Starting out as an Internet Marketer


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This e-book is a starting out guide to internet marketers looking to learn how to make money online. Included in the book are basics such as choosing your niche, hosting and domain purchasing, building a website and driving traffic to the site to make sales.

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Starting out as an Internet Marketer

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. LEGAL NOTICE:The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creationof this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at anytime that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of theInternet. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in thispublication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contraryinterpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons,peoples, or organizations are unintentional.In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees ofincome made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about theirindividual circumstances to act accordingly.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting orfinancial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionalsin legal, business, accounting, and finance field. Within the book you will findnumerous links to different sites. Some of these are affiliate links, and the readermust assume that if the links are clicked on and a product purchased, the publisherwill make a commission from the sale.You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading. 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Day #1: Welcome - Finding your Niche........................... 42. Day #2: Domain Names and Hosting.................................113. Day #3: Search Engine Optimisation...............................174. Day #4: Generating Traffic...............................................275. Day #5: Google Adwords and Adsense............................316. Day #6: Tapping in on Social Media.................................357. Day #7: The Power of Article Writing..........................40 3
  4. 4. Day#1 – Welcome To Your E CourseWelcome to this e-book training course on getting started in internet marketing.Within this book, I have covered some basic topics in affiliate and internet marketing,and how you can get into this amazing job of earning money from the comfort of yourown home.Before I start, I am going to tell you one hard truth about internet marketing - Thereare no quick fixes, there are no working get rich schemes and it will take you time tomake money. If you are new in internet marketing, you will soon realise that you wishyou had someone to guide you. There appears to be a common misconception thatsigning up as an affiliate with sites such as Clickbank, Paydotcom or Clicksure willautomatically start to make you money - the truth of the matter is it can take weeks tomonths before you start seeing any returns. Remember, there are hundreds if notthousands of people trying to do the same thing as you - and many probably makingthe same mistakes as you are; some are also making a ton of cash.In this series of reports, I will cover, in a step-by-step fashion, how to get into internetmarketing, what tools to use and help you create your own cash generating website.You will learn how to drive traffic to the site, and how to convert visitors into leads,and more importantly, leads into sales.So sit back with a hot cup of coffee (or any other beverage should you prefer!), andlet’s get on with day 1. 4
  5. 5. "How to Create Your Own Website and Internet Business E Course"Hi, my name is Vikky, and you will find me on forums under the name Vikky B, alongwith a weird caricature drawing of me back in the day when I loved to DJ! At themoment, I run three websites on complete auto pilot and they bring me goodearnings from them each month.My online journey did not start this way though. I spent almost a whole year trying tolearn how to do things online. It seemed to me that all the experts and marketing‘gurus’ knew the best ways to make money online, but not one actually showed mehow to get started from scratch. I personally found that extremely frustrating. Whileone expert said to start a blog and write 20 articles a week (!!) - Another one said gointo affiliate marketing, another one said use the ‘power of Facebook’.... I wasreaching the end of my tether and had lost all hope as nothing was working!This took me a whole year to find the best solution to decide what I was going to do.Some days sitting in front of computer for hours and hours trying to find an easy wayto start my online business.The truth I discovered after spending some of my savings is that - There is no clever formula or a quick get rich scheme that works. The only way to make money online is to 5
  6. 6. have a plan and to keep everything as simple as possible.’However, the fact still remains - you WILL make money on the internet, and you willget rich from the internet. It will take time. Dont give up if you make any mistakes oryou do not understand something. It took me a year to make my first website, notbecause it was difficult, I was just lazy. I did as little as possible while Iwas searching for a miracle product online. I spent hundreds of dollars of my hardearned cash, and it was getting me nowhere! Bu then I found a program that helpedme immensely - and I will talk about it later. The guys set up my website for free, andnow this website is now primary income source. When I look back now, I am quiteupset that it took me all of this time to get started, and I wish someone had justpointed me in the right direction.In the next few days, you will receive my step by step guide on creating an onlinebusiness which took me nearly a year to prepare. You get it all for free. In return Iask only one thing from you - I want your FULL commitment!Take your time with each step and do not rush until you complete one section. 6
  7. 7. In this E-Course I have included the links and sites where I got all the answers I waslooking for. I will talk about these in detail, and will make sure that you get themaximum out of this e-course with minimum expenditure to you. It’s time you stopped spending all your hard- earned cash and started making money!The idea behind the course is to teach anyone as to how they can have a websiteand online business without spending all their savings.So, I have no big promises for you. All I promise is when you finish my course, youwill learn -  How to get your own cash-generating website for FREE  How to get FREE traffic to your site and most importantly.....  How to make money from your site!This e-course, if you treat it right, will turn into a money making machine. Mostpeople wont take action, but a few that do take the necessary steps will not regret 7
  8. 8. the time they have spent. So, if you are in that elite group, then get prepared to startyour journey.If this is not you, you can unsubscribe and look for the next get rich quick schemewith their wonderful promises.Great! You are still here.....Scroll down and let’s get on with your first part of your course! 8
  9. 9. Finding your Niche MarketA ‘niche’ refers to a subset of the market on which a specific product is focussedupon. Choosing your niche is the first step you need to take. It is not uncommon for new internet marketers to into affiliate marketing and start promoting anything and everything on Clickbank, wasting too much time and making no money whatsoever. So before you jump in , you have to ask yourself - What is it you love? What are you passionate about?Finding a niche market is the most important factor in your online business. Findsomething that you are passionate about, and you will, by default, work hard onpromoting your business. This simple step took me nearly 6 months until I decidedwhere my passion was and I have not looked back since.There are a ton of niches out there. You may be interested in health and fitness, andwithin that niche are ‘sub-niches’ or ‘micro-niches’ such as women’s health ornutrition. Choose carefully and wisely. If you already have your Niche Market chosen, you have completed a very big step of the set up for your business. 9
  10. 10. If not here are my tips on how you can find a great niche market. Unfortunately, thisis one area you need to put a lot of your own work in as everyone is unique andonly you know what you want to work with.A simple starting point could be to write down a list of 10 possible markets you wouldlike to create your website around. Once this list is done, ask yourself these threequestions regarding each of these markets -Question #1 - Are people buying stuff online from this market?Question #2 - Can you reach these people from your website?Question #3 - Are you interested in this market?Simple as it sounds, this is a big task. And it’s tough.So your homework for today:Take your time, make lots of notes and find out which market you want to be in.Remember, you are going to work within this market, so make sure it is a subject youenjoy and feel passionate about.I will send you the next lesson in the next 2-3 days, and we will be discussing  Domain registration  Hosting  Your FREE Website!Before we close for the day, I leave you with the following quote - 10
  11. 11. ‘Youve been walking in circles, searching. Dont drink by the waters edge.Throw yourself in. Become the water. Only then will your thirst end’ - JeanetteBersonUntil next 11
  12. 12. Day #2 -You have your Niche Market, now we need a Domain and Web HostingCongratulations!I am so glad to see that you are reading this, and clearly you are committed to beinga success in the world of internet marketing.Hope you are well. Today, we will cover the next big question on our list. How can I start building my website?First step towards building your website is choosing a Domain Name and Hosting.It is great news that both of these steps do not cost a lot of money as you might havethought. There are many companies to choose from. I changed a few hostingcompanies along the way, due to problems with their upload times and customerservice.a. DomainsI am now settled with Namecheap and I strongly recommend them. You can buyboth your Domain name and Hosting with them if you wish, though I do not do thatanymore as I have found cheaper and better options. Domain names costs start at$2.49 a year! That’s just crazy cheap. In addition, they have a brilliant customerservice. 12
  13. 13. Before buying a domain name, make sure you choose something catchy and onethat customers will remember. For example, if you are promoting a diet and weightloss site, you would not want to be calling your site ‘’ ; a title suchas ‘slim-jims-diet’ might sound better, as it gets the word ‘slim’ across, which isclosely related to weight loss. You can use domain superstar to help you choose theright domain name if you wish. A short domain will be easier to remember for yourvisitors. Domains are mostly an overlooked part of a successful website. If youchoose something that is a fancy name but nothing related to your niche market, itwill make your customers not value your site high. Also, it will take search engineslike Google to index you a longer time.When you sign up with Namecheap they have a domain check facility. Here you canstart searching for domain names related to your niche market you have chosen. Foryour website, try and get a website with a ‘.com’ suffix. For my squeeze pages, I usea ‘.in’ suffix as it is really cheap.Tip: You do not have to worry about buying anything extra fromyour hosting company; just get the cheapest domain and hostingplan. If you need extras like "daily back-ups", "IP privacy" youcan get them later on, when you start making money from yourwebsite. 13
  14. 14. Once you have chosen a suitable name for your domain, sign up and sometimes itcan take a few hours for your domain to be registered. You will get the confirmationby email and they will pass you all your passwords for signing in. Keep this emailsafe.So far you have successfully completed the following:  Decided on your niche market  Registered your domain nameb. HostingA host is a server(s) where your website is located on the world wide web. Whenchoosing a host, you need to consider how good their servers are, and if yourwebsite is uploaded to their servers, whether when searched on the internet thereare no constant crashes or slow uploading.I have tried a few hosting companies, and currently I use two of them, that I havefound cheap and have great customer service.  HostGator - brilliant hosting. They have different packages and have a great customer support system  GVO - I use them for 2 of my sites and for my squeeze pages. They have an easy to control control panel, and are reasonably priced too.Once you have chosen your hosting company, its time to move on and create yourwebsite. 14
  15. 15. How to easily publish your first pages of your WebsiteOK, I have a confession to make. I am no internet genius, no web designing guru. Ihave no idea how to design websites using complicated HTML code.What you want your website to be about depends on you. You could have anAmazon affiliate site where you sell products from Amazon or a review site whereyou post reviews on different Clickbank products with affiliate links. The choice isyours. I have both, and they seem to do well.When I started out, I trawled the internet to see if I could find someone who wouldcreate a website for me for free (or cheap). I found the following -1. My FREE website - I found a millionaire internet marketer who was helpinginternet marketing starters create their first cash-generating website for free. Inaddition to creating the site, they also offer hosting with GVO, which makes life sosimple. They are called Affiliate website Generator, and the great thing is once yousign up for free, your website will be ready in a few minutes! It’s based on the ever-popular WordPress platform, which makes it versatile and extremely user friendly. Asan internet marketing newbie, I found it so simple to use, to update content and drivetraffic to the site. 15
  16. 16. 2. - Now, if you are not happy with getting a free website made for you,you can hire someone on and get your website created for you for a mere$5. You will still have to purchase the domain name and hosting, and it will cost youa bit more to get the site uploaded to the server (an additional $10 - $20), unless youknow how to do that yourself. If you are like me and have no clue how to do that, Iwould stick with option 1 and have my website made for me in minutes.3. Other cash generating site creators - If you have some money to spare, then thereare other programs that you could use to create your cash-generating site. Thesevary between $19 to around $100, but once again, you get the advantage of aprofessional doing them for you. One such example is here.4. Hire a web designer - This is not easy. A lot of web designers charge by the hour,with rates varying from $20 to $50 per hour. This can cost you a lot (up to $1000),plus you have to spend time designing the site and telling the web designer what it isyou want to see. It takes a long time to set up as well.I would strongly recommend option 1. It is created by a team that knows whatconverts, and won’t cost you anything to set up. It is complete in a few clicks of themouse too! All you will have to pay for is the domain name and hosting, which turnsout a lot cheaper than all the other options. 16
  17. 17. Brilliant! You now have your own domain name, your hosting package and your very own website! It’s entirely up to you what content you want in your site, and you can be as active as you want with it, and can fill it with rich high quality content that will bring you sales an make you money!Sadly, that’s all for today’s part of the course.Before I go, I leave you with this thought of the the day -‘It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we donot dare that they are difficult’ -SenecaTake care!Your friend, 17
  18. 18. Day #3 - Search Engine Optimisation - SEOHello again!Well, I hope you guys are learning something useful and having fun at the sametime, and are starting to see that making money online only requires a few simplesteps. So before we go ahead, why don’t we pop open a bottle of bubbly! Cheers!Now that we have finished celebrating and are feeling rather inebriated, it is time totuck into that fry up, grab a glass of water and start the third day of your E -course!Today we will cover a very important part of your website -  Choosing your KEYWORDS  Adding Keywords to your WebsiteJust to quickly recap what we have achieved in the last 2 training modules - 18
  19. 19.  We have decided on a niche market  Registered a domain name and decided on your hosting provider  Got a really cool catchy awesome website name  Got your free website up and running.Now is the time to start playing with your website. Learn how to create new pages,new posts, add videos, add links, add advertisements....the list goes on. If your siteis built on WordPress platform, it is very easy to use. I always found any answer Iwanted on YouTube - just type in what you are stuck with and you will have youranswer. Easy!However, there is one important thing to remember when you are filling your websiteup with your thoughts and products - Keep the content unique. It does not matter how good the content looks and how colourful the site is, if it is filled with useless content, then nobody will find it.And by nobody, I mean search engines. They just don’t bother these days withcontent that is boring and copied.Search Engines list the results of any search regarding to the content of the webpages. They spend millions of dollars each year to improve organic search results. Itis a huge business and just in a nut shell, if your content is unique, informative andclosely related to the search topic then you are in a good position to rank higher onsearch engines. 19
  20. 20. Copied content, duplicate content and SPAM are definitely something to avoid alltogether. Remember, you are creating a business that will stay with you and keepmaking you money for many years. You do not want to be enemies of searchengines; otherwise they could ban you from appearing in any of the results.Why is it so important to rank so highly on search engines?Well, simple - you want people to see your business when they search for somethingrelated to that. Studies have shown that when a potential customer searches forsomething on Google, almost 99% of them do not go beyond page 2. Most of themdo not go past page 1! So if you are page 2 or beyond, you can pretty much kiss thechances of you ever making money online goodbye.How do the search engines find your website?Search Engines have something called SPIDERS (robot software) that search eachwebsite on different intervals. As spiders do in nature, these virtual spiders ‘crawl’through the site, hunting for good and unique content. If it is good, you are in. If it’sboring and useless, you are out.One of the things that these spiders look for is repeated keywords. Once they seewords repeated in a comfortable way, several times in your content - they thendecide that your content must be about these repeated words. These importantwords are called KEYWORDS. They can be just one word or a short phrase. I amnot going to go into too much detail regarding keywords and SEO here, but will coversome of the basics that will help you.Let’s take this example - 20
  21. 21. Let’s say you own a business that sells golf balls. If you search for ‘golf balls’ onGoogle, you will get over 53 million hits! You can only imagine how hard it will be toget your site, which like all the others selling golf balls, will be to get on the first pageof Google!However, if you design your website well, and place your keywords well, the spidersthat will be sent out to crawl all over your site will like what they see, and place youhigher up. Now, there are other ways to do this, and I will discuss this later, but fornow, just remember to keep your keywords smartly placed within your text. Do this,and your website will rank highly on Google.However, please bear the following in mind. A lot of internet gurus will tell you thatyour website will be on the first page of Google overnight. This almost neverhappens. It takes time, but sometimes it is achievable in around 4 days to a fewweeks.How to choose the right Keywords?Earlier, I mentioned that you need to choose your keywords wisely. There are manytools online to help you search for keywords and get ideas. I use the following asthey are very useful1. Google Keyword tool - This is completely free, and will give you a large list ofkeywords for any niche that you are looking to sell in. However, it can be a bit tricky.The key is to get a few keywords and use them, and see what sort of traffic you get.It can be a bit hit-and-miss, but eventually you will get there. I aim for any keyword 21
  22. 22. that generates more than 1000 and less than 20,000 monthly search results. Also, Icheck the left hand side of the results to see if the advertisers bar is not too high.2. Jaaxy - This is a brilliant tool. Unfortunately, it requires a subscription, though thefirst 30 or so searches are free, so make use of them. It uses a color coding systemthat identifies the best keywords to use, and those will get you ranked highly onGoogle. Green indicates it’s a great keyword. I would strongly recommend using thisfree service before you decide to pay for anything.Let’s take an example -‘Golf’ search returns - 331million results‘Golf Balls’ returns - 53 million results‘Used Golf Balls’ returns - 42 million resultsand so on….. Can you see how you can narrow your results this way?I am sure you have a few questions, so hopefully the frequently asked ones willcover them -1. What is a page rank?Each website goes through a review from search engines for their value on internetonce they index website pages. This is what is known as page rank. They valueeach page with 0 to 10. Google will rank new websites 0 for a few months and thenthey start going up the ladder. 22
  23. 23. 2. Do I need to have high page rank to be on Googles top page?Not really, if you have the right keywords and you have great unique content, youcan always get listed higher than some website who has higher PR than yourwebsite.Of course, nobody knows exactly how Google makes their lists. They have theirformula and algorithms. What I know is unique content is KING, you will alwayshave visitors to your website and they refer people to you. So, now you have keywords that you want to use, withthe right amount of competition. What’s next? Where do you put your keywords in your website? Well, try and incorporate your keywords in the following places  Page Title  Page Description  Meta Tags  Meta Tag Description  Headers of each page 23
  24. 24.  Body part of each page  End of each pageWord press has a number of SEO plugins that you can easily download to your site. Iuse the plugin by Yoast - it’s easy to use and it’s a great free SEO tool. If you find any of this difficult, please give yourself time. Try to make a test project. Dont be scared to make mistakesIf you have used any images on your webpage, then you can name the images withyour keywords. Use a different keyword for each image.After completing all the above, you can submit your website to search engines. Hereare the links to submit your website to Google, Yahoo and MSN. Once your webpages are indexed in the big 3 search engines, rest of the search engines will indexyou as well.  Submit Your Website to Google Here  Submit Your Website to Yahoo Here  Submit Your Website to MSNIt normally takes around a week to get indexed. Please make sure you only submityour website when the above sections are completed and you do have at least 3 24
  25. 25. pages including a HOME page. Google does not like indexing websites that areunder construction.We have covered a lot today, so please go back read anything that you have notcompletely understood. Here is a quick checklist of your progress towards youronline business.You should now have the following steps completed. Choosing a Niche Market Domain Name and Hosting Created your free website Got a minimum of 15 keywords for each of your webpages Learned the basics of SEO Created our first pages with keywords in the right places. Submitted Website to the biggest 3 Search EnginesThere are a lot more ways to get your website on the first page of Google. One of theways to do so is drive a lot of traffic to the site for free. Google recognises this andstarts to rank your site higher.In the next training session, we will briefly cover ’Getting free Traffic to YourWebsite’. Until then, I leave you with this thought to ponder upon - 25
  26. 26. ‘Life is not about finding yourself - Life is all about creating yourself’ George Bernard ShawYour friend, 26
  27. 27. Day #4 Getting Traffic To Your WebsiteCongratulations on getting this far! Now that you have, let’s go a bit further.Today we will look at one of the most important aspects of making money online. TRAFFICBy now you would have realized that you may have the best website in the world, butit means nothing if you don’t have quality traffic. There is no point in having a websitethat has 10 visitors a day. It is not uncommon for a lot of new internet marketers toconcentrate all their efforts on just creating a website. Some go to the extent ofpaying a web designer up to $1000 to design a website of their dreams. But all this is useless if there is no traffic to the site.They won’t even break even; just leading them on to the next attempt at makingmoney online. 27
  28. 28. Right, I have to admit that I am no SEO expert, and talking in detail about differenttraffic strategies is out of the scope of this series. However, I am going to mentionsome great training programs below that will help you get a ton of traffic to your site.The strategies are explained in detail with video explanations as well. It covers bothfree and paid traffic.However, I will talk about some of them in brief, and will cover only the simplestrategies. Let’s talk about free traffic first1. Free Traffica. Facebook - Create a Facebook page and like other people’s pages in the sameniche. Chances are they will like you back, and you can develop a fan following overtime.b. Twitter - Create a twitter account and start following people, who will hopefullfollow you back. Tweet interesting topics from time to time, and people will get toappreciate the stuff you tweet about. This will increase your fan following, and morepeople will visit your site.c. YouTube - Create a YouTube video about your business or post a review on aproduct. Place the link to your site at the bottom of the video, and this will drive freetraffic to your siteFacebook, Twitter and YouTube have been discussed in detail on Day#6 of thiscourse. 28
  29. 29. d. Forums - Join an active forum or two and post useful comments. In the signaturesection, place a link to your blog or website. Do not place affiliate links - you couldget kicked off the forum.e. Blogs - Have a review blog or a blog on something that interests you. Use GoogleBlogger or WordPress as your platform. Write regularly and use good keywords andyou will get traffic. Place links strategically, and this can increase your sales whenthe visitors click on them. You can also place advertisements on your site.f. Generate back-links - Once you post on your blog or website, create back-links toyour site by visiting or Alternatively, you can go and type in ‘link pyramid’. Sort results by ratings and use them to createback-links for you. This will raise your page rankings on Google.These are the common ways to get free traffic.2. Paid trafficThis is better than free traffic as the visitors to your site will be targeted visitorslooking to buy the product you are selling. The only issue is that you will have to shellout big bucks that can be quite worrying. But if it works, you will make a ton ofmoney.a. Google adwords - Google lets business owners advertise their websites, thoughthey have strict rules to abide by. However, it drives great traffic to your site. It hasbeen discussed in day#5 of this course. 29
  30. 30. b. Facebook ads - Facebook hosts a huge platform to advertise your product giventhe number of users it boasts. Definitely worth using this.c. Banner ads - Most affiliate networks provide banner ads that can be posted onyour own site or on sites that allow banner ads. One such site is buysellads, that hasa ton of websites that allow banner ads. Use them wisely and you will make money.There are many other paid ways to generate traffic. As I mentioned earlier, I am noexpert, but will strongly recommend Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Black Book systemcoaching. He is an active warrior on the Warrior forum, and has received amazingreviews.I hope you find these useful. These only cover the basics, and hopefully in the nearfuture I will have a more descriptive e-book on traffic generation for you.Till next time....Without wisdom, gold is quickly lost by those who have it. - from ‘The RıchestMan in Babylon’ by George 30
  31. 31. Day #5 - Google Adsense & Google AdwordsHello again!Today we will cover what is probably the biggest advertising platform there is on theplanet -With billions of users, the chances of increasing the number of visitors to your site isextremely high. Google have 2 main platforms related to advertising. You can jointhese programs for free and all you need to do is open a Google Account.Today, I will explain in brief how each one of them works and how you can startmaking money from your website with them.Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is a platform where you can advertise anything you want (well,almost everything!) and bid for appearing on the first page of Google. 31
  32. 32. When you search for any word on Google, you will notice that on the right side of theresults, there are sponsored ads. Also, on some websites you can see a box orsidebar with advertisements. These are called Google Adword ads. Advertisers bidto appear on top of the results for their chosen keyword. They can bid from $0.10 to100s of dollars. They only pay Google this money when someone clicks on their ads.This can make it quite expensive, but has the potential of bringing in great returns.You can advertise your website on Google by signing up to Google Adwords. It’ssimple to set up an account and to write your advert. However, they are very strictwith what they accept and what they do not approve to advertise through theirplatform. In particular, they are not fond of Clickbank or any similar sites and it’s agood idea to get an adwords expert to help you out. They do not like adverts thatmake false claims - say something like losing 4 kilos in 1 day or something similar. Ifyou continue to submit many ads to Google that they keep disapproving, then youcould get banned permanently from ever advertising with them, which could take ahuge chunk out of your income.Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense is a system where you can earn money from displaying GoogleAdwords on your website pages. 32
  33. 33. Simply, Google will give you a HTML code, to place it in your website (check theterms & rules at Google) when you sign up and you can choose where to displaythem on your website.Once a visitor click on one of these adverts, then you will earn anything between$0.10 to $40 or more per click. It is called PPC (Pay Per Click). Google will checkyour keywords and try to place relevant ads to your website. It might start slow withGoogle Adsense, however it will develop into a nice earner when your trafficincreases.What to do and not to do with Google AdsensePlace a maximum of 2 text ads codes in your pages and 1 image ad code. You cancheck Google Terms for exact numbers to display. But remember - Never click your own ads or ask your friends to click on them.You will get banned, Google has an impressive check up service, and click fraud isbad news.If I were you, I wouldn’t tell anyone I made money from my website. Just tell themyou are rich :) and you dont need to work as hard as before. Because, sometimesfriends try to help you with clicking on these ads and of course this will get youbanned. Google check each IP address where the clicks come from. 33
  34. 34. Spend time learning both of these products. They are very valuable and a greatstarting point for a new online business.If you are looking to learn a lot more about advertising your website using Googleadwords and using Google adsense as a source of income, I would stronglyrecommend enrolling on Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Black Book course. You can sign upfor only a dollar!Tomorrow, we will how to get unlimited traffic from Social Networks.As always, I leave you with the thought to ponder on‘A person starts to live when he can live outside himself’ - Albert 34
  35. 35. Day #6 - How To Get Traffic from Social MediaIn keeping with discussing promoting your site, in this chapter, I shall briefly discussusing social media to promote and expand your business. Of these, the three biggestplatforms include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, though newer ones (likePinterest) are cropping up every day.1. TwitterTwitter is definitely a great way to build lots of free traffic. It is a very simple formatand allows business to freely advertise their products.Sign up to Twitter if you haven’t already and start following people who are in yourniche. Try and get a twitter account with one of the keywords of your website or yourbusinesses name within it. Start searching for related businesses and people. I mademy mission on the first day that I would add 50 new names to my followers. Fromthis 50 people, normally you would get 30 of them following you back. So, with somequick maths, in a few months you should have more than 1000 people whom you 35
  36. 36. have direct contact with. This only means one thing - more people will read yourtweets as you...well....tweet!Try to write down everything you want to say to your followers on a small notepadand then make a new tweet each day. Try not to over do it as people may not followyou. You could maybe do it later when business is booming and you have a hugecustomer database. Make the tweets interesting and use story telling or newspaperheadline types on your tweets. Add your links to the end of the tweet. You can useprograms like tiny url for making your URLs shorter. As you may know, twitter onlyallows 140 characters in the message. While this may not seem like much, it still isenough to get the word out regarding your business.Stick to tweeting, and watch your business grow!2. FacebookFacebook is now pretty much a household name, will nearly a billion users. Creatinga Facebook account / page now forms the basis of every successful business.Creating an account is simple and takes only a few minutes. All you need is to use 36
  37. 37. one of your email accounts from your website and choose a profile name. Onceagain, find a profile name that will help people to find you easily.On Facebook, you can create a page for your business and add some of yourwebsite links. Like twitter, you must add more people each day until you reach 1000people on your Facebook Business Page. This will take some time, but ‘like’ otherpeoples pages (in your niche) and chances are they will ‘like’ your page back.Creating a Facebook page does require some skill, and there are people who will do it for you should you have problems creating one. It isessential that you keep the page attractive, post material often, maybe some photosand videos as well. All these will help.More recently, Facebook advertising has become a major avenue pursued togenerate revenue. Create an advert on Facebook, and once it is approved, it willdrive traffic to your site. Although this is paid and can be a bit expensive, it isdefinitely worth the investment. In particular, it is great at driving targeted traffic toyour site, as adverts can be targeted to groups of your choice. There are rules andregulations to observe, but most adverts do get approved. 37
  38. 38. Another recent concept that is now emerging is cloning Facebook adverts andgenerating revenue. However, this is fairly new, and as far as I am aware, the onlysoftware that does it is Facebook ad clone. This can certainly generate large sourcesof income and is worth the investment.3. YouTubeOne word. Amazing. You don’t need to have to create your own videos; you can hiresomeone on to do it for you. Create a few advertising videos, or createproduct reviews and post them on YouTube. However, do keep in mind that trafficdoes not come automatically, and the best way to drive traffic to your site is to postcomments (constructive or appreciative) on others videos. You can also get peopleon to do testimonials for you on video that you can post on YouTube topromote your business.4. Other Social platformsMany other social platforms exist that can be used, though they are not as huge asthe two above. These include (and are not limited to) -a. Pinterest - Here you create a board where you ‘pin’ topics of interest, includingstuff about your business. Follow people on there, and chances are they will follow 38
  39. 39. you too. It is a growing social media site, and is considered by many to eventually asbig as Facebook.b. Myspace - This is not that great a platform as it is not as targeted as others.c. Forums - These are brilliant. Join a forum in your niche and provide usefulcontributions. Just writing ‘good post’ or ‘great stuff’ or ‘thank you’ is pointless. Writematerial that will contribute to the forum and help people, and as and when yourposts increase, people will get to know you, and are more likely to visit your site.Some of these forums will let you add your links on the signature part of yourresponse. All of the above links will count towards your websites popularity. Goodforums to join in the money-making niche are Warrior Forum and UK BusinessForum.In conclusion, social networking is important. It requires commitment and time. Onceyou are prepared to give these, you will succeed in bringing tons of traffic to yourwebsite in no time.On Day#7 we will cover article submitting and driving traffic from article directories.Until then - ‘Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance’ - Will DurantYour friend, 39
  40. 40. Day #7 - The Best Article DirectoriesWelcome back! I hope you have found what you have read useful so far. Iunderstand it’s not gone into too much detail, but does cover the essentials and thebasics required to start an online business.Today I want to give you an insight secret on the best way to get links to your newonline business. If you get this right, you will have constant traffic from Google,Yahoo and MSN.This is of course, article submission to the best directories. Some say article writingas a source of income is dead, but people are always looking for good informationonline, and there is always a chance that someone will read what you have written.These days it is not absolutely necessary to write articles yourself - you can hirepeople to do it for you.What article writing involves is writing something on a topic that you know a lot aboutor are learning about. Say for example you are interested in the health and fitnessniche, and you have good knowledge on a particular aspect of it - maybe weight lossfor women following pregnancy. You could write an article of around 400 to 500words and submit it to top article directories such as Ezine articles. Most articlesubmission sites do not allow inserting affiliate links in the body of the article, but youcould always place a link back to your website in the bottom of the article (signature 40
  41. 41. section). I recently wrote an article on affiliate marketing for newbies and placed alink in the signature section. After it was approved and published online, I had a fairfew visitors to my site within a couple of weeks. This could work for you too.The key principle to observe with article writing is to keep the content unique. Do notcopy and paste something that you have found online. Plagiarism is considered aserious offence in the academic and literary world, and you could get barred fromever submitting any articles to any sites. Basically, you completely shut down onemodality of free traffic to your site.Now coming to the hard bit - writing the article. While it is great if you write the articleyourself and enjoy the feeling you get when it is published online, this is not anabsolute necessity. There are people who will write the article for you for a small fee.Some of the best sites to find freelance writers include fiverr, iwriter and odesk. Justtell them what you would like and they will write the article for you. Makes life a loteasier, but remember this does cost money and you are doing all this to makemoney. Make sure you are satisfied with the content before you submit it to articledirectories.Another method you could adopt is article spinning. Utilising software such ascontent professor and unique article wizard , you could ‘spin’ prewritten articlesaround any keyword you wish and churn out different articles every time. Theproblem with that is it costs money, sometimes a monthly fee. There may be anoption for a free trial, which you should make use of fully. But if it is something youcan afford, then go right ahead! 41
  42. 42. Yet another way to write articles is to purchase PLR articles. PLR stands for PrivateLabel Rights, and consists of articles that you purchase off a website and use as youplease. And it is completely legal. They can be relatively cheap, costing a few centsan article, and are great if you have a blog and are struggling to fill it with content.Keep in mind however that a lot of PLR articles are mediocre, and it does cost a lotmore to get articles to be written by a professional. In addition, there might behundred of people who would have purchased those articles from the same site andare using it the same way you do, so your content will not be unique, unless youmake changes to them and personalise them. Sites that sell PLR articles can befound here and here.Once you have written your article or had it written by someone else, the next thingis to get the world to see it. You either post it on your blog, or submit it to articledirectories. Some of the best article directories include  Ezine articles       42
  43. 43. and that’s just naming a few. You can find a bigger list right here.So how do you make money writing articles? Well, by inserting your affiliate linkstrategically. Beware that some article directories do not allow that anymore, andmake sure you familiarise yourself with who does not allow them. Also, keep in mindyou will not make money from just one article - you will need to write a few at leastso that people reading them will consider you an authority and this raises yourcredibility and trust as a seller.In a nutshell, article writing still remains a good way to earn money online. There arevarious methods that can be adopted to create high quality articles. The good thingabout submitting to the best article directories is that there is already a ton of trafficto those sites, so there is a high chance your article will be seen and any links youpost will be clicked on. Submit many articles over a period of time (not all in oneday!) and you will start to see some income being generated.Congratulations! You have completed this basic 7 day E-Course, and I hope youenjoyed it. The main aim of this course was to introduce you to some of the basicprinciples of affiliate and internet marketing, and to reassure you that you can make 43
  44. 44. money online. Apply what you have learned here and use the links I have provided,and you should be able to get your business going soon and start to reap therewards.Online coachingDo remember, there is always help at hand. If you are looking for an internet coachto get you into internet marketing, then I would strongly recommend joining RussellBrunson’s DotcomsecretsX program. It is what got me started, and he has helpedthousands of people. Best of all, it only costs one dollar to start, and you can cancelbefore 30 days if you don’t make any money. You can sign up here for free.If you are looking to start out in affiliate marketing, then Affilorama is the place tostart. Their course is no doubt the best on the internet, and covers everything indetail, including training videos and lectures. It’s brilliant. Sign up here if you wish to.If you wish to start your own website, then sign up to affiliate website generator tocreate your free website. Everything is created for you, so makes life a lot easier.Sign up right here.If you are looking to learn techniques to drive traffic to your site, then there is nothinglike Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Black Book system. It covers strategies and tips that willget you a ton of traffic in a short time. Keep in mind that this is paid traffic, and 44
  45. 45. remains the best traffic to get to your site as it is highly targeted. The reviews on theWarrior Forum are great, and he is a very active member there, providing valuabletips and updates on traffic strategies. Sign up here for his program. Newer trainingincludes Dan Brocks Viral Traffic Optimiser, but reviews are limited as it is still fairlynew.Finally, if you wish to expand your existing business, please visit my site (that I haveset up with internet millionaire Michael Cheney) Wehave some great guides and audio and video information on there that will help youboost your online sales and business. We are giving away 4 free guides as well, somake sure you stick around till the end of the video.Sadly, I have to say goodbye to you at this stage, but hope to write further e-booksthat I trust you will find useful. It has been a pleasure, and I wish you all the verybest!Your friend, 45