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Women In Technology
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Women In Technology


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Published in: Technology

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  • 2. MARKETING LANDSCAPE – IT HAS CHANGED Audiences are fragmented & hyper-connected. YESTERDAY TODAY PLUS 2
  • 3. SOCIAL MEDIA The Definition: Online applications, What is platforms and media all this?! which aim to facilitate interaction, collaboration and the sharing of content. 3
  • 4. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS IMPORTANT > 90% of consumers regularly or occasionally give or seek advice from others about products or services BIGresearch, 2006 34% of internet users post opinions about products and b d on th i b t d t d brands their blog and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs p g Universal McCann, 2008 80% of bloggers write about their experiences with a company – good or bad. b d Technorati, 2008 4
  • 5. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS IMPORTANT Today’s consumer is connected, and social influence shapes their purchase decisions. Nearly 50% have made a purchase based on a social recommendation. LEADING RESOURCES FOR ONLINE CUSTOMER INFORMATION (1-5) SEARCH ENGINES 3.79 ONLINE RATING SYSTEMS 3.69 3 69 DISCUSSION FORUMS 3.52 BLOGS 3.24 GOV./ADVOCACY SITES COMPANY WEBSITES SOCIAL NETWORK SITES 2.50 MICROBLOGGING SITES 2.09 Society f New C S i t for N Communications R i ti Research, A il 2008 h April FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report 2008 5
  • 6. CASE STUDY: The Power of “Mommy Bloggers” Inaugural celebration of International Baby Weaning Week was platform for Motrin to launch “We Feel Your Pain” campaign. campaign 6
  • 7. CASE STUDY: The Power of “Mommy Bloggers” • An avid Twitter user, and mom, started the conversation, and the ads quickly became the number one discussion on T itt over th weekend. Twitter the k d • Comments grew exponentially – almost all negative. 7
  • 8. CASE STUDY: The Power of “Mommy Bloggers” Backlash video was posted on YouTube: • Nearly 7 000 views 7,000 • 3rd result for Motrin on YouTube is to the mother video th id 8
  • 9. CASE STUDY: The Power of “Mommy Bloggers” The story reaches millions via blogs and traditional media 9
  • 10. CASE STUDY: The Power of “Mommy Bloggers” Motrin site goes down for a period of time, and reappears with an apology note. 10
  • 11. THE LESSON DISCOVER: Social media tools provide brands with a variety of effective tools for identifying important conversations and online influencers – M t i could h i fl Motrin ld have id tifi d thi active group ahead of identified this ti h d f time and tested the ads accordingly. LISTEN: Social media monitoring provides companies 24/7, all 24/7 all- access to listen to what customers are saying. Note: this is not a 9-5 job. ENGAGE: Look for creative opportunities to share information and connect with your customers where they are online. More importantly – react quickly and appropriately. q y pp p y 11
  • 12. THANK YOU! CONTACT INFO: Jennifer Krupey Marketing Services Director| Viget Labs 703.891.0670 x7522 12