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Globally Connected


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A Presentation made in IIT Madras, to a graduating class, representing some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us, as Indians and specifically as IITians - a technology perspective

A Presentation made in IIT Madras, to a graduating class, representing some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us, as Indians and specifically as IITians - a technology perspective

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. </ start > SCREEN VISION TEST
  • 2. Globally Connected Friday, August 11 th 2006 Indian Institute of Technology - Madras VIJAY ANAND NE X GE [email_address] Part of TENET Group of Companies
  • 3. Introduction
      • Main Entry: gen·e·sis
      • Pronunciation: 'je-n&-s&s
      • Function: noun
      • Inflected Form(s): plural gen·e·ses /-&quot;sEz/
      • Etymology: Latin, from Greek, from gignesthai to be born:
      • the origin or coming into being of something <the genesis of a new political movement>
  • 4. The LandScape
    • We are at the verge of a communication
    • revolution.
  • 5. The Future Network IMS / NGN Web TV REF: 3GPP/3GPP2 FMC Data Voice
  • 6. The Mantra
    • “ Any Device
    • Any time
    • Anywhere”
    • By means of converged networks,
    • Network-agnostic applications and linked information
    Connected Via…
  • 7. ‘ Da’ Personalization Trend
    • Nokia bans the usage of the term “Cellular/ Mobile Devices”, or the implications of “phones” to its new line of products, within its organization.
    • They are to be reffered to as “Personal Communication Devices”
  • 8. Digitalization of Communication
    • Most Commonly referred to as, VoIP (XoIP) in the telecom world.
    • VoIP has virtually gotten rid of the ‘distance factor’ involved with voice calls, and forced us to innovate and move beyond the ordinary.
  • 9. Vision Enablers (Content) (Participation) (Size Factor) (Drive) Digitalization of Telecom / Television Networks Low-Cost Computing The Evolution of the WWW Market Economics - Demand
  • 10. Act 2: The Internet
    • How has the Internet Evolved from its ArpaNET days?
  • 11. Evolution Information Overload Web 2.0 Google Email Everyone is a reporter these days Manageability Issues. WWW / Comm. Devices Web 1.0
  • 12. Information Age Inacessible to Overload / Over-connectedness Information has to make sense Semantic Web – RSS – R.V. Guha Backbone for AI – Self-aware computing Information Accountability – Federated ID WWW ONE LOGIN
  • 13. Act 3: Television Networks
    • YouTube.
    Serves 100million videos worldwide everyday.
  • 14. SO …
    • What Does it all Amount to?
    • How are things going to change?
  • 15. Sneak Preview Personalization is the Trend Relevant/sensible Information is key PCD – Sony Mylo / Project Origami Ubiquitous Connectivity – Google Fi Bumptop / Zlango Intuitive UIs AMIDA
  • 16. Focus: India
    • For Starters: The World Is NOT Flat. Not Yet.
  • 17. Challenges We Face
    • India Demands
    • Technology
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Reputation
    Market Exposure
    • Adequate
    • Funding
    • Mentors
    • Talent
    Enabling Resources
  • 18. Positive Trend
    • Increasing number of people returning back to India for starting new ventures.
    • Incubation centers across universities, that cultivate and celebrate entrpreneurship. Eg. TeNET
  • 19. IITians
    • The Last Line of Defense for Indian Technology
    If we don’t Who will? Who can?
  • 20. Where Does it Begin?
    • Identity.
  • 21. Motive
    • Cause.
    Stand up and look around you. You’ll find one.
  • 22. Our Focus
    • Simple. Affordable. Usable
  • 23. Left Behind
    • Build Bridges. Unify.
  • 24. The Change
    • ‘ Be the Change’
    I too… have a dream.
  • 25. Thank You ! VIJAY ANAND [email_address] ?