infoMENTUM business case for shared services


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For a shared services solution it makes sense to work with a best practice Information Management specialist that can address all aspects of your deployment, whether you’re implementing a self-service portal, an Intranet, a broader Enterprise Content Management approach or a comprehensive Information Management solution.

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infoMENTUM business case for shared services

  1. 1. Investing in Enterprise ContentManagement as a shared serviceEconomic Adopting a sharedbackground service modelAs a result of the Coalition The concept of shared servicesGovernment’s austerity is well established in the localmeasures, local authorities are government arena, with publicfacing significant reductions in sector executives clearlybudgets – on average 25-30%. understanding how they canExcept in a few rare cases, there are no jointly serve communitiesadditional budgets available. Despite using common processes andthis, actual demand for public services technology still growing – and is expected tocontinue increasing as the economic According to the Local Governmentdownturn impacts vulnerable citizens. Authority, 219 councils across the country are already engaged in some 143 shared service arrangements, resulting in £156.5 million of efficiency savings. The LGA maintains an interactive national map of shared services in order to promote a greater understanding of the number, variety and depth of arrangements currently operating across England. In summarising these agreements, commentators have outlined three distinct waves of public sector shared services: • Initial, large-scale joint arrangements – these typically ran aground asLocal government authorities, NHS Trusts executives and departments identifiedand blue-light services all face the same the potential risk of having to concedecentral dilemma: how can they successfully territory and executive responsibilitydeliver high quality services to their in order to make sharing work.customers while actually spending lessmoney? For many public sector organisations • More practical partnerships– particularly at a local level – the reality – positioned as lower-level solutionsis that many of the easier savings have to routine administrative and processalready been realised. They are left with two functions – these involved the integrationchoices: cut the scale or number of services of multi-party systems, with manyprovided, or adopt a more transformative coming unstuck due to complexityagenda that brings real change to how issues or boundary concerns.public sector services are delivered. INFOMENTUM BUSINESS CASE:SHARED SERVICES 1
  2. 2. • Transformation of back-office and However seven out of ten also saw it as infrastructure functions – this next an opportunity for innovation and the generation of shared services offers redesign of service delivery. Along with much greater opportunity for success waste & recycling, HR and payroll, IT – using more flexible, virtualised and services are listed as one of the four key service-based IT resources to radically areas for shared services solutions. revise the operating and transactional costs of local government services. Key operational benefits: One technology discipline that is an ideal candidate for a It is these transformative, shared service local government shared services strategy arrangements that now provide the is Enterprise Content Management – the greatest opportunity – particularly as local collective term for an integrated suite authorities are increasingly comfortable of tools that can help local authorities, with the use of cloud and virtualisation police forces, fire services and NHS approaches in the redesign of services. Trusts to operate more efficiently by: Part of this strategy centres around the formation of work processing hubs, where • Centralising and efficiently managing added value local authority expertise – the end-to-end lifecycle of all forms such as the enabling and commissioning of of content and documentation public services - remains in-house, while within an organisation the underlying production and delivery • Unlocking savings by unifying components can be handled elsewhere. multiple websites onto a central shared content platform • Maximising the value of that content Opportunity for both within and outside of the organisation by making that content innovation accessible – as well as an intrinsic part of the broader business process A recent Capita/SOCITM • Helping public sector organisations to survey found that 94% of achieve their goals of making services respondents - among senior available across a broad range of channels directors and officers from • Addressing public demand for access to 310 organisations across services online through citizen portals central and local government, police, fire and health - felt • Supporting initiatives to manage demand – helping citizens address that shared services provided issues online, pre-empting need an opportunity to cut costs. for them to call contact centres Enterprise Content Management and Information Management solutions such as portals are ideal candidates for shared services delivery between councils and other local authority organisations. Such an approach not only reduces both capital investment and operational savings, but can also significantly reduce an authority’s overall exposure to high value IT systems and applications spending.2 INFOMENTUM BUSINESS CASE:SHARED SERVICES
  3. 3. Sharing best a series of toolkits and templates to enable the rapid roll-out of websites,practice portals, micro sites and intranets.experience • Back-office integration – powerful integration layer ensures simple web access and integration withFor a shared services solution appropriate back-office applicationsit makes sense to work with such as CRM, ERP and billing.a best practice Information • Real editorial control – infoMENTUM’sManagement specialist that smart ECM and Information Managementcan address all aspects of your solutions ensure that your contentdeployment, whether you’re editors have full control over their content, and don’t need to continuallydeploying a self-service portal, engage IT or an outsourced partneran Intranet, a broader Enterprise to get their content online.Content Management approach • Increased flexibility – infoMENTUMor a comprehensive Information offers full Cloud support for increasedManagement solution. cost-effectiveness, with fully secure deployments and lower operational costs through our pay-per-usage approach • De-risking shared services – with infoMENTUM you gain all the benefits of shared service development and deployment, however our dedicated server capability ensures that you always have full control over your content, security and usage • Best practice security – at infoMENTUM we always implement appropriate information security and privacy controls across all systems and platforms, ensuring that your customers, your staff and your wider organisation remains secure at all times infoMENTUM specialises in providing joinedinfoMENTUM’s ECM and Information up solutions, delivering projects based onManagement solutions provide a the latest Oracle WebCenter and Fusionnumber of key benefits for public sector Middleware technologies, and backingorganisations looking to take advantage of them with key expertise in areas such as:a shared services approach, including: • Information Management• Cost-effective solutions development • Enterprise Content Management – leveraging modular web • Self-Service Portals components based on the common • Semantic Web Oracle WebCenter platform. • Spatial – Where is my nearest? - style solutions• Rapid deployment capability • Identity Management – infoMENTUM’s proven Oracle • Electronic Document and WebCenter experience means that Records Management local authorities and other public • Social Networking integration sector organisations can benefit from • Full support for mobile access INFOMENTUM BUSINESS CASE:SHARED SERVICES 3
  4. 4. A leader in the Comprehensive provision of Enterprise Content Enterprise Content Management Management capabilities and Information As an Oracle Gold Partner, Management infoMENTUM is a European leader in the delivery of solutions Oracle WebCenter solutions, infoMENTUM is one of the UK’s designing and delivering the first WebCenter leading Enterprise Content project in the world, and becoming the first Management and Information Information Management expert to hold Management specialists, both Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle Content Management specialisations. and is focused on helping organisations – such as nPower, Cancer Research UK, Working in partnership with Oracle, Hays Recruitment, Inmarsat, BAE Systems infoMENTUM is ideally placed to and EUMETSAT - achieve their knowledge deliver your shared services Enterprise management goals through the deployment Content Management solutions. The of integrated solutions based on Oracle company has a track record of success WebCenter and Fusion Middleware. These in delivering major successful Oracle- companies support their Oracle solutions based Enterprise Content Management with infoMENTUM-developed value projects, with examples including: added applications, along with lifecycle services that include consultancy, systems • Cancer Research UK – integrating design, product development, systems 40 different websites to a single integration, project management, training, content management platform, support and cloud-based hosting. with comprehensive managed service approach, analytics and content migration • Inmarsat – 95% of content now published dynamically, removing call 0844 736 5625 requirement for expensive IT support email If you need this ability to aggregate multiple url websites, optimise content delivery, support twitter @infomentum key outreach goals, and improve web linkedin infomentum limited access to local services, then infoMENTUM and Oracle can help. With infoMENTUM and Oracle you can increase accessibility, streamline your web services delivery, and secure significant capital and operational savings through shared services operations and payment on a usage basis. For shared infoMENTUM is an Oracle Gold Partner and the first organisation services Enterprise Content Management, in Europe to be certified as Specialised for both Oracle Enterprise infoMENTUM and Oracle is the answer. Content Management and Oracle WebCenter. infoMENTUM has also been recognised as Oracle Technology Specialist Partner of the Year for 2012.4 INFOMENTUM BUSINESS CASE:SHARED SERVICES infoMENTUM Ltd MWB Business Exchange Centre . 107-111 Fleet Street . London EC4A 2AB Registered in England 630 6839