Observations and Insights from leading Indian Stores


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Observations and Insights from leading Indian Stores

  1. 1. Insights and Hidden opportunities in StoresA Crash Course on CreativityARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? Vikram Dahiya (India) vikramdahiyanitb@gmail.com
  2. 2. Easyday India is the retail chain operated jointly by Wal Mart and Bharti Retail a subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises.
  3. 3. Easyday - Inside
  4. 4. Hidden Opportunities  There was clearly a space constraint  Number of SKU’s are exceeding the store capacity  Delay in refill of empty stock  Delay in payments  Low price is their specialty but more focus should be on Value offered along with shopping experience.  Too Noisy, Misses a soothing Music  Baggage handling system lacks efficiency  More emphasis on selling Private labels, by placing them at central display
  5. 5. KROME Fashion StoreWith stores across the length and breadth of North India, KROME has established itself as a superlative store with a difference.
  6. 6. It’s not just about a rich experience , but strengthening customer relations  A hedonistic, immoderate and impressive store -- Adequately Spacious -- Limited SKU’s (but premium brands)
  7. 7. Rich Luxurious Interiors Wonderful music appealing to youth High Ceiling, very spacious , proper lightning Interactive salesperson themselves promoting the products Accurate product placement Female salesperson missing Limited options to choose from Uncomfortable try-room
  8. 8. Perfect Display ; SKU’s sporadic Quite Spacious Sensuous Splendid Experience Color-full interiors very soothing to the eyes More SKU’s should be present in the shelf
  9. 9. Levi’sGood Photography inside the storeAttracts you insideRich Wooden Theme, Soft MusicIncrease in perceived value of Merchandise visible Premium Clothing BrandExcellent SKU placement
  10. 10. Affluent StoreOpportunities :• Customer are not offered the desired products due to unfriendly salesperson.• Specially female customers are more uncomfortable.• Walking on the wooden floor causes noise• Undergarments at central display inappropriate
  11. 11. Domino’sDominos Pizza - Indias fastest growing fast food service restaurant for casual and fine dining. Relishbest Pizzas in International and Indian Flavors
  12. 12.  Well Lighted Wonderful Aroma that attracts you inside Colorful interiors Display of happy customers on the walls
  13. 13. Opportunities: Water Cooler not placed appropriatelyLow Ceilings makes the hall look small and compactMusic is not good, Different Video is being displayed Less empathetic sales person Noisy due to open doorCash counter over-crowded with visual displays which might confuse the customers
  14. 14. Woodland apparel and footwear are based on innovative technology and decades of experience
  15. 15. Rich Luxurious Interiors A Perfect Store !!!
  16. 16. THANK YOU !!! 