Sri Aurobindo Society - An Introduction


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Sri Aurobindo Society - An Introduction

  1. 1. An Introduction
  2. 2. To move towards tomorrow, to participate in thebirth of a new world, in the making of a newhumanity, in the creation of a better and happierfuture – this is the unique privilege and challengeof today.Sri Aurobindo Society strives to bring togetherall those who want to dedicate themselves to thistask, with no distinction of nationality, race,caste, creed, religion or sex. To know is good, to live is better, to be, that is perfect. The Mother
  3. 3. Named after Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo Society was founded by the Mother in 1960. The Society is   An international, spiritual, educational, cultural, non-profit NGO   Recognised by the Government of India as a charitable organisation, a research institute and an institution of national importance Beach Office, Pondicherry Objectives   Integral Growth & Perfection of the Individual   Social Transformation   A new India offering its best to the World   Realisation of Human Unity in a rich and organised diversity
  4. 4. Sri Aurobindo (1872 – 1950)Poet, revolutionary, Rishi and one ofthe greatest thinkers of modern India,Sri Aurobindo, came to Pondicherry in1910 to pursue a Yoga that aims at atotal transformation of this earthly lifeinto Divine Life. Sri Aurobindo has come to tell us: It is not necessary to leave the earth to find the Truth, it is not necessary to leave life to find one s soul, it is not necessary to give up the world or to have limited beliefs in order to enter into relation with the Divine. The Divine is everywhere, in everything,and if He is hidden, it is because we do not take the trouble to discover Him. The Mother
  5. 5. The Mother (1878 – 1973) Mirra Alfassa, known as the Mother, came from France and joined Sri Aurobindo in 1914. They laid the foundation and took up the task of building a new world, a new society that strives to express and embody the New Consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo called the Supramental. I belong to no nation, no civilisation, no society, no race, but to the Divine. I obey no master, no ruler, no law, no social convention, but the Divine.To Him I have surrendered all, will, life and self… The Mother
  6. 6. As the Society’s aim is to live integrally the truth that will transform the whole of life, all activities are included in its comprehensive programme. Main fields of activity   Integral Education   Integral Health   Integral Rural Development   Sustainable Development and Science & Technology   Integral Management   Indian Culture   Youth and Women   Media, Arts & Communication   Business & Economic Development   Research & Training in Diverse Fields   Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions   Books, Audio-visuals, Magazines and E-journalsTrue spirituality is not to renounce life, but to make life perfect with a Divine Perfection. The Mother
  7. 7. Education
  8. 8. Education Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Education & Research (SAFIER) An education which aims at a total and integral development:   A strong, supple, healthy, beautiful body   A sensitive, emotionally refined, energetic personality   A wide-ranging, lively intelligence and will   The subtler spiritual qualities that unify and harmonise the personality for a life beneficial to the individual and the societyThe first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught. Sri Aurobindo
  9. 9. EducationSri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Education & Research (SAFIER) Activities and Programmes   Development of qualities and values, like courage, truthfulness, generosity etc.   Development of faculties like concentration, imagination, memory, creativity etc.   Preparation of inspirational and beautifully illustrated books, audio-visuals   Development, manufacture & distribution of high- quality, cost-effective educational toys & games to help in the growth of an integral personality   Organising of non-formal centres of learning
  10. 10. EducationSri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Education & Research (SAFIER)Activities and Programmes   Setting up Kindergartens and Schools with a value based approach   Training Programmes and Workshops for teachers, students, parents   Research, Development & Dissemination of resource material   Innovative uses of Technology in Education   Working for an integral, creative and joyful education all over the world
  11. 11. Education Camps and Workshops for Teachers and ParentsTrue education must reveal what is already present in the developing beings and make it blossom. Just as flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in joy. - The Mother
  12. 12. Health
  13. 13. Health Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Integral Health and Research (SAIIIHR) SAIIIHR aims to   Study and understand Health in all its dimensions, with a new and total awareness of the human being   Help individuals to become aware and to develop the healing powers within for prevention and cure of illness   Synthesise various modern and traditional systems of medicine   Work all over the world for the total elimination of disease and illness by going to the root causesAn illness of the body is always the outer expression and translation of a disorder, a disharmony in the inner being. The Mother
  14. 14. HealthSri Aurobindo International Institute for Integral Health and Research (SAIIIHR) Activities & Programmes   An Integral Health Institute where one can learn how to live life meaningfully in all its aspects   A new approach based on Yogic Psychology and the spiritual dimension of Health   Interdisciplinary research projects on diagnosis and treatment using different systems of healing – Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Flower Remedies, Acupressure etc.   Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Training Programmes on various aspects of Integral Health   Publication of Books, Journals, preparation of Audio-Visuals
  15. 15. Rural Development
  16. 16. Rural Development Sri Aurobindo Rural & Village Action & Movement (SARVAM) The Sarvam Integral Rural Development Programme aims to   Adopt an entire village and develop it to become a model village   Empower the village community to take charge of their own destiny and future   Make a genuine difference not only to their way of living, but also to their way of thinking and being   Research in new and creative ideas to develop a sustainable, scalable and replicable model   Create an International Centre for Rural Development based on a deeper holistic approachThe village is the cell of the national body and the cell-life must be healthy and developed for the national body to be healthy and developed. Sri Aurobindo
  17. 17. Rural Development Sri Aurobindo Rural & Village Action & Movement (SARVAM) The approach is multifaceted, integrating all aspects of life, including   Education   Health   Economic Development   Sanitation & Hygiene   Organic Farming and Dairy   Water and Waste Management   Housing   Technology   Renewable Energy Discussions with the Women self-help groups   Art and CultureThe project is driven internally, at every step, by the community itself, right fromplanning, to execution, to maintenance. They are not beneficiaries but partners indevelopment.
  18. 18. Rural DevelopmentEducationHealth Economic Development
  19. 19. Rural DevelopmentOrganic Farming and DairyHousing
  20. 20. Sustainable Development and Science & Technology
  21. 21. Sustainable Development and Science & Technology Sri Aurobindo Institute for Science and Technology (SAIST) For an all round progress, science and technology have to be synthesised with spiritual values and service of humanity. The R & D work at SAIST involves developing technologies   which will be based on sound Ecological, Environmental and Energy efficient principles   which will be appropriate to the regions and cultures, specially in rural and semi-urban areas of Developing Countries   which will impact a large number of people directly and bring a change in their lives
  22. 22. Sustainable Development and Science & Technology Sri Aurobindo Institute for Science and Technology (SAIST)Training Local Unskilled Workers Block-Making Wind Turbine Areas of work at present:   Green buildings and Sustainable Designing   Wind Energy – development of a new type of Wind Turbine   Appropriate technology for Rural Development
  23. 23. Management
  24. 24. Management Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) SAFIM aims to provide the Modern Managers with   Deep and holistic insights into all aspects of Management and Organisational Development   Ways to develop and express fully their inner potential and creativity   Knowledge to manage oneself as the key to managing others and the environment   The best of Management Skills and Technology integrated with Spiritual Insights and Yogic PsychologyOne must be able to control oneself before one can hope to govern others. The Mother
  25. 25. Management Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM)Activities & Programmes  An International Integral Management institution based on a holistic approach  Research on a dynamic spiritual approach to solving problems and challenges faced by Executives today  A deeper understanding of the Money power and its role in the future  Organisation of Seminars, Workshops and Training Programmes  Publication of Books, Journals, preparation of Audio-Visuals
  26. 26. Indian Culture
  27. 27. Indian Culture Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) SAFIC aims to   Carry out authentic research to rediscover the truth and genius of Indian Culture in its depth and fullness   Re-awaken the capacity that enabled India to excel in every aspect of life, and apply it dynamically to contemporary life and all its activities   Create new forms of philosophy, literature, art, science and critical knowledge, based on a synthesis of the East and the West   Look at existing problems of the World in the light of Indian Spirituality and PsychologyO India, land of light and spiritual knowledge! Wake up to yourtrue mission in the world, show the way to union and harmony. The Mother
  28. 28. Indian Culture Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)Sanskrit Presentation at Oregon University, USA Activities and Projects   The best India can offer to the World in all fields of life – spirituality and religion, mathematics, medicine, surgery, dance, music, architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, state-craft etc.   Sanskrit and its importance for India   Books, Films, CDs, CD-ROMs   Research, Training, Workshops, Seminars
  29. 29. Youth & Women
  30. 30. Youth & WomenAuroYouth and Women s CouncilTo inspire the Youth and Women to   Find and realise their aim in life   Develop and express their full potential   Prepare them, spiritually and materially, to play their true role in all aspects of collective life   Channelise their talents, enthusiasm and energies to build a new future Progress is youth; at a hundred years of age one can be young. The Mother
  31. 31. Youth & WomenAuroYouth and Women s CouncilActivities and Programmes   Self Development programmes   Camps, Seminars and Workshops at regional, national and international levels   Books, Journals, Audio-Visuals   Taking up of projects in various fields according to their inclination and interests The true domain of women is the spiritual. We forget it but too often.… True maternity begins with the conscious creation of a being, with the willed shaping of a soul coming to develop and utilise a new body. The Mother
  32. 32. Youth Camps
  33. 33. Women s Council
  34. 34. Media, Arts &Communication
  35. 35. Media, Arts & CommunicationAuroTV and AuroFilms“At the service of Beauty and Truth”AuroTV and AuroFilms are part of a production,research and training institute which preparesinnovative films, TV programmes and multimediapresentations, using the latest technologies andplatforms.It aims at preparing Films and TV programmes that will   Uplift, inspire, touch, transform, and manifest Beauty and Truth   Look for the soul and deeper essence in life and nature   Bring together people who are inspired by these ideals
  36. 36. Media, Arts & CommunicationAuroTV and AuroFilms“At the service of Beauty and Truth”The films and programmes will be of all types:   Full length feature   Docu-dramas   Educational   Children s   On environment, social and cultural issues   On India It will be a centre for research and training in all aspects of film making, TV and multimedia, with special emphasis on character building.
  37. 37. Media, Arts & CommunicationSri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) SACAC, New Delhi,   Finds new and effective ways of making the media an instrument for social change, based on a spiritual foundation   Offers various intensive courses with hands-on technical training. The courses cover   Journalism – English and Hindi   Advertising and Public Relations   TV and Film production   Creative Photography   Gives to the Youth quality training along with higher aspirations and deeper values
  38. 38. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC)
  39. 39. Business& Economic Development
  40. 40. Business & Economic DevelopmentAuroServiceActivities & Programmes   AuroService encourages and supports all types of economic and business activities based on spiritual values, and aspires to generate funds for social transformation.   The guiding principles are   Truth   Perfection   Harmony   Service   Work as Sadhana   Right use of money
  41. 41. Research, Training, Publications, Audio-visuals Research, training, publication of books, journals, and preparation of audio-visuals in various fields are an important part of the Society’s activities. There is a conscious effort to open new vistas through the development of capacities and faculties still dormant in Humanity. A radical transformation of our present limited consciousness into a higher consciousness which will be the source of unbound creativity, joy and harmony, is the ultimate goal. New words are needed to express new ideas,new forms are necessary to manifest new forces. The Mother
  42. 42. Centres and Branches
  43. 43. Centres and BranchesThe Society has members, centres and branches all over India and in many parts of the world. They are centres of sadhana, of spiritual pursuit and material perfection, engaged in a wide range of activities. Auro Mirra Centre of Education - Patiala Branch Navakriti, Nursery School - Delhi Branch To open a centre is not sufficient in itself. It must be the pure hearth of a perfect sincerity in a total consecration to the Divine. The Mother
  44. 44. Centres and BranchesSri Aurobindo Centre of New Education - Jodhpur BranchMirambika School For New Age - Bangalore Branch
  45. 45. Centres and BranchesI Have a Dream - Workshops Music Appreciation Self Exploration Trek to Gangotri Flower Exhibition Sense Training
  46. 46. Centres and Branches Garba Recording Studio - NoidaPresentation on the Gita - Surat Centre Launch of Maa CD
  47. 47. Some Centres and Branches Baroda Bangalore Siliguri, West Bengal Nowgong, Madhya Pradesh Bhopal
  48. 48. International Centres and BranchesLondon, United Kingdom Nairobi, KenyaHeidelberg, Germany Trek organised by Singapore Centre
  49. 49. We invite you to join us in the challenging task ofcreating a new and more beautiful tomorrow.Let us all come together and work for the advent ofa new World, of which   Peace and Unity will be the foundation   Diversity and Dynamism its way of action   Harmony and Happiness the constant results
  50. 50. For further informationVisit our Website: www.aurosociety.orgTelephone: 91 - 413 - 233 0331 / 233 6396Email: