Rose jewelry is the main melody of love


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Rose jewelry is the main melody of love

  1. 1. Rose Jewelry Is the Main Melody of Love Rose is equal to romance and love, it is right? And wedding ring is equivalent to marriage, it is right? In fact, the truth is not so simple. Because there so many kinds of roses and so many kinds of wedding rings, and every kind has a romantic name that symbolizes different forms of romance. For example, passion of life, purity and beauty, intelligence and nobility and so on. All good things in the world had been praised by people has been compared to rose or purity, so that there are so many people has been addicted into love of rose deeply for a whole life. In the early time of BC eighth century, the king of Syria had worn accessories in image of rose. And from then on, accessories such as bracelets, rings, headbands and necklaces in rose shape has been popular with people all the time, so that the rose image has become an essential elements in fashion jewelry world. Due to the beautiful looking and fabulous color, rose has won more and more liking from designers and fashionable people. For wedding jewelry, rose has held a high status because of its special meaning in romance. Due to the identification of symbol of love, rose has been treated as essential elements in wedding ceremony. No matter where and no matter when, as long as you go to the wedding jewelry wholesale markets, you can see there are too many wedding accessories have been added elements of rose. For better decoration result, designers combine crystal and rose together to create a romantic and dreamlike moment for woman. When the wedding jewelry had been made of crystal, the beauty of rose as well as the charming of bride can be embodied to the full. Although a small hair accessory bought from wholesale Swarovski crystal hairs markets, the beauty of bride must be shown to the crest in the public. Perhaps you don’t know more reasons that why designers are likely to choose rose as the most used elements in wedding jewelry design, but you must know that jewelry in rose image is beautiful in looking and classic in design. From an early time, rose has been granted a great emission that is bringing love and romance to human beings. Till now, people still thought that rose is the best expression to people to express love and romance.