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Bogie hearth furnace
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  • 1. Industrial FurnacesVIBRANTTHERMAL Bogie Hearth Furnace ManufacturersENGINEERING Industrial Products | Venkatraman
  • 2. Bogie Hearth FurnaceWhat Is Furnace?A furnace is a device used for heating. Industrial furnace utilized for numerous things, forexample the extraction of metal from ore or in oil refineries and other synthetic plantsEtc.Types of Industrial Furnaces:We can find various types of Industrial usage furnace some of which are listed belowBogie Hearth Furnace, Bell furnace, Pit Type Furnace, Forging furnace, Rotary furnace,Shell baking furnace, Hardening & Tempering furnace, Heat Treatment furnace,Quenching furnace, Continuous furnace, Nonferrous Melting furnace, IndustrialFurnace, Laboratory Furnace, Industrial Driers, Box Type Furnace, Furnaces Spares,Industrial Oven& Industrial Furnace.Bogie Hearth FurnaceThese Industrial Bogie Hearth furnaces are quite regarded for brilliant, heightenedexhibition and dependability.Types of Bogie Hearth furnaces Car Bottom Furnaces Oil Fired Bogie Hearth Furnace Gas Fired Bogie Hearth Furnace Fixed Hearth Furnace Moving Electrically Heated Bogie Hearth FurnaceThe following are the salient features of our bogie hearth furnaces. Double Door System Double Bogie Furnace Moving Bogie Moving Mechanized bogie driveHeating ModesElectrical, Gas&OilTemperature: Up to 1200°C
  • 3. Applications Heat Treatment Normalizing Strengthening Hardening Manufacturing Tempering Stress RelievingPit type furnaceWe award Industrial pit type furnace that is planned and advanced as per the universalvalue benchmarks. These Pit type furnaces are accompanies different options like Gas,electrical and Oil warm up furnace. Our pit type furnaces are treasured for its exhibition,toughness and long enduring. We accord different types of Industrial Pit type furnaceslike Pit type Tempering Furnace, Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace, Pit Type HardeningFurnace, Salt Bath Furnace, and whatnot.About Vibrant Thermal EngineeringVibrant Thermal Engineering an advancing heater assembling association, wasestablished by Mr. S. Venkatraman (B Tech, Metallurgy) a prestigious heater technocratin the year 2007.Business Type: Manufacturers, Suppliers & ExportersYear of Establishment: 2007We offer total highly advanced fuel efficient burner, ceramic fiber insulation, refractorylining, and instrumentation, automation of furnace, kilns and combustion system for yourenergy efficient production.
  • 4. We have been always striving hard to serve the best at the right price keeping in mindthe correct requirements of our valued clients.Our Product Range: Bogie Hearth Furnace Bell furnace Pit Type Furnace Forging furnace Rotary furnace Shell baking furnace Hardening & Tempering furnace Heat Treatment furnace Quenching furnace Etc.CertificatesWe are the Indian Achievers Award, Bharath Social Cultural Academy Awardand Starof Tamilnadu Award Winners from Chennai.