Lily Lin in london on violence prevention


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Lily Lin in london on violence prevention

  1. 1. Key for Prevention of All forms of Violence LILY LIN ,2013/10/7 LONDON
  2. 2. Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights. It can include physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse, and it cuts across boundaries of age, race, culture, wealth and geography.
  3. 3. 2013 UN-CSW 57 March 8, March for Women & Girls
  4. 4. UN Women’s five priority focus areas  Increasing women’s leadership and participation  Ending violence against women and girls.  Engaging women in all aspects of peace and security process  Enhancing women’s economic empowerment  Making gender equality central to national development planning and budgeting
  5. 5. UN Women’s Approach  Policy reform: promotes gender sensitive policies, legislation to eliminate violence against women and services to assist survivors;  Capacity Building: collaborates with governments and civil society to strengthen the capacity of enforcers, using a women’s human rights perspective, and to build women’s capacity to claim their rights and entitlements.  Public Awareness: The Say NO – UNiTE campaign, now in its second phase is a global platform for advocacy and action, engaging participants from all walks of life to prevent and address violence against women.  Trust Fund: UN Women administers the UN Trust Fund to eliminate violence against women. Over the past decade the Trust Fund has granted over US$19 million to 263 initiatives in over 115 developing countries to support innovative catalytic initiatives that break new ground, create new models and mobilize new constituencies to end violence against women.
  6. 6. When you witness violence against women and girls, do not sit back. ACT ! ” Ban Ki-moon, Secretary - General
  7. 7. SECRETARY-GENERAL’s Network of Men Leaders “Men must teach each other that real men do not violate or oppress women – and that a woman’s place is not just in the home or the field, but in schools and offices and boardrooms.”  SECRETARY-GENERAL BAN KI-MOON
  8. 8. Men have a crucial role to play as fathers, brothers and friends. Men can provide positive role models for young men and boys, based on healthy images of masculinity.
  9. 9. GWPN New system of a women’s peace movement centering on a global cooperation of NGOs and GOs to finally usher in the settlement of world peace. Joining forces with other NGOs and other woman leaders of the world.  Bring the governments around the world together
  10. 10. “The problems that humanity faces today can only be resolved through the ideals of true love centering on God and one family under God.” The priority of the Abel Women UN should be creating a true family movement that emphasizes living for the sake of others, based on true love and carried out in conjunction with education in proper values.
  12. 12. Family is the school of Love The family has the potential to manifest, most fully, ideal of true love. Parental love Marital love Brotherly and sisterly love Children’s love
  13. 13. Peace and happiness arise from investing oneself for the sake of others. 16
  14. 14. To build a world of lasting peace, we need to restore true love, true parenthood, and true family
  15. 15. “creating a true family movement that emphasizes living for the sake of others. “A new awakening will come to everyone that we benefit more when we live for the sake of others.”
  16. 16. In the twenty-first century, women should play a major role in world history by serving, together with men as one of the wheels of the engine pulling forward the construction of a peaceful world. Going beyond a century of power and technology, women will be the central axis in building a century characterized by its loving, peaceful culture, and their role will be more important than ever before.
  17. 17. May Peace prevail on Earth
  18. 18. Importance of Before Marriage  Should focus on developing character, talents, capacities, and virtues, to become a good man, husband, and father; or a good woman, wife, and mother.  Premarital sex is detrimental to our character development and to our capacity to establish a good marriage and family.
  19. 19. Sexual Disorder and Family Breakdown  Sexual promiscuity, infidelity, and pornography lead to sexually transmitted disease, divorce, and family breakdown  Family breakdown undermines social stability, good citizenship, educational development, and contributes to crime, youth alienation, and suicide.  To build a world of lasting peace, we need to restore true love, true parenthood, and true family