Digital tools for change and engament workshop


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Presentation for workshop on how intranets can be developed and adapted to support engament and change within organisations.

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Digital tools for change and engament workshop

  1. 1. Understanding the audienceWho here works for a company that:• Already has an Intranet, social collaboration or social intranet?• Is considering implementing any of the aforementioned platforms?
  2. 2. Say hello…• How are you currently using the digital channel to support change and engagement?• What are the challenges you are face around leveraging the channel as an business tool and communications channel?
  3. 3. The digital workplace landscape Intranet Social Socialintranet collaboration
  4. 4. Who’s doing it?IntranetBuilding a more social,collaborative workspacethrough with the sharemarketing best practice andknowledge
  5. 5. Who’s doing it?Social IntranetFresh and inviting designechos the organisation’snew brand values andinvites staff from the twomerging companies to uniteand collaborate -Be..interactive.
  6. 6. Who’s doing it?Social collaborationReal time micro-bloggingand topic searching, allintegrated with email• 30,000 users• 800 active groups• 1,000 messages a day
  7. 7. Supporting change and engagementUses of Intranet and social tools that supportchange and engagement• Corporate information • Corporate blogging• Knowledge management • Corporate wikis• Sharing expertise • Internal community platforms• Crowd sourcing • Idea generation
  8. 8. How an intranet can help• Manage change• Engage with your workforce• Adapt to ‘Generation Z’ workforce
  9. 9. How do we measure success?Likely outcomes of a more social workplaceBefore… After…• Difficulty locating experts • Identification of expertise• Struggle to find information • More relevant, streamlined• Expertise and knowledge not information flow retained • Expertise captured for reuse• Slow new hire induction • Faster new hire integration• Hard to organise work • Information organised socially,• Processes limited in scale ‘in-the-flow• Closed processes • Processes that scale globally• Managers with a limited view • More open and participatory • Managers with a real-time view
  10. 10. Now its your turn…
  11. 11. Some inspiration…• Communicates organisational change• ‘Joins up’ a global business• Flexible enough to adapt to a diverse range of user requirements
  12. 12. Some inspiration…• ‘One-stop-shop’• Share information, knowledge and ideas• Organises a range of work tools and applications• A richer communications channel• Better connects the business
  13. 13. How did you do?
  14. 14. How an intranet can help• Future trends for Intranets and digitals to manage change, engage employees and add value to businesses
  15. 15. What have we learnt today?• Open discussions, exchange of ideas