Find a job using social media


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How you can find a job using social media.

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Find a job using social media

  1. 1. How you can find a Job using Social Media
  2. 2. Introduction 2 Here are three most popular social media channels that you can use to find your next career move, and stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Be found. Yes, you can use Social Media in two ways. One way is to let a job (recruiter) find you & other is you find a job (apply to a position). Booth the ways are equally important & you must try them together. Build your professional network before you need it. Think “what can I do for him?” rather than “what can he do for me?”.
  3. 3. Facebook Job Search 3Facebook applications to use for job search : BranchOut BeKnown Jobvite Facebook Graph Search InCircle
  4. 4. Facebook Profile for Job Search 4Make your Facebook profile ready for job search:1. Edit the Info Section  Make sure all inappropriate language has been deleted.  All your information like your city , current job, graduation details etc should be current and up to date.2. Review Photos  Review every photo in you album and delete any inappropriate images.3. Limit Your Visibility  Make your updates and photos visible to friends only.
  5. 5. Facebook Profile for Job Search4. Block Tagging  Change your privacy setting and review every thing where you are tagged in before it appears on you timeline.
  6. 6. Linkedin Profile for Job Search 61. Fill it out: Linkedin will show you the profile completeness %. Follow that and complete every step to have an update profile.2. Profile Picture: Use a professional looking photograph.3. Links: Use link space to show your Blog, Twitter handle, Web site etc4. Recommendations. Other people’s praise is not only golden, but a hot commodity when it comes to scoring a new job.5. Groups: Join relevant groups and participate in discussions.6. Company: Follow companies which are relevant to you for latest updates.
  7. 7. Linkedin Job searchJobs Section: Use the job search tab at the top of your profile. Once you apply to a job you can see at the bottom “People Who Viewed This Job Also Viewed”. These are also relevant jobs for you to apply. Set daily email alerts for jobs.
  8. 8. Twitter Profile for Job Search 8Get your account in job-hunting shape :1. For a username, use your real name or something close to it instead of something silly or obscure.2. A Twitter profile bio is limited to 160 characters; be sure to include your location and the type of work you do or are looking for, plus keywords that recruiters might use to search for prospective candidates.3. Dont forget to add a professional-looking photograph4. Use custom background offering more info and personal branding.
  9. 9. Twitter Job searchUse Twitter advance search
  10. 10. Twitter Job search1. Use job-hunting apps  has 10,000 specific job channels on Twitter and adds 50,000 new positions a day.  which reports that the app lists a million new jobs every 30 days, and also is available as an iPhone app called Real Time Jobs.2. Follow job-search-related hashtags.  #job, #jobs, #jobsearch, #career3. Participate in chats  Using you can use hashtags to follow Twitter job chats.
  11. 11. Twitter Job searchFind people who can help with your job search.1. Follow career coaches, resume writers, job industry experts and government employment agencies.2. Follow companies human resources or career accounts for the latest job openings.3. Once youve built up lists of industry insiders, experts and companies to follow, using apps such as TweetDeck or HootSuite to make it easier to track their tweets.
  12. 12. Other Social Channels 12Don’t forget some other useful channels like: Pintrest Google+ Foursquare StumbleUpon Blogs
  13. 13. Contact Me Vikas KumarTalent Acquisition / Social Media @vik_2