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Projects In Foss



I had given this presentation at MCC. This was my first presentation. Please free to send comments.

I had given this presentation at MCC. This was my first presentation. Please free to send comments.



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    Projects In Foss Projects In Foss Presentation Transcript

    • Projects in FOSS
      • Why FOSS?
      • It is readily available.
      • There is no compulsion on what and how you are supposed to do.
      • Your contribution is in public domain.
      • Plenty of help available.
      • It puts you in contact with lots of important people.
    • How to start?
      • Decide on the project you want to contribute depending on your field of interest.
      • Decide what role suits you the best.
      • Study the source code, documentation.
      • Learn how to use various bug tracking system like bugzilla, redmine, trac.
      • Contact people involved in the project through IRC and mailing lists.
      • Learn how to use different version control system like svn, cvs and git.
      • Projects in FOSS
      • General fields of projects
      • Kernel hacking
      • Distribution hacking like Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Opensuse..
      • Desktop environment hacking like GNOME,KDE,Enlightenment..
      • Many more specific fields like networking, compiler design, digital image processing
      • Language specific contribution: writing libraries which do specific tasks in a particular language.
    • Projects in FOSS
      • Different ways to contribute
      • As a core developer
      • As a developer who contributes to UI, and other aspects of the project like package maintenance
      • Documentation Writers/Translators
      • Functional and performance testers, Bug reporters.
      • Artwork experts
    • Projects in FOSS
      • How to study the source code?
      • Every software has its own development model.
      • It is not necessary to go through each and every line of code.
      • Understand the distribution of tasks inside the source code.
      • Look for the files of your interest using tools like grep and find.
      • Look for comments inside the source code.
    • Projects in FOSS
      • Bug tracking system?
      • What is a BUG?
      • Why is it needed?
      • What is Bug Triage?
      • How to report bugs?
      • How to start to resolve bugs? Use tools like grep.
    • Projects in FOSS
      • Contact other developers of the project
      • Mailing lists.
      • IRC—Internet Relay Chat.
      • Follow mailing lists etiquette. No top posting.
      • Be polite.
      • No SMS language should be used.
      • Be patient. Do not force your questions.
      • Search for the solution yourself before asking .
    • Projects in FOSS
      • Version Control System?
      • What is its use?
      • Different types of VCS?
      • What is a patch?
      • How to generate a patch using diff?
      • Where to submit a patch?
      • Change log?
    • Projects in FOSS
      • Different Projects/Internships opportunities in FOSS
      • GSOC—Google Summer of Code
      • Redhat Internship
      • Novell- NOSIP
      • GNOME Bounty Projects
      • Oregon State University's Open Source Lab
      • Kerela State Government's initiative
      • Fest like Mukti
    • Projects in FOSS
      • GSOC
      • What is GSOC?
      • Type of projects involved
      • Duration of the project
      • Method of selection
      • Benefits
    • Thank You!!! Happy Hacking!!! T. Vignesh Prabhu (