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Curriculum vitae

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Information: FULL NAME: Dr. (Mrs.) Vijay Laxmi Malhotra (ne) Kapoor MBBS, MD, FIMSA, FISCD DESSIGNATION: Consultant Microbiologist and Lecturer Micro. (Univ. of Delhi), Lady Hardinge Medical College. Presently, also working as HOD Dept of Laboratory Medicine Kalawati Saran Children Hospital New Delhi ADDRESS: RES. WZ – 34, Meenakshi Garden. New Delhi – 110018 Tel: 91-11-25143800, 91-11-25137477, Mob: 91-9810768724 e-mail (s): OFF: (1) Dept. of Microbiology (2) Dept. of Laboratory Medicine Lady Hardinge Medical College, Room Non 227, JICA Building, New Delhi – 110001 KSCH New Delhi (12A.M. – 6P.M) Tel: 91-11-23408188, Fax: 91-11-23365792 Tel: 91-11-23344160-165 (ext. no. 227) Direct No.:- 91-11-23745076 DATE OF BIRTH 31st OCT, 1951 NATIONALITY Indian Languages Know English, Hindi – Read/write /speak/ Computer Skill MS Word and Internet ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION Examination University/Board Subject Year Higher Secondary Central Board of English, Chemistry, Physics, 1968 Secondary Education Biology including Botany & Zoology, Higher Maths Pre-Medical Delhi University Chemistry, English, Physics, 1969 Botany, Zoology M.B.B.S Delhi University Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology 1973 (including Microbiology), Forensic Medicine, Pharmacology, Medicine, Surgery, Gynae & Obst, ENT, Ophthalmology, Community Medicine, Orthopedics, Paediatrics M.D Delhi University Medical Microbiology 1979 F.I.S.C.D National Centre for diseases Medical Microbiology 29th Dec, 1993 (Fellow of the Controls, New Delhi Indian society of malaria and other communicable diseases)
  2. 2. F.I.M.S.A 2000 (Fellow of the Indian Medical Science Academy) ** Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Microbiology) M.D accepted by University of Delhi in 1978 “Drug resistance in Neisseria Gonorrhoeae with particular reference to Penicillin Resistance by Penicillinase producing strains” PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Post Held From To Institution Main Activities & Responsibilities Additional M.S (Acting) May, 2007 2008 Kalawati Saran Children Through Administrative & Hospital Account officer. Service matters of all group and matters relating to recruitment matters (creation, renewal and continuation of all categories of posts), Works relating to account section &budget, General store, medical store and purchase section, Tender cell, transport, CPWD matter, disaster management & fire fighting, Maintenance of cleanliness of hospital, Hospital kitchen, laundry, central workshop, security services . Consultant Microbiologist & 07.02.2003 Continue Lady Harding Medical Diagnostic lab work, Research Head of Department of College & KSCH Teaching and co ordination Laboratory Medicine (Delhi University) between Lady Harding Medical College and Kalawati Saran Children Hospital. HOD of Lab Medicine at Kalawati Saran children Hospital Established d the Dept. of Laboratory Medicine which included laboratory work of Biochemistry, Hematology and Microbiology with 24 hrs. services. Introduced New diagnostic tests for better patient care and supervised the work of Technical Staff and Residents, regarding, calibrations of autoanalyser, their AMCS recording and reporting of results, distribution of reports and collection of clinical samples. Maintaining stock register and record of inventory also teaching and supervising duty roster for running of 24 hrs. emergency lab. Reporting and reviewing annual confidential reports of the subordinate staff. Writing standard operating procedural Laboratory manual (SOP). Participating with other laboratory for quality control.
  3. 3. Performing various lab tests like ELISAS, Latex agglutination, Sp. stains. Consultant Microbiologist 27.10.1998 Continue Lady Harding Medical *Organizing CMES & Conference College & KSCH *HOD of Labs (Delhi University) *Administrating – appointments, filing, copying, sorting and faxing *Attending meetings as expert advisers and as chairperson e.g inspection committee, purchase committee *Answering Parliament Question regarding Hospital Infection Controls & BioMed. Waste Management *Evaluation of diagnostic kits *Member of the expert committee to review the recommendation for the course approved by AICTE regarding course duration as well as entry qualification for diploma programme 21 Jan 2010. *Surprise rounds of Hospital regarding Bio-Med, Waste management. Sr. Bacteriologist Feb, 1991 27.10.1998 Lady Harding Medical *Administration – Leave Records, College & KSCH Stores Purchase New Delhi *Research, Teaching, (Delhi University) Clinical Diagnostic lab work Clinical Bacteriologist 12.10.1981 Feb, 1991 Lady Harding Medical *Making duty roster of Technical College New Delhi Staff, Safai walas & supervising their postings (Delhi University) *Making Teaching Schedule *Making list of J. Clubs & Seminar *Organizing workshops. *Incharge of AIDS Lab. Senior Resident 02.04.1979 12.10.1981 Maulana Azad Medical *Diagnostic lab work College, New Delhi *Teaching undergraduate students *Diagnostic lab work *Research Activities Junior Resident 15.06.1977 31.03.1979 Maulana Azad Medical *Doing Thesis work (research)as a College, New Delhi pre-requiste for passing M.D exam. (Delhi University) *Writing &presenting paper *Assist senior faculty *Diagnostic lab work Demonstrator in Medical 21.07.1975 15.06.1977 Maulana Azad Medical *Reading & reporting of bacterial Microbiology College, New Delhi culture plates (Delhi University) *Taking tutorials for undergraduate MBBS 3rd & 4th Semester Medical Students *Attending meeting, seminar, workshops *Taking Journal Clubs. *Assist Sr. Doctors. Volunteer Activities *Taking part in Health Melas *Organizing Health Camps
  4. 4. AWARDS A) Fellowship Award under TCTP Colombo Plan for AIDS/Microbiology Screening 1992 in U.K.( New castle upon tyne) Jan to March (three months)1992 B) GB Malik Award in Allergy Immunology Research 1992. C) Smt. SUSHILA RANI and Sh. MADHU SUDAN research in Rheumatology (1990) D) Burrows welcome antiviral proster maize quiz award in Singapore (1995) E) Commendation award by Indian Association of blood banks 20th Nov 1994 F) Scholarship award to attend XI inter national conference on AIDS in Vancouver Canada 1996. G) Selected Honorary memb., of teaching faculty for the Post Doctorate Diplomat of Indian College of Pathology in Reproductive Medicine. H)41st Union World Conference on Lung Health held in Berlin , Germany from 11 to 15 November 2010AWARD in the form of free registration TEACHING WORK EXPERIENCE - Teaching of Medical Microbiology to undergraduate Medical Students in the form of Lectures, Tutorials and i Practical (6hrs. per week) for 27 year (1975 – 2002) in MAMC & LHMC, medical schools of Delhi University. Which working as Demonstrator, Jr. Resident, Sr. Resident, Specialist and Consultant - Teaching of Post graduate students (M.D) in medical microbiology taking their theory practical classes 6hrs/month and specially by taking journal clubs and seminars and through morning diagnostic laboratory bench work. - Conducting supervisory work while guiding following Thesis work for M.D Students of Microbiology (under Delhi University) as a GUIDE (Principal investigator ) and other subjects relating to Microbiology like Paediatrics, Medicine, Gynae, Dermatology, as a Co-guide (Co- investigator) as given below. - Invigilation duties for various exams (undergraduate & postgraduate) - Confidential officer for M.D. exam (post graduation) university exams - Superintendent MBBS, M.D University Exams. - Examiner for MBBS, superintendent for M.D Exams, MLT & Nurses (General Nursing and Midwifery(Med Lab Technology)) - Presenting and publishing scientific papers in various national and international conference and in journals in India and abroad. (U.K, France, Canada, U.S, Singapore) - Working as co-investigator in PC thesis “sero-epidemiology of acute lower respiratory tract infectious among hospitalized children in tertiary care hospital. Managerial Experience - RESEARCH EXPERIENCE No. of MD Thesis guided as Supervisors and Co-supervisor – 12 Ph. D Thesis - 2 Immuno diagnostics production of Antis era enzyme immuno assays preparation of latex and co-agglutination reagents, Immuno globulin estimations. Epidemiological surveillance-bacterial and serological typing of community based and nosocomial infections. Animal studies – experience with laboratory mice guinea pigs and rabbits, cock
  5. 5. Molecular studies – polymerase chain reaction in Chlamydia trachomatis - Raising of Anti-sera for Meningocccal Meningitis in animals. - Doing animal pathogenicity tests - Performing Polymerase chain reaction for Chlamydia trachomatis. - Immunoglobulin estimation by double diffusion ouchterlony method. - Standardizing Latex agglutination reagent for pneumococcus. - Performed drug resistant assays (invitro) for Neisseria gonorrhoeae. - TRAINING EXPERIENCE Experience in organizing and conducting Workshops on advanced diagnostic techniques production of standard biological reagents for clinical laboratories etc. training of Medical and Para-Medical personnel including Medical Undergraduate students, Doctors and Para-Medical personnel Conducted and organized Workshop on AIDS – 1992 Conducted and organized conference on Hospital Infection – 1998. INCHARGE OF Investigator in ICRM project on “Role of Gradenerella Virginals in RESEARCH PROJECTS lower genital tract of women in reproductive age groups” from 1984-1986. Co-investigator in Welcome Trust Project “Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology for the investigation of Iymphadenopathy in Indian patients who are at a high risk of HIVA infections”. Guide for ICMR projects on Biological Characterizations of serum opacity factor or Gr. A strepto ICMR project of “Nasopharyngeal carriage of meningococci in Meningococcal meningitis” in 1985. WHO Research project on “Collaborative Study on Surveillance of Neisseria Meningitides Strain circulating in the world from 01.06.1989 to 31.12. in charge of NACO project on Serosurveillance of HIV infection and Zonal Blood testing center since July 1992 – continuing. Guide for ICMR project on Biological Characterization of Serum opacity factor of Gr a Streptococci 1994. RESEARCH Pheumococci, Streptococci, AIDS and STDS with special reference to SPECIALISATION Chlamydial Infections Molecular Studies like PCR on Chlamydia trachomatis. MEMBERSHIP Life member of Indian Society for Malaria and other SOCIETIES Co- mmunicable diseases. Life member of Indian Association Medical Microbiologists membership No. LM / 419 Life member of Liverpool Tropical School Association Liverpool U.K. membership No. 576. Life member of Indian Association of blood banks No. 48 Life member of Indian Association of Immunology. Life member of Indian Society for Liver Diseases. Member of the International Society for Infectious disease 2001, Membership No. 00054509 SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT  Elected Executive Member of Indian Immunology Society.2009-2010  Appointed as Head Examiner by Board for Practical examination by board of Technical Education, Delhi for DMLT student December 2008  Appointed as external examiner for MLT by board of Techn. Education Govt. of Delhi on 10/04/2007  Appointed external examiner for microbiology MLT in Jamia Handard University on 04/05/2007.
  6. 6.  Examiner for BPT (bachelor of physio therapy) and BOT (bachelor of Occupational therapy) for student of Gurugobind singh indraprastha university New Delhi  Expert in UPSC for the selection of specialists in the Microbiology. In-charge of the AIDS surveillance center in Microbiology Deptt LHMC.  Referee in the panel of J. of communicable diseases Recognized as Lecturer by University of Delhi in the subject of Microbiology 29th Dec. 1990. REPRESENTATION ON EXPERT BODIES / COMMITTEES  Invited as Technical Expert in Pilot Project in Rabies in NICD on 18th Sept 2008.  Technical Expert for IDSP in Nirman Bhawan on 05/08/2008.  Appointed Nodal officer for hospital infections committee KSCH.  Nominated as a member of joint inspection team to carry out inspection of Binocular Microscopes for the Revised National TB Control Progarmme 2002 RESEARCH PAPER ACCEPTED 1. Abstract No 249, entitled serosurviellance of HIV infection and it’s correlation with other sexually transmitted diseases in India. MALHOTRA V.L., SHRAMA A, PILLAI P.K. and SEHGAL V.N. in IXTH. International conference on aids and fourth standard world congress Berlin June 7-11, 1993. 2. Abstract No 302/675 entitled “Sulphadiazine resistant group a neisseria meningitides isolated from patients of meningococcal infection the 18th . International conference of chemotherapy at Sweden held from June 27 to July 2, 1993. 3. Abstract No 302/1186 entitled autotypes and antibacterial resistance of gonococci from cases of acute gonorrhea in 18th . ICC at Sweden from 27th June to 2nd July 1993. 4. Abstract No P/35 entitled “comparison of IHA at ELISA for rapid diagnosis of hepatic amoebiasis at XV national congress of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist at Aurangabad 23rd – 25th Oct 1991. 5. Abstract No 13/13 entitled characterization of coagulase negative staphylococci isolated from neonates in the same conference. 6. Absract No B/25 “Role of bacteriological examination of gastric aspirate in diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infection in 12th . Congress of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist 1989. 7. Abstract IM/16 “A study of immunological profile of Giardiasis children 1990 XII congress of IAMM. 8. Abstract entitled “Cyto morphological detection of chlamydial endocarvicitis in sexually active females” in the 9th world congress of cervical pathology and calposcopy accepted in Australia in 1997. 9. P244 entitled “Streptococus pneumoniae serotypes causing eye infections” in 17th Lancefield International Symposium on streptococci & streptococcal diseases held in Porto Heli, Greece from 22- 26 June 2008. RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL PAPER PRESENTED. 10. “Biological characterization of coagulace negative staphylococci isolated from meonates” XVI annual conference of Indian association of medical microbiology held at AIIMS at 13th Oct 1992. 11. “Seroprevalance of HIV infection in high risk groups” in second inters national congress aids in Asia and the Pacific held from 8to 12 Nov. 1992. 12. XVII national congress of IMMA at Calcutta 8-12 Dec 1993 “bacterial meningitis and hearing loss of children. 13. “Incidence of Toxo-plasma Godni, Rubella, CytomeGlao virus and syphilis in cases of spontaneous abortion Delhi chapter meeting of IAMM in 1993. 14. Brain stem evoked potentially in children with hearing loss in children in 8th Indian congress of pediatrics 6th . 15. Paper published in scientific conference UCMS and GIB in 2nd AIMLT Delhi Chapter 24th Sept, 2007 entitled “total quality management (TQM) and ISO (standards in clinical laboratories : an overview).
  7. 7. 16. Prevalence of anti HSV-1 specific IgM antibodies in children in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi in 33rd Indian Immunology society conference organized by Department of Biochemistry, AIIMS, FRO 28-30th Jan, 2007. 17. “Clinical utility of ELISA test in sero-diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis using 38kDa, Mycobacterial antigen” paper presented in conference epidays 2009 on 6th May organized by NICD, Delhi RESEARCH PAPER PRESENTED INTERNATIONAL 1. Third international conference of Pakistan association of pathologists on “current status of Meningococal meningitis in Asia” 1991. 2. Sero prevalence of HIV infection in high risk groups “by second 1992 international conference on aids in Asia and pacific held from 8-12. 3. “Role of chlahydiratrepohatis in PID” read at international congress IUVDT/STD/AIDS at Singapore 22nd March 1995. 4. Sero prevalence of toxo plasma gondii in HIV sero professionals blood donors in New Delhi in 11th international conference on AIDS in van couver Canada (in) 1996 5. β-2 macroglobulin levels in HIV sereo positive blood F-donors I XVI international conference of clinical chemistry in Wembel UK 12th July 1996. 6. “Frequency of prevalent serotypes of group β-streptococci with special references of new serotypes” in XII LAN’s field international symposium of streptococci and streptococcal diseases Sept. 16-20 1996 in Paris France (in) 7. Cyto-morphological detection’s of chlamydial Endo cervictesin sexually active females” in IX world conference of cervical pathological and calposcopy in Sydney Australia 12-16 May 1996. GUEST SPEAKER 1. INVITED guest speaker on “an over view on HIV/AIDS in public seminar on “issues related to aids” 2. (Delhi scenario) by NAZ project (India) trust. 3. Guest speaker in 5th Biennial conference of Indian association of blood on AIDS and Blood banking 20th Nov. 1994 4. Panelist in conference on resistance in common pathogens organized by dept. of microbiology on 18th Jan 1995. 5. Guest lecture in 9th national conference of IMA College of general practitioners Aug. 91 on newer antibiotic. 6. Panelist in discussion on management of bacterial enteric infections organized by Hoechst. 7. Guest speaker at IMA academy of medical specialists on diagnosis of bacterial enteritis and drug sensitivity of various enteric bacteria 3rd Aug. 1991. 8. Guest speaker on “recent trends in aids in India on 6th Feb. 1992 in ODA meeting at Black Pool Manchester UK. 9. Chair the session – II in National Symposium on Emerging trends in biomedical sciences on 27TH Feb, 2009, organized by Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Balawala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 10. Oral presentation of paper entitled “Increasing prevalence of cytomegalo virus in pediatric patients in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi” at Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Balawala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. 11. Invited speaker at HIV sensitization programme on 5th march 2009, KSCH as part of training of Doctors – HIV-AIDS: diagnosis (including pediatric HIV infection), Waste Management. 12. Invited speaker at Tropacon 2008, second national conference of academy of tropical parasitology 30th Oct to 2nd Nov 2008 “Rapid versus conventional gold standard tests in the laboratory diagnosis of malaria”. CHAIRPERSON IN VARIOUS COMMITTEES
  8. 8. 1. As Chairperson in the auction committee for the finalization of the rates of the condemned items, condemned by the condemnation committee, KSCH New Delhi. 2. Invited as chairperson for CME on ESBL – Clinical Relevance and therapeutic options organized by aristopharamceuticals pvt. Ltd. in KSCH on 23/04/2007 LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 1. Natrajan R. Singh R., Aggrwal D.S. 1981 “Screening Neisseria Gonorrhea for pencillnase production” IND.J.DERM and VENEREOL 47,4.218-219 2. Malhotra V.L., Natrajan R. 1982 “Antimicrobial susceptibility Screening of Neisseria Gonorrhea IND.J.MED.RES.75.643- 647 3. Malhotra V.L.,Praksh K, Sharma B. 1982 “Distribution of various serotype streptococcus pneumonia in clinical samples 1,75-79 4. Deb. M., Prakash K. Kaur T.P., 1986 “Evaluation of various rapid techniques for Malhotra V.L. Verma V.A. identification of gardnerella vaginallis. IND.J.MED 5. Deb. M., Prakash K. Kaur T.P., 1987 “Incidence and significance of Gardnerella Malhotra V.L. Verma V.A. Vaginallils IND.J.MED MICRO PPL 179-184 6. Malhotra V.L., Lakshmy A. 1987 “An out break of Mdningococcal Meningitis in Delhi. IND.J.MED. RES 5,245-250 7. . Malhotra V.L., Lakshmy A, Prakash K 1989 “Increased prevalence of Hymenolepis Nana infection in children. IND.J. OF PRASIT. 3,1, 45-47 8. Malhotra V.L., Bhardwaj Y. Lakshmy A 1991 “Comparision of Enxyme linked Immunosorbe- Kapoor H. nt assay and Indirect Haemaglunation test in serological diagnoses of Tokoplasmosis” J.COMM DIS 232(2) 154-156 9. . Malhotra V.L., Lakshmy A, Prakash K 1991 “Hospital acquired meningococcal meningitis in Asia. 10. Prakash K, Malhotra V.L., Lakshmy A 1991 “Current status of meningococcal meningitis in Asia published in Medical Herald Vol. 8 Non. 22, P 8 1991 11. Malhotra V.L. 1992 “Professional blood donors a high risk source of AIDS” ODA NEWS REVIEW No.20 Vol.3 12. Malhotra V.L. 1993 “AIDS and the general Practitioner” IMA NEWS BULLETION Vol IV No 3. 13. Prakash K, Malhotra V.L 1993 “Serotyping and Sub typing of Neisseriameningitidis”BRIT.JR. OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE 50-55 14. Tandon R., Debm, Prakash K, Pillai 1994 “Disseminated Crytococcis with P.K. Malhotra V.L meningococcemia A rere manifestation in Pregnancy” IND.J.MED.MICRO 12(3) 193-196 15. Mondal T, Kumar KJ, and Malhotra VL. 1995 “HIV serosurveillance-report form a medial college in Delhi. Indian Pediatrics 32(5):605-6, 1995 May 16. Damodaran A. Anejas., Malhotra V.L. 1996 “Senosorineural hearing loss following acute bacterial meningitis – A prospective evaluation” IND PEDIATRICS 33, 763-765. 17. Malhotra V.L., Lakshmy A. 1996 “HTVAL – 1 in HIV seropositive Indian blood donors” J. COMM. DIS. 28(4) 270-272
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  10. 10. Lakshmy A, Nagarkar Meenakshi judicious use of antibiotics in neonatal sepsis”. J.Commun.Dis. 41(4) 2009 : 275-277 BOOKS & CHAPTER IN BOOKS AURTHORED 1. Streptococci and the Host by Thea Horaud in “Proceedings of the XIIIth Lancefield International symposium on Streptococci and Streptococcal Diseases, held Sept 16-20 1996 in Paris France” in advances in experimental Medicine and Biology Vol. 418 in 1997 published by Springer, cited “Serotype distribution of clinical isolates of streptococcus pneumoniae from a Delhi Hospital”. 2. “Specimen Collection in Clinical Microbiology” published by Paragon International Publishers in 2004. 3. “Medical Microbiology for Nurses” published by Kumar Dhawan Publications a unit of Piyush Book Publications in 2009. HIV, AIDS Experience A. Publication 1. Abstract entitled “Anti-Retroviral effect of Indian Herbal Medicine ARV against HIV in AIDS patients accepted at Chennai IAMM – 2002. B. Workshop 1. Attended workshop on “effective role of VCTC in control of HIV/AIDS in collaboration with UNAIDS, at India international centre organized by Delhi State AIDS control organization on 29th June 2002. As Lab In-charge ZBTC 2. Participated in WHO SEARO sponsored External quality assessment scheme (EQAS) for anti HIV testing as a centre in South East Asian Region June 2002, organized by quality assurance of HIV testing section, NIH, Thailand 11000 3. Workshop on Clinical Immunology – Hands on workshop entitled “Flow cytometry in Clinical Laboratory” on 24th Nov 2007, by laboratory services, indraprastha apallo hospital New Delhi C. 1. Invited and delivered lecture on Epidemiology and Virology of HIV and Lab diagnosis of HIV infectious and testing guidelines, organized by Medical Director Northern Railway, Central Hospital as part of Training program on HIV/AIDS for residents 18th , 19th Sept 2002 in New Delhi 2. Under National Aids Control organization India, Invited to chair symposium on HIV / AIDS organized by Delhi Medical Care 14/05/2002. 3. Invited and delivered lecture on HIV testing guidelines and laboratory diagnosis for doctors, nurses and technicians as part of training program in HIV / AIDS in Hindu Rao Hospital by NACO, India. 4. Invited and delivered lecture on “Universal precautions and waste management 28th June 2007 for advanced training of trainers for Paediatric HIV and AIDS” under United Nations International Children’s (UNICEF) and Baylor International Paediatric AIDS initiate (BIPAI) at LHMC, New Delhi. 5. CME on Pediatric HIV/AIDS at Pediatric ART centre Kalawati Saran Children Hospital 30th Non, 2007. 6. Attended 1st National Conference of AIDS society of India April 2-4, 2005, Hotel Ashoka and Poster presentation of Paper “analysis of the study involving various teaching methods used for educating urban slum dwellers in East Delhi regarding transmission and control of HIV infection / AIDS” organized by NACO 7. CME on detection and Characterization of ESBLs, metallo beta lactamases and AmpC enzymes n Gram negative bacilli” held at department of Microbiology, Ballabhbhai patel chest institute, university of Delhi, Delhi on April 21, 2007 as part of Delhi Chapter Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists 8. Delivered lecture on diagnosis of HIV infection including VCTC and HIV testing and NACO Policy on testing as part of a training program for nurses and technician on 13/07/07 in LHMC.
  11. 11. D. Hospital Infection and Biomedical Waste Management 1. Delivered lecture on prevention of hospital cross infection role of administration in waste management at Jaipur Medical College 16-17th April 2005, organized by Rajsthan State AIDS control organization, part of NACO. 2. Delivered a lecture on “diagnosis of HIV infection strategies and guidelines at national institute of Biological, Government of India, Noida on 27th Feb, 2007 during hands on training course for UPSACS, VCTC. 3. Presented poster “prevalence of HIV among the low and high risk population in Delhi in conference on HIV/AIDS at AIIMS on 13-15th Jan 2006. 4. Nominated by central pollution control board and delivered lecture on Bio-Medical Waste Management at Vivekanand polyclinic of Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram, Vivekanand Puram Lucknow as part of WHO funded project, on 20th Sept, 2002. 5. Given training in BioMed. Waste Management and Handling 24.04.2002 organized secretary environment Delhi secretariat, I.P. estate New Delhi 20.4.2002. Conference / Workshop / CME / Talks organized 1. Organized workshop for Senior Doctor 4th , August 1993 in Department of Microbiology LHMC. 2. A talks on “trace elements in health and disease” by Dr. Mohd. Abdulla and Dr. Ingela Erlandsson form Sweden on 8th Dec 2006, at lecture hall KSCH. 3. Organized CME on Update in Lab Med 2nd Feb, 2007. 4. “Use of internet services for Biomedical informatics in a tertiary care hospitals for resident doctors on 20th Feb, 2008 at S.J. auditorium, LHMC, New Delhi. CMES Attended 1. CME on Pediatric infections diseases microbiological and clinical perspective 25-26th August 2007 at CNBC, Govt. of NCT, New Delhi. 2. CME on DOTS. The best strategy to cure TB held at LHMC on 13.07.2005. 3. CME on tuberculosis - what is new” organized by department of Pathology base hospital Delhi on 11/04/2006. Certificates: 1. For attending meeting with additional commissioner of Health as Nodal Officer Incharge of the sentinel surveillance to implement hospital for use of dengue testing by indigenously prepared IgM µ capture ELISA kit, and measures being taken for preparedness of Hospital to mange DF/DHF/DSS cases on 21/08/2007. 2. For participating in training programme on dengue / chikungunya diagnosis organized by municipal corporation of Delhi at Dept. of microbiology, AIIMS New Delhi on 29th May to 1st June 2007 3. For attending international conference on opportunistic pathogens in AIDS, AIIMS 27-29th Jan, 2008. 4. Symposia on “ Nanotechnology in medicine” on 13th Jan 2007 at AIIMS organized by Young Scientists Society. 5. For workshop on Practical approach to sexually transmitted infections for obstetricians and gynaecologists from 9-10th Feb, 2007 New Delhi organized by RCSHA at Lady Harding Medical College New Delhi. 6. Training Courses 1. Certificate given for successfully completing training course in Biomedical informatics” organized by national informatics centre under ministry of communication and information technology, Govt. of India from 15-17 Jan, 2008. 2. Training on Dried Blood spot collection handling storage and transport for infant and diagnosis of HIV by DNA –PCR testing organized by national AIDS Control organization under ministry of health and family welfare Govt. of India on 17/05/2007. 3. Workshop training program on “anti retroviral treatment in HIV/AIDS organized by NACO from 6/11/2006 to 08/11/2006.
  12. 12. Conference / Symposia 1. Scientific symposium on “ identifying resistance Monday 3/7/2006 at Hotel Imperial organized by SGRH, New Delhi 2. Conference on Hospital Infection control – conclave of infection prevention leaders at Hotel Oberoi 3rd Sept, 2005. 3. IBCON – PEDG ASTRO 2006: Indo British Conference on Pediatric Gastroenterology from 26-28th Oct, 2006, organized at Indian Habitat Centre New Delhi. 4. Attended symposium on Enteric fever and other enteric infection organized by Vardhman Medical College on 24/03/2007 Chaired Session 1. Participated and chaired session in International workshop on Environmental Toxicology and waste management with special reference to Hospitals of North India on Dec, 2-4th , 2006 held at New Delhi organized by National Environmental Science Academy. 2. Chaired session – II in “National symposium on emerging trends in biomedical sciences” held from 27- 28th Feb, 2009 at Balawal, Dehradun, Uttarakhand organized by Sardar Bhagwan singh post graduate institute of Biomedical sciences and research. Paper Presented 1. “Clinical utility of ELISA test in sero-diagnosis of extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis using 38kDa Mycobacterial antigen” paper presented in conference. Epidays 2009 on 6th May organized by NICD, Delhi. 2. Prevelance of anti HSV-1 specific IgM antibodies in children in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi in 33rd Indian Immunology Society Conference organized by Dept. of Biochemistry AIIMS, from 28-31st Jan, 2007.