Infraline Knowledge Services on Energy Sector<br />Reports & Publications<br />
Reports & Publications<br />Infraline prepares and publishes analytical and research reports on contemporary subjects cove...
Reports Classification<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--3--<br />
Continued…<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--4--<br />
InfralineEnergyTM<br />--5--<br />
InfralineEnergyTM<br />--6--<br />Captive Power Plants in IndiaHarnessing its Potential<br />Report Highlights:<br /><ul><...
Tapping CPP potential by ways to maximize the profits by the surplus sale of power
Regulatory framework around CPPs
CPP as decentralized peaking solution
Emerging concepts in CPP
Setting up of CPPs
Fuel and technology options for CPP
Financing of CPPs
Economics of CPP
Managing risks in CPPs
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Reports & publications


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Reports & publications

  1. 1. Infraline Knowledge Services on Energy Sector<br />Reports & Publications<br />
  2. 2. Reports & Publications<br />Infraline prepares and publishes analytical and research reports on contemporary subjects covering policy and business issues. <br />Infraline also publishes India's only reference books on Indian Exploration & Production Sector and Natural Gas Sector which are sponsored by Oil India Limited and GAIL (India) Limited respectively.<br />The data from these books are widely quoted in various research and policy documents.<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--2--<br />
  3. 3. Reports Classification<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--3--<br />
  4. 4. Continued…<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--4--<br />
  5. 5. InfralineEnergyTM<br />--5--<br />
  6. 6. InfralineEnergyTM<br />--6--<br />Captive Power Plants in IndiaHarnessing its Potential<br />Report Highlights:<br /><ul><li>CPP opportunities in India which analyses the pockets best fit for CPPs in India
  7. 7. Tapping CPP potential by ways to maximize the profits by the surplus sale of power
  8. 8. Regulatory framework around CPPs
  9. 9. CPP as decentralized peaking solution
  10. 10. Emerging concepts in CPP
  11. 11. Setting up of CPPs
  12. 12. Fuel and technology options for CPP
  13. 13. Financing of CPPs
  14. 14. Economics of CPP
  15. 15. Managing risks in CPPs
  16. 16. Future scenario of CPP development in India</li></ul>Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 239 Pages Book
  17. 17. Delivery Format: Hardcopy
  18. 18. The report is priced at: Rs 75,000 / US$ 1500</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  19. 19. Salient Features of the Report<br /><ul><li>The only such report to give a comprehensive, precise and to the point data analysis of Proposed Thermal Power Projects in India
  20. 20. Details 55 proposed thermal power projects under various stages of development.
  21. 21. Includes critical project details - Installed Capacity, Unit configuration, PPA (if any), Project cost, Ash utilization, R&R, Status of various regulatory clearances.
  22. 22. Also gives details of Fuel requirements - Source & status of linkage, land requirement - use breakup & status of allocation, water requirement - source & status of allocation.
  23. 23. Discusses various issues pertinent to thermal projects development and envisions the way forward.
  24. 24. Highlights the policies and procedures relevant to setting up a Thermal Power Projects in India.</li></ul>InfralineEnergyTM<br />--7--<br />Proposed Thermal Power Projects in India (2010) Volume-II <br />Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 248 Pages Book
  25. 25. Delivery Format: Hardcopy
  26. 26. Price: INR 35,000/ US$ 700</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  27. 27. The report on Power Backup Market in India will be useful to:<br />Know the market landscape<br />Know the total size of the market<br />Know the market share of different companies<br />Know whether there is an entry opportunity or the market is saturated with competition<br />Know the how market is spread across the country<br />Know what unique are the top companies doing to remain in the business<br />Know what new is happening in the industry – new offerings, product innovation etc.<br />Keep a track of your market share on an annual basis without paying huge cost to commission a separate market research engagement<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--8--<br />Power Back-up Solutions Market in India <br />Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 85 slide 'Power Point Presentation
  28. 28. Delivery Format: via e-Mail
  29. 29. Price: INR 75,000/ US$ 1500</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  30. 30. Salient Features of the Report:<br /><ul><li>JNNSM - An Introduction
  31. 31. What are prerequisites for participation of Solar Power Developers (SPDs)?
  32. 32. How will the bundling of power be done?
  33. 33. What should be the PV: CSP ratio in power bundling?
  34. 34. Promoting manufacturing base: Indigenous vs Imported?
  35. 35. What are the fund requirements of the Mission?
  36. 36. What are the risks associated with development and financing?
  37. 37. How feasible are 2020 targets?</li></ul>InfralineEnergyTM<br />--9--<br />Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM): Key Questions Answered <br />Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 33 slide 'Power Point Presentation
  38. 38. Delivery Format: via e-Mail
  39. 39. The report is priced at: Rs 8,000 / US$ 160</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  40. 40. Salient Features of the Report:<br />The Report provides critical analysis of 78 proposed gas based power projects across various data points such as:<br />Project Name<br />Promoter<br />Gas Requirement<br />Location<br />Type of Project- Expansion/Greenfield<br />Sector- Private/State/Central<br />Availability of land and water<br />Status of other clearances/inputs<br />Contact Details<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--10--<br />Status of Gas based Power Projects requiring 500 mmscmd in 12th-13th Plan with Annexure<br />Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 87 slide 'Power Point Presentation’
  41. 41. Delivery Format: via e-Mail
  42. 42. Price: INR 10,000/ US$ 200 for non subscribers and INR 5,000/ US$ 100 for subscribers </li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  43. 43. Report on "Impact Analysis: Antidumping Duties on Import of Power Equipments"<br />A must buy for:<br /><ul><li>Equipment Manufacturers
  44. 44. Power Developers
  45. 45. Banks, Project Financers and Investment Bankers
  46. 46. Consultants</li></ul>Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 21 slide 'Power Point Presentation' + 7 pager annexure in 'Letter Report' format
  47. 47. Delivery Format: via e-Mail
  48. 48. Price: INR 5,000/ US$ 100 for subscribers and INR 10,000/ US$ 200 for non subscribers</li></ul>InfralineEnergyTM<br />--11--<br />Report Highlights<br /><ul><li>There are some key questions that rely on the outcome of this debate between Indigenous and Foreign manufacturer's -
  49. 49. Is it justified to levy custom duty on import of equipments, if yes, how much?
  50. 50. Will such a move impact the generation cost of future plants, and hence the end use consumers?</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  51. 51. InfralineEnergyTM<br />--12--<br />Captive Coal Blocks in India 2009<br />The report covers key features of coal blocks including the followings:<br /><ul><li>Milestones
  52. 52. Provisional production schedule
  53. 53. Land area coverage
  54. 54. Contentious issues like R&R and forest clearance
  55. 55. Core zone and buffer zone details
  56. 56. End use project status and many more.</li></ul>Who should Buy it?<br /><ul><li>Coal producers
  57. 57. Coal brokers, traders, sales organizations
  58. 58. Metal and steel producers consuming coal
  59. 59. Power producers
  60. 60. Power traders
  61. 61. Cement manufacturers
  62. 62. Equipment manufacturers
  63. 63. Logistics providers for the industry
  64. 64. Technology providers
  65. 65. Financial services professionals
  66. 66. Government and regulatory bodies
  67. 67. Industry Associations/Institutions
  68. 68. Coal Consultants and R & D Professionals
  69. 69. Law firms
  70. 70. Environmental awareness bodies
  71. 71. Alternative sources of energy provider</li></ul>Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 350 Pages Book
  72. 72. Delivery Format: Hardcopy
  73. 73. The report is priced at: INR 40,000 or USD 832 or Euro 568 or GBP 521</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  74. 74. Key Highlights:<br />A must read Compendium for all stakeholders in Exploration, Production, Services and other Professionals<br />The updated information on all facets of exploration and production is bound to provide direction for decisions on E & P Ventures<br />The detailed data synthesis on more than 270 producing fields in each of seven producing basins presented offers an insight into remarkable growth of India’s hydrocarbon sector.<br />Towards energy security, NOCs and private E & P Companies have ventured in oil equity participation in many overseas countries. A look into the status of these efforts is dealt under an exhaustive chapter.<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--13--<br />Oil & Gas Exploration and production in India:A Reference book 2009 <br />Report Details:<br /><ul><li>Report Format: 600+ Pages Book
  75. 75. Delivery Format: Hardcopy
  76. 76. Price: INR 50,000/ US$ 1000</li></ul>For Table of Content:<br />
  77. 77. Our Clients<br /><ul><li>Relied upon & trusted by…</li></ul>--14--<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />
  78. 78. InfralineEnergyTM<br />--15--<br />Infraline Energy Research and Information Services14th & 15th Floor, Atmaram Towers1, Tolstoy Road, New Delhi - 110 001. India.Tel: +91-11-4625 0000 Fax: +91-11-4625 0099 Email:<br />Check out all our Reports and other services at:<br />Thank You<br />