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SIT - Tư duy sáng tạo hệ thống

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Sit smes innovation gen tienhoang

  1. 1. Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) Innovation Program for Vietnam SME’s
  2. 2. SIT is a globally respected innovation company, based in Tel Aviv with offices in India, Colombia and Europe. SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking® is the name of our unique innovation methodology. Since 1996, SIT has led innovation programs with over 850 organizations in 63 countries. Our team consists of 60 innovation experts - including facilitators, consultants, trainers moderators, and project managers, knowledge management and logistics. Our team reflects a diverse professional backgrounds including organizational development, marketing, engineering, education and information technology. Who is SIT?
  3. 3. Our Promise In today's increasingly tough business environment, SIT is used by companies who want to leverage INNOVATION to 1) accelerate growth, profitability and competitiveness in the short-term and 2) develop long- term, sustainable competitiveness. In our programs, we teach skills that help you think and act differently in an effective way; work with you to generate and implement ideas that are both innovative and practical; and assist in designing the structures that will help innovation become consistent, systematic, and reliable innovation skills and capabilities.
  4. 4. We work on 2 Levels To accelerate growth, profitability and competitiveness in the short-term: Product portfolios and pipelines Increase their patent and IP portfolio Create innovative business models Develop new brand, marketing and sales strategies Improve productivity/efficiency across their value-chain Develop strategic partnerships and JVs Market effectively to the Base of the Pyramid Solve problems Technological, Logistical and Strategic that effect implementation of their business strategies To develop a sustainable INNOVATION capability to ensure long-term competiveness Providing senior and middle management with the framework & tools to maximize their innovation effort (strategy, measurement, motivation, communication) Empowering staff with the ability to think and work more creatively – by changing their mind-set and giving them tools Training specific staff as innovation managers and innovation coaches to focus innovation efforts By creating processes that ensure a steady flow of value-adding and feasible new ideas to the business &
  5. 5. SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking® is both the name of our company and the name of our unique innovation and creative thinking methodology. InventiveSystematic What actually is Systematic Inventive Thinking?
  6. 6. SIT has led successful innovation programs in over 63 countries working with over 850 companies (in multiple sectors), NGOs and top business schools. DIVERSE SECTORS IT & Hi-Tech Agri-tech Telcom White Good & Electronics Fmcg Manufacturing Energy Companies Financial Sector Construction Diversified Education Communication COMPANIES SMALL & BIG SMES Enterprises Local & Multi-national Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups NGOs Business School
  7. 7. SIT delivers bottom line growth (via productivity and cost-saving) SIT applied to find inventive utilization of existing assets in surprising ways and new opportunities for End-to-end savings (including procurement, operations, raw & pack, logistics, etc.) We consistently deliver near term productivity savings of at least 5% above standard and longer term savings of 10-15% above standard
  8. 8. In addition, SIT can be applied to generate VALUE across every area of a business Business Model Business Operations, problem Solving Products / Services New Products, Productivity Distribution Channels MarCom Technology Strategy Sales Sustainability
  9. 9. The Innovation Program
  10. 10. Program Overview 2014 – 3 Modules PricingStructure of ProgramDeliverable/ValueModule 22,000USD3 day “Booster” event for 10-12 small and medium size companies in the region attended by 2-3 key people from each company. Learn how to “Innovate on-Demand” using SIT methodology and apply it to generate value-add innovation & implementation solutions for topics relevant to their business. 1. Designed to offer a cost and resource- effective way for SMEs to boost their innovation skills, capability and pipeline. 2. Deliverable: skills and solutions for their business. 3. Delivered by SIT facilitators who extensive experience 1. Multi -SME “Innovation Booster” Program 35,000USD• 5 day basic course conducted in 2 stages: • Stage #1: 3 day face to face Basic Skills Course (see curriculum) •Stage #2: 1 day Mini-Session Intensive (assessed by SIT team with feedback) • Stage #3: 1 day Advanced Skills course (3 months after coaches have been active (e.g. after running at least 4 mini-sessions with companies. 1. SIT will train a special group of innovation coaches to work with companies "on the ground“ on a regular basis 2. Innovation Coaches qualified to lead innovation mini-sessions on range of topics – NPD, Process Innovation, Marcom, Implementation issues 2. Train the trainer Program (The Innovation Coaches) 30,000USD• As a guide, a typical SIT “New Product Pipeline” or “Productivity” project lasts between 2-3 weeks (with 1 week on site with the company) 1. Aimed at companies looking to engage SIT to deliver results for specific business challenge (strategic, marketing, R&D or technology challenge). 3.Innovation Project with 1 SME / Enterprise
  11. 11. Multi -SME Innovation “SME Booster” Program Description: 3-Day “Booster “Event (+ Optional “Quarterly Innovation Booster” conducted by Innovation Coaches ) Goal: a cost and resource-effective way for SMEs to boost their innovation skills, capability and pipeline. Who is it for? 10-12 SMEs looking to boost their innovation capabilities and outputs. The event is most effective when a company sends 2-4 participants from different functional departments. PricingKey benefitsStructure 3-Day Booster Event 22,000 USD “Quarterly Innovation Days” 8,000USD Main values: • Jump-start innovative thinking around a specific organizational challenge or opportunity. Secondary Benefits of Participation: • Gain access to world class facilitators to ensure that you achieve novel yet practical results • Unique opportunity to discuss relevant issues with peers in an atmosphere conducive to learning. • Gain exposure to companies that are potential clients, collaborators, and/or partners for benchmarking, learning, sharing • Belong to a select collaborative of innovative companies in the region • Enjoy true results: the accumulated effect on your organization will be huge, since there is constant reviewing, rethinking, reinventing and most importantly – implementing. • Improve collaborative work processes by formalizing a common language for communicating between different functions in your organization. Day1: Learn some SIT tools and other elements from SIT's Innovation Framework. • Learn and practice new approaches to “Innovate on- Demand” using a proven, structured methodology to guide both idea-generation and implementation - using only your company’s existing resources. Day 2: Practice applying the SIT tools to generate novel ideas/solutions: • Each team brings a topic (product, process, or challenge) to work on, raising ideas for innovative solutions. Option to invite 2-3 new team members to attend ideation work. Day 3: Converting selected and prioritized ideas into action plans for implementation • Summary of learnings and next steps Delivery team: Facilitated by SIT facilitators Offsite venue: 9-5pm each day (meals included)
  12. 12. 2. Train the trainer Program – “Innovation Coaches” Description : 5 day Program conducted in 3 stages with optional Webinars. Goal: to train group of innovation coaches to work with companies "on the ground“ on a regular basis, leading innovation mini- sessions on range of topics – NPD, Process Innovation, Marcom, Implementation issues PricingCurriculumStructure 20,000 USD1. Introduction to Systematic Inventive Thinking 2. NPD & Creative Problem Solving 3. Learning and applying 4-5 SIT thinking tools 4. 3-4 Systematic Innovation Principles 5. "Opportunistic Innovation“ 6. A total of 3 days of hands on practice & Simulations 7. Facilitation skills Stage #1: 3 day, face –to-face Basic Skills Course for up to participants. Facilitated by SIT team, off-site venue. 8,000 USD1. Each coach builds a mini-session with SIT support 2. Coaches deliver sessions to peers 3. SIT provides feedback on facilitation and content 4. Discussion on implementation and next steps for each session 5. Set new learning objectives with each coach 6. Mentor feedback (optional) Stage #2: 1 day Mini-Session Intensive Facilitated and assessed by SIT team, off- site venue. 7,000 USD1. Learning and applying new SIT thinking tools 2. Advanced facilitation skills 3. Best practices Stage #3: 1 day Advanced Skills course conducted after active period (e.g. 3- 4 mini-sessions). Facilitated and assessed by SIT team, off- site venue. 1000 USD per webinarOptional: SIT Webinars to boost skills, knowledge and competency
  13. 13. 4.Innovation Project with 1 SME / Enterprise Description : Innovation Project Aimed at: companies looking to engage SIT to deliver results for specific business challenge (strategic, marketing, R&D or technology challenge). PricingFormatDescription 30,000 USD1. See below• New Product Pipeline Development • Productivity • Prototyping • Marketing strategy • New Business Model Off-site preparations Interim: Concept evaluation Concept evaluation (Convergen ce session) Action item meeting ~ 2 weeks 1 day 1 day 2 hours Idea Generation workshop 2 days On – site preparation 1day
  14. 14. Pricing The following prices include: Preparation work Workshop facilitation SIT standard materials in English SIT back office preparation time The price does not include: Travel expenses (flights) for two facilitators Local accommodation, subsistence and local transportation Translators and materials’ translation Workshop venue and AV equipment cost Local taxes
  15. 15. SIT’s training programs combine theory and practice; The training programs are lead by professional facilitators and are conducted as interactive workshops (as opposed to passively listening to lectures); We use practical individual and team exercises, designed to give you results from day one; We maintain deep respect for trainees’ existing knowledge and expertise; Participants practice on a mix of generic cases as well as "live" organizational topics and work issues. In this case we will incorporate real Nestlé examples as well as examples from the food industry and other industries; Our trainings help to convert innovation from a declared value to a day-to-day practice; The main criterion for success is participants’ application of their learnings to real life tasks after the training. Our Training Philosophy