Choosing bridal jewelry, unique style or big diamond


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Choosing bridal jewelry, unique style or big diamond

  1. 1. Choosing Bridal jewelry, unique style or big diamond? Due to too many news from entertainment circle, now when people hear the word of “big day” or “wedding ceremony”, they think of a big diamond wedding ring that shines on the bride’s hand. People thought that the size of diamond is in direct proportion to the depth of love. It is said that if there are two women who are rivals in love, their graceful duel mode is to show the size of diamond on their rings. Yes, it is undoubtedly that 10 carat diamond ring can easily defeat ring with just 3 carat diamond. For attracting enough envy and focus, bridegroom does not dare to hand bride diamond ring as large as possible? Many women must say that it is the most important time so that wholesale bridal jewelry sets are not ok. So many fashion jewelry China manufacturers changed their thinking of making extremely luxury wedding jewelry. However, not all the people agree with the point mentioned above. When people are likely to show their diamond rings, many western people turn their attention to unique design and special meaning of wedding rings. And then much traditional wedding jewelry has been handed over and become popular. Due to most of women in the world are not noble classes or famous movie stars, so there are some suggestions to common people that you’d better choosing ring with diamond under 1.5 carat. Because many of Asian people has not understand the real meaning of wedding ring as well as the right way of wearing wedding ring. Rings with shinning gems are engagement ring which should be worn before marriage or wedding ceremony. On the wedding day, the rings which bride and bridegroom exchange should be in simple style and in prudent design. Therefore, rings with sparkling cluster have only one right place where commonly jewelry box or safe are. In fact, wedding ring with diamond under 1.0 carat has been increasingly popular with people recently. Due to without emphasis on main stone size, designers have more free space to develop their imagination, so that they can create more beautiful rings. And at the same time, rings design has been improved from visual art much. Modern people seem prefer to the real meaning and unique design much more. Many people thought that no matter how big the diamond is, if it is has a blank history or has no any special meaning, the big diamond just a diamond, for them or for their love having no value. So it is obvious to see that unique style is the winner in choosing bridal jewelry because compared with luxury jewelry and expensive price, people pay much more attention to real love and real meaning.