5 reasons to book vietnam tours


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5 reasons to book vietnam tours

  1. 1. Why is Vietnam so famous for tourists nowadays?What reasons make people book Vietnam tours?Everyone needs to travel for refreshment after longworking time and find a good place for holidays isdifficult and there are so many things to considerbefore choosing a place for your holidays and in thisarticle, I mention 5 reasons why you should bookVietnam tours for your holidays.The 1st question you definitely wonder where isVietnam? The answer is Vietnam located in the SouthEast Asia. With favorable conditions of geographyand topography, especially 3265 Km of coastline,mountains, deltas, bays and rivers, Vietnam is anexotic country for eco-tourism. The nature seems tobe something rare and expensive for those who livein modern countries. However, in Vietnam, you canfind it everywhere. The top destinations for amazingVietnam tours are the 3000 fascinating naturallysculptures rising up from emerald water in HalongBay, the amazing scenery of terrace rice fields inSapa, naturally sculptured limestone mountain viewalong a peaceful river in Tam Coc , charming villagesin Mai Chau or amazing ways of life from floating
  2. 2. villages to floating markets in Mekong river……….More wonderfully, Vietnam has 7 UNESCO WorldNatural and Cultural Heritage Sites. Thosedestinations guarantee wonderful Vietnam holidays.Whatever your interest is you can find your idealVietnam tours.The 2nd reason why you should book Vietnam toursis security. Vietnam is being chosen as one of thesafetest countries in the world. With one party,Communist party, Vietnam is highly controlled withits own system. Especially, foreigners in Vietnam arehighly protected. Further more, Vietnamesegovernment will give a very strict penalty toVietnamese people who cause damage to foreigners.The feeling of being safe for walking, travelling makeyour Vietnam holidays more wonderful. This is one ofimportant reasons to book Vietnam tours.The 3rd reason why you should book Vietnam toursis people. They are so happy and friendly. From cityto countryside, you can find happy faceseverywhere. You can talk and chat with local peoplehappily. They are so happy with their life. They liveand work for a better future. This simple philosophyis so difficult to manage for most of the peoples inthe world. However, it is under Vietnamese control.The 4th reason why you should book Vietnam toursis the unique cultures of 54 groups of people livinghappily together in one country. Each of them havetheir own cultures, languages, customs and clotheswhich make one group different from another. For
  3. 3. example, The Red Dzao ladies’ clothes are colorfulwith red scraps on their heads while the blackH’Mong ladies’ clothes is in black color or Black Dzaoladies wear white combs on their heads..… Mostamazingly, this is the 2nd century and our word is somodern. However, these minority groups still live onvery basic conditions at the moments. Vietnamesemulti-cultures make your Vietnam holidaysamazingly interesting.The last one is excellent Vietnamese food.Vietnamese food has a greatly perfect mixture oftraditional Vietnamese style, Chinese and Frenchcooking styles. More importantly, the perfectcombine fresh cooking materials with seasonal herbsand weather conditions, Definitely, during Vietnamtours, you will eat a lot but you will not gain weigh.The secret lie in the chefs’ way of cooking.http://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.comhttp://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.com/halong-bay-tours/best-halong-bay-cruises.htmlhttp://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.com/about-us/vietnam-tours.htmlhttp://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.com/halong-bay-tours/halong-bay-tours.htmlhttp://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.com/vietnam-package-tours/vietnam-holiday-packages.htmlhttp://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.com/sapa-hanoi-tours/sapa-tours.htmlhttp://www.luxuryvietnamvacationpackages.com/halong-bay-tours/halong-bay-cruises.html
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