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Creating new markets fin

Creating new markets fin






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  • Speak this: At present, most organs for transplants come from living donors, primarily from immediate family. An alternative is deceased donation where organs are retrieved from a person declared brain dead. Due to the extremely low number of deceased donations, most people awaiting transplant breathe their last.

Creating new markets fin Creating new markets fin Presentation Transcript

  • Creating NewMarkets!
  • Some valuable lessons I learnt» In every problem, there is an opportunity.» Looking beyond the obvious..» Do not give up till you have run out of options..» But then do not hope like hell something works out..» When you hit a wall…» Necessity is the mother of all creation!
  • Creating a market for OrgansIndia : 0.05 per million ( 50 cadaver donations per year. West -25,000 per year)( Organs donated per million)
  • Why Pledge Your Organ?By being an organ donorDid you know?» In India every year nearly 500,000 people who die because of non-availability of organs» 1,50,000 people await a kidney transplant» 2 lakh people die of liver disease,» 50,000 from heart disease and» 10 lakh people suffer from corneal blindness and await transplant7 50Lives can be savedby way of organ donationLives can be enhancedby way of tissue donation
  • » The Problem:» Hope» Religion» Emotion» The task:» To convince relatives to ‘give up life and give life’The Objective: Increase awarenessof the need for donating organsFilm
  • Delhi-BagdograDelhi–KolkataHyderabad-KolkataAnd return flightsfive
  • Marketing budgets a big issue..
  • Optimizing Unsold inventoryThe Problem» Competition had marketing budgets 100 times more than what wehad (Rs. 60cr vis-a-vis Rs. 50 lacs)» Occupancy was at 48% and we were losing money» 3000 seats going empty every day» Very poor share of voice in mediaThe Insight» @ 43% load factor we had 102 seats going empty every dayx 30 flights a day = 3078 seats a day = 92, 340 seats a month» Cost of carrying an incremental customer was Rs 112» Rs 92/- per pax extra fuel burn» Rs 8 to IGT» Rs 2 for the boarding card» We had to get rid of Perishable seats effectively
  • Data for Tuesday 12th October, 2004Collection Analysis across touch points Call Center AnalysisNo of Calls %ageRs % of totalTravel Agents 6822731 45.98 Karnataka 1830Call Center 1361298 9.17 A.P. 745Airports 1870292 12.60 Chennai 560Internet Home User 4511762 30.41 T.N. 74Head Office 272700 1.84 Mumbai 1372E-Agency 0 Gujarat 67Maharashtra 64Delhi 1043Total Collection for the day: 14838783 Total Calls received: 5755Credit card seats booked at call center 569 9.89 % percent of total callsRevenue Analysis Collection AnalysisRs Rs %Days revenue from tickets: 5,670,559 Dep A/c: 7382545 50Days PAX flown: 2273 Credit Cd: 7456239 50Days Revenue per PAX: Rs 2495 14838784Max LoadTotalATRLoad Factor 54.68TotalA-320 Load Factor 32.67Total 43.34The harsh realityOperating expense Rs 75 lacs a day. Death was imminent.
  • The virality of the ideaFly for just Rs 500/- or for Re 1/- !Fly for just Rs 500/- or for Re 1/- !
  • The OutcomeIncome Rs 87 lacs a day. Approximately 50% were first time fliersData for Tuesday 19th October, 2004Collection Analysis across touch points Call Center AnalysisNo of Calls %ageRs % of totalTravel Agents 6162409 45.17 Karnataka 1696Call Center 1272223 9.33 A.P. 879Airports 2032824 14.90 Chennai 725Internet Home User 4049953 29.69 T.N. 72Head Office 124003 0.91 Mumbai 1835E-Agency 0 Gujarat 126Maharashtra 73Delhi 1087Total Collection for the day: 13641412 Total Calls received: 6493Credit card seats booked at call center 590 9.09 % percent of total callsRevenue Analysis Collection AnalysisRs Rs %Days revenue from tickets: 8,756,311 Dep A/c: 6892345 51Days PAX flown: 3612 Credit Cd: 6749067 49Days Revenue per PAX: Rs 2424 13641412Max LoadTotalATR Load Factor 75.41TotalA-320 Load Factor 81.76Total 78.39
  • Marketing as a Cost Centre
  • A New Advertising Opportunity
  • » US Pizza was a small company expanding through ‘profits’» Capex was major constraint» Rs 2 lacs rent deposit ( 10 months deposit)» Rs 7- 10 lacs to set up an outlet» Marketing was a bigger challengeCollaborate to create new opportunities!Every one has a problem/need
  • Ask and you shall be given or rejectedThe Goal» Primary» To scale exponentially» Talk to 1 or 2 companies to do all India rental deal» Link rental to % of ‘Sales’» Secondary» High visibility frontage» High foot fall possibility
  • At HPCL Petrol PumpsHPCL Outlet – DRDO, Bangalore» 200 outlet deal ( From 14 – 100 in 32 months ( 1-14 in 17 years))» Rs 10 lacs per outlet capex» 10% of sale with an MG ( rental always higher than MG)
  • Creating a new market
  • Creating a new market- for air ambulances
  • Some valuable lessons I learnt…» New markets are created when you question the status quo.» Opportunities are like ships in the dark…» It not about resources but being resourceful that helps Blue ocean.» Think positive, but act on the negatives.» New markets are created when you either disrupt the existing market, or seize anew opportunity -on the back of great consumer insights.
  • Thank you
  • My Inspiration:• The ‘ant’ can run very quickly. If a human could run as fast, for his size, as the ant can, hecould run as fast as a racehorse.• The ‘ant’ can lift 20 times their own body weight. At an average weight of 60kgs, this wouldtranslate to a lift of 1200kgs.• A colony of ‘ants’ communicate well with each other and very effectively too. That with no e-mails, mobile phones, technology...• A colony of ‘ants’ operates as a collective, they are intelligent and can do remarkable things,guaranteed.• The ‘ants’ follow a simple system of division of labour. They know what needs to be done andwho will do it. No questions asked.• The ‘ants’ have an ability to solve complex problems. How’s that for an insect that size.• Ants’ are good at finding new places to live in and very good at finding food. They are greatsurvivors.• The ‘ant’ is probably the last place one would expect to find a maths whiz, but researchershave shown that this humble insect can do what a few computer algorithms can.• ‘Ants’ are adept at solving difficult mathematical problems and can adapt the optimal solutionto fit a changing problem.• However, complex the route, ‘ants’ will surely and efficiently find the fastest way to food.
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  • Synergizing a common platform