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iCE light - infoMENTUM Classification Engine
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iCE light - infoMENTUM Classification Engine


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. iCE light: infoMENTUM Classification Engine
  • 2. Business CaseiCE Bespoke similar tool development costs 200% more Or out of the box you have to have dozens of drop downs for content categorisation. ICE is Flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of your model office. Seem less to the end user. Enhanced end user experience with recommended related content, relevant search results. Can be used for multiple complex taxonomies with single license. Time saving in classification of information, content , documents, spreadsheets and other digital assets. Metadata driven approach for your content and websites.
  • 3. ICE: Overview iCE Loader Administration Classification Consumption• Load any standard • Maintain the tree • Tag your content with • Search for content on format taxonomy. E.g. within the content multiple terms with your website/ IPSV, zThes, CSV server the flick of a button repository by• Create your own • Merge taxonomies • Search the taxonomy terms classification tree • Add synonyms/ tree, within the terms • Drive the navigation• Compliant with thesaurus • Propagate parent tree with a metadata Dublin Core • Update the or child terms driven approach taxonomies automatically • Auto generate A-Z on • Maintain complex • Adds synonyms your website multiple taxonomies automatically • Automatically show • Update content related documents automatically with and media to your term updates end-users
  • 4. LoaderiCE
  • 5. AdministrationiCE
  • 6. ClassificationiCE
  • 7. Consumption - ExampleiCE Show content automatically based on taxonomy
  • 8. What are the benefits?iCE Taxonomy driven IA Improved Search Results Better End User experience with related content Tagging of Content Compliance with IPSV and other vocabularies Avoid duplicates by use of Thesaurus Choose parent to apply all child terms Time saving in classification of content Re-classify content as many times Enterprise wide adaptation Pre-loaded with Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV)
  • 9. Demo or more details.....iCE infoMENTUM Limited M W B B u s i n e s s E xc h a n g e C e n t r e 107 – 111 Fleet Street London EC4A 2AB United Kingdom P: +44 (0)844 7365 625 F: +44 (0)844 7365 622 w w w. i n f o m e n t u m . c o m