Visitor Management SOlution


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Visitor Management SOlution

  1. 1. Vertex Systems Tel: +91 22 32 67 11 66 Visitor Management Software
  2. 2. Overview  The Visi-Track software deals with effective control, record maintenance and printing of gate passes for visitors to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person entering the premises and keeping the tab on the authorized visitor visiting the area he/she is permitted to move in, meeting the person he/she is allowed to meet and avoid unwanted movement in the premises.  The flexible architecture of Visi-Track allows various people in the organization to directly access the data they need. Naturally, the Visi-Track’s Security System Permits authorized persons to have access to only the limited data to which they have been rights.
  3. 3. Features  v Web based software  v Connected to webcam / digital camera for capturing visitors  photograph  v Visitor’s arrival advanced notification to security  v Contractor master database is maintained for contract employee  long period gate pass  v Visitors detailed database including photograph is maintained  v Storing of visitors photograph to print on the gate pass for  future reference  v Notification of visitors’ arrival on visitee’s, PC  v Customised Gate Pass for Visitor  v Printing of different colour gate pass to different type of  visitors, locations allowed etc • Continued
  4. 4. Features – Contd.  Link to Biometric Scanner  Storing visitor finger prints.  Next time gate pass issue by placing just the finger on the scanner.  Link to UHF RFID for tracking visitor and marking the exit of the visitor  Black listing of visitor/s  Alerts for gate pass not returned
  5. 5. Application Modules Visi-Track consists of 4 modules  Administration Module  Security Gate Module  Notification Client Module  Web- based application
  6. 6. Administration Module  This module is normally installed on the Security Administrator PC. It consists of menus where the administrator can define  Companies,  location,  departments  and employees’ details  Define and print short term gate passes and  Generate reports
  7. 7. Security Gate Module  The Security Gate module is installed at the main entrance of the premises  It facilitates the admin staff at the security gate to register the visitors details with photograph and also send the notification to the employee sitting inside the premises . The system will print visitor pass with name of visitor, department and visitee along with validity period. The visitor can display the pass by hanging around the neck.
  8. 8. Notification Client The client module is installed at different PC’s on the network. Security can inform the person about the visitor through the security gate module. The employee can view the photograph of the visitor and can send the response back to security through this module.
  9. 9. Web- based Module This application can be accessed through IE or any other browser and help the employees to register the expected visitor online and send the information to the security. Employees can view the reports of the visitors for the date range
  10. 10. Gate Pass Following Details can be printed on the Gate Pass  Visitors’ name  Time In/Time out  Visitees’ name and department.  Area allowed to visit alternatively with colour code to identify the area  Signature of the visitee  Vehicle number and driver name (if any)  Returnable material details.  ESIC number (in case of contract employees)  Validity Period for Contract visitor  Rules and regulations  Any other information
  11. 11. Screen Shots From this slide onward the screen shots of different modules are shown.
  12. 12. Log In Log in at the Security Gate module
  13. 13. The Following screen appears on logging in showing the details of visitors status Click on New Button to Add detail of new visitor
  14. 14. Gate Pass no. is auto generated Click on requisition to see the Select the Employee appointments Select the visitors’ company, else type entered by employees Select the visitors’ address, else type Add no. if more than one visitor If the details of a visitor is present Select in the database then the photo purpose will appear on the screen, else of visit the camera will be activated Type telephone/ mobile no. Select the visitors’ address, else type Type description Print Gate Check if the Send Intimation to employee and wait for of material pass after person is response from employee Check for entering all with vehicle and the material , if type vehicle information returnable no. then check the same
  15. 15. See the status of visitor i.e. Waiting, inside premises, left premises and waiting at the gate. The status is shown in different colors for easy identification. The out time of visitor is also displayed
  16. 16. Select Company of Contract Visitor, select Address and name of the contract visitor, work department and period to Contract Visitor Pass prepare the pass
  17. 17. Client Notification Employee can see the photo of the visitor by clicking view photo The employees receives the intimation about the visitor on their PC
  18. 18. Web- Based Module The web based application gives user the liberty to send the Advance notification to security about impending visitor, Contract visitor etc. On the browser select the address and login using user Username and Password
  19. 19. The following screen appears with the following menus •New Requisitions (click to add new requisition) •Today’s List (click to view today’s visitors) •Contract visitors (click to view/add the contract visitors) •Export function (Export the report output)
  20. 20. New Requisition Select/Add company Select/Add name of visitor Select date of visit Type time of visit Select Purpose and click save
  21. 21. Select the type of search and select the date range to to view the records Visitors List Click on camera icon to view photo of visitor
  22. 22. To add contract visitor, select/add company, select/add name, select Contract Visitor department and date range of visit
  23. 23. Reports Click on the reports menu to select the type of reports to be generated
  24. 24. Department wise Visitors Select the Company, Location department and date range to view the records of visitors visited the particular department
  25. 25. Department Wise Visitor Report
  26. 26. Employee wise Visitor’s Report Select the Company, Location, employee and date range to view the records of visitors visited the particular employee
  27. 27. Employee wise Visitor Report
  28. 28. Date wise Visitor’s Report Select the Company, Location and date range to view the records of visitors visited during the period
  29. 29. Date-wise Visitors’ Report
  30. 30. Visitor Name wise Report Select the Company, Location, Visitor and date range to view the records of a particular visitor
  31. 31. Visitor Company wise Report Select the Company, Location, Visitors’ company and date range to view the records of visitors of a particular company visited
  32. 32. Visitor’s Company Wise Report
  33. 33. Reason wise report Select the Company, Location, reason and date range to view the records of visitors visited for a particular reason eg. Interview
  34. 34. Reason Wise Report
  35. 35. In Premises Report Select the Company, Location and date range to view the records of visitors Who have not returned the gate pass or still in the premises.
  36. 36. In Premises Visitors Report
  37. 37. Out of Premises Report Select the Company, Location, Visitors’ company and date range to view the records of visitors who are out of premises