Ibc Firewall Utm High Availability Solution .


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this presentation provides you information on how you can implement a firewall/UTM high availability solution for your business and make it high performing .

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Ibc Firewall Utm High Availability Solution .

  1. 1. High performing IT Solutions Firewall /UTMHigh availability Solution Presented by Mr.Vihang S . Kathe Founder & Director IBC
  2. 2. Need of H/A Solution for BusinessCurrent Business scenarioWorking of H/A SolutionHow to avoid Downtime with H/ACase ScenariosBusiness BenefitsQuestion and AnswersAction plan Forward
  3. 3. Need of H/A for Business
  4. 4. Current Business Situation• Network Availability is dependent on Single Firewall UTM Appliance .• Remote Branches connected to this Firewall Appliance .• Web servers , Application Servers and email services are NATted toFirewall .• Internal users dependent on Firewall for internet browsing .• Multiple ISP might be terminated on Firewall for ISP failover solution Incase this Firewall has a hardware failure• Complete business communication fails .• Users are not able to browse the internet , send emails and branchoffices are not able to connect to central applications .• Results in complete business downtime .
  5. 5. Single Firewall scenario
  6. 6. How to ensure N/W availability With High availability or Clustering solution with 2 Identical Firewall / UTMappliance . Firewall Clustering or Firewall Redundancy is the arrangement of 2 or moreFirewalls designed & configured either for Availability or for Performance or forboth. Firewalls configured in Master-Slave/Hot-Cold/Active-Passive/Primary-Backup mode, ensures High Availability of N/W. So incase the primary Firewall fails , the complete network can beautomatically diverted to the secondary firewall thus ensuring no businessdowntime /loss .
  7. 7. How the H/A solution works
  8. 8. Working of H/A Solution•One Firewall in Cluster is configured asPrimary/Master/Active.•Redundancy based protocol VRRP is used to detectfailure.•The Detection is based on Heartbeats.•Heartbeats are token messages that Firewall sendsperiodically to each other.•If Primary stops Heartbeats, VRRP assumes Primary isnot Available.•Subsequently VRRP selects theSecondary/Slave/Passive Firewall to become newPrimary.•The prevalent Primary Firewall owns a Virtual IP.•This Virtual IP is the Gateway for All the Servers, Applications and Network Nodes .
  9. 9. When Primary appliance Fails Secondary takes over .
  10. 10. Firewall in Load balancing•The other approach in Firewall Clustering is Multi-Primary or Load Balancingmode.This configuration ensures Performance as well as Availability.•N/W Traffic Flow can be evenly distributed. This results in Performance.Also in case of Failure, Secondary Firewall takes over all the N/W trafficmanagement until Primary Firewall is restored/revived.• This Scenario is particularly useful in Sudden High peak requirements ofnetwork where Network load needs to be shared and ensure performancefor applications like Web Services , Trading , ERP , CRM or Emails .
  11. 11. High availability Network Design
  12. 12. When Primary Device Fails , Network Diagram
  13. 13. How to avoid Business downtime with H/A1. H/A ensures almost zero Downtime of your Business Network .2. As a failure of any single Firewall Device involved in H/A design is transparent to the N/W traffic .3. In effect, the N/W stays unaffected in the event of failure of any single Firewall without loss of packets, sessions and more importantly security.4. H/A Solution Ensures that your IT infrastructure Runs smoothly without any downtime . Thus ensuring your instant ROI .5. Your Business Applications , internet services and remote branch connectivity can run smoothly even if your primary firewall fails with an H/A design
  14. 14. Business Benefits of H/A SolutionTechnical Benefits of H/A Design:It ensure higher throughput of bandwidthSmaller LatencyLesser Bottlenecks in your networksHigher Performance for your AppsHigher Availability for your Servers , Apps and NetworksMore frequent Security Updates & PatchesBusiness Benefits of H/A Design:Almost Zero Business DowntimeImproved Productivity of N/W and business Applications .Lesser Security threats as it ensure 100% firewall uptime .Improved N/W EfficiencyResilient IT infrastructure and Business productivity
  15. 15. Questions and Answer• Cost of Ownership of the H/A Solution .The cost of ownership of this solution can around 5-6 Lakhs dependingon your Network sizing and users .• Budgetary allocation and ROI .You can definitely justify the ROI of this solution by your Networkuptime from the date of installation of this solution till next 3yrs .• How the Solution would be beneficial for my BusinessThis solution ensures high availability of your firewall/UTM applianceand thus avoids any business downtime for your network andapplications .• Business results provided by the H/A Solution .The business results can be measured with Server uptime , Applicationuptime and internet productivity of your employees .• Action plan moving forward .Follow us on our twitter handle , email us or call us on 02230584577 formore details on the solution , thank you .
  16. 16. Business Clients
  17. 17. Contact InfoRegistered Office :IBCA/105 , BLUE BELL , CENTRAL AVENUEHIRANANDANI GARDENS , POWAI ,MUMBAI – 400076 , MH , INDIA .TEL - 022 30584577FAX - 022 3058457724X7 mobile - 9820980046WEB - www.ibcworld.co.inEMAIL - info@ibcworld.co.inSUPPORT – support@ibcworld.co.inTWITTER - @ibcworld