F n b practical(1 st sem)2003

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  • 1. PCTE –INSTITIUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT SUBJECT- FOOD AND BEVERGES SERVICE –I (PRACRICALS) TOTAL MARKS – 50 SUBJECT CODE- BH 123 EXTERNAL MARKS- 30 INSTRUCTOR- VIKASH PRASAD INTERNAL MARKS- 20 MID SEMESTER EXAM-5 ASSIGNMENTS-5 PRESENTATION-5 TESTS-5 OBJECTIVES: BASIC KNOWLWEDGE OF FOOD AND BEVERGES SERVICE AREA. • Information of the cutleries ,crockery and other equipments used in the restaurants • Care and maintenance of the equipments. • Basic knowledge of the operation of the restaurant in the hotels • A brief idea of the food and beverages service department in the hotels CLASSROOM REGULATIONS • No students will be allowed without full grooming and service essentials in the restaurant. • Students would be allowed only 5 minutes late into the lab, entry after 5 minutes will be allowed but no attendance. • .Everyone must carry their journal in each practical. SE NO LECTURE NO TOPICS TESTS ASSNT C STUDIES 1 Grooming  Personal Grooming & hygienic For boys 1. Hair should be cut small and combed well 2. The uniform should be well cleaned & ironed 3. nails should be trimmed 4. shoes should always be polished and of a oxford style 5. a close shave before entering the restaurant 6. use light deodorant 7. no rings (only engagement rings allowed) 8. black socks  Personal Grooming & hygienic For girls 1. hair band should be
  • 2. always clean 2. Avoid high heels use belly 3. prefer light make up 4. excess jewelry should be avoided 5. avoided strong perfume 6. hairs tied in buns with bun-net of black color Introduction to the restaurant Service essentials 2 Familiarization of cutleries • diagrams • uses • care and maintenance 3 Familiarization of glassware • diagrams • uses • care and maintenance 4 Familiarization of crockery • uses • diagrams • care and maintenance familiarization of flatware • uses • diagrams • care and maintenance 5 Familiarization of hollowware • uses • diagrams • care and maintenance Familiarization of other equipments 6 Test 7 Polishing of EPNS by plate powder method 8 Polishing of EPNS by silver dip and burnishing method 9 Test 10 Mise- en -place and mise- en -scene 11 Basic layout of covers 12 Revision