India Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs


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India Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. 1Top 10 Social Enterprises: IndiaVibhu Arya2012
  2. 2. 2 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India What is a Social Enterprise?• Nothing fancy, it may not even call itself social• A Social Enterprise could be engaged in any business activity fulfilling any need (see right: Maslow’s need hierarchy). E.g. Entertainment, Nutrition, Sanitation, Communication, Livelihoods, Transportation, Education, Training, Financial Inclusion.• Impact ranges from a pilot serving 10 people to serving 1 billion people.• Focused on the underserved/unserved segment• Profit is not the only motive.• Social Entrepreneurs earn respect of the community.
  3. 3. 3 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaCriteria for Selecting the Top 10• Enterprise must be ‘the’ clear leader in the category.• Serves the ‘bottom of the pyramid’.• Scaled Up and Not a Forever ‘Pilot’. i.e. impacts at least 1 Million clients, directly/indirectly• Does not operate only on grants. Covers its costs and ensures a small surplus.• Man Hours Spent On Operations/Field > Man Hours Inside Conference Halls• & Importantly, ▫ Wows Clients ▫ Creates Employment ▫ Pays statutory taxes & levies, follows the law, is driven by values i.e. net-net, a responsible corporate citizen ▫ Ensures a Double+ Bottom-line
  4. 4. 4 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India Sector: Renewable Energy, Health, Sanitation, Entertainment Enterprise Name: Indian Traders + Chinese Manufacturers +• No Ivy League Case Studies, No Awards. Plain Demand=Supply; Thanks to Chinese Manufacturers, Indian Traders = Indians at the lower end of SEC Pyramid are availing essential products which a decade earlier were luxury. ▫ A Regular watch which costed $20 in 1995, now costs ~$5. ▫ A DVD player which costed ~$500 in 2000,now costs $20. ▫ A Solar Rechargeable Lanterns costs ~$20. ▫ A Water Filter $20. ▫ A Mosquito Net $5. ▫ A Mobile Phone now begins at $15.• Products: ▫ Solar Rechargeable Lanterns, Mosquito Nets, Water Filters, DVD Players, Radio Sets, Watches• USP: Chinese Manufacturers, Indian Importers and made these products accessible to the common man.• Target Clientele: Sec D & E• Impact: 500 Million+ people• Grants: No• Status: Privately Held, Anonymous•
  5. 5. 5 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India Sector: Transportation Enterprise Name: Indian Railways• ~15,000 trains cover a distance equaling three & half times the distance to moon.• 8000 Railway Stations covering entire India.• 1.6 Million Employees• Product: Passenger and Freight• USP: Inflation Resistant Passenger Fares. Freight subsidizes the passenger fare. Lifeline of India.• Target Clientele: Sec C,D & E Indians• Impact: Carries 13 million passengers & 1.3 million tones of freight daily• Grants: No• Status: Government of India Owned•
  6. 6. 6 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India Sector: MSME’s Enterprise Name: Just Dial• Just Dial is a local search engine with listings of over ~7.5 million products and service providers• Products: ▫ Local Search via Phone (Voice and SMS), Internet ▫ Efficient Advertising channel for micro, small and medium enterprises.• USP: 90% of JustDial database comprises of micro, small and medium enterprises.• Target Clientele: Sec B, C, D & E• Impact: Covers 240 cities and receives 250,000 calls daily• with over 200 million annual searches, 200,000 advertising campaigns – ALL focused on MSME’s• Grants: No• Status: Privately Owned, 2013 IPO Candidate.•
  7. 7. 7 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India Sector: Vocational Training Enterprise Name: JetKing InfoTrain• 130 Pan India Centres• Product: Job Oriented IT Networking & Hardware Training• USP: $150-$200/month Job Guarantee• Target Clientele: 10+2 pass outs from SEC D & E• Impact: Over ~ 0.5 Million students trained and placed• Grants: No• Status: Profitable, Traded, Public Listed Company•
  8. 8. 8 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India Sector: Communication, Savings and Remittances Enterprise Name: Indian Post• Indian postal service has the most widely distributed post office system in the world with total of 155,618 post offices of which 90% are in rural areas.• Products: ▫ Postal Services: Mail and Freight ▫ Remittance facilities : money orders & postal orders ▫ No frills banking and insurance facilities• 0.6 Million Employees• USP: Frozen in TimeTariff. Freight subsidizes the postal tariff. Postcard (see right) costs Re 0.5 ( i.e. for a $1 send 100+ postcards) – Made it to Ripley’s.• Target Clientele: Sec D & E• Impact: 200 Million+ people who access Postal Banking Services.• Grants: No• Status: Government of India Owned•
  9. 9. 9 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaSector: Entertainment & Education = EdutainmentEnterprise Name: Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India)• 90% of India receives Prasar Bharati (DoorDarshan i.e. TV) programmes through a network of nearly 1400 terrestrial transmitters whereas 95% receives All India Radio programs through 277 stations in 23 languages and 146 dialects.• Products: Programs on entertainment, education, agriculture, rural development, environment, social justice, health and family welfare and science and technology• USP: Safeguards the Indian citizen’s right to be informed freely, truthfully and objectively on all matters of public interest, national or international, and presenting a fair and balanced flow of information including contrasting views without advocating any opinion or ideology of its own.• Target Clientele: Sec D & E• Impact: Over 1 Billion Indians• Grants: No• Status: Government of India Owned•
  10. 10. 10 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaSector: Livelihoods & TransportationEnterprise Name: $800, 80Km/L, 100 CC Motorcycles Co’s• With non existent city public transport systems, 100 CC motorcyles provide affordable passenger and cargo transportation services to over 500 million Indians.• Product Features: ▫ Price: $800 ▫ Mileage: 80 km/litre ▫ Seating Capacity: 2 Official, 2-6 unofficial• Over 5 Million Employees (Direct/Indirect)• USP: 80 kilometers to a liters / can seat 2-6• Target Clientele: Sec C, D & E• Impact: Over 100 Million+ motorcycles on Indian roads with ~8 million motorcycles sold/year.• Grants: No• Status: Profitable, Traded Public Listed Companies
  11. 11. 11 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaSector: Health & NutritionEnterprise Name: Tata Salt• Tata Salt is a super-refined, vacuum-evaporated iodised salt produced by Tata with a 65 percent market share in the national branded salt segment. It sells an average of 50,000 metric tons per month and is available at over 1.2 mm outlets providing a safe alternative to Rock Salt.• Products: ▫ Salt, a healthy alternative to Rock Salt.• 0.6 Million Employees• USP: Amongst India’s most trusted brand.• Target Clientele: Sec A,B,C,D & E• Impact: Consumed by nearly 40 million households each month• Grants: No• Status: Profitable, Traded Public Listed Companies•
  12. 12. 12 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaSector: Micro CreditEnterprise Name: 200+ Indian Microfinance Institutions (MFI’s); Bank-SHG• India has the world’s largest Microfinance Industry serving over ~50 Million Indians. The Government has finally recognized its potential with several measures announced & planned to build a truly enabling legislative and policy environment• Products • Microcredit• USP: Effective pricing lower than banks.• Target Clientele: Sec C, D & E, both Urban and Rural• Impact: 75 Million+ clients.• Grants: No• Status: Privately Held to Public Companies
  13. 13. 13 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, India Sector: Catalyzing Innovation & Social Enterprise Institution Building Enterprise Name: Aavishkaar• 21st May 2012, SEBI notified the word ‘social venture fund’. Aavishkar has been social venture investing for over a decade, catalyzing innovation at the bottom on the pyramid.• Products: Venture Capital Investments focused on seven key sectors: ▫ Agriculture and Dairy, Education, Energy, Handicrafts, Health, Water and Sanitation, Technology for Development and Microfinance and Financial Inclusion• USP: Aavishkar created ‘the’ category of social venture funds with several new social venture funds being raised.• Target Clientele: Portfolio Companies target Sec D & E clients• Impact: Collectively Aavishkar portfolio companies can impact over ~25 Million+ people directly/indirectly• Status: SEBI Registered Venture Capital Fund.•
  14. 14. 14 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaSector: Communication & LivelihoodsEnterprise Name: Prepaid Mobile PhoneService Operators• Indian Mobile Phone Operators are brave. They face the lowest ARPU’s and the muddiest regulatory /policy environment, globally. The prepaid mobile phone services customer is king.• Products • Free Incoming • Outgoing @ Rock Bottom Tariff • SMS @ Rock Bottom Tariff• USP: 1 Paisa per Second Tariff & India’s unique missed call technique of communicating.• Target Clientele: Sec C, D & E• Impact: 800 Million+ people access Prepaid Mobile Services for communication and facilitating business.• Grants: No• Status: Privately Held to Public Companies•
  15. 15. 15 Vibhu Arya: Top 10 Social Enterprises, IndiaVibhu Arya is a ‘new’ independent consultant in the impact investing, microfinance and branchless banking space.vibhuarya@gmail.comFormerly, The ShakespeareWallaMirage At The Bottom Of The PyramidThe Three Witches of Microfinance