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Sacred Voyage provides information on ancient mysteries, buddhist temples, egyptian temples, sacred sites, temples, water, mountain and sacred places

Sacred Voyage provides information on ancient mysteries, buddhist temples, egyptian temples, sacred sites, temples, water, mountain and sacred places

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  • 1. Sacred Voyage For more Information visit www.sacredvoyage.net Explore the numerous ancient Mysteries
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    • Those who like to explore different historical places are always looking for Ancient mysteries . If you will search for these kinds of destinations on the internet, then you will definitely get the suitable list of results. There are various historical places which reveal many ancient secrets.
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      • The Agio Nikolaos Ragavas church-This church is located at the Plaka which is situated near to the Athens. In the eleventh century, it is constructed. After completing the construction work in Byzantine era, still it maintains its charm and attractiveness. The last renovation work is done in the nineteen hundreds and seventies. This church is considered as one of the ancient mysteries. It is the first church which got a bell just after the indepednce war in the lively Athens.
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    • Domkirkjan and Hallgrimur churches-Domkirkjan church is the small but still beautifully created church. It follows a popular Lutheran Faith. It has a huge historical importance. Every year, tourists visit this place to explore numerous ancient mysteries . This famous church is situated at the Reykjavik, Iceland. During the year seventeen hundred and ninety six, its renovation work is completed. Till this date, it maintains its charm. In this church, national anthem was sung first time. Its interior work is starts from the upper region of sides and galleries. The whole work is specially based on Classic looks.
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    • Sacred Architecture in Ravenna-People who like to go to the sites of ancient mysteries will definitely found this place the best and interesting. Here, visitors will surely found some of the great mosaics. The construction plan was mainly developed by the Bishop of Ravenna. In 526, construction of this place was started
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    • The Beguine Church and the Anne Frank House-This Anne Frank house is situated in Amsterdam. Tourists visit these ancient mysteries especially during summer season. This destination has huge historical importance. Otto Frank was found this place and remains there up to the end of cold war. Now, in this house three families are living together. People said that in this lace Anne Frank was kept her personal diaries. These diaries are told you the real story her struggle and give the detailed information how she deal with the boredom. In this diary, she wrote that she wants to publish this diary on large scale.
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    • Healing goddess’s Temple-All people know that Africa especially Egypt is the home of numerous ancient sites. In the whole world, this place is well known for its temples. Some temples are situated at the Nile Valley. The line of these temples is ranging from the Mediterranean coast.
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    • Sacredvoyage.net is the best place to get any kind of information about every temple whether it is Buddhist temple, Hindu temples or Mayan and Inca Sites. This website will give the numerous opportunities to know more about ancient mysteries . You can easily access this user friendly website without any registration fees.
  • 9. Sacredvoyage.net