From Hating HR to Loving HR


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  • Every business relies on people to get things done, and the skill and efficiency with which they perform determines, in large part, success or failure. In a business environment where return on investment is uncertain, investment in HR routinely pays large dividends.
” HR is the key to attracting and retaining your most valuable resource.
  • Who else can you go to when you KNOW you’re not being paid enough? How would you like the stress of knowing that the president of the company will call you EVERY time something bad happens?HR figures out which job candidate to search for and what that person should be paid based upon job descriptions like, "Functional Area Expert: Who else is going to look through 500 or 1,000 resumes to find exactly the right candidate for the job? 

  • tell them how to listen, how to be nice or how to show empathy.  That’s where HR comes in.   It’s to encourage open communication. Documenting- This cuts down on the risk of something getting out of hand, or someone being treated unfairly or discriminated against.  They do all the dirty work and get all the crazy stories under their belt early on.  Believe me, they face employees with weapons, have been cursed at, spit at, yelled at, cried to, you name it. After all Its highly complex to deal with human emotions. They have so many stories They could never even share in print. Who else wants to take this on?  Raise your hand…. nope, didn’t think so. 2.  Few do it well because…. 1.   It’s hard work! 
  • HR should be clear about his role. The problem starts when HR either becomes management driven and the employee do not trust it . Or when HR becomes too employee centric and organization begin to distrust it.Some employees don’t comprehend
  • In conclusion , I am confident that , with a shift from consultant model to the partnership model and with a shit in business thinking from exploiting resources to nurturing resources, the relevance of HR would become obvious and valued. . . .And we can say , “ Now I love HR “
  • From Hating HR to Loving HR

    1. 1. + From Hating Hr to Loving HR Group no – 16 Section- B 3/19/2012 IIM ROHTAK
    2. 2. + 2 “If you are an ambitious young thing newly graduated from a top college or B-school with your eye on a rewarding career in business, your first instinct is not to join the Human- Resources dance.” That’s sadly trueIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    3. 3. + 3 The essence of HR is to  Understand the objectives and goals of an organization  Then recruit/retain the right talent  And design/deliver the right incentives so the talent can achieve the goals.IIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    4. 4. + 4 Human Resource -The Difference in Perception HR Manager Employees Bombastic in words & Actions We are change agents He is clueless what we want. It’s not tune We balance contrasting traits: both with our requirement disciplining and nurturing organization HR interventions are purposeless it We prepare organization for future and b’day cakes or greetings intervene only when strictly necessary HR first caters to itself then think about We present employees views to employees manage HR has no people connect one meets We invest in people to deliver the best them when join or quit results HR people need to develop trust. No Credit when business is good , blamed when chips are downIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    5. 5. + 5 ( Although HR has taken measures to address many of these concerns, the perceptions still persist ) People are your most valuable resource. "Take our 20 best people 15 ~30 % of away, and I will tell you total company that Microsoft would value can be become an unimportant attributed to company” the quality of HR practices -Bill Gates HR affects the bottom line. Although most organizational leaders publicly state that people are their most valuable assets, many are reluctant to investIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012 in HR.
    6. 6. + Explaining 6 Not Paid the bad enough ? every time. Finding the Job exact Allocation ? CandidateIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    7. 7. + 7 Teaches the soft skills Believes in employees as unique individuals. Giving feedback in absence of perfect performance tool. HR helps document. HR is not for the faint at heartIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    8. 8. + 8 HR Hr’s role should be that of an ombudsman. “competency skill matrix” (part of hiring, training , appraisals etc.) We now call it “ What it takes to get the job done chart” IIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    9. 9. + 9 Change in HR to increase Organizational Value  Paradigm Shift – A personal HR mission - Hire competent & committed people - treat well - committed to vision, values & goals  Paradigm Shift 2 – Consultant model to Partner Model The consultancy Model  Knowledge Of Process  Analytical  Negotiation  CommunicationIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    10. 10. + 10 Cont… Partnership Model  Define customers  Problem is common – bring special knowledge to solve the problem  Accountable for the outcome- how much the action contribute to organization. Paradigm shift 3- From exploiting to Nurture  Successful companies nurture their human resourceIIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012
    11. 11. + 11 Thank you IIM ROHTAK 3/19/2012