Using twitter, facebook, and linked in to grow your business


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Using twitter, facebook, and linked in to grow your business

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Using twitter, facebook, and linked in to grow your business

  1. 1. Sieu thi dien may Viet Long - “The great French Marshall Lyuateyonce asked his gardener to plant a tree.   The gardener objected that the tree was slow growing and would not reach  maturity for 100 years.  The Marshall  replied, “In that case, there is no time  to lose; plant it this afternoon.” ‐ John F. Kennedy
  2. 2. Social Networking What Is It and Why Should I Care?
  3. 3. A New Way of ThinkingSocial Networking vs. Sales MarketingWhy Now? Economics Technology People
  4. 4. The Strategy1. Who are your Clients? Prospects?2. What are they interested in?3. What do you want to hear from them?4. What do you want to talk to them about?5. Segmentation6. What value can you offer?7. What are your goals?
  5. 5. The Basics1. Change Your Thinking2. Take a Good Look at Your Website3. Figure out what you want to say, how it  makes you different, and who you want to  say it to.4. Start the Discussion
  6. 6. Only 14% of People TRUST  ADVERTISEMENTS 78% TRUST the Recommendations of OTHER  CONSUMERS
  7. 7. Implications• A New Paradigm for conducting business• Companies no longer in control of their  Brands• People depending on other people for the  information that informs their buying  decisions. “Human beings listening to human  beings, not ads”
  8. 8. Caution• It is not about the  technology• It is about how to build  the relationships USING  the technology• Tactics vs. Strategy• Teens and Young Adults
  9. 9. P.O.S.T.• People• Objectives• Strategy• Technology
  10. 10. “but really, what IS it?” (in a nutshell)
  11. 11. It is….• Blogs • Micro‐Blogging• Discussion Groups and  • Viral Video and Photo Forums • Social Networking Sites• Wikis • Social Bookmarks• RSS• Widgets• Podcasts• Virtual                                    Worlds
  12. 12. From Soup to Nuts
  13. 13. “I don’t have time for all  that. I have a business  to run…”
  14. 14. SOCIAL NETWORKING IS NOW MORE POPULAR THAN EMAIL According to Nielsen Online’s 2009 study, 66.8% of Internet users have used  social networks, while only 65.1% have  used email.* * 57% of U.S. Adults have a Profile on a  Social Networking Site.
  15. 15. How Long Does It Take To Reach 50 Million People? Facebook 2 years Internet       4  years Television               13 years Radio                                       38 years
  16. 16. You Can’t Afford ToIgnore SocialMedia
  17. 17. “so how do I get  started?”
  18. 18. BLOGGING 101 There are 200,000,000 blogs  on the Internet. 73% of Online users have read blog posts, even if they aren’t aware of it.
  19. 19. Blogging Why It Is Crucial to Online Marketing1. Achieve Expert Status in your field2. Promote Your Name, Brand, Product/Service3. Deliver Traffic to your Website4. Increase Your SEO Rankings 5. Develop a Community of Prospects and  Brand Ambassadors
  20. 20. “wait, you want me to give away FREE advice?”
  21. 21. Blogging How To Get Started1. Search – by keyword on Technorati, Google blog  search2. Read – learn the language, choose wisely3. Subscribe – via RSS feed, read daily4. Choose and Commit – build a Top 10 list5. Comment – add useful/informative comments, link‐ backs where applicable6. Write – start your own blog, write weekly/daily
  22. 22. Blogging How To Get Started7. Build a Custom Blog using Template Software a. A web designer and/or programmer can easily customize  your blog to meet your needs, without having to recreate  the wheel8. Incorporate Subscription and User Tracking Tools9. Post informative, quality info to position yourself as  an expert – this is not a sales pitch10. Develop a community – allow comments and respond  to them11. Comment on influential blogs in your community,  industry, complementary industries, and prospective  client’s markets.
  23. 23. Corporate Blogging • Hosted by GM Executives • Showcases “cars of the future”, the company’s move toward energy- efficient vehicles, and videos of prototypes. • Allows consumers to become part of the conversation. • Includes “Fact or Fiction” commentary
  24. 24. Who’s Blogging about YOUR brand? • Grassroots effort to expose wrongdoings at Wal-Mart • Includes a “Call For Activists”, “Tell Your Friends”, and “Request for Employee Whistleblowers” • Encourages supporters to feed via their websites • Goal: To inspire real, lasting change in Wal-Mart Communities
  25. 25. Who Do You Want to Talk To?Blog For Mom’s, Written by a Mom • 5 million monthly views • Featured on Oprah • Advertisers include: • Sears • Weleda • Hoover • Dish Network • Seventh Generation • Moms listening and sharing with moms – product reviews, stories, real-life experiences, community
  26. 26. LINKEDIN 101LinkedIn users tend to be more senior:   46% are Management or Executive  Director/VP Level and above. The majority (66%) are decision makers or have influence in purchase decisions  at their companies.
  27. 27. LinkedIn• The First step to joining the Social Network• Connect with past contacts, new prospects,  industry insiders, referral sources• Stay in touch with your network of contacts as  they transition; be the first to know of new  moves, promotions, career changes• Make introductions within your newly  expanded network
  28. 28. LinkedIn Continued• Discussion Forums• Status Updates• Event Listings• Links – to blog, website, articles, books, etc.• Job Posting and Job Search• Referrals
  29. 29. StatusUpdates:let peopleknow what Targetyou’re Advertisingdoing by job title, location, size of firm, etc.Incorporate Completeyour Blog your profile to 100%
  30. 30. Discussion Forums• Research:Industry Groups,Competitor Groups,Industry and MarketInformation• Prospecting:Networking Groups,Prospective ClientGroups, SpecificAudiences andTarget Markets• Education:Organizations andAffiliations, LearningTools, Workshopsand Seminars
  31. 31. HomePage Email Updates Network Updates Delivered via LinkedIn and Email • Every update is delivered to your network, recommendations are delivered to BOTH parties networks, as are event attendance notifications, links, articles, books, videos, presentations, etc. • Share your message without saying a word.
  32. 32. FACEBOOK 101Facebook has grown from 100 million to 200 million users in less than 8 months.  If it were a country, it would be bigger  than Brazil.* *
  33. 33. Facebook Statistics• The fastest‐growing demographic is the 25+ age group.• Facebook is the sixth‐most trafficked site in the United States.• Users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily.• Over 1,800 applications have been built on the platform.• The number of US women over age 55 using Facebook grew  by 175.3% since September 2008, making mature females one  of the fastest growing demographic groups on the social  network, according to usage statistics released by  independent blog Inside Facebook. • Visitors to the sites who are age 35+ have increased 23%          in February 2009 compared with February 2008.
  34. 34. Facebook • “It’s Not Just For Your Kids Anymore”• Participate, don’t sell.  Facebook is a social community  and users will be turned off to anything that sounds  like a “pitch”.  • The “Cocktail Hour” of online networking• Build your community, participate in discussions,  update your status regularly with new projects and  comments.• Where applicable, provide links to your blog, new  projects, upcoming events.  Build a company Page, and  link to it from your personal profile – work on  developing a fan base there.
  35. 35. Creating a Facebook Business Profile • Advertising: Target Ads by Demographics, Geography, and PSYCHOGRAPHICS • Community: Discussion groups and fan messages, allow fans to “write on your wall”, creates a strong community. • Showcase: Upload photos and videos of your work, link to charity and industry events, send invitations, link to website, link to PR articles and company news, and more….
  36. 36. Facebook: Ernst & Young 
  37. 37. Facebook: Victoria’s Secret
  38. 38. Facebook Analytics
  39. 39. VIRAL MARKETING  101
  40. 40. Viral Marketing• Viral = to spread quickly across multiple access  points• How sites such as YouTube and Flickr have  transformed the media industry, advertising,  and the way consumers access messaging.• The elimination of a cost barrier to advertising• Case Study: Comcast• Case Study: BlendTec
  41. 41. TWITTER 101 Twitter currently has 7 million unique monthly visitors. If it keeps growing at [a  consistent] rate, it’ll have nearly 100  million visitors same time next year.*  *
  42. 42. Twitter Statistics• Twitter experienced 1,382% year‐over‐year growth in  February 2009, with the number of total unique  visitors increasing from 475,000 in February 2008 to  seven million last month, according to Nielsen  Online.• In February 2009, adults ages 35‐49 had the largest  representation on Twitter, with nearly 3 million  unique visitors from this age group. This comprises  nearly 42% of the site’s audience.
  43. 43. Twitter• Similar to Facebook, but provides a more  immediate, straight‐forward approach.• Allows you to update your network from a mobile  phone or computer, with short, concise  messaging and direct links – immediately  showcase the new project you’ve completed,  research study you’re promoting, or exciting  news in your industry.• Reach is expanding, now being used by Congress,  Executives, and the Media to announce updates  and gather feedback.
  44. 44. Even the Boston Police are  tweeting…
  45. 45. How To Tweet 1. Listen!!! 2. Follow and Be Followed 3. Say Something worth listening to. Nobody wants to hear your sales pitch. 4. LINK 1. To your blog 2. To an article you published 3. To an article someone else published 4. To something funny or interesting 5. To info. that supports your case 5. Street Cred and “Giving Props” 6. Track everything, brag to your boss.
  46. 46. Great Twools and TwAppsSearch Applications Tools
  48. 48. Industry Forums and Discussions• Join the Community!• Use these networks as a place to bounce ideas  off industry counterparts, generate interest,  ask and answer questions, gather feedback.• The more questions you answer, the more you  will be seen as an expert.   – Experts receive incoming sales calls.   – Experts don’t have to haggle over their prices.   – Experts don’t cold call.
  49. 49. User Reviews• Users are 7 times more likely to believe a  review written by a customer than to believe  the company’s claims.• Easily found in the search engines.• Monitor conversations, understand user  experiences, resolve problems immediately.• Example:
  50. 50. “ok, so how will this  work for me?”
  51. 51. Tying it All Into Your Online Strategy Blog – utilize RSS tools to subscribe to multiple posts, and automatically update LinkedIn and Facebook profiles with your updated blog posts.
  52. 52. Tying it All Into Your Online Strategy• Ping – one‐stop updating for your Blog, Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn updates• Priorities of these programs should be to deliver qualified  traffic to multiple areas of your website, generate  exposure for your brand, and leverage yourself.  • You can’t personally talk to everyone, but you can use  these tools to simulate 1 on 1 conversations.
  53. 53. Social Networking at it’s Finest November 2008John McCain Barack Obama• Facebook Fans: 620,359 • Facebook Fans: 2,379,102• Twitter Followers: 4,603 • Twitter Followers: 112,474• YouTube Views: 2,032,993 • YouTube Views: 18,413,110• MySpace Friends: 217,811 • MySpace Friends: 833,161 Winning The Presidential Election = PRICELESS
  54. 54. How To Run a Grassroots Campaign & Win An Election
  55. 55. Tying it All Into Your Online Strategy• By increasing your presence online, and utilizing a  targeted Keyword strategy to build traffic back to your  website, all of these campaigns will work together to  INCREASE YOUR RANKINGS IN THE SEARCH ENGINES.• Increase Exposure and Reach• Join, and lead, the conversations.• Make it easy – download the available applications for  your Blackberry or iPhone, upload desktop applications,  and update from anywhere.
  56. 56. Community,  Blog Brand Awareness,  Sales Facebook Website &  Search  Engine  Reviews Rankings Twitter Forums &  LinkedIn Discussions
  57. 57. Contact Us• Blog:• LinkedIn – George Wallace – Melissa Albano• Facebook – Search:  The Discovery Communications Group• Twitter – @DiscoveryCG – @MelissaDCG – @GEW