Sms gupshup corporate sales deck 2


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Sms gupshup corporate sales deck 2

  1. 1. Social SMS – CRM, Marketing and beyond September 2010
  2. 2. Agenda 1 About us 2 Mobile CRM Solutions 3 Mobile Advertising 4 Engagement Marketing 5 Campaign Integration
  3. 3. Mobile Phones – the present & future of communication Total Indian Population: 1.2 Billion Mobile Subscriber Base: 650 Million Source: TRAI Internet Users: 55 Million Source: IAMAI Source: TRAI Mobile Internet Users: 12 Million
  4. 4. We are the world‟s largest social messaging platform with over 35 million users & more than 3 million User Generated Communities We account for 9% of India‟s SMS traffic
  5. 5. Our success attributes include Social messaging platform that helps to share and connect with friends & fans APAC Presence – new products, new focus We are the providers of High-Performance Technology with Silicon Valley roots Our „Social SMS‟ product that caters to the needs of Individuals, Brands and Businesses
  6. 6. Social SMS – a solution set that goes beyond SMS Our key differentiator, can be tailored to suit SOCIALSMS various needs Group messaging platform where an individual INDIVIDUAL can form communities and share content Holistic social CRM solution with customized BUSINESSES transactional and marketing solutions Social platform to connect & engage their consumers BRANDS through innovative marketing solutions
  7. 7. Mobile touch points MOBILE USER SMS GUPSHUP Personal Group Applications Content (store) Messaging Messaging Informative, personal, branding, Innovation, Games, Polls, store transactional, marketing & more locators, enterprise solutions can needs can be met here be tailor made here
  8. 8. 4E‟s of Social SMS
  9. 9. Agenda 1 About us 2 Mobile CRM Solutions 3 Mobile Advertising 4 Engagement Marketing 5 Campaign Integration
  10. 10. What‟s on offer for your business Enterprise Messaging (1-N, N-1) Reply-All Chat (N-N) Customer Profile Management Offer templates, reminders Integration across languages & platforms High quality analytics SOCIAL MESSAGING / CHAT APPLICATIONS SMS USE CASES USE CASES - Transactional Messaging - Sales Force Automation - Lead generation / Sales tracking - Content Cards - Advertising - Lead Management - Community & Engagement tools - Store Locator - Integration with other media - Surveys/ polls/ quiz - Voting (shows/ crowd sourcing )
  11. 11. Enterprise platform features Enterprise messaging Reply -All chat - N-N messaging up to groups of 10 people - Response generation & tracking - Drive topical conversations (experts) - Lead generation & management - Share information in small groups (sales force) - Sales tracking -Conduct auctions in small groups (customers) Integration - Multi-lingual messaging Customer Profile Management - Integrate advertising campaigns - Create & maintain address book across SMS / Web / WAP / Voice - Create & run loyalty programs Templates & Reminders Analytics Management - Campaign templates - Messaging Reports - Reminders - Campaign ROI - Community metrics - Search & Trends
  12. 12. Technical prowess and customer support 30% employees from IITs 40% have worked in the USA 60% have worked for over 3 years 13x7 phone and email and SMS enterprise support available. 24x7 EMERGENCY phone access to senior management if essential. Enterprise support is staffed by a Head of Support reporting to the CTO and a large support staff. Most of support staff are engineers who can diagnose and solve complex customer issues.
  13. 13. Enterprise messaging with customized feature sets We power Facebook over SMS in We provide complete support to India ‘Nokia Life Tools’ Features include Features include • SMPP Support • High speed of delivery, low • High volume SMS‟s with low latency latency • Reliability • All features well integrated with • Support both incoming & outgoing facebook‟s core offerings SMS‟s • Accessibility to facebook‟s • Support for binary/ Unicode features like reading messages, • Very high volumes of SMS adding friends etc. via SMS handled
  14. 14. Customized mobile apps created for business use Polls/ Quizzes Unique code Product ID Quizzes around Polls App based App based participants & during matches promotion promotion judges Branch/ Store Mobile Locaters Raffles City based Pin code based SMS based Bidding App Dealer locater Branch locater Market Research Brand Solutions App App
  15. 15. Customized Content cards for business use WOCKHARDT/ DIABETES SPICE TELECOM/ HEALTH Content cards are great tool to promote Business, Advertise and Engage customers with daily content
  16. 16. Agenda 1 About us 2 Mobile CRM Solutions 3 Mobile Advertising 4 Engagement Marketing 5 Campaign Integration
  17. 17. Mobile Advertising SMS Campaign strategies  Mobile Quizzes  Mobile Alerts  Mobile Couponing  Product Information  Brand Promotions Providing response, branding & promotions to brands
  18. 18. Response Campaign FIAT Punto “Test drive a Punto” promotion SMS campaign Inviting TG for a test drive 44 Lakh TG (in specified cities) contacted via SMS Campaign generated leads and promoted test drives for Punto with a response rate of 0.2%
  19. 19. Promotion Campaign 10 Million SMS‟s sent on GupShup community in Jan-Feb 2010 with the objective of brand awareness & generating leads for high season membership drive Lead conversion encouraging with high ROI TXT the HOLIDAY FUN to join Mahindra Club and win 32” LCD TV
  20. 20. Branding Campaign 5 Million SMS‟s sent out to GupShup community in January 2010 with an objective to recall to the Youngistan Campaign and generate response for ongoing promotions in W Bengal 60,500+ responses generated
  21. 21. Agenda 1 About us 2 Mobile CRM Solutions 3 Mobile Advertising 4 Engagement Marketing 5 Campaign Integration
  22. 22. Our belief We believe that there is a bigger opportunity to engage with customers by harnessing combinations of new media now available, giving customers more compelling reasons to Engage…we call this ENGAGEMENT MARKETING Engagement Marketing involves the customer beyond the short term cycles of marketing campaigns
  23. 23. Engagement through Brand Communities Communities give brands Conviction, an opportunity to Collaborate & Creativity to influence Not long ago, People who created products & services created advertising for them and established their brand. Today, the same brand has to engage consumers & become a community to get consumers to flock to you and become brand loyalist Source: DDB knowledge center
  24. 24. Create a community that builds CONNECT Community created to engage with youth around the country and increase involvement with the show and the contestants. Sony Television sent out regular Tour Updates during the auditions to kickstart the community. As the show progressed, the Celeb quotient on episodes was broadcasted to community members. Contests & Polls have been running with a lucky few winning a chance to be on the show. This community currently has 30,000 members.
  25. 25. Create a community that builds LOYALTY Community created to create brand loyalty, generate sales leads and drive membership. eBay has effectively used the "Daily Deal" model to generate interest amongst people. The community is 20,000 strong and growing everyday. This is higher than any online community created by eBay around the world. We are currently working on "enabling" auctions on SMS for eBay.
  26. 26. Create a community that builds CONTEXT Community created to engage with young parents in Indian Metros to create brand awareness & reinforcement Messages included nursery admission alerts, tips for parents etc. Resulted in 5000 parents benefiting with timely information on nursery school admission. MNYL engaged them with direct Q&A on issues around raising a kid
  27. 27. Use an existing community for CONTEXTUAL advertising ICICI Lombard sponsored Traffic Communities The traffic police of Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore provides traffic alerts to subscribers. The service has benefited 40,000+ citizens with timely alerts on road diversions, bottlenecks and incidents. Tag-on ads asking people to renew their auto insurance with ICICI Lombard. Generated leads and a favorable brand association with TG.
  28. 28. Agenda 1 About us 2 Mobile CRM Solutions 3 Mobile Advertising 4 Engagement Marketing 5 Campaign Integration
  29. 29. A New Engagement Channel powered by SMS
  30. 30. Our experience spans over 150 brands
  31. 31. Our relationships span the length & breadth of Telecom
  32. 32. Our network reaches every corner of the country
  33. 33. Our Investors are Global Helion Venture Partners is a stage independent, India-focused venture fund, investing in high growth technology powered businesses and consumer services. Their portfolio includes Makemytrip, Redbus, Komli, ngpay, Hummingbird, Kirusa and others. Established in 1970, Charles River Ventures has one of the longest resumes among venture capital firms. Some of the impressive CRV backed start-up success stories include names like Cascade, CIENA, ChipCom, NetGenesis, Parametric Technology, Sonus, Speechworks, Stratus Computer, Sybase, Vignette. Their current portfolio includes Twitter, Yammer, Jitterbug, Zendesk, Gridstone and dozens more. Globespan Capital Partners has over $1 Billion under active management in the US and Japan. They have multi-stage investments in information technology and cleantech companies such as Zynga, Plaxo, Glu mobile, Virtusa, M-Qube and others.
  34. 34. What the world is saying about us Forbes Asia : Adage : Mobile Marketer : Tech 2 : Mobigyaan : Indian Retailer :
  35. 35. Thank you We hope you‟ve enjoyed our credentials/ case studies as much as we have in developing it. Via today's presentation, you can see that Mobile Marketing has some great opportunity and the creative expression will create enormous cut through in a highly relevant way – leading to high brand recognition and just as importantly, sales. We‟re driven by results and would love to partner with you to see „your brand‟ reach its full potential. Thank you again for the opportunity and we look forward to your brief.