Microfinance Focus Corporate Presentation


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Microfinance Focus Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation Microfinance Focus is a global knowledge centre for Microfinance, focused on serving the international microfinance sector. It publishes e-magazines, daily news stories, articles and write-ups written by experts in the sector.
  2. 2. Guiding Path Vision To build a better informed and transparent microfinance industry by providing high quality knowledge and information related products and services.
  3. 3. Institutional Values Values are timeless principles that guide an organisation Neutrality in issues We encourage All Views . Irrespective of their origin or affiliations and remain Neutral , unbiased and Independent. Honesty and Integrity We are a dedicated team of Professionals and strive for balance without Succumbing to any outside pressure or favor. Strongly against copying or Plagiarizing any content . Creativity Open to New wave of thinking and tech – savy. Self Reliance Self-Reliant and work Independently, Respect the privilege of information, Protect our sources .
  4. 4. What we do News Publications Interaction Latest News: Daily News Stories on from around the Globe . Articles: Expert Analysis, Opinion, A Monthly compilation of the investment news from the microfinance More: In the Field , Microfinance Plus, Microfinance Mantra , Technology, Interviews The Microfinance Week: A weekly online newsletter Investments Round Up: A Monthly compilation of the investment news from the microfinance Microfinance Magazine: A cocktail of stories and insights compiled into four editions in a year. Live Debate: Discussion platform for most contemporary issues in Microfinance Opinion Poll : Get the Pulse of people , Frank opinion Community Journalism: Writing opportunities for everyone ..from anywhere
  5. 5. Services Conference Media Mgt Enabler Campaign and Promotion : Campaign support on behalf of Conference organizers Live Blog : Real time updates of conference Conference Report : Compilation of highlights and discussion Website Development: For MFIs Newsletter Creation: Assisting MFIs to Create effective information medium for their stakeholders Content Development: Case Studies , Annual Reports Jobs Advertisement: MFIs/Stakeholder can Post requirements Press Release Posting: MFIs/Stakeholder can Submit PR Microfinance Tour : Field visit arrangement for interested individuals and organizations
  6. 6. Guiding Hands Governing Board Mr. Suresh K Krishna | MD |Grameen Koota, Mr. Manoj Kumar | DPD | MicroSave Mr. Ashish Gupta | CFO | S V Credit line, New Delhi Vikash Kumar |ED | Microfinance Focus Advisory Board Mr. Graham A.N. | PD | MicroSave Mrs. Frances Sinha |MD | EDA Rural System Corporate governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals
  7. 7. Outreach Leading Microfinance news website • Reaching more than 25,000 People through email • 75, 000 visits, 3 MN hits every month • Visitors from more than 180 countries • More than 50 Top industry leaders interviewed • More than 50 Authors contribute to Microfinance Focus “This is a good initiative. Communicate…… I mean….. Let the people know what is happening, what is right, what is wrong, so they can participate in debate, discuss, make more efficient, more cost effective and more friendly to take home.” Dr. Muhammad Yunus
  8. 8. Media Partnerships • Asia Microfinance Conference 2010 • Microfinance India Summit 2009,2010 • Accion`s Investment Conference 2010 • Microcredit Summit Regional Summit 2009 • Sa-Dhan National Microfinance Con, 2009 First Recipient of the “Knowledge Promoter Award” from Solution Exchange, a wing of UNDP (India) for Promoting Microfinance
  9. 9. Why we are different… Fast and Reliable Latest news and Breaking Stories … keeping highest standard of Journalism USP
  10. 10. www.microfinancefocus.com E: info@microfinancefocus.com P: +91.80.28436237 http://twitter.com/mffocus http://facebook.com/microfinancefocus http://bit.ly/microfinancefocus http://www.microfinancefocus.com/news/feed