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Funding Pitch

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  1. 1. The Business• We are providing the Bangalore people withthe delicious North Indian Snacks at a verycompetitive price without compromising withthe quality.• Some of the Snacks are new to the people,thus needs the product detailing as well.
  2. 2. The Bottle Necks• Sometimes the quality of Snacks is pathetic• Railways are a big head ache to get theshipment on time every time.• Thus dependencies makes us undependable
  3. 3. The Way Out• To have our own manufacturing unit in Bangalore• Gives us the advantage to quality control the product• Turns railways redundant for our business
  4. 4. Current Business Model• We get our supplies from North India (Delhi/Agra)• We pack it in Bangalore• We supply to leading Shopping Malls
  5. 5. Market Response• We have received a great response to the business• The proof lies in, many times we are not able to meet the demands of the customers• Not able to start with the interested prospect customers fearing the bottle necks of our business• In a nut shell the response is great
  6. 6. Business Potential• From the current size of Rs.10 Lacs per annum, the business can grow at a rate of 100% every year for the next 5 years.• Currently we are in some select areas of Bangalore, we plan to spread to whole of Bangalore and then adjoining cities like Mysore, Hydrabad etc.• This business also throws the opportunity to export• The business can be seen in line with big companies like Haldirams. That is it can grow to a Multi Crore business.
  7. 7. Competitors• The best part is we do not have many competitors, unlike other products• Just a hand full of competitors and we are nicely placed against them
  8. 8. Current Market• We are already supplying to some of the leading malls• Also we have received interests from some other big leading malls
  9. 9. It Will be a HIT!!!• Some of our products are unique and already in great demand• It leaves us with good margins ( 20% +)• It has already shown very encouraging and promising responses• We have a great room for expansion
  10. 10. The Rewards To Associate• The angel investors shall find it great to associate with the project as they shall look forward to an attractive return on their investments• We shall offer all investors with an annual return of 15%. Also some times depending on the performance of the business there could be a bonus(2-5%) on top of 15%• This shall be among the best in the assured asset classes• We are looking for an initial funding of Rs. 10 Lacs only.
  11. 11. Cash flowIn order to have our own manufacturing inBangalore we shall have : One Time Expense• Manufacturing Unit Premises Security Deposit Rs. 2,00,000/-• Apparatus Rs. 1,00,000/- Total One Time Expense Rs. 3,00,000/- Recurring Monthly Expense• Manpower & Entrepreneur Salaries Rs. 1,00,000/-• Raw material (Rough Estimate, will vary with Orders) Rs. 60,000/-• Packing Material Rs. 10,000/-• Transportation & Delivery Rs. 10,000/-• Manufacturing Unit Premises rental Rs. 20,000/- Total Recurring Monthly Expense Rs. 2,00,000/-
  12. 12. Thank You!I sincerely thank you and appreciate your timeto go through this post.I can be reached at :Email : saisweets9@gmail.comPhone : 09241868514Once again thanking all – Vijay.