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  1. 1. Автор: преподаватель английского языка Краснодарского краевого базовогомедицинского колледжа (Краснодарский край, г. Краснодар, ул. Таманская137), аспирант Адыгейского государственного университета Ириолова АлинаДмитриевна.Полное название образовательного учреждения (с указанием региона инаселенного пункта): Краснодарский краевой базовый медицинскийколледж, Краснодарский край, г. Краснодар, ул. Таманская 137.Предметная область: английский язык.Название урока, мероприятия, классного часа, в рамках которого будетиспользоваться презентация: Parts of human body (Части человеческоготела).Возрастная группа (класс): (16-18 лет) студенты 1 курса колледжа,техникума, университета, школьники 10-11 класс.Продолжительность занятия: 90 минут.Название презентации: Parts of human body (Части человеческого тела).Количество слайдов: 15.Среда (редактор), в которой выполнена презентация: Microsoft PowerPoint.Рекомендации в свободной форме:1 слайд- Good afternoon! I’m glad to see you.- How are you today?- Who is absent today? What’s the date today?2 слайд - Good afternoon, students and our dear guests! Today we are going to talk about parts of human body. This is one of the most important themes in our plan. Our students split into two teams and we are going to have a competition between them. We have a lot to do today.3 слайд
  2. 2. - But before starting, let’s name the parts of human body. (Преподаватель записывает те части тела, которые называют студенты на доске).4 слайдпрезентация групп (имя, слоган группы в свободной форме- We are going to start from greetings from each team. You should give the nameof the team and the slogan. You’ve got only three minutes. Don’t forget about it.Our group is … The slogan of our group is …5-6 слайд - So, the first task is to label the part of body above the picture. You’ve got five minutes.7-8 слайдзадание № 2 «Кто, что сделал, с кем, где, когда?»- The next game is called “Who, did what, with whom, where, when?”. You havesome slips of paper in each group. 1) = who 2) = did what 3) = with whom 4) =where 5) = when. The students make up a sentence that fit parts 1 to 5. Forexample:Tara visited with her friend Moscow last week. 1 2 3 4 5You should make up a sentence that fit parts 1 to 5. The students must use the partsof human body in their sentence. The words are put together and read out loud.The group with the funniest sentence wins.9 слайд- I see that you are tired a bit. We are going to have a rest. Stand up, please andrepeat after me. Head and shoulders Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, and eyes and ears and mouth and nose, Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.10 слайд - The next stage of our work is to watch the scenes from each team. Команда №1
  3. 3. Liliya: Ann, you look sad. What’s happened in the office?Anna: No, nothing special. I just don’t know what to do with my free time.Kristina: Do you worry about it? You know, I have an idea. How do you feel aboutsport?Anna: Sport? I think it’s too boring and very exhausting.Nadya: Oh, no. At first the sport is useful and secondly you get a lot of positiveemotions and thirdly, it is fashionable.Anya: Nadia is right. Now the sport is popular. All businessmen, actors, lawyersgo in for sport.Anna: but certainly, they have a lot of money!Lena: Money is not important. The main thing is the desire. I am a professionalvolleyball player and don’t pay money for it.Kristina: And I like to go in for fitness and swimming. And even when I was asmall child I liked to ski. You just cannot imagine what emotions you can get!Liliya: I’ve heard that those, who go in for sport, get pleasure out of life. Youknow, I like to run in the morning. It’s even better than coffee.Lena: This is much better than taking pills and vitamins and there is always achance to meet a nice guy. I meet my boyfriend in such way.Nadya: And not only a guy. When I started taking part in competitions I met somany nice people. You can get positive emotions, great figure if you really want.Anya: Mom always said if you want to live long, eat healthy food and doexercises. So, twice a week I visit the gym.Anna: OK, girls. I have decided to go in for sport. I think tennis is my cup of tea.Ksenia: I know a tennis coach. I’ll give you his number. I have only one wish, ifyou begin something, do not give it up. Believe, sport is available for everybody. Ithink you’ll like it. Команда №2 Dentist’s reception
  4. 4. Jess: Just think my husband has pain in his back. He complains for two days.Helen: Consult a doctor. This can be very serious.Jess: I think just the same.Bob: Good afternoon! Who is the last to the doctor?Helen: Do you want to visit doctor House?Bob: Yes, I do.Nurse: Doctor House has dinner now. He will be in 5 minutes.Bob: Thank you! And why are you here?Jess: There are some minor problems with my teeth. And what about you?Bob: I need to put a plate.Nurse: Jessica Adamson, please.Helen: What is it? And they say doctor House is the best in the town! Oh my God!Bob: I also heard a lot about him. Oh, chet!John: Oh, I am to doctor House. Who is the last?Nurse: After you Bob Wood.Bob: Have a seat!Bob: I think I really need to put a plate.Helen: You know your body best! So, you know your teeth better.Bob: You are right.Helen: I have pain in my leg. May be the weather will change.Nurse: Next, please!Ketty: I am going to doctor House.
  5. 5. Nurse: You are after John Nelson.John: I have headache from such shouts around.Ketty: And I throw in the heat!Nurse: Bob Wood, please.John: I’m terribly afraid of going to the doctor.Ketty: Do not worry! Dr. House is the best doctor in town. I have not heard anycomplaints about him.John: He was advised by my friends. Their children had very bad teeth.Nurse: John Nelson, please.Ketty: Hi, An! How are you? I’m well …Nurse: Doctor House will look at you soon.11-12 слайд - You’ve got two kinds of cards. On the first cards there are sentences with idioms, on the second - the explanation of the idioms. Your task is to find the right explanation for the given idiom.13 слайд- Thank very much. That was great. I think you like it. Now, we are going to have2 idiom breaks. The task was to use three idioms in the speech. Команда №1 1.- Hi, Maggie!- Hello, Amily! I’m glad to see you! How did you spend your vacation?- Excellent! I was in Australia.- Wow! This is so cool! You are very lucky.- This trip was wonderful. I have seen and learned so many things and I haveplenty of pictures.- Oh, I’d give my right arm for a trip there.- Oh, I think you will have an opportunity to visit Australia. 2.
  6. 6. - Mum, I have a serious talk to you. - What has happened? - Max asked me to marry him! - What? This miserable musician. Never! - But, mum, we love each other. - I said no! Over my dead body! 3. - Hi, How are you? - Kristy, give me a hand with my homework. - Wait a minute. - Write the text and its translation. Is it clear to you? - Yes, it is. - Hello. Do you know that tomorrow the sale will be? Yes!! Shoes, dresses, jewelry… That is all we need. - Sister… - What? - I do not understand what I should do here. - I’ll explain to you… What a lot of nerves! Команда №2 1.Grandmother: And they live for a long time and happily…Granddaughter: How did you meet our grandfather, grandma?Grandmother: Grandpa, come here, take our photos.Grandpa: Here they are, oh I like this photo very much. It was when I layed myeyes on your grandmother.Grandson: What does it mean “lay my eyes on your grandmother”?Grandpa: When you see a woman, you like her, as if you have a feeling of crashingon her.Granddaughter: Was it the first sight love?Grandpa: Yes, certainly. I had only your grandmother on the brain.Grandmother: Oh, look at the time, we should have dinner and we discusseverything after it. 2. - What are you reading about? - This is a very remarkable story about Dr. Green. He give a head to little boy. He had a brain cancer. - I think he knows medicine like his back. - Certainly, I suppose he has a heart of gold.
  7. 7. - I’m glad to get acquainted with him.14 слайдСписок использованной литературы и Интернет-ресурсов: 1) Маслова А.М., Вайнштейн З.И. Essential English for Medical Students. – М.: Лист Нью, 2006. – 320 с. 2) Мухина В.В. Английский язык для медицинских училищ. – М.: Высш. шк., 2003. – 141 с. 3) Eric H. Glendinning, Ron Howard. Professional English in Use. Medicine. Cambridge: University Press. 4) Tony Grice. Student’s Book. Nursing-I. Oxford: University Press. 5) www.britishcouncil.org/kidenglish 6) www.teach-nology.com 7) www.teachervision.com 8) www.eslflow.com 9) www.english-in-chester.com/stayintouch15 слайд - So, today we have done a lot. We’ve repeated the parts of human body, we’ve played some games. What else have we done today? I am satisfied with your work. Thank you. Today I am satisfied with your work. I give excellent marks to …, good marks to …