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Choose and plan your favourite Holiday at your favourite Holiday Destination with RPC Holidays. Choose from Beach, Himalayas, Leisure, Religious, Wildlife or Heritage Holidays. Book your Holidays ...

Choose and plan your favourite Holiday at your favourite Holiday Destination with RPC Holidays. Choose from Beach, Himalayas, Leisure, Religious, Wildlife or Heritage Holidays. Book your Holidays Package with RPC Holidays now.



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Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays Document Transcript

  • RPC Holidays Destinations
  • 1 Beach Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays “PRISTINE SEA BEACHES TOUCHING EVERY CORNER OF YOUR SOUL! RPC GIVES YOU A WIDER ACCESS TO THESE DIVINE SERENE BEACHES.” It is rightly said “ For whatever we lose its always ourselves we find in the sea!” There is always a wish to move out on a Beach Holiday with your family on sand granules with tides witnessing your divine, ecstasy and most memorable moment. So here is a chance given by RPC Holidays to have a lovely stay at beach resorts in India as well as around the world. Be it your kids or your partner or your friends, each one of us is tied to the ocean, and when we go back to the sea – whether to sail or to watch, we are actually going back whence we came. The best part of beach holidaying is ultimate relaxation accompanied with ultimate fun. Beach is one place which can bring a sense of serenity as well as ecstasy with a tinge of laughter along with seclusion. In a way it is for everyone – young, old, kids, friends, couples! RPC Holidays gives you a golden chance at affordable price to explore this beautiful gift that nature has bestowed upon us. COME, EXPLORE BEACHES AND YOU WILL LOVE IT. Why not to miss such a wonderful offer? No one in this universe can give you those beautiful sights wherein you can find your kids making sand homes, chasing each other, collecting sea shells, fetching sand embedded star
  • fishes, laughing endlessly with that curious temptation in their eyes! RPC Holidays Beach Holiday Packages have that impeccable style of providing you all these services to your entire satisfaction and fulfilling all your desires. A few years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you had done. So throw off the inhibitions and catch the trade winds, walk besides the shore, sail your heart, explore, dream and discover! The extent of hospitality services, the food, the accommodation, the environment, the luxury, provided by our Beach Holidays Packages, is terrific and beyond comparison. For more information visit
  • 2 Heritage Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays India is a place of proud ancient history, history that is created from its glorious heritage and religion. It is always believed that Religion is the first teacher which teaches a man to be an ideal human being and helps one to identify oneself. From times immemorial people have been witnessing the stories of various Kings and Princes capturing one fort or making a garden or a monument. Be it Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh built by Jahangir or The beautiful majestic Taj Mahal or the innovative caves of Ajanta and Ellora or the Tipu Sultan Palace in Mysore or the vibrant and divine Pushkar Fair in Ajmer. Each one of us has spent our childhood asking our grandparents about the mystery and history behind one monument or the other. RPC Holidays gives you a lot more than this! Heritage Holidays from RPC Holidays would be the most enriching experience of your life. Give it a chance and you would love it. Be near to know about the glorious heritage! We hardly spare time to gain knowledge about our prestigious heritage which is famous worldwide but we keep the halfhearted Information about our significant heritage just by gathering bookish information through books, newspapers or by listening to others, but there is absolutely no time in this present day scenario to go through these all and then remembering it for the sake of remembering or just to tell to others but even our own kids don’t listen to these all stories of scriptures and monuments. Visiting places leave a deeper impact on your mind, body and soul. This will not make you cram or understand our heritage, but it would involuntarily be in your mind all through your life and will greatly affect your persona. But due to lack of arrangements we are not able to visit such places.
  • The meticulous people in the past created some of the best wonders of this world through their impeccable craftsmanship. Coming out from the books, television, newspapers, magazines, internet and just reach the place and you and your children are enriched like never before. So here is an opportunity created by RPC Holidays for the families to know the incredible India at an incredibly low cost. Our special Heritage Holiday Packages allow you to know about your glorious past by visiting places, getting the luxurious treatment, eating the delicious food and availing a cheaper air travel. All in one go! For more information visit
  • 3 Himalayan Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays “Inner Peace In the outer Himalayas” Himalayas are best described as the “abode of snow” which are undoubtedly the ultimate destination of cool atmosphere, serenity, beauty and splendor. Cool breeze blows every moment rejuvenating you and taking your soul somewhere in those mountains free from worldly tensions and complexities. So all the wonderful Himalayan Holidays by RPC Holidays are just waiting for your participation through the trust worthy Royale Premium Club in a satisfactory manner. Ride to the Prestige of India through RPC Himalayas are the prestige of India. Being the youngest mountains they still have some of the highest peaks in the world. The highest peak of the world “Mount Everest” lies in the incredible Himalayas. Himalayas are famous worldwide and the hill stations situated on these are the best places to have holidays. Himalayas are a place to attain inner peace, realising the joy of spectacular views and discovering oneself. It’s a wonderful place where you reach out to your inner self by just closing your eyes and going deep and deep away from worldly stress and relaxing your mind. What better opportunity offered by RPC Holidays to unfold your desires and enjoy the incredible beauty and serenity of Himalayas at such a nominal price. Come and see the majestic range of mountains and enjoy your holidays with mirth and joy.
  • For more information visit 4 Leisure Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays In our busy schedule, where work is life and we hardly get time to spend with our family and go for holidays. When we are lucky enough to spare time for holidays, we are confused where to go and our plan falls wayward and does not take off. RPC Holidays has devised wonderful and extensive plan of leisure holidays where you will find yourself in favorable environment to pamper your body, face and soul with best of experts and therapists. You can relax and enjoy leisure activities while toning up your bodies at spas, beauty parlors, fitness centers and world class gymnasiums. You will stay at luxury hotels, cottages on beaches or in gardens. Leisure Holidays Packages from RPC Holidays enables you to enrich your lifestyle with quality food and sophistication of living. What we lack in enjoying holidays? After the hard work done throughout the year, there is a feeling that what have I done something interesting or joyful for my partner or for my family? Then the immediate answer comes that there is something missing. Routine jobs if prolonged without any break cause dullness and the life becomes monotonous. So, to move out for enjoying a comfortable holiday is a necessity for all the family members. It further strengthens the bonds and brightens the lives. Why we feel something is missing? We have a different scenario in our mind for leisure holidays because we think that luxurious holidays are only meant for upper class of people, but with the new concept of RPC the scenario of holidays has totally changed. RPC Holidays Packages cover various income group people. Persons with moderate income can also avail these. They can select those which suit their budget.
  • What are leisure type holidays? Leisure holidays from RPC Holidays are those moments where comfort with hospitality comes first and life is far from work and tension. It is a perfect time where you can have a romantic time with your partner in a royal room, where candle light marks a new beginning of love and a new route to express your love. It is a splendid moment where life is on a relaxed platform, where you with your loved ones can leisurely rest under an umbrella. It is a place to have a makeover through Spas and Health Resorts. The Leisure holidays provide the right blend for fulfilling one’s dream to enjoy life far away from the routine jobs. For more information visit
  • 5 Religious Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays “Get divine through Royale” India is one of the most diverse nations in terms of religion. In India, religion is indispensable part of life from birth till death. One’s religion is carried forward from generation to generation. Many cities have religious importance and from time immemorial various monuments have come up and the people in general pay their reverence at these shrines. With some of the important religious holiday destinations established here, people move with zest & zeal to reach there. One always wishes to visit sacred religious places and monuments established all over India at least once in his or her life. The journey provides solace, peace of mind and takes you away from material/mechanized world. So, allow RPC Holidays to take you to this beautiful fulfilling religious journey wherein you will attain knowledge and wisdom during the whole discourse. You will realize that this is the way to seek fulfillment of different kind and you will cherish this experience throughout your life. INDIAN RELIGION: THE GREATEST FORCE FOR SPIRITUALITY AND REJUVINATION. India is a place of ancient history with glorious traditions and a symbol of unity in diversity. Despite of different religions and languages, people from all parts have the curiosity to know every religion and respect it. Every religion teaches us to be human. What more one could ask for? After all this is what we want our next generation to realise. So, RPC Holidays offers you these nicely carved out packages for religious holidays where you get everything your heart yearns for. All the religions are somewhat different from each other in their style, dress up, worshiping and sites to visit and one finds ultimate happiness on diving into this pool of various religions.
  • It is rightly said “No body on this earth is complete until he understands his religion completely.” We always have an inner desire to visit a sacred place and pay obeisance but due to lack of proper knowledge and planning, we are unable to go to such places. RPC Holidays brings to you custom made Religious Holiday Packages with a divine plan where all arrangements are done with one order and this makes your trip to holy place more blessed. For more information visit
  • 6 Wildlife Holidays Destinations from RPC Holidays Bored of watching wildlife on television? RPC Holidays gives you the very best opportunity to explore the choicest places wherein you can visualise the wildlife in real and create those special moments in your life which are worth cherishing. You may become anything in your life, you may dream big, you may chase the stars, you may touch sky, but just rewind back and you will find yourself as a little child wanting to be in the lap of nature and dreaming to be a part of wildlife at least once if not always. There is still that little child inside each one of us craving to enjoy the vastness and beauty of this diversified wildlife. Wildlife and bounties of nature are main attraction for holiday makers in India. These are like treasure troves and everybody yearns to possess these at some stage of life. So just come to RPC Holidays and find yourself amidst these beautiful creatures. You can bring your childhood back and that way you can also enrich your kids’ memory lanes with a Special Wildlife Holiday Package from us. Cheers! Why to opt for wildlife as a holiday destination? Wildlife Holidays are all about free movements of animals, birds and jungle creatures in natural environment where they do not have any fear from humans who hunt them. You can see their natural dwellings and free movements. Thus, you can move along and observe them from a close range. It will provide romance and excitement to people of all ages. RPC Holidays Wildlife Holiday Packages enables you to have an access to the selected National Parks and Sanctuaries located all over India. The routine safaris in such places will provide unlimited excitement and breathtaking views.
  • First let us find out the difference between National Park and a Sanctuary. There are a total of 89 National Parks in India. These parks are maintained by the government and the sole purpose is to protect the wildlife. Any type of construction, digging for agriculture or any activity affecting the natural growth is strictly prohibited. Where as Sanctuaries are tracts of land, with or without lakes where wild animals can wander freely without being hunted. Migratory birds from across various oceans and continents can flock to these Sanctuaries at a particular period of the year. The pictorial view of these Sanctuaries with colorful birds and landscapes attract holiday makers. There are total of 492 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. Our Wildlife Holiday Packages create an opportunity for your children to know the wildlife beyond the zoos. Your child becomes acquainted with National Parks, Sanctuaries, the creatures, the endangered animals, the landscapes and with the activities of animals in nature. All this enriches life with a lot many facts which leave a lasting impression in the memory of your children. Apart from the visuals, you hear the sound of the birds chirping, wind blowing and water gushing. All this may be new experience for the whole of the family and that may give long lasting soothing effect. RPC Holidays provides the best of arrangements for you and your family. Effortlessly and leisurely you can explore wildlife. At the end of the day your royal arrangement would be waiting for you in the resorts or in hotels, serving you delicious food and offering you complete relaxation in luxurious rooms with the top class service. For more information visit
  • RPC Holidays Toll Free Number: 1800 102 6086 Email: Website: