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Read the presentation from our latest business breakfast on Engaging with employees using digital tools.

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Engaging with employees using digital tools

  1. 1. Engaging with employeesusing digital tools3rd November 2011The Hospital Club, London
  2. 2. Welcome andthank you for comingMike BoogaardManaging Director, View
  3. 3. AgendaHilary Scarlett – Employee engagement (using digital tools)Consultant – Scarlet AssociatesSteve Davies – Social media go largeHead of Intranet - HSBCMark Smith – The shift from social media to social businessCreative Director – ViewMartyn Perks – Can Intranets make innovation happenDigital Consultant – ViewQ&A Session – Everyone is invited!
  4. 4. A little bit about usWe are.• Digital communication specialists• 20 years of experience• Team of 30 dedicated and passionate professionals• Microsoft, Sitecore and Episerver partners
  5. 5. A little bit about usWe do.• Strategic consultancy, digital audits, visioning• Business analysis and case building• Intranet planning, design and build• Corporate web sites, micro-sites and campaigns• Mobile and Social media strategies & implementation
  6. 6. The company we keep speaks volumes
  7. 7. Helping develop thought leadership Our expertise • We host regular events and roundtable discussions • Only agency invited to speak at recent Intranet benchmarking forum 24 • Guest speaker at a recent event organised by Melcrum & hosted by RBS – Social media and your intranet
  8. 8. Now lets get stuck in…Next: Hilary Scarlett – Engaging with employees3rd November 2011The Hospital Club, London
  9. 9. Engaging with Employees(using digital tools)3rd November 2011Scarlett Associates
  10. 10. Scarlett Associates THE REALLY USEFUL GROUP THEATRES 10Scarlett Associates
  11. 11. Employee engagement – what is it? Good news Bad news • Correlation between • Still lots of differing positive outcomes definitions (share price, • UK workforce doesn’t customer seem to feel more satisfaction etc) and engaged engagement • Many organisations • Greater awareness see it as a series of • Government interventions eg the backing engagement survey 11Scarlett Associates
  12. 12. So, what makes you feel engaged? Think about a time when you really enjoyed what you were doing at work • Share this experience with your neighbour • What was it that led to your feeling engaged? Please be ready to share your experiences 12Scarlett Associates
  13. 13. Engagement ≠ communication
  14. 14. Engage with what? "I love first direct, its got a fantastic vibe... evident right at the beginning, still evident now 17 years later.” Debra, team manager …the global company, my region, the division, the country, my team, this location, the brand, my profession, my colleagues, my manager, the customers, my pay cheque…? There is no ‘one- size fits all’Scarlett Associates
  15. 15. Lots of definitions but ten common themes 1. Senior leadership communication and visibility 2. Good line manager who balances challenge and support 3. Sense of vision and purpose and clear line of sight 4. Meaningful work 5. Workload, and tools to do the job 6. Voice – involvement and opportunities to share ideas 7. Autonomy 8. Reward and recognition 9. Fairness 10. An organisation that shows concern for its employees 15Scarlett Associates
  16. 16. • increasing leadership visibility • involving 4000 leaders around the world in creating the new vision New tools provide new opportunities to connect with employees • thanking and recognising colleagues
  17. 17. What’s the role of digital media? 1. Senior leadership communication and visibility 2. Good line manager who balances challenge and support 3. Sense of vision and purpose and clear line of sight 4. Meaningful work 5. Workload, and tools to do the job 6. Voice – involvement and opportunities to share ideas 7. Autonomy 8. Reward and recognition 9. Fairness 10. An organisation that shows concern for its employee 17Scarlett Associates
  18. 18. Questions to reflect on 1. What does your organisation really mean by ‘engagement’? Does it know? 2. How engaged are your employees? 3. Do you know what engages different groups of employees in your organisation? 4. Is engagement seen as a series of inputs or interventions, or as an outcome? 5. How can you best use ‘traditional’ and digital tools to connect employees to the organisation and to each other? 18Scarlett Associates
  19. 19. Thank you! Hilary Scarlett www.scarlettassoc.com hilary@scarlettassoc.com
  20. 20. Social mediagoing largeSteve DaviesHead of Intranet, HSBCTo view the slide please go to this link -http://prezi.com/em2hprhpsxw9/social-media-go-large/
  21. 21. The shift from social mediato social businessAre you ready?Mark SmithCreative Director3rd November 2011The Hospital Club, London
  22. 22. The numbers• 70% of organisations still block access to social media websites*• Only 27% of organisations have any social networking capability on their intranets**• 64% of global internal communicators rate their teams social media expertise as low**• 52% of corporates have no social media policy*** Source: Financial Times, October 24th 2011** Source: Melcrum Social Media Report, September 2010
  23. 23. Barriers to entry• Lack of a clear business case• Perceived loss of control and reputational damage• Inadequate metrics and measurement techniques• Lack of expertise and training• Too many options!
  24. 24. Overcoming the challengesSet objectives• What is it you want to achieve?• Align with business strategy• Obtain senior level sponsorship• Don’t let technology define the approach
  25. 25. Overcoming the challengesStart small, aim big• Don’t try and do everything at once• Identify quick wins and advocates• Experiment with a specific project or user group• Leverage existing examples of sharing, connection and collaboration
  26. 26. Overcoming the challengesClear limits and guidance• Set some simple principles and guidelines• Rules should protect, not police• Make people accountable for what they publish• Train and educate
  27. 27. Overcoming the challengesPosition within your communications mix• Compliment rather than replace your existing communications channels• Reassure your people by defining a primary channel• Explain the purpose and advantage of social media tools
  28. 28. In summary…• Employing social media in your organisation is as much about culture as it is about technology• Empowering employees with a voice, trusting them, encouraging ideas and discussion must be supported from the top down• Perhaps acknowledge that social media may not be right for you right now• Simple works best
  29. 29. Case study‘Support central’ community• 400,000 global users in 6,000+ locations• 25 million web hits a day• 50,000 user groups• 100,000 experts available to answer questions• Thousands of business processes digitised• Up-time of 99.9%
  30. 30. Case study‘Shout’ staff recognition programme• A simple way to say thank you to, and to acknowledge colleagues• 50,000 ‘shouts’ since launch in October 2008• 200 prizes a month, with monthly and yearly prize draws• Aligns with business values and encourages cross-department recognition
  31. 31. Thank youMark SmithCreative Director3rd November 2011The Hospital Club, London
  32. 32. Can intranets makeinnovation happen?Martyn PerksDigital Consultant3rd November 2011The Hospital Club, London
  33. 33. Can intranets foster innovation? Martyn Perkswww.thinkingapart.com : mail@thinkingapart.com
  34. 34. An era of cut-backs?
  35. 35. Many organisational impediments
  36. 36. Intranets must try to solve everything!
  37. 37. The organisational challenge Jane McConnell, NetJMC Global Intranet Trends for 2010 reportSplit organisational from operational functions
  38. 38. Focus on strategic instead of support roles
  39. 39. 1. Target and encourage the change agents2. Create a flexible platform quickly2b. Don’t over-design. Instead learn from its adoption3. Leave silos as they are. Too costly to change4. Be social without getting distracted by its noise5. Focus on business needs instead of staff onesCreate space to allow thinking to flourishFive ways to encourage innovative intranets
  40. 40. www.thinkingapart.com : mail@thinkingapart.com
  41. 41. Contact detailsNeil ClaytonBusiness Development & Marketing Managernclayton@viewplc.com+44 (0) 20 8811 8600+44 (0) 7540 554 047http://www.viewplc.comhttp://www.slideshare.net/viewstudio