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SEM At Envigo
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SEM At Envigo


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Search that Converts

Search that Converts

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  • 1. Effective SEM Campaigns Search that converts
  • 2. The PPC Team at EnvigoIndividuals with proficiency inthe fieldResult driven approachesWorked on various Ad formats and Networks
  • 3. The Process • Understanding Business Defining • Advertising goals Objectives • Targeting, Segmentation • Budget • Account Structure Campaign • Networks Setup • Keyword Research • Ad Copy • Ad testing • Bid optimizationOptimization • Account restructure • Landing Page optimizationTracking & • Campaign Tracking • Daily, Weekly, MonthlyReporting reporting
  • 4. Defining ObjectivesI – Understanding Business• Nature of Business• Size of Business• Markets where business is operated• Product Lines- Catering to specific Business requirements- Niche targeting Ex: A local bookstore will have very different marketing goals from a worldwide Supermart.
  • 5. II - Advertising Goals Direct Branding Response Brand Sale Launch Product Lead Launch Registration Promote an Or offer Signup Rebranding Download
  • 6. III - Targeting Geo Targeting• Geo target campaigns for higher ROI• Supplement offline ad campaigns – Sync up online messaging with TV, radio and outdoor campaigns• Promotion of online contests – Free coupons, sweepstakes costly nationally• Geo-targeted ads also tend to get good quality scores Demographic Targeting• Age, Gender, Language, Interest Targeting
  • 7. Campaign Setup Campaign• Account Structure Ad Group Keywords Ads• Network Placements Search: Search Engines sponsored ads & search partners Display: Display partner sites & SE properties• Keyword Research• Ad Copy
  • 8. Optimization Campaign Landing Restructure Page Ad copy Optimization testing Keywords/Account NegativesOptimization Bid Optimization- All time process- Involves periodical reviews- Adhering to best practices ROI
  • 9. Landing Pages Design• Usability study, A/B testing to create the best landing pages for your campaign• Pre-population of Booking forms for easier user flow• Relevancy with keywords and ad copies
  • 10. Discover new opportunities and threats Seasonality and geo targeting intelligence from Google TrendsGuard against irrelevant searches Ash clouds due to Reykjavik increased the searches for Iceland flights, but people were not looking to book
  • 11. Tracking &Reporting Reporting• Daily Spend reports• Monthly comparisons and analysis• Campaign level reports• Landing page reports and analysis
  • 12. Regular Analysis• PPC strategy cannot remain constant, as conditions governing it are not.
  • 13. Tracking: Analytics• Website analytics – Funnel reports – Landing page performance – Visitor drop-offs – Content performance – Site overlays and click reports – Geographic reports
  • 14. Best PracticesSearch Network• Semantic grouping of keywords into different ad groups.• Ads should be highly relevant to searched term.• Landing Pages should be highly relevant to Ad clicked.• Be more specific using ‘negative keyword matching’ or other match options besides ‘broad matching’.• Multiple ads per ad group (We use 5 ads) for better CTR scoring.• All these form quality score for a campaign.
  • 15. Content network• Separate search and content - they dont play well together.• Ads should attract the readers attention.• Use keyword themed campaigns (automatic placements) and general/high traffic managed placement campaigns to mine for targeted placements.• Smaller budgets to start with• Regular placement performance reports.
  • 16. Advertising Channels • Search • Social Engines Networks Google Facebook Yahoo Linkedin MSN CNN Double Click Komli NY Times AdMagnet TOI • Direct • Ad Buy Networks
  • 17. Paid search on content network• More impressions• Lower CTR but higher conversion• For users who need that extra push for making a transaction
  • 18. Content network ad types• Campaign focused ads with clear call to action• Rich media banners
  • 19. Smart phone space• 77 percent of the world population is mobile• Half a billion people accessed internet over mobile phones in 2009• Top usage for banking, travel, shopping, local info, news, video, sports, blogs, apps for games, social media, maps and music
  • 20. Smart phone targeting• Separate campaigns for smart phones and devices. – Custom landing pages for mobile – No use of flash in ads and landing pages – more generic keyword list for Mobiles• Use of shorter conversion process – Less fields in the form – Smaller checkout process