What Are The Advantages Of Article Submissions?


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What Are The Advantages Of Article Submissions?

  1. 1. http://www.ribbun.comWhat Are The Advantages Of Article Submissions?An article submission is a method used in search engine optimization which can help you to get yourwebsite listed among top 10 rankings of a search engine result. You can use article submissions toattract tons of free traffic towards your website which will eventually increase your search engineranking. The best thing about article submissions is that you dont need to have a vast knowledge ofhtml, coding or search engine optimization. You just need to write articles which are related to yourproducts by choosing right keywords which can be easily searched by search engine. These services arefree to use so you dont need to panic for cutting your budget to improve your website ranking.When ever you write an article for SEO purposes, your keywords should be relevant to what you arepromoting. If you are writing an article for articles submissions purpose then you must choose suchkeywords which match your product or services that you are providing through your website. Try to usesuch keywords in your article which search engine can search relevant to the topic.One thing that you should keep in your mind while searching for keywords of your article is to use suchkey words which are relevant to your products or services and can be easily searched by search enginesas they dont have a lot of competition. There are so many keyword tools available on the internet andyou can use them to determine that which keyword will be better for your article submissions. Usually itis good to have a keyword density of 4-7 % and the keywords spread through out the article.Remember some tips which you can use while searching for keywords on the internet for articlesubmissions. You need to find such keyword which has at least 300-3000 search results per month plusit must have a few competing pages on Google. If you can find keywords with 500,000 competing pagesthen it is good for you. If you find keywords which are under 100,000 then these are very good for youto use them as your keywords.Writing an article doesnt mean that you can write any thing to fill that article. People have done thisthing in the past by filling the entire article with nonsense. But today people look for information andthey will never waste their time in reading such article which has no information in it at all. They willread your article and get back to your site only if they find useful information in your article.These methods give you advantages in many ways. With each article submission you get to create a backlink to your website. So if you have written a good article and submitted it to a good site then peoplewill read it and click on your website link to see what you offer them.Author is an expert in Online Marketing. Visit him to up your rank SEO Services.