person who attains self-knowledge remains THE ROAD TO FULFILLMENT OF LIFE AND SALVA- far from corruption, religious fanaticism and crime TION IS HIDDEN IN HIGHEST PEAK OF KNOWLEDGE Maharshi Patanjali’s yoga begins after going beyond Meditating upon the Lord, who is the very image of the mind. Only when we go above the mind, our person- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 46
    • ality attains divinity, equilibrium and comprehensiveness. 5. RELIGION IS BEING DEFINED ON THE BASIS OF The mind contains obstinacy; the mind has the reality- SELFISHNESS less past and innumerable fantasies of the future. We want Leave aside thoughts of salvation and heaven, to live in the known and are scared of the unknown. That do your work! is why we are not able to gather courage to do something There is a need for positive change in the present po- new – because the unknown is hidden, mysterious and litical and religious thought. Politicians pride themselves unsaid. It is true that only those people have given some- in saying that they are indifferent towards religion. How- thing new to the world and only those people can do ever, they forget that no one can live without religion. something new, who have gathered courage and dived Religion is not merely another name for going to the into the unknown. There mysteries will be revealed, so- temple, mosque, gurudwara or chapel. Religion is the name lutions will be found and illusion, fear and delusion will of those values, rules and limits, following which will end. There is obstinacy and narrowness in the mind, there bring joy, peace and prosperity to the person, family, na- are boundaries and bondages in the mind. To obtain the tion and world. Religion is the carrying out of duties and vast, limitless eternity, you have to enter the conscious responsibilities with sincerity. Religious indifference does mode. not mean insulting people who have many different reli- We have made our life’s centre outside. “I” means gious and spiritual faiths or unrestrained war on some- land, mansion, money, wealth, authority, status, youth one; it is also not about abusing the majority society and and the wish to gather external wealth. This is where the declaring yourself to be the well wisher and supporter of journey of life’s destruction begins because a person con- a minority community. In fact, from the point of view of siders his identity and personality to be outside. Thus, linguistic science, the word religious indifference is mean- even his prayers of becoming great or happy in life are ingless because every person, thing or substance is influ- also built outside. Earlier, a person used to be considered enced by religion, and is not indifferent to it. great because of his wide vision, sacrifice, restraint, It is unfortunate that today we have declared external struggle and life values. Today, the standards of great- rituals of worship as religion and across the entire world ness are external pomp. Hence, a person gathers wealth today, we mostly see illusion, wickedness, hatred and and considers the progress of his wealth to be the ulti- religious conversions going on in the name of religion. If mate truth of life and in the final hours regrets that what- we look at history, we will know that 2000 years ago, ever he had obtained in his life, that waste is getting re- there was no monastery, temple, mosque or church on moved from him. The wealth, status and authority, which earth. Approximately before 2000 years, there was no hasbeen obtained after losing our night’s sleep and day’s knowledge of Puranas, Quran or the Bible. Before 5000 peace, would from us at the time of death. years, there was no knowledge of the Gita and before 9 The sorrow is not of death but of losing everything lakh years, even the Ramayana wasn’t there. So, didn’t and of where will I go after the unknown or death. The religion exist before this? The cultural history of India is main point of the thoughts and philosophy of the sages of many lakhs of years old, and at that time, the great sages India is life and death. Today we just think while placing of India considered life values to be religion. life at the centre. All the theories of progress and science The great sage Manu declared patience, forgiveness, restraint, purity, control of senses, learning, truth and the are centered only on life. People are scared of death and absence of anger as the religion. By forgetting non-vio- they are thus not even prepared to think about it. I have lence, truth, equality, contentment and global friendship, never opposed materialism, science and progress. How- we are considering our external life to be religion. Just as ever, it is also true that I have always kept self-knowl- the word religious indifference is meaningless, the word edge as the primary goal in life. Without the equilibrium religious conversion is also meaningless because when of materialism and spiritualism, the hope of a healthy, truth, non-violence, sacrifice, love, tolerance, sensitivity, prosperous and happy world will remain a dream. service and good to others is religion then what is the A completely spiritual person remains far from cor- meaning of religion conversion? If by religious conver- sion our life’s values do not change, then what is the ruption, crime, casteism and religious fanaticism. He who need for religion conversion? Religion inspires us to leave has identified the real “I’ beyond the body and the mind aside our selfishness and take up universal feelings so and has himself seen the diffusion of the “I” will not why is there the selfishness of reservation in the name of betray others in this manner. He cannot be a traitor to his religion and feeling of difference? Conspiracy in the name nation; he cannot be an accomplice in bribery, theft, of religion is a hurdle in the way of the country’s progress. Hence, the people representing the various religious or- dacoity, murder and crime. Spiritualism is the answer to ganizations also should not define religion according to the burning problems of people and the nation. their own needs. Dividing the nation on the basis of reli- ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 47
    • gion and caste is dangerous for national unity and integ- by some superstitions, bad behaviour and false obstina- rity. Unfortunately, the system given in the Constitution cies associated with the communities, which are very in the name of religion, caste and sub-caste has been difficult to get rid of. Can there be such rules and regula- misused by politicians to divide the nation. We have to tions or limits on which each person of the world can rise above our own needs and should not identify our- walk? That which will not compromise the unity and in- selves on the basis of caste, religion or community. We tegrity of any country or person; that which can be ac- should not doubt the theories of great learned men and cepted by each individual and life’s complete peace, hap- sages. However, it is possible that religion is not what is piness and joy can be found? One such path on which being preached by religious leaders, pandits, granthis, each person on earth can walk with complete indepen- mulla-maulvi or fathers. It may be an illusion and betrayal dence fearlessly and complete happiness, peace and joy in the name of religion. These aforementioned religious of life can be obtained is the eight-fold yoga established leaders do not let you know the truth because of their by the sage Patanjali. This is not any sect, religion or own selfish needs, obstinacy, ignorance and arrogance. community but a complete way of life. If the people of And if you yourself start defining religion being over- the world are serious about establishing world peace then come by obstinacy, selfishness, arrogance or ignorance this is the only solution – practice of eight-fold yoga. It is then you too won’t get to know the truth. Hence, search only through eight-fold yoga that personal and social equal- for religion, truth and goodness with the light of science, ity, physical health, mental peace and spiritual joy can be knowledge and self-knowledge, leaving aside obstinacy. experienced. The teachers and external guides may misguide you. Astang yoga or eight-fold yoga stands the test of reli- Hence, our great sages have said, ‘become your own gion, spirituality, humanitarianism and science. If the guru’. Search for religion, truth and the Supreme Lord bloody battles on earth can be stopped by any method from within. Indianess is our identity, humanitarianism is then it is this – Astang yoga. Astang yoga has the unique our religion and mankind is our caste. Living with this co-existence of the highest level of spirituality from gen- feeling, we will consider our work to be our worship. eral behaviour to meditation to Samadhi. 6. REAL GLOBAL PEACE WILL BE ESTABLISHED 7. NON-VEGETARIAN FOOD HARMS HUMAN SENSI- ONLY BY EIGHT-FOLD YOGA TIVITY – This has stood the test of the life processes of Meat eating destroys kindness, pity, love and other religion, humanity and science good qualities Every person on earth wants peace and happiness. Maharshi Charak had a very beautiful view on food. All the nations of the world agree on the point that peace Once Maharshi Charak asked his disciple, ‘Who is not should be established on earth. Each year, for this reason sick, that is who is healthy?” Maharshi’s learned student only, one person gets honoured with the Nobel Prize for Bhagbhatt replied, “One who eats beneficial food, in the peace. right quantity and eats food suitable to the season.” Un- Everyone, according to his or her intellect, thinks about derstand your nature (Vat, Pitta and Kapaha) and take this but a solution that is acceptable by all has not come food according to that. Food decides a person’s nature about. Someone says that on a day when certain religion and behaviour. Vegetarianism cools temperament. Meat is the only religion on earth there will be peace. Someone eating builds up anger in a person. If your nature is Vata else says that if everyone surrenders to a certain God or wind, then you should leave wind-building substances (great man, incarnation or guru), there will be global peace such as rice and sour things and keep using choti pippali, and happiness. In India, there is an overflow of commu- dry ginger, ginger, etc. People with pitta nature should nities, religious thoughts and gurus and each one makes not eat hot, fried stuff and meals with raw cucumber the claim that waling on the path shown by them will lead however gourds, etc are beneficial. Kapha people should to global peace and happiness. There is no such clarity, not eat lot of cold substances such as rice, curd, butter- spread or completeness in all these routes that they would milk, etc. Eating food according to what is available in be accepted by entire mankind. Each has its own limita- the season keeps diseases away. Meals taken at odd times tions. lead to indigestion and ill health. There has been autocratic establishment and bloody In the morning, between 8-9am, it is good to take a battles for the aforementioned religions but there has been light drink or fruits. The less use of cooked food in the no outcome. Restlessness is on the increase. This means morning is better. People who are above 50 years of age that the issues that the people of the world have been should not eat cooked food in the morning. It is best to thinking about are meaningful but lack completeness, take the midday meal between 11-12’o clock in the after- wideness and totality. On accepting these popular sects, noon. It is okay to have your food between 12-1pm in communities and aforementioned religions, a person gets the afternoon but after that it is not advisable. For the a little peace on one side and on the other, he gets trapped evening meal, 7-8 pm is the best time, 8-9 pm is okay but ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 48
    • as far as possible should not be taken after 9pm. Talking in all the other nations as in India? I will say that we have during meals lead to poor chewing and you also end up unnecessarily harboured an illusion. A cat crossing the eating more. Chew well while eating. One mouthful should road is inauspicious, sneezing is inauspicious! What is be chewed 32 times or at least 20 times. Eating food wrong if you sneeze? This is a common phenomenon of while chewing also removes feeling of hatred. There is a the body. What is inauspicious in it? shlok in Sanskrit which means – ‘He who drinks water It is understandable that when a wild animal moves in after getting up in the morning, drinks milk after his front of you, you let it go. You wait for a while because evening meal and buttermilk after his midday meal, such they have the first right to walk on the path, but what is a person does need the Vedas.” Do not use meat, eggs, this superstition of it being inauspicious for them to cross etc. in your food. God has made us vegetarian. We can your path? Do we think before eating whether eating meat, all survive eating rotis which does not involve violence, alcohol, etc. is auspicious or inauspicious for us or not? then why do we have to kill living beings, end their be- Before you are about to do something, just be silent for a loved lives in order to live? It is better to die than to live moment and ask your conscious soul, and listen atten- like this. Meat eating ends human qualities such as pity, tively to whatever reply comes to you from within and kindness, sympathy, love, feeling of oneness, respect and do as directed. You will never be cheated. Whenever you devotion. Men become demons. The stomach of meat- are about to do some good work and there is a feeling of eaters is like a graveyard. joy, energy and enthusiasm within you, you should un- 8. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND IN GOD! derstand that your guru, astrologer, scriptures and God Auspicious and inauspicious is within us is motivating you to do that task. Whenever you What is auspicious? This question arises are about to do something wrong and there is again and again in front of us and wants a fear within you and you are in doubt, a solution because every person is and there is a feeling of shame and dis- afraid of the inauspicious. We have like then you should understand that this heard from our childhood to avoid is inauspicious for you. All directions, inauspicious work and to protect days, time and moments are made by oneself from the inauspicious. We God. These are all auspicious. Instead do rituals to protect ourselves from of depending on others, believe in the inauspicious and before em- yourself and in God! Everything will barking on any task or journey we be auspicious. calculate the auspicious time, po- 9. SHORTAGE OF SELF-CONFI- sition of stars, etc. Days are di- DENCE, vided into auspicious and inauspi- NOT OF SKILLS cious, we hunt for auspicious and Defeat western and cosmo- inauspicious in planets and even politan culture with nationalism in directions we establish auspi- and spiritualism cious and inauspicious. Be it for I am proud that I have been born any purification ritual such as in India and I feel self-confident of name-giving ceremony, sacred the fact that I am an inheritor of the thread ceremony, etc. we are al- world’s oldest and wealthiest culture, ways alert about auspicious-inaus- civilization and traditions. All the cultures picious, and we move out in search of the world revolve around 2000-3000 of those people who are said to be years while in India, we see in the resolu- learned or else read our horoscopes, plan- tions that we take in our various religions the etary positions or faults in directions. glorious, golden history that has been continuously When man gets turned down by everyone and he gets flowing since the beginning of the creation. betrayed even after trying everything, then he sits down In the holy moments of the beginning of the new vic- in a hopeless state dependent on fate and finally becomes torious, golden year, let us think about our past, present an atheist. But have you ever gathered the courage to and future. Taking pride in our past, let us work towards think what is auspicious? Instead of asking others, have a hopeful and bright future with a mission, by being alert, you asked yourself? What is auspicious? Let us ask our- awake, intelligent and hard working in the present. The selves this question and become silent for a moment. The nation that has no pride and self-confidence in its past, solution will come on its own, from within. Others might no hard work in the present or no hope towards the fu- cheat you but you will never be able to cheat yourself. ture, that nation will be ruined. This is what the English Are there the same standards of auspicious-inauspicious did to us. Indians who sing the praise of the motherland ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 49
    • have been taught and are still being taught that we are the Maharshi Patanjali did not consider the vision of any children of monkeys and not of mother earth or mother idol or image to be meditation. He says – the complete India. This false evolution theory of Darwin is now being end of afflictions is obtaining God. Maharshi says – the disregarded even by western scientists and we still go by aim of kriyayog is Samadhi, Sanbodhi, Swarupolabdhi, this theory that erases our self-respect and identity. We and complete end of afflictions. He advices eight-fold are the children of not monkeys but of sages such as yoga to clean the impurities of the intellect. Describing Ram, Krishna, Gautam, Kapil, Kanad, Gemini, Brahma, the eight-fold yoga of yam, niyam, asana, pranayam, Panini, Patanjali, etc. Even today history books give us pratyahar, dharana, dhyan and Samadhi, he says that with- lessons that continue to enslave us. out observing these eight, it is impossible to obtain per- We do have any respect towards our ancestors and sonal or global peace. Behind all the processes and reac- only enjoy the songs of praise of foreigners. When talk tions of yoga of Maharishi Patanjali, there is one goal and arises of the early scientists, we remember Einstein and that is removal of darkness and impurity. Doubts, illu- Newton but forget great scientists such as Vishwamitra sion, obstinacy should break. After this you do not have and Bhascaracharya. Before the time people even listened to go anywhere, all solutions will come to you. He talks to talk of aircraft as if in a story, Maharshi Bharadwaj of obtaining fulfillment through restraint with the help of wrote his text on aircraft and also knew how to build concentration of dharana, meditation and Samadhi, He aircraft. When we discuss mathematicians, we read about speaks of the knowledge of the past and eternity with the foreign names such as Pythagoras in book but tend to help of restraint and explains the way to concentrate in- forget great Indian mathematicians such as Aryabhatta ward. He also teaches about akashman and parkaya en- and Shridhar. It is a mockery that when a child joins the try. He also explains how to obtain fulfillments such as MBBS course to become a doctor or the MD to special- Anima, Laghima, Garima, etc. Maharshi Patanjali also ize, there is not even a single mention of the first fathers unveils the mysteries of physical science and universal of Ayurveda, Maharshi Charak and the father of surgery, science. Susrut. Maharshi Patanjali introduces us to the smallest mys- No other country in the world has as much potential teries of nature. He discusses doubtful, doubtless, as India. Even today, in the global level, great doctors, thoughtful, thoughtless Samadhi. He had a totally scien- engineers, scientists, economists, thinkers, poets, writ- tific viewpoint. His path is one of truth, love, surrender ers, etc. are the glorious children of India. Even in the and complete joy. He enables us to feel the accuracy, business sector, people such as Laksmi Mittal have dis- destructibility and sorrow absorbing capacity of nature. turbed the sleep of multinational corporations. There is He describes yoga as a science. He also tells of a definite no lack of talent in our country. There has been a decline result for each yoga process. He considers the union of in our self-confidence and self-respect. In the new year, gyanyog (knowledge), bhaktiyog (devotion) and karmyog let us unite and move ahead on all sectors with full confi- (work) to yoga. He is not one-sided. He does not hold dence and self-respect and increase the honour of mother any obstinacy. He travels through the spiritual with the India. viewpoint of science. He does not chase you away, he 10. ONLY THE COMPLETE REMOVAL OF DOUBTS awakens you. He keeps you steady between battle and AND AFFLICTIONS CAN HELP US OBTAIN GOD escape. I admire Patanjali because I find complete truth The union of knowledge, work and devotion is in whatever he advices. No one has inspired me more the completeness of yoga than Maharshi Patanjali, As the level of our conscious- Maharishi Patanjali inspires us to leave our clutches ness will rise with yoga, the doors of the mysteries of and become self-dependent. Scriptures, guru, tradition, yoga too will open for us. We should just move ahead on beads, markings on the forehead, temple, mosque, mon- the road of devotion, and God himself will help us. I am astery, gurudwara, church – these are all supports, myself a devotee and can see that truth is gradually get- clutches. Maharishi Patanjali makes us truly religious and ting uncovered. The goal of all of us is obtaining com- ‘astik’. But he does not do any acting. He says, you your- plete truth, knowledge of self and search for reality. self are the centres of religion. He does not divide religion 11. INDIAN CULTURE IS NOT AGAINST SCIENCE into symbols. He motivates you to walk towards your According to Yajurveda, invention of science is goal on your own. He asks us to remain constant in sor- also necessary for a happy life row and joy, praise and insult, cold and hot, action and What are the reasons for greatness of cultures earlier reaction, victory and defeat! Do penance! Practise self- to western culture, or Indian culture? This question arises thinking! Move ahead on the road to self-knowledge with again and again in the minds of the youth of the nation. penance, struggle, hard work and sincerity. Along with Some grown people in our nation ignores our tradition of this, totally surrender unto god! This entire process will science and technology and considers only religion, spiri- wash away the dirt from your mind! Your afflictions will tuality, chanting, penance, fasting and rituals to be an wash away. Indian culture. When a youth does not go to the temple ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 50
    • and apply tilak, the elders of the house say in a very hope- field and the agricultural field. This is because whatever less and weary voice, ‘What to do, generation has changed is sown in the fields ultimately comes into the human – children have forgotten culture, customs, traditions and field, that is, it comes into the stomach. The human body only blindly follow western ways.’ is nourished by food grains and milk from animals that is On the other hand, some learned people take pride in again formed from the grass they chew. The green revo- deriding Indian religion, spiritual culture and sanatan tra- lution has had some bad effects on both the fields – agri- dition as superstition, fraud and hypocrisy, and think they cultural as well as the body. With the bad effects of dan- have become developed, and they joke about religious gerous chemicals, the fields are either barren or are in the people as ignorant, foolish, etc. In the 40th chapter of process of becoming barren. With the entry of chemical Yajurveda, it is written that the people for whom science products inside the stomach, there has been an onslaught and technological progress is the only goal in life live in of terrible diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart dis- utter darkness; but in deeper darkness than them are those eases, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid, kidney and who live life only engrossed in devotion, rituals and spiri- liver diseases, etc. With the heavy use of chemical fertil- tuality, ignoring everything else. izers, the land has decreased its fertility and at the same It is further described in Yajurveda that to live happilytime, with the sexual prowess and fertilizers of men, in- in this world scientific inventions are also necessary and fertility is increasing in women. If we take a look at the for happiness and peace of the soul, spirituality in the total use of fertilizers in 2003-2004, the heart beats rap- form of devotion, worship, meditation and Samadhi are idly as 16 thousand million 80 crore kg of chemicals had also very necessary. That is in Indian culture, material- been offered to mother earth in just one year. ism and spiritualism are believed to complement each If we divide this amount by India’s population, which other. In the absence of study, understanding and thought, we consider to be 112 crore, then an average of 15 kgs Indian culture is today only concentrated on temples and have been used per person. Approximately 1.25 kg of holy places. This is not proper. Equal importance is given poison comes into a family every month, and affects ev- to knowledge, science and worship in the Vedas. Indian eryone from babies to old people. The illusionary rumour culture is not one-sided, it is multifaceted. that crop production is increasing because of urea and Our ancestral sages were experts in geology, astrol- chemical fertilizers is being spread all over the nation pri- ogy, surgery and philosophy. Our forefathers were fa- marily to satisfy selfish needs. The reality, on the other miliar with all knowledges including aircraft science, tele- hand, is that the naturally produced insects in the soil are phone, television, education and health, etc. Unfortunately, being destroyed because of excessive use of urea. Crop after Mahabharat the downfall of Indian culture began. production increases because of the fertilizer that is pro- With the passage of time, the description of religion and duced on their death and not because of urea. Urea on culture was limited to the fulfillment of selfish whims mixing with animal dung produces a chemical reaction and we limit our scientific religion to only external rituals. that increases crop production. Try and use only urea Today, it has again become necessary to rise above without any animal dung or leaves, and you will see that obstinacy and selfishness and look at Indian tradition and even the crop burns out. Another shocking element be- culture with the light of science, and this is the eternal hind these chemical fertilizers is that the manufacturers truth that India and Indians were never against science get Rs 12 lakh to 622 crore each year in the form of and our culture is totally for science. subsidy from the government. The study and research of Vedic socialism, class sys- The government gives this subsidy to companies that tems, Vedic education system, knowledge of ancient manufacture urea and other chemical fertilizers because Ayurvedic tradition, Vedic agricultural tradition, Vedic it is expensive to make such fertilizers and the companies mathematics, Vedic astrology and vastu shastra, etc. is sell them at low costs to the farmers. That is, the govern- necessary. It is only by understanding and experiencing ment makes good the loss of these companies. If the the complete foundation of ancient Indian culture and profit attained from fertilizers is given directly to farmers civilization that we will be able to say with pride that then the necessary crop can be achieved with animal dung Indian culture is better than western culture! fertilizers and organic fertilizers. This won’t lead to any 12. EARTH IS BECOMING BARREN WITH DANGER- shortage of food grains and the fields of mother earth OUS CHEMICALS and the stomachs of human beings will also be safe. At If the profit gained in the name of fertilizers is the same time, the crores of animal wealth being cut don given to farmers then there won’t be any shortage each year will also be safe. If this happens then we will of food grains in the country also be free from the sin of cow slaughter and the fields In the Sanskrit language, the word ‘kshetra’ is used too will be safe from becoming barren. If only! If the equally to denote both the body as well as agricultural minds and hearts of the policy makers of our nation were field. In Hindi literature, the word ‘Khet’ or field is used a little more positive then every field in the nation would instead. There is a deep connection between the bodily have prospered. (Compilation of writings published in 2005). ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 51
    • Supreme Lord. For what use? Only by acquiring him we will be nourished, determined and happy with strengths such as science, etc. for this reason and also the Lord who motivates our wisdom for auspicious works. 5- MAHAMRITYUNJAY MANTRA 1- VEDIC NATIONAL SONG vks3e~&vk czãu~ czkã.kks czãopZlh tk;rkekjk"Vsª vks3e~&=;Ecda ;tkegs lqxfU/ka iqf"Vo/kZue~A jktU;% 'kwj¿b"kO;ks¿frO;kèkh egkjFkks tk;rka nksX/zh mokZ#dfeo cU/kukUe`R;kseqZ{kh; ek¿e`rkr~AA èksuqoksZ<k¿uM~okuk'kq% lfIr% iqjfU/;ksZ"kk ft".kw jFks"Bk% Meaning: We constantly pray to the Rudra-like Lord lHks;ks ;qokL; ;tekuL; ohjks tk;rke~A fudkes who increases the strength of the pure body, soul and fudkes u% itZU;ks o"kZrq iQyoR;ks u vkS"kè;% iP;Urka society. Just like the muskmelon flowers ripen get de- ;ksx{kseks u% dYirke~AA tached from the creeper and becomes equivalent to nec- Lord! Let there be in my nation twice-born Kshtriya tar, similarly we too will get detached from the body and warriors with spiritual energy, who can destroy the life and will never be separated from the bliss of salvation enemy’s army. Let there be milk-producing cows, ani- 6- SWADHYAY MANTRA mals and swift horses. Let the foundation of the nation vks3e~ lg ukoorqA lg ukS HkquDrqA lg oh;± djokogSA be always on the basis of auspicious women. Let there rstfLouko/khreLrqA ek fof}"kkogSAA be strong youth and worthy sons. Give us whatever life- vkss3e~ 'kkfUr% 'kkfUr% 'kkfUr%A span we wish for to do penance for others. Let there be O Lord, protector of all! Protect both of us, master an overflow of fruits and flowers, medicinal and produc- and pupil. Give us the taste of joy. Impregnate us both tivity. Let our freedom come through yoga. with strength. Let our knowledge burn bright for national 2- PRAYER TO MAHARSHI PATANJALI good. Let us never fight with each other, oppose each ;ksxsu fpÙkL; insu okpka eya 'kjhjL; p oS|dsuA other and learn and teach with extreme love. Let us ob- tain the three kinds of peace – Adhyatmik (spiritual), ;ks¿ikdjksÙka çoja equhuka ir´tfya çk´tfyjkurks¿fLeAA Adhibhoutik (material), and Adhidaivik (from pain brought 3- THE HOLY MONOSYLLABLE (OM) about by evil spirits or fate). Take a deep breath and make the sound of ‘OM’ three times 7- PRAYER MANTRA vkss3e~ vlrks ek ln~xe;A relks ek T;ksfrxZe;] 4- GAYATRI MAHAMANTRA e`R;ksekZ¿e`ra xe;A vks3e~&HkwHkqZo% Lo%A rRlforqoZjs.;a HkxksZ nsoL; /khefgA vkss3e~ 'kkfUr% 'kkfUr% 'kkfUr%A f/k;ks ;ks u% izpksn;kr~AA (;tq 0&36@3)] Lord! Take us from falsehood to truth, from dark- (½ 0&3@62@90) ness to light. Free me, O Lord, from the cycle of life and Meaning – Being created from the ‘aa’ accent (vast, death. Fill me with blissful nectar, O Lord! fire, world, etc.), ‘oo’ accent (Brahma, wind, energy, etc.) and ‘ma’ accent (God, Aditya, divine knowledge, 8- MORNING MANTRA etc.), the word ‘Om’ occupies the highest position vks3e~ izkrjfXua izkRkfjUnza gokegs izkrfeZ=ko#.kk izkrjf'oukA amongst all names of the Lord. The meanings of all names izkrHkZxa iw"k.ka czã.kLifra izkrLlkseeqr #nza gqoseAA1AA come into it. The Lord who is more beloved than even vks3e~ izkrftZra Hkxeqxaz gqoe o;a iq=kefnrs;ksZ fo/krkZA s life and who is the basis of the world is also known as vk/kzf'p|a eU;ekuLrqjf'pnzktk fp|a Hkxa Hk{khR;kgAA2AA ‘Bhuh’. He who removes all sorrow from those who are vks3e~ Hkx iz.ksrHkZx lR;jk/kks Hkxseka f/k;eqnok nnUu%A desirous of salvation, that kindhearted Lord is ‘Bhuvah’. Hkx iz.kks tu; xksfHkj'oSHkZx iz u`fHkuZ`oUr% L;keAA3AA He who is omnipresent and keeps a control over the en- vks3e~ mrsnkuha HkxoUr% L;keksr izfiRo mr e/;s vÞuke~A tire world and Brahma is the place of residence for ev- mrksfnrk e?koURlw;ZL; o;a nsokuka lqerkS L;keAA4AA eryone, that Supreme Lord’s name is ‘Swaha’. vks3e~ Hkx ,o Hkxok¡ vLrq nsokLrsu o;a HkxoUr% L;keA He who creates the world and is the father and master ra Rok Hkx loZ bTtksgohfr l uks Hkx iqj ,rk HkosgA5A of everyone, He who is the best and is worthy of choos- 9- EVENING SHIVSANKALPA MANTRA ing, He who is without chaos, sinless, virtueless, pure, vks3e~ ;TTkkxzrks nwjeqnSfr nSoa rnq lqIrL; rFkSoSfrA free from all faults, mature, salvation, science, He who nwjÂea T;ksfr"kka T;ksfrjsda rUes eu% f'koladYieLrqA1A lights and give joy to the entire world – we worship that ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 52
    • vks3e~ ;su dekZ.;ilks euhf"k.kks ;Ks d`.ofUr fonFks"kq /khjk%A your forefathers, carry out your duty well ;niwo± ;{keUr% iztkuka rUes eu% f'koladYieLrqA2A vks3e~ lekuks eU=k% lfefr% lekuh lekua eu% lg fpÙkes"kke~A vks3e~ ;r~ izKkueqr psrks /k`fr'p ;TT;ksfrjUrje`ra iztklqA lekua eU=kefHkeU=k;s o% lekusu oks gfo"kk tqgksfe AA3AA ;LekUu ½rs fdapu deZ fØ;rs rUes eu% f'koladYieLrqA3A Let everyone’s thoughts be the same, let the intellect vks3e~ ;suna Hkwra Hkqoua Hkfo";r~ ifjx`ghree`ru loZeA s s ~ and mind be the same. I give knowledge constantly, let ;su ;KLrk;rs lIrgksrk rUes eu% f'koladyieLrqA4A everyone become good. vks3e~ ;fLeUu`p% lke;twfa "k ;fLeu~ izfrf"Brk jFkukHkkfookjk%A ;fLe¡f'pÙka loZeksra iztkuka rUes eu% f'koladYieLrqA5A vks3e~ lekuh o vkdwfr% lekuk ân;kfu o%A vks3e~ lq"kkjfFkj'okfuo ;Ueuq";kUusuh;rs¿Hkh 'kqfHkokZftu boA lekueLrq oks euks ;Fkk o% lqlgklfr AA4AA âRizfr"Ba ;nftja tfo"Ba rUes eu% f'koladYieLrqA6A Let everyone’s heart and resolution always be tranquil.Let minds be filled with love, which in turn in- 10- MANTRA TO BE SAID AT MEALTIMES creases happiness vks3e~ vUuirs¿UuL; uks nsáuehoL; 'kqf"e.k%A iz iznkrkja rkfj"k Åt± uks /ksfg f}ins prq"insA 12- SANKALPA MANTRA This life of mine is for the nation. I take the resolution 11- SANGATHAN SOOKT that I will offer my body, mind, wealth and life in the vks3e~ la lfe|qols o`"kUuXus fo'okU;;Z vkA yagna of the nation to bring back the lost glory and fame bGLins lfeè;ls l uks olwU;kHkj AA9AA of Mother India. Acquiring self-power and patriotism with O Lord! You are powerful, you build creation.Everyone the help of yoga, I take the resolution that this life of mine sings the Vedas to you, shower wealth on us. is now for the nation. I take the resolution that by awak- vks3e~ la xPNèoa la on/oa la oks eukafl tkurke~A nsok Hkkxa ;Fkk iwosZ latkukuk miklrs AA2AA ening my self-quality and national responsibilities, I will Walk with love, everyone become wise You too, like make India once again the world leader. OM Subscribe for membership of ‘Yog Sandesh’ monthly magazine Office : Patanjali Yog Peeth, Maharishi Dayanand Gram, Delhi-Haridwar Highway, Near Bahadrabad, Hardwar Ph. : 01334&244107] 246737] 240008] 248888] 248999 Fa x No. : 01334&244805] 240664 e-mail: divyayoga@rediffmail.com Sir, I remit a sum of Rs..........................through cash / MO/ DD.............................dt........................ towards the annual/ five yearly / 11 year subscription of ‘Yog Sandesh’. You are requested to send the magazine ‘Yog Sandesh’ in ................................................language at the address mentioned below. Name.................................................................Father’s / Husband’s name ........................................... Address .................................................................................................................................................... Post Office..............................................Dist......................................Region....................................... Pincode............................... Ph. No:(If any) .......................................................................................... Please Note 1. Subscription: Annual - Rs.150, Five-year - Rs.700, 11 year - Rs.1500 2. The DD should be payable in the name of ‘Divya Yog Mandir Trust’ 3. Outstation drafts should include Rs.70 as additional charges. 4. Please fill in the name and full address in the form. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 53
    • GIVING VOICE TO EARTH WILL ECHO TODAY WITH THE RESPECTED SWAMI RAMDEVJI’S SLOGANS OF SELF-RESPECT REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHTS AND THE RESOLUTION OF BHARAT SWABHIMAN (TRUST) vkt rks xwatsxh ;s /kjrh LokfHkeku ds ukjksa ls Vdjk;saxh ;s vkoktsa ns'k ds igjsnkjksa ls REVOLUTIONARY SONG oans ekrje~-------------------4AA fo'o xq: Hkkjr dks cukus] pys gSa eLr fnokus js lsok] lerk vkSj esgur ds] xkrs gq, rjkus js tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkeku! Hkkjr u;k cukus dks ge] LoxZ /jk ij yk;sa js tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkekuA g¡lrs&xkrs xqtj tk;asxs] dk¡Vks ls vaxkjksa lsA izkph dh papy fdj.kksa ij] vk;k Lo.kZ fogku&2AA Vdjk;saxh ;s vkoktsa ns'k ds igjsnkjksa lsAA c<+rs vR;kpkj ;qxksa ls LokfHkeku fiQj tkxkA oans ekrje~-------------------4AA nwj gqvk vKku lHkh dk tu&x.k&eu gS tkxkA 100 izfr'kr ernku djsx] Hkz"Vkpkj feVkus dks as ;ksx½f"k us vkt lquk;k] laLÑfr dk t;xku&2AA vc xk¡oksa dh vksj c<+saxs] ns'k dks LoLFk cukus dks tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkeku---- jk"Vªokn Lohdkj djax] ns'k dks ,d cukus dks s s Åij fge ls <dh [kM+h gS] os ioZr ekyk;saA Hkkjr ek¡ dks eqDr djsx] Hkkjr ds xn~nkjksa lsA a s lqyx jgh gS Hkhrj&Hkhrj] izy;adj Tokyk;saA Vdjk;saxh ;s vkoktsa ns'k ds igjsnkjksa lsAA mu yiVksa esa nh[k jgk gS] Hkkjr dk mRFkku&2AA oans ekrje~-------------------4AA tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkeku------ ugha tqMs+ gSa tks Hkh gels] vHkh oDr gS vkvks js [kqyk 'kEHkq dk us=k vkt fiQj] og izy;adj tkxkA Hkz"Vkpkj feVkus dks vc] lkFk [kM+s gks tkvks js rkaMo dh og yiVsa tkxs] og f'ko 'kadj tkxkA ubZ vktknh ubZ O;oLFkk] u;k ifjorZu ykvks js rky&rky ij gksrk tkrk] ikiksa dk volku&2AA xwats iwjk ns'k gekjk] Lons'kh ds ukjksa lsA tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkeku---- Vdjk;saxh ;s vkoktsa ns'k ds igjsnkjksa lsA tkx mBh gS okuj lsuk] tkx mBk ouoklhA oans ekrje~-------------------4AA pyk fo'o dks ;ksx&lw=k esa] cka/us ,d lU;klhA vuq'kklu dk ikB i<+k gS] ;ksx&/eZ viuk;k gS 'ka[k ukn dj jgk vkt fiQj] ^^Hkkjr&LokfHkeku**&2AA Hkz"Vkpkj] vU;k;] dq'kklu] ftlus gesa lrk;k gS tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkeku------ Hkkjr dk LokfHkeku txk gS] fot; dk fcxqy ctk;k gS 'kklu ds gSa uke is 'kks"k.k] iQSyk vfo'oklA eqDr djsaxs Hkkjr ek¡ dks] ikiksa vR;kpkjksa lsA Hkz"Vkpkj vU;k; c<+ jgk] iQSyk gS vijk/A Vdjk;saxh ;s vkoktsa ns'k ds igjsnkjksa lsAA tkx mBk Hkkjr dk ukStoka] tkxk fgUnqLrku&2AA oans ekrje~-------------------4AA tkx mBk gS vkt ns'k dk fiQj lks;k vfHkeku------ (The nation’s slumber self-respect has again awak- (Today the earth will resound with the slogans of ened today; With the rays of the east has come a golden self-respect; these sounds will clash with the guards chariot. Self-respect has once again awakened due to of the nation…Bande Mataram increasing atrocity for generations; Ignorance has gone We move forward to make India a world leader; to away and everyone has awakened. Yogarshi has sung make a new India, to bring paradise to earth. Laughing today the victory song of culture. and singing we will cross over embers and thorns. Lovered with the snow this garland of mountains; We will do 100% voting, make India healthy; ac- simmering inside are volcanoes of destruction. In these flames can be seen the rise of India. cept nationalism, make India one. We will free Mother Today again, Lord Shiva has awakened, with each India from traitors. rhythm of his dance, sins get vanquished. The mon- If you haven’t yet joined with us, there is still time, key army has awakened, the forest dwellers have awak- come and join; stand with us to fight corruption; bring ened. An ascetic has moved forward to write the world new freedom, new change, new systems. with yoga. Today, once again Bharat Swabhiman is We have read the texts of discipline, adopted yoga; blowing the conch shell. Corruption, injustice and bad governance, whatever In the name of governance is spread exploitation has tortured us; India’s self-respect has awakened, the and disbelief; corruption and dishonesty is increasing, victory bugle has sounded; We will free India from the crime is on the rise; the youth of India has awakened, atrocities and sins.) Hindustan is awake.) ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 54
    • LIVE FOR HINDUSTAN, NOT FOR HIN- LET MY MIND BE SWADESHI DUS OR MUSLIMS esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'khA fgUnw ds fy;s u eqlyeku ds fy;sA ej tkma rks Hkh esjk] gksos diQu Lons'khAA thuk gS rks th;ks fgUnqLrku ds fy;sAA pêku VwV tk;s rwiQk¡u ?kqeM+ ds vk;sA vkilh erHksn geas thus ugha nsaxsA ns'k u jgk rks ge dSls jgsaxsA xj ekSr Hkh iqdkjs] rks Hkh y{; gks Lons'khAA lkspuk gS gesa bUlku ds fy;sA esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ thuk gS rks th;ks fgUnqLrku ds fy;sAA tks xk¡o esa cuk gks] vkSj xk¡o esa [kik gksA tkfr iaFk dk vkvks Hksn ge feVk;saA ,d gSa ge ,d ;gka cuds fn[kk;saA tks xk¡o dks clk;s] og dke gS Lons'khAA ,d gS ygw dk jax igpku ds fy;sA esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ thuk gS rks th;ks fgUnqLrku ds fy;sAA tks gkFk ls cuk gks] ;k xjhc ls fy;k gksA ;ksx dk nhi vkvks fey ds tyk;saA ns'k vkSj lekt dks LoLFk (lqUnj) cuk;saA ftlesa Lusg Hkjk gks] og phT+k gS Lons'khAA xhrk ds fy;s u dqjku ds fy;sA esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ thuk gS rks th;ks fgUnqLrku ds fy;s------- ekuo dk /eZ D;k gS] ekuo dk nnZ tkusA (Not for Hindus, not for Muslims; if you have to tks djs euq";rk dh] j{kk ogh Lons'khAA live, live for Hindustan esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ Differences will not let live together survive, how will we survive if the nation does not? We have to djsa 'kfDr dk foHkktu] feVs iw¡th dk ;s 'kkluA think for human beings. cus xk¡o LokoyEch] og uhfr gS Lons'khAA Let us remove the differences in caste and creed; We are one and let us show that. The colour of blood esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ is the same for identification. Let us together light the ru esa clu Lons'kh] eu esa yxu Lons'khA lamp of yoga; Let us make the country and society healthy (beautiful). Not for Gita or Quran, if you have fiQj gks Hkou&Hkou esa] foLrkj gks Lons'khAA to live, live for Hindustan.) esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ lc gksa Lotu Lons'kh] gksos pyu Lons'khA GET READY, COMRADES ejrs le; diQu Hkh] njdkj gks Lons'khAA gks tkvks rS;kj lkfFk;ksa gks tkvks rS;kjA esjk gks eu Lons'kh] esjk gks ru Lons'kh------ vxj ns'k ds dke u vk;s rks thou csdkjAA gks tkvks rS;kj---------AA (Let my mind be indigenous, my body be indig- enous. Even if I die, my shroud be indigenous. vfiZr dj nks ru&eu&/u] ek¡x jgk cfynku oruA Mountains may break, storms may come; even if mBs gq, ekFks ds lEeq[k Bgj uk ikrh gkjAA death calls, even then let my aim be indigenous. gks tkvks rS;kj---------AA Whatever is made and sown in the villages; in dk¡i mBs /kjrh vEcj vkSj mBk yks Å¡pk LojA which love pervades, that product is indigenous. What is human religion, only human pain knows. Who ever dksfV&dksfV d.Bksa ls xwts ns'k dh t;&t;dkjAA ¡ protects humanity, he is indigenous. gks tkvks rS;kj---------AA Work together, remove this governance of wealth, villages become self-dependent, that policy is indig- (Get ready comrades; if you are not of use to the nation, your life is wasted. Offer your body, mind, enous. The garments on my body are indigenous, wealth; your nation is asking for a sacrifice. Defeat the will in my mind is indigenous; once again swadeshi cannot remain in front of heads that are raised. The will spread in every house. Everyone will be indig- earth and skies are trembling, and raise your voice. enous, culture will become indigenous, at the time of The victory song of the nation echoes from billions death, even my shroud needs to be indigenous.) of throats) ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 55
    • THE TIME HAS COME TO WAKE UP LET OUR HEARTBEATS, OUR BREATH tkxus dk oDr vk x;k&3AA BE FOR THE MOTHERLAND [kwu gS Lons'k ds fy;s] vku gS Lons'k ds fy;sA ns'k ds fy, th;sa lekt ds fy, th;saA live(Live forsociety; let the nation, vkc: dk ;s loky gS] tku gS Lons'k ds fy;sAA for the ;s /M+dusa] ;s 'okl gksa] these heartbeats and xjtrk rwiQku vkt bu fnyksa esa mB x;kA ekr`Hkwfe ds fy,AA our breath be for the tks >d>ksj dj txk x;k&txk x;kAA xoZ ls lHkh dgsa] ,d gSa ge ,d gSaA nation. tkxus dk oDr vk x;k------ Everyone says with tkfr iaFk fHkUurk esa Lusg lw=k ,d gSaAA pride, we are one; ekSr dh pquksfr;ksa dks lqu] ftanxh dHkh ugha #dhA lw[kZ jax dh NVk lIrjax gS fy,A castes and creeds are dky dh djky 'kfDr ls] ftanxh dHkh ugha >qdhAA ;s /M+dusa] ;s 'okl gksa] different but love is the tks toku ns'k ds fy;s 'kghn gks x;kA ekr`Hkwfe ds fy,A same; From billions of ekSr dks ogh >qdk x;k&>qdk x;kAA ns'k ds fy, th;as lekt ds fy;s th;saAA throats, national duties sound; with your tkxus dk oDr vk x;k------ dksfV&dksfV daB ls jk"Vª/eZ xtZukA strength daily worship ljgnksa dh oks igkfM+;k¡] >kad dj gesa fugkjrhaA fuR; fl¼ 'kfDr ls ekr`Hkwfe dh vpZukAAmotherland; Yoga is ;ksx 'kfDr dy;qxs lq/k gS /eZ ds fy,A the religion of this dark yks lquks ogk¡ dh ?kkfV;k¡] xwatrh gesa iqdkjrhaAA ;s /M+dusa] ;s 'okl gksa] age. bap&bap Hkwfe ge Lons'k dh cpk;saxsA In each person, na- ekr`Hkwfe ds fy,AA tional devotion be diQu cka/ iz.k ;s dj fy;k&dj fy;kAA ns'k ds fy, th;sa lekt ds fy;s th;asAA awakened; and join the tkxus dk oDr vk x;k------ O;fDr&O;fDr esa txs jk"Vª HkfDr&HkkoukAindividual with the so- ciety. (The time has come to wake up; This blood is for O;fDr dks lekt ls tksM+us dh lk/ukAA Countless lamps the nation, dignity is for the nation; this life is for the nk¡o ij lHkh yxs tUe Hkwfe ds fy,A are lit with a divine nation. Today thundering storm has arisen in these ;s /M+duas] ;s 'okl gkas] lamp; Who can blow it hearts, which has awakened everyone with its roar. ekr`Hkwfe ds fy;sA out, which burns even in storms? With bright- Listen to the challenge of death, life has never ns'k ds fy, th;sa lekt ds fy, ft;saAA ness, we move ahead stopped. Life has never bowed down to the power of ,d fnO; T;ksfr ls vla[; nhi ty jgsA tearing apart darkness. time. The youth that have become martyrs for the na- dkSu ykS cq>k lds] vk¡f/;ksa esa tks tysAA Live for the nation, live tion, have made death bow down, bow down. rst iq¡t ge c<a+s leLr frfej phjrs gq,A for the society; and these heartbeats let The mountains in the horizon are looking at us; lis- ns'k ds fy, th;as lekt ds fy, th;saA our breath be for the ten to the valleys there, they are calling out to us. We ;s /M+duas] ;s 'okl gksa] nation.) will save every inch of our land, this is our vow.) ekr`Hkwfe ds fy,AA O’ BRAVEHEART OF THE LAND, BEAR THE BLOW OF TIME! WAKE UP! le; dh ekj lg ysukA Tokj dk Toj bUgha gkFkksa lsA ,s ohj /jk ds tkx tjkA O brave soul of the land, wake ugha #duk esjs lkFkhA tgk¡ ij l[r gks feêðh] fprdkj dgk¡ ls vkrh gSAA up; where is the call coming Lons'kh jkx gh xkukA ogha mxuk esjs lkFkhAA bl ns'k dh vku is feVus dks] from? Mother India is calling ugha >qduk esjs lkFkhAA Lons'kh jkx gh xkuk] Hkkjr ek¡ rq>s cqykrh gSAA ;s dkys lkai iSjksa ls] ugha >qduk esjs lkFkhA you to lay your life for her dig- fyiVrs gSa fyiVus nksA ;s eqf'dy pkj fnu dh gs] Hkkjr dh /jrh LoxZ Hkwfe gS] nity. The land of India is para- ;s dkys n`'; vk¡[kksa esa] fot; ds xhr xkus gSaA ve`r bldk ikuh gSA dise, its water is nectar; each fleVrs gSa fleVus nksA Hkys viuh gFksyh ij] cPpk&cPpk gS Hkxr flag] child is Bhagat singh, sisters are tgu esa vkx dh yiVsa] vHkh ioZr mBkus gSaA cgusa >k¡lh okyh jkuh gSA a Jhansi ki rani. mBk ysuk esjs lkFkhAA tys jguk e'kkyksa ls] fiQj vkt fons'kh ywV jgs] Again foreigners are robbing Lons'kh jkx gh xkuk] ugha #duk esjs lkFkhAA ;g ns[k //drh Nkrh gSAA us, see how the hearts are beat- ugha >qduk esjs lkFkhA Lons'kh jkx gh xkuk] ,s ohj /jk ds tkx tjk------ ing. Today the country is get- Hk¡oj esa gS Hkys d'rh] ugha >qduk esjs lkFkhA vkt xqykeh dh csMh es] + a ting tangled in the nets of sla- fNM+h gS tax jkrksa lsA le; dh ekj lg ysukA ns'k tdM+rk tkrk gSA very; That which we have deco- gesa rks ck¡/uk gS ugha #duk esjs lkFkhAA vc rd ftls ltks;k Fkk] (Bear the blow of time, do not stop my friend; sing only rated is being robbed con- oks fur&fur yqVrk tkrk gSA indigenous tunes, do not bow down, my friend. This black fiQj uk'k djsa ml nq'eu dk] stantly; let us again destroy that snake has encircled the feet, let it be there; these dark gazes ;g lkap gesa g"kkZrh gSAA enemy. There will be no poverty penetrate your eyes, let it penetrate. Pick up bales of fire on ,s ohj /jk ds tkx tjk------ in this nation, nor will there be this land, my friend. bl ns'k esa uk daxkyh gksxh] unemployment; let the money of Even if your boat is in the whirlpool, battles have began the nation remain here, let not in the night. We have to stop the force of the flood with uk gh gksxh csdkjhA these very hands. ns'k dk iSlk jgs ns'k es] a the torturers take it away. Now This difficulties are for only four days, we have to sing ywVsa u vR;kpkjhA India’s self-respect has awak- the song of victory; What if we still have to raise mountains vc ^^Hkkjr LokfHkeku** tkxk] ened, the voice is coming from with our hands now. Burn with torches, do not stop, my vkokt xxu ls vkrh gSAA the skies, O brave soul of the friend; sing only indigenous tunes, do not bow down, my ,s ohj /jk ds tkx tjk------ land, wake up… friend.) ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 56
    • # List of indigenous products for daily use Boycott foreign products Adopt indigenous goods. Product Foreign Indigenous Product Foreign Indigenous Toothpaste/ Most toothpastes are made Danth Kanti, Dant Manjn To become a special member of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust), please fill up this form as directed, cut it here and submit it to the mentioned location. Cold Coca Cola (Coke, Fanta, Rose sherbet, Badam sherbet tooth from bone powder. Colgate, (Patanjali), Powder – MDH, Drinks Sprite, Thums Up, Gold (Patanjali), Milk Lassi, but- powder Hindustan Lever (Close Up, Vicco Vajradanti, Baidyanath, Pepsodent, Cibaka), Aquafresh, Spot, Limca), Pepsi termilk, juice, lemonade, co- Gurukul Pharmacy, Chais, Amway, (Forhans), Oral B, (Lehar, 7Up, Mirinda, conut water, shake, thandai, Neem, Anchor, Miswak, Quantam, etc. Babul, Promise, etc. Slice), Teem, Citra, jal jeera. Rooh Afza, Rasna, Colgate, Close Up, Promise, Ajay, Ajanta, Crush, McDowell Frooti, Godrej Jumpin, etc. Pepsodent, Aquafresh, Monet, Royal, Classic, Dr. Toothbrush Lipton (tiger, Green La- Tea – Divya Pey (Patanjali), Cibaka, etc. Stock, etc. Tea and bel, Yellow Label, Cheers), Brooke Bond Tata, Brahmaputra, Assam, Hindustan Lever (Lux, Kayakanti Aloevera (Patanjali), coffee Girnar. Coffee – Indian (Red Label, Taj Mahal), Liril, Lifebouy, Denim, Nirma, Medimix, Neem, Nima, Geoffrey Phillips, coffee, MR. Bath Soap Camay, Dove, Revlon, Jasmine, Mysore Sandal, Kutir, Polson, Goodricke, Sun- Pears, Rexona, Breeze, Sahara, Himani Glycerine, rise. Coffee – Nestle, Hamam, OK), Ponds, Godrej (Cinthol, Fairglow, Nescafe, Richbru Dettol, Clearsil, Palmolive, Shikakai, Ganga), wipro, Infant Nestle (Lactogen, Honey, dal water, boiled rice, Amway, Johnson Baby, etc. Santoor, etc. food and Cerelac, Nestum, LPF, fruit juice. Amul, Indana, Colgate Palmolive (Halo, KeshKanti (Patanjali), milk Milkmaid, Nespray, Palmolive), Hindustan Wipro, Park Avenue, Everyday), Glaxo Sagar, Tapan, Milk Care, etc. powder Shampoo Lever (Lux, Clinic, Sun Silk, Swatik, Ayur Herbal, Kesh (Farex), etc. Revlon, Lakme), Procter Nikhar, Hair and Care, and Gamble (Pantene, Medi- Nycil, Arnica, Velvette, In most icecreams, there Home-made ice cream, Kulfi, Ice cream care), Ponds, Old Spice, Dabur, Vatika, Bajaj, Nyle, is a layer of animal en- amul, Vadilal’s, milk food, Shower to Shower, Head and trails. Walls, Kwality, Lavender, Godrej, etc. etc. Dollops, Cadbury, etc. Shoulders, Johnson Baby, etc. Hindustan Lever (Surf, Rin, Tata Sudh, Nima, Modi Clothes Sunlight, Wheel, OK, Care, Sahara, Swastik, Salt Annapurna, Captain Akur Salt, Sandhya Namak and utensil Vim), Ariel, Check, Henko, Vimal, Hipolene, Fena, Cook (Hindustan Lever), (Patanjali), Low sodium and washing Revel, Amway, Quantam, Sasha, T-series, Dr. Date, Kissan (BrookeBond), iron – 45 Ankur, Tata, surya, soaps, For woolen clothes – Gadhi. For woolen clothese Pilsbury, etc. Taza, Tara powders Woolwash, Easy. Indigo – – Gentil. Indigo – Ujala, and indigo Robin Blue, Tinapol, Sky- Ranipal, Nirma, chamko, Potato Uncle, Pepsi (Raffles, Bikano savouries, Haldiram, chips and Laher, Kurkure), Fun Home-made chips, Bikaji, lark, etc. Dip, etc. savouries munch, etc. etc. Old Spice, Palmolive, Park Avenue, Premium, Vi- Tomato Fruti jam, apple jam, mixed Nestle, Brooke Bond Shaving Ponds, gilette, Erasmik, sion, Emami, Balsara, Sauce, jan (Patanjali), Home-made (Kissan), Brown and Cream Denim, Yardley, etc. Godrej, Nivea, etc. Fruit jam sauce. Indana, Priya, Rasna, Polson, etc. etc. Shaving Gilette (7’o Clock), Topaz, Gallant, Supermax, Blade Erasmik), Wilman, etc. Lazer, Esquire, Premium, etc. Most chocolates have Jaggery and peanuts, almonds arsenic salt poison. are more healthy. Amla Hindustan Lever (Fair and Kayakanti Aloevera, Kayakanti Biscuit, Cream, Cadbury (Bournvita, 5 candy, Bel candy, Biscuit, Lovely, Lakme, Liril, Neem, Kantilep (Pantanjali), Chocolate candy (Patanjali). Brittania, powder and Denim, Revlon), Procter Borosil, Ayur, Emami, Vicco, Star), Lipton, Horlicks, Nutrene, Eclairs, etc. Parle, Bakeman’s, Creamica, cosmetics and Gamble (Oil of Olay, Boroplus, Borolin, Himani Gold, Sagrila, Indana, Amul, Clearsil, Cleartone), Nyle, Lavender, Hair and Care, Ravalgaon, etc. Charmis, Ponds, Old Spice, Nivea, Heaven’s, Cinthol Glory, Aquafina, Kinley, Bailey, Home-boiled water, Yes, Water Dettol, Nycil, Charlie, Velvete (baby), etc. Pure Life, Evian, Perrier, Ganga, Himalaya, Catch, Johnson Baby, etc. Wrangler, Nike, Duke, Cambridge, Park Avenue, etc. Rail-neer, Bisleri, etc. Readymade Adidas, Newport, Puma, etc. Oxemberg, Bombay Dyeing, Boost, Polson, Bournvita, Badam Pak, Chawanprash, garments Ruff and Tuff, Trigger Jeans, etc. Tonic Horlicks, Complan, Spurt, amrit Rasayan (Patanjali), Rado, Rolex, Swissco, Sico, Titan, HMT, Maxima, Nutramul, Maltova Watches Protinex etc. Prestige, Ajanta Pens and Parker, Nicholson, Camel, Kingson, sharp, Cello, Wilson, Today, Nestle ghee, all brands Param ghee, Amul ghee, Rotomac, Swissair, Adgel, Clarified pencils Natraj, Ambassador, Link, of ITC or Hindustan Deshi cow ghee, mustard oil Rider, Mitsubishi, Player, Montex, Stic, Sangeeta, butter and Lever (Patanjali) Unibal, Pilot, Rollgold, etc. Luxor, Apsara, etc. edible oil Note: 1. Please inform us of any new products that you come across apart from the one listed above so that necessary correction can be made in the next edition. # 2. Wherever you stay, a number of daily use essential items are made in nearby villages and small-scale industries. You use those products on a priority and make the village self-dependent. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 57
    • Application form for Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) # Special Member Working Member Correspondence headquarters: Patanjali Yogpeeth, Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Bahadrabad, Haridwar - 249 402 Telephone: 01334-244107, 240008, 246737 FAX: 01334-244805, 240664 Cell I.D No. (To be filled in by headquarters) 1. Name of applicant --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please stick To become a special member of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust), please fill up this form as directed, cut it here and submit it to the mentioned location. 2. Name of father/husband -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- your recent 3. Date of birth ----------------------------------------------- Age --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- passport-size Address ---------------------------------------- Block ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ photo here Tehsil ----------------------------------District ----------------------------------State ------------------------------------------------------------- PIN code Phone number 5. E-mail ID -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Educational qualification ------------------------------- 7. Monthly income ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Present business/service or other occupation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. If member of Patanjali Yogpeeth, please write ID ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. I will be obliged to devote 10% of my time for the spread of the organization Yes No 11. I will fully observe the seven principles and seven ideals Yes No 12. I will donate 1-10% of my income as financial assistance for the building of the nation Yes No 13. Details of donation: Cash/DD No.-------------------------------------------- Amount---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Bank---------------------------------------------------Reciept no. of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust)--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14. Which group/cell do you want to join?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Signature of applicant) Oath I have studied the seven principles, seven ideals, five resolutions, five vows and the concise aims, philosophy and principles highlighted in Jeevan Darshan. I agree with them and I take the oath that I will completely follow the purpose and rules of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) (Signature of applicant) Special: To be noted 1. Apart from being healthy, dedicated, financially stable and educated, the applicant must follow the seven principles, seven ideals and five vows. 2. You can submit this form to the district office of the local Patanjali Yog Samiti or Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar headquarters. 4. To become a special member, the two-yearly registration fee has been fixed at Rs 1100/- The draft should be made in the name of “Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust)” payable at Haridwar. Please write your name, address and phone number behind the draft. 5. The registration fee for becoming a working member is only Rs 51/-, the receipt of which can be got from the office or office bearers of the District-level Yog Samiti. Concise list of rules for the members of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) The aim of Bharat Swabhimaan is to bring the knowledge of self-qualities through Yoga, to make their body, mind and thought healthy, and to build national character by purifying personal character – Our determined resolution is to build an India that is healthy, clean, prosperous, self-dependent, and free from corruption, unemployment and poverty Services provided to Special Members of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) 1. Free 7-day residential training will be provided under the direction of Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj on national responsibilities through Yoga. Special members will be given priority over working members and ordinary members. 2. All members of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) will be given free daily or weekly Yoga training by yoga teachers trained at Patanjali Yogpeeth. 3. Under the scheme of ‘One family-One gift’, each family joined with Bharat Swabhimaan will get an annual gift in the form yog Prasad. 4. By joining with Bharat Swabhimaan, you will get the opportunity to participate to a large extent in all activities of an international organization, Patanjali Yogpeeth. 5. Special members will be given preference while nominating candidates by Bharat Swabhimaan for its associated organizations. Services given to working members of Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) 1. Free 7-day residential training on national responsibilities through yoga will be given under the direction of Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj in Haridwar. For this, working members will be given priority over ordinary members. 2. All members of the Bharat Swabhimaan family will be given daily or weekly yoga training by yoga teachers trained by Patanjali Yogpeeth. 3. By joining with Bharat Swabhimaan, you get the opportunity to participate in a large way in all the activities of an international organization, Patanjali Yogpeeth. Compulsory rules in short for applicants: 1. To become a member of the Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust), you should believe and follow the seven principles directed by Patanjali Yogpeeth, that is nationalism, valour, expertise, farsightedness, humanitarianism, spiritualism, humility and vegetarianism, and should be healthy, financially stable, without any personal agenda, dedicated, lead a non-political life and spend 1-2 hours per day for national well being Also should be able and ready to contribute financially to national wellbeing according to your capacity. 2. Our special members and working members should practise yoga for 1 hour everyday for their self-confidence. However, it is compulsory to attend the weekly yoga classes and monthly meetings. 3. Each special and working member of Bharat Swabhimaan will observe all five vows including 100% voting, and will observe the concise aims, philosophy and principles, and will also motivate others to follow these vows for national wellbeing. 4. Registration fee for special members: To become special members, a bi-annual registration fee of Rs 1100/- has been decided. Draft should be in the name of “Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust)” payable at Haridwar. The name, address and phone number should be written behind the draft. 5. To become working members, the registration fee is only Rs 51/-, the receipt of which can be collected from # the office or office-bearers of the district-level office of Patanjali Yog Samiti. The discount for teachers will only be available for two years, i.e. till December 2010. ; YOG SANDESH-ENGLISH ; 58