Sample restaurant business proposal


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Sample restaurant business proposal

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Sample restaurant business proposal

  1. 1. Sample restaurant business proposalWhen starting a catering business you will need a guide to help you through each steps ofbusiness development; there is much to consider when starting a catering business. Abusiness plan for catering can help in focusing and reducing stress. Business plans arecommonly used when looking for financing from lending institutions. It should containfour to six sections, including information about the vision of the business, start-up costs,licensing and marketing strategies.Catering business is not just preparing food; writing a business plan is important to thesuccess of a catering business. You cannot secure funding if you dont have a businessplan; another reason why you should write a business plan is to make your goals moreconcrete and keep your perspectives clear.First you need to describe your catering company in your business plan. Introduce yourcatering services and the types of foods you will prepare. You list specific types of foodlike Italian, Asian, German or American cuisine and a sample menu. Point out if you planto provide table, table settings, chairs and other items. Focus on what type of cateringservices you are selling to the clients. Create a list of kitchen equipment needed tooperate your business. Think about the amount of room needed to prepare and store foodas well as the amount of room needed to use and store cooking equipment.Explore data about your business. For example locate how many catering business are inyour area and how many of those cater solely to weddings. Classify the needs of the areaand how you can fulfill those needs. Market research is important in all business plans;this part would show the chances of making your business a big success. Remember thatyou are not just a caterer, you are also the business owner; you need to know all facets ofthe business you are planning to start up.Create a marketing strategy for your business plan; come up with a list in which you willbe able to meet possible clients. If you want to cater family events, hand out marketingmaterials like brochures, flyers and business cards. You can also do meet up with localwedding planners, photographers and public relations firms and other businesses that helpplan events. Bring samples of your food to showcase your talents and promote for yourservices. You can tie up with these suppliers in order to get more customers; they couldalso help in promoting your catering business.Execute your business plan by stating in particular how you plan to use the money. Listthe people who are involved in your operation with their full names; make sure yourpeople have catering experience. If you are planning to seek financial assistance from afinancial institution, you need to identify who are the people behind the business. Youmust also stress their qualifications in the field of catering in order to get your loanapproved.
  2. 2. Lastly, sum up your business plan bay stating how you plan to deal with issues andchallenges coming your way. Make sure you have listed specific action plans in case youare not able to meet your goals. This will show how competent you are as a businessperson. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurantmanagement forms, restaurant business plan, restaurant marketing plan sample,restaurant startup guide…