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Manukau matters issue 18 2007

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA LEISURE NEWS PAGE 4 8 APRIL 2007 ISSUE 18 MAJOR ROADING PROJECT BEGINS WORK IS UNDERWAY ON A MAJOR ROADING PROJECT THROUGH CENTRAL MANUKAU WHICH WILL COMPLETE A FOUR-LANE DIRECT ROUTE FROM THE EASTERN SUBURBS TO THE AIRPORT. The $17.6 million Cavendish Link project At its western end the Cavendish Link transport in Manukau that are underway PROJECT FEATURES involves the widening and reconstruction will join the State Highway 20 Manukau or almost complete. 1 Liverpool Avenue and Nesdale Avenue of Cavendish Drive, Liverpool Avenue and motorway extension, which is currently Among them are the SH20 Manukau widened from two to four lanes Nesdale Avenue in Papatoetoe to create a under construction. Motorway extension, which links with 2 Clendon and Onslow Avenues turned four-lane arterial road. Cycle lanes will also A rail bridge has recently been built to this project and is a vital part of the into cul-de-sacs be created on both sides of the road. allow the road linking Liverpool and Nesdale planned western ring route. On 17 April the 3 Rail bridge created to allow When complete, the road will link with Te avenues to underpass the main trunk line. Highbrook motorway interchange road underpass under the main trunk Irirangi Drive, which is already four lanes, to Drivers should remember that as work and Highbrook Drive, allowing access to rail line create a direct route from Howick and other progresses there will be changes to the way the new Highbrook Business Park, 4 Cycle lanes along both sides of eastern suburbs to Auckland International traffi c fl ows through the area. will be opened. the road Airport. The roading improvements will also The Cavendish Link is one of a number of 5 New traffi c signals to replace take traffi c off Puhinui Rd, avoiding the dog- long-planned projects to improve roundabout at Lambie and Cavendish leg at Bridge Rd in Papatoetoe. Drives intersection and roundabout at Plunket, Liverpool and Cavendish intersection 6 Intersection improvements on Cavendish Drive 7 Link to Nesdale Avenue intersection on State Highway 20 motorway project. NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, EVENTS, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  2. 2. – Manukau Memorial Gardens STAGE TRANSFORMED INTO WORK OF ART TE KAEAEA MANUKAU MATTERS A place to remember New York-based artist Eric Orr was in Otara last month – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is working with fi ve art students from published twice a month by the ANZAC DAY SERVICE Tangaroa College, Hillary College, Manukau City Council and delivered to Te Whanau o Tupuranga and the more than 100,000 households, rural You are cordially invited to attend the Manukau Institute of Technology to delivery addresses, and other locations Dawn Service at Manukau Memorial paint the performance stage now within the city boundaries. Gardens on 25 April 2007 permanently located at Fergusson – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps Oaks Reserve in Otara. the council inform residents and MUSTER 5.45am by the Function Lounge ratepayers about council decisions, SERVICE 6.00am activities, projects and events. It is a cost-effective way of providing Painted during important statutory information such three days as part of the as public notices concerning planning Auckland Festival, AK07, and resource consent issues. the stage fi rst featured – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also in Manukau City Council’s contains articles of interest to Manukau Cultural Performance Garden residents, promoting the city’s at the Ellerslie International resources, attractions, facilities and Flower Show last November. community events. CONTACT US AT EMAIL manukau.matters@ EDITORIAL 262 5223 EVENT LISTINGS www.manukau.govt. nz and select ‘calendar of events’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. DISTRIBUTION 262 5104 POST Manukau City Council, Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City (attention Manukau Matters) DESIGNED BY Scenario Communications Limited “We Will Remember” EDITOR Jenna Moore CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL STRONG SUPPORT FROM VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? In addition to your printed copy, we can COUNCIL FOR MAORI WARDENS send you a PDF version. Email us at The Manukau City Council has allocated $20,000 this fi nancial year to assist the unique role of Maori Wardens in the streets of Manukau. An indispensable part of Manukau’s community, wardens work at WANT TO CONTACT keeping the peace in public areas of the city while most people are COUNCIL, OR YOUR sleeping. Their role is a legislative one under the Maori Community ELECTED COUNCILLOR? Development Act of 1969. Under this legislation, they are charged The council’s main administration with helping to prevent alcohol-related harm and riotous behaviour. ENTRIES FOR BUSINESS AWARDS NOW OPEN phone number is 263 7100 (business Council Community Safety Planner Manoj Ragupathy says the hours). Use the Call Centre on 262 The Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards are a highlight wardens provide a valuable service because of their dedication to 5104 (24 hours) for assistance with: on Manukau’s business calendar, and entries for the 2007 awards community safety and their credibility with the public. graffi ti, roading, signs, refuse disposal, are now open. The wardens are volunteers and council recognises this traffi c, street lighting, environmental Many world-leading companies have been involved in the commitment by providing use of community facilities as their by-laws, noise complaints, dog control, awards over the last 15 years, with previous winners including base at no, or heavily subsidised, cost. In addition, the wardens statistical information, LIM reports, Rayglass Boats, Epic Packaging, Villa Maria Estate, Kiwi Discovery, have received council grants from other funds such as the Crime land rates and kerbside recycling. and Styrobeck Plastics Limited, which won the Supreme Business Prevention Fund, the Immediate Response Fund and discretionary The council’s website has contact of the Year award in 2006. community board grants. details for all elected Councillors and While these winning companies range in size from just three There are three warden associations working in the city Community Board members, at: stores to vast international brands, they all possess one common — Manukau-Otara, Mangere and Manurewa. and click on characteristic: the ability to achieve excellence in all aspects of Mr Ragupathy says the council also recognises it would be in ‘Your Council’, then select ‘Mayor and their operation, and the awards are all about recognising and the best interests of council, wardens and the people of the city if Councillors’ for their contact details or celebrating this. the work of the wardens is funded in a more strategic way, rather ‘Community Boards’ to see the lists of Award categories include employer of choice, exporting, than on an ad hoc basis. Council supported the drafting of a District community board members. manufacturing, tourism, small business, innovation, customer Strategic Plan to fi nd out the wardens’ operational requirements at service, emerging business, workplace safety, and community a district level and, as a result of that plan, has earmarked $20,000 NEXT ISSUE Sunday 22 April 2007 contribution, so there is a chance for any type of business for the three warden associations this fi nancial year, with the ISSN 1177-522X to succeed. possibility of a similar amount next year. Assistance, including seminars and workshops, is available to “We should all appreciate the role they tirelessly perform for businesses wanting to enter these prestigious awards. For more little or no fi nancial return,” Mr Ragupathy says. “It’s incredible information visit or contact Enterprising to think they work these long hours and do their job for no other Manukau, ph 262 2244. ABOVE: 2006 PRESENTERS AND WINNERS reason than the love of their community.” PAGE 2 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  3. 3. REGION’S COUNCILS CONSULT ON FRAMEWORK FOR THE FUTURE A DRAFT DOCUMENT THAT, WHEN IMPLEMENTED, WILL AFFECT ALMOST EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN THE AUCKLAND REGION FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE, HAS BEEN OPENED FOR PUBLIC INPUT. Manukau City Council, together with the come at the cost of depleting the region’s region’s seven other councils, is seeking ability to support its population. HAVE YOUR SAY public feedback on the Draft Long Term Currently, the Auckland region is living Sustainability Framework. beyond its means. The land needed to The Draft Framework and a summary When implemented, this framework support local consumption is almost fi ve of the document are available on will change the way central and local times the region’s land mass. There are government, and business and private global challenges which will affect the You can make a submission on line from sectors plan for the future, so the Auckland population socially, economically, culturally the website. region can sustain its population while still and environmentally. These include climate allowing the region to develop. change and associated environmental We are reaching the limits of our OR, obtain a copy of the full document A draft framework has been designed costs, the end of cheap oil, and increased infrastructure capacity and housing and/or the summary from the council’s to allow everyone to review and develop energy demand, which is predicted to affordability is an issue for many Customer Centre, ground fl oor, Kotuku regional strategies and programmes; expand by more than 50 per cent between Aucklanders. House in Manukau city centre, or call identify major directions, priorities now and 2030. The draft document is a framework for 262 5104 to have a copy sent to you. and goals, and integrate planning and Regionally, Auckland’s population is change. It will provide a shared future and A submission form is available in the decision-making. The aim is to ensure that expected to grow by the equivalent of the consistent direction for the public and summary document. development is coordinated and does not Wellington region’s population by 2026. private sectors for the long term. BE INSPIRED GET ON BOARD TE HIKU — YOUR MOBILE LIBRARY AT MANUKAU Manukau City Council invites residents to the launch of its new mobile library at a access — and is fi tted with latest computer technology. LIBRARIES celebration in Manukau Square on Tuesday, Following public consultation, council has 10 April. reviewed the service and timetable, and is Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis will cut introducing 26 new stops to enable the bus the ribbon to offi cially launch the boldly to reach more people. decorated new vehicle, Te Hiku, meaning If you can’t make the launch, look out “the hook”, at 12 noon. for the new bright and colourful mobile bus Sir Barry says, “I am delighted to when it visits your neighbourhood. have this opportunity to launch Te Hiku, extending library services to people in ALL IT NEEDS NOW IS THE BOOKS: Manukau who cannot readily access their Brett Thom, Mobile Librarian, inside the local library.“ new Mobile Library Bus which includes The new bus, which complements an elevated children’s play area and Manukau’s 15 public libraries, is a ‘low rider’ a “low rider” capacity and wheelchair — a vehicle which is easier for people to ramp for easy access. SAVING A LANGUAGE AS HOME TO THE LARGEST POPULATION OF PEOPLE OF COOK ISLANDS ETHNICITY IN NEW ZEALAND, MANUKAU CITY WILL PLAY A KEY ROLE IN HELPING TO SAVE THE INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE OF COOK ISLAND MAORI. “Inspire me” is the theme of a campaign, With the support of funding from the Ministry of Pacifi c Islands Affairs currently featuring on television Ministry of Pacifi c Islands Affairs, Manukau CEO Fuimaono Les McCarthy says nation-wide, aimed at promoting public City Council is supporting the Cook Islands the project is critical because libraries. Mind Your Language Project, which language and culture can only You might have seen the adverts encourages Cook Islanders in New Zealand be preserved with the help of the in which New Zealand cricketer Daniel to speak their mother tongue. whole community. Vettori, food and travel expert Peta The new project was launched in March, One of the underlying aims Mathias, singer/songwriter Brooke the ceremony attended by government of the Mind Your Language Fraser, fashion designer Trelise Cooper offi cials, council representatives and Project is to help people who and actor/playwright and director Rarotonga paramount chief Pa Ariki. are not necessarily trained Oscar Kightley remind all New Project Coordinator Tupou Manapori, teachers, but who can speak Zealanders that your local library is a who is also chair of council’s Pacifi c Island Cook Island Maori, to teach great place to be inspired. Advisory Committee, says fi gures from the it to others. The expectation Manukau Libraries is getting behind 2001 Census show that only six per cent is that those who have the campaign to support the message of Cook Islanders can hold an everyday learned the basics will that today’s libraries are modern, conversation in their own language. pursue it to a higher level high-tech and stimulating places to visit. “Unless the Cook Islands language is and use it regularly. spoken daily and passed onto the younger Other Pacifi c languages Win an “Inspire Me” prize pack! For generation, it will die out,” she says. “We under threat are Niuean and competition details you can either visit will consult with the Cook Islands community Tokelauan. your local Manukau library or go to and begin to create resources to help budding speakers. This will raise people’s PROJECT COORDINATOR TUPOU MANAPORI (RIGHT) AND PA ARIKI AT THE LAUNCH OF MIND YOUR OWN LANGUAGE confi dence, skill and fl uency.” Manukau Matters Issue 18 PAGE 3
  4. 4. Manukau Leisure Services / Term Two 2007 Visit your local Manukau City Council recreation centre and Leisure News find out what great activities you and your family can take part in. There are several new programmes starting in term two. Includes gear and afternoon tea — of basketball, badminton or table Please call us to register for or fi nd as well as friendly company tennis. Contact us for information about out more about any of the term • Indoor soccer — Grab some mates and session times. programmes below. come along for a social time on Friday Nifty 50s social badminton sessions Aerobics classes run from Monday to evenings. Games from 6.30pm continue on Mondays 1-3pm. The focus is on Thursday, with great instructors teaching • Aerobics — Try the awesome Les Mills fun and it’s open to all ages and abilities. Pilates, step, tae bo, and pump — a great aerobics classes, including Body Balance, Just $4 per session. way to keep your exercise routines varied Body Combat, Body Jam, Body Pump, and fun. Pick up a timetable at reception. Body Step and RPM. Our own boxing and Calling our future leaders. Our volunteer kick boxing classes also available. leadership programme helps young people Get outdoors for some gentle exercise with All classes $6 each. Pick up a timetable (aged 16 and over) develop their leadership a friendly group in the fresh air. All ages from reception. potential. Participants can put their skills are welcome to join our $1 Walkfi t sessions, Allan Brewster into practise, leading younger children in 9am on Mondays during the winter season. Recreation Centre our school holiday programmes; or develop Our children’s programmes this term Tavern Lane, Papatoetoe. Phone 277 7222 coaching skills by volunteering for our include our ever-popular gymnastics and We are starting four new social sports gymnastic and basketball programmes. basketball sessions. We have gym classes programmes in term two, for kids and for ages two years and up. These classes are adults. Enrolments and registrations are all about the discovery of movement. Speak being taken now — don’t miss out! to us about the best session for your child. New programmes Our popular children’s basketball sessions Get sporty on the weekends with touch or are continuing: basketball: Howick Recreation Centre • Fundamentals classes are on • Social touch: Saturday mornings 563 Pakuranga Road. Phone 534 5153 Mondays at 5.30pm for ages 10-12yrs 7-11am. Mixed teams with up to 10 Our popular classes are continuing in term and 7pm for ages 12-15yrs members (including subs). Registration two. Come and join in. • Hoop Troop for 5-8yrs and 8-10yrs, $100, plus $2 per player per game • Evening basketball: Sunday evenings Development programmes for younger Manukau on the Move is on Thursdays after school children: Phone 274 6904 • The McDribbler programme for 5-7yrs 6-9pm. Mixed teams, with up to 12 friends • Gymnastics classes. Develop your ‘Manukau on the Move’ is council’s mobile and 8-11yrs is on Fridays. in a team (including subs). Starts on child’s confi dence and coordination. outdoor recreation team. Sunday 6 May. $250 per team for We can help put your child into the right 8 weeks. Classes cater for babies (6-24 months), Women’s Adventure Group classes, but be quick to secure their place. toddlers (2-3yrs), preschool (3-5yrs) and The Women’s Adventure Group is a brilliant Walking for Life. Make walking a regular school age (5-13yrs) Of course, our old favourite Goldz Club is opportunity for women of all ages and part of your fi tness regime in a social group. • Recreational trampoline classes. back again from 2 May. All ‘Golden Oldies’ backgrounds to join a social group and try Guided walks with centre staff will be on Children learn safety skills and are welcome for social sports and a get- new outdoor activities. We do something Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings acrobatics (8-13yrs) together. Wednesdays from 10am-12 noon, different each month. No one’s expected 9.30-10.30am. $3 per person. Cold drink • Catch, Kick & Throw. A great just $2 a session. to be an athlete or an expert — absolute supplied. programme for 3-5yrs, introducing them beginners are always welcome, and you’re Are you looking for a more ‘peaceful’ form Kiwee Sport — Netball Skills. For boys to the fundamental skills of ball sports sure to have fun. of exercise? Have a go at Tai Chi, and and girls aged 5-11yrs. Wednesdays 4-5pm, • Kiwee Sports. This fun programme improve your coordination, balance and lets children try a variety of sports such All gear and transport is provided. We can starting 9 May. $40.00 per term. energy. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday as athletics, soccer, cricket and hockey. pick you up from Beachlands, Whitford or mornings 10-11am. Children’s programmes Preschool classes for 3-4yrs $35, and East Tamaki. Our Kiwee Tots preschool gymnastics after school Kiwee Sports for 5-8yrs $40. For our younger locals, the Nesian Extreme Challenge yourself in May classes for 2.5-5 yrs will help develop motor Youth group, (10-25yrs) is your chance Our popular basketball competition Step just a little outside your comfort zone skills, coordination and confi dence. Two to mix and mingle — and to be part of programme for ages nine and over on the low and high ropes course at Unitec. classes on Tuesdays. $40 for 8 weeks. the internationally recognised Duke of continues with these sessions: An experienced facilitator and a supportive Edinburgh Award. Thursday evenings Kiwee basketball is a great place for 5-13 • Senior basketball competition. group will help you reach your potential. at 6pm. yrs to develop their skills. Mondays 4-5pm. 14-18yrs, Mondays 5.30-6.30pm, Friday 25 May. $40 for 8 weeks. 8 week programme $40 Go bush in June Kids love soccer, and 5-12yrs can learn the • Junior basketball competition. Get out of the city for a day with a friendly fundamentals and have fun at our after 9-13yrs, Thursdays 4-6pm, 8 week group and enjoy the natural surrounding of school soccer coaching clinic. Tuesdays programme $40. the beautiful New Zealand bush. This will be 4-5pm. $40 for 8 weeks. Enrolments open now — don’t miss out. a moderate day hike with scenic views. Bring Yoga. Stretch your body and your mind with good walking shoes and a packed lunch. If your child needs quality before and after Wendy Kerr in a ‘Yoga 4 You’ class: Friday 15 June. school care this term, ask our friendly staff about the Kiwee Kids Club. Supervised • Tuesday 10.30am (general level) Get blown away in July activities from 7am, and after school until and 6.30pm (intermediate) Try your hand on a Blokart! For something • Wednesday 9am and 7.10pm Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa 6pm. Transport included. Inquire soon completely different, learn how to ride a Leisure Centre — places fi ll fast. (intermediate) modern land yacht. Wish for some wind Cnr Mascot Ave & Waddon Place, Mangere. • Wednesday 10.30am and 6pm (beginners) and prepare for a rollicking good time. Social sports for adults Phone 275 8979 • Thursday 9am (intermediate) and 6pm Friday 20 July. Group, team or individual — you can get Join one of our great aquatics or recreation (beginners). involved in a variety of sports here during Contact us today on 274-6904 to book in for programmes in term two. We have 8 week programme $75 the week: these adventures. something for everyone. • Squash club — Fast, fun and great for Keep active and get in shape by joining our Aquatics: fi tness. Join our squash club on Tuesdays Wednesday 9am power walking group. Or Manurewa Leisure Centre • Keen swimmers are encouraged to join 5.30-8pm. Just $4 per person, with gear have a go at social volleyball on Saturdays Frances Road, Manurewa. Phone 267 4646 the Mangere Swim Club. The club available to hire from 11am-1pm. There’s plenty of action at the Manurewa welcomes swimmers from all primary • Table tennis — Social table tennis Time on your hands in the weekends? Drop Leisure Centre — get involved today in social and secondary school levels for sessions are just $2 on Fridays, 1-3pm. in to the centre for a casual game sports and activities for young and old. competitive swimming (this is not a PAGE 4 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  5. 5. learn to swim club). Contact: Basketball — children such as passing, shooting and teamwork Mike Anelu (President) 276-8876 These are popular programmes, — to help them get greater enjoyment and • For older swimmers (adults) the Masters so enrol soon: satisfaction in game situations. Tuesdays Swim Club welcomes active swimmers • Mini Basketball Hoopsters for 5-7yrs 3.30-4.30pm, starting 1 May. Ages 7-14yrs. who would like to meet others in an builds a basic understanding of the Junior soccer coaching. Get your footwork enjoyable atmosphere. The club swims game and skills in a fun way. fast and fancy, and learn ways of controlling every Wednesday 7-8.15pm. Plus on the 3.30-4.30pm Tuesday the ball, passing and working in a team fi rst Wednesday of each month you get • Junior Basketball Hoopsters for environment. Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm, free access to the spa 8-10yrs is lots of fun and builds on skills starting 2 May. Ages 7-14yrs. • Aquarobics classes are held every and technique development. Monday and Wednesday morning, Otara Leisure Centre 3.30-4.30pm Friday Preschool and after school gymnastics. 11am-12 noon in the teaching pool. FREE Cnr Bairds Road and Newbury Street. • Senior Basketball Hoopsters for 11yrs These popular programmes continue admission. Our energetic instructor Sue Phone 274 6917 and over is a fun class that includes to grow. Children learn balancing skills, presents a fun fi lled atmosphere where Grab some friends and come along to the practice for game situations. coordination and confi dence. Classes are on you can enjoy a great workout that is Otara Leisure Centre after work for our 4.35-5.35pm Friday. Thursdays, starting 26 April. 9.30am and easy on the joints social sports competitions. Get your team 11.00am for preschool classes; after school Gymnastics • Police swim test. Thinking of joining registered now. Games start from 30 April. class is 3.30pm. Our gymnastics programmes provide the police? We have a police swim • Indoor soccer is on Monday nights, excellent learning and extension activities Adult Evening Programmes training programme to get you up to starting from 6pm. It’s $100 to register a for the youngest members of your family. standard. Contact Kevin Harrison team, and $14 per team each game night Social volleyball. Bring a friend, or the We have classes for Babies (12-24 months) for details • Indoor netball is on Wednesday nights family, and make up a team for social Tuesday and Wednesday mornings; • Our pools are part of the Green from 6pm. Just $40 to register a team volleyball on a Monday evening. 7-9pm, Toddlers: Thursday mornings; Pre- Prescription programme, presented and $7 game fee. just $3 per person. schoolers: Monday and Friday afternoons; in association with the Counties Manukau Enrolments are now open for our junior and School children aged 5-12yrs: Wednesday night drop-in basketball. Sports Foundation. Contact our staff for basketball programme for 6-12yrs. This will Wednesday and Thursday after school. Have some mid-week fun with your more information be on Friday afternoons 4-5pm, starting 4 friends — join in our very popular social • Maintenance shutdown period. Kiwee Sports May. Just $25 for the term. basketball programme. This is a fun 3-on-3 The indoor pools, spa and sauna will be Kiwee Sports offers Kiwi kids an excellent competition. 7-9pm, just $3 per person. closed for annual maintenance from For a gentle, effective and fun way to work introduction to a wide variety of sports. Monday 23 April, reopening on Monday out, join in our FREE aquarobics sessions, Your child can try a different sport every Aerobics. Come along and join in Step Pump 7 May. The fi tness and recreation centre sponsored by Otara Health. Classes 6.30- week, including hockey, soccer, softball, aerobics for a fun workout with our great will remain open. 7.30pm on Wednesdays. The water’s warm, athletics and cricket. instructor Hilda. One-hour classes are on why not give it a go? • Preschool Kiwee Sports for 3-4yrs: Monday to Thursday at 6pm. Just $3 a class. Recreation Centre: Wednesday afternoons • Strut your stuff and have fun exercising Youth time evenings • After school Kiwee Sports for 5-9yrs: to Polynesian music at our FREE Health So, you need something to do in the Monday afternoons Pacifi ca aerobics classes. Classes are evenings? Local youth (aged 15+) can drop • Minis Catch Kick & Throw for 2-4yrs: held every Tuesday and Thursday 10.30- in to Te Matariki Clendon Community Centre Thursday mornings. 11.30am in the stadium. Give it a go from 6.30-9pm Monday to Friday, and play • Get on court with some friends in the More recreation opportunities an instrument, burn off some energy playing 2007 evening mixed basketball league. • Casual badminton or table tennis. team sports, make new friends, or simply This continues until 16 July, including Courts are available on Saturdays 5-7pm. chill out. fi nals. Registrations for term two are now Pakuranga Youth Centre Hire charges: badminton ($8/hr/court) or More programmes coming: look out for our open. Contact Malaina at the centre 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga. table tennis ($5/hr/court) mixed netball competition, and new junior to enrol Phone 576 9739 • Retired recreation. If you’re 50+ join coaching programmes each term. • Get your child off to a good start with us for social games at 12.30-2.30pm on Lil’ Kiwa pre-school gym classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays. $30.00 for These classes are excellent for helping 10 sessions. young children develop confi dence and • Join the Pakuranga Youth Club on skills. The term starts on 9 May and costs Saturdays from 5-7pm, and sign up just $30. For information and enrolments to complete the Young New Zealanders’ speak to Malaina or Nick Challenge. This is an excellent • Our youth team building programme opportunity for 13-23yrs to develop caters for secondary schools and private their leadership skills and potential. training establishments. The programme The cost is just $2, and participants need aims to build young people’s confi dence to be prepared to commit to this Te Puru Fitness Centre and self esteem, using exciting activities worthwhile programme 954 Whitford Maraetai Road. that keep them active throughout the Phone 536 7231 entire session. Speak to Leon at the • New Youth Time session. From 1 May we Pilates, yoga and box fi t classes at Te Puru centre for more information will be running two Youth Time sessions Te Matariki Clendon Community Fitness Centre will help you keep in good • Our OSCAR before and after school each Saturday: from 11am-2pm and then Centre and Library shape over the autumn. Join us at these care programme provides a fun and from 2pm-5pm. Play some basketball Palmers Road. times each week: enjoyable range of activities, such as or table tennis, listen to music, and Phone 269 0500 • Monday 9am — Pilates swimming, library visits and recreation generally kick back. Youth Time is just $2 • Tuesday 6.30pm — Yoga Junior sports coaching time. A pick up service is provided for for all ages. Children aged under eight • Thursday 7pm — Pilates Waterlea Primary, Mountain View and must be accompanied by an adult. Junior volleyball skills. Learn skills like the • Saturday 9.30am — Box fi t Nga Iwi schools. Children from other dig, spiking, and blocking and get ready for Basketball — adults Aerobics classes are freely available to schools also accepted if they have upcoming volleyball competitions. Mondays, Our unisex basketball competition in term fi tness centre members. Non-members transport organised. Enrol now for term 3.30-4.30pm, starting 30 April. Ages 7- two is on Monday nights, from 6pm. are also welcome to join in — $6 for two starting 23 April. 14yrs. The men’s competition will be on casual classes or $60 for a 12-class Wednesdays. Grab some friends or Junior netball coaching. This coaching concession card. workmates and register your team now. programme will help children develop skills Manukau Matters Issue 18 PAGE 5
  6. 6. PUBLIC NOTICES Resource Management Act 1991 Manukau Operative District Plan 2002 Community Board Discretionary Public Notice of the Availability of a Summary of the Submissions received to and School Holiday Funding for Community Groups Proposed Plan Change No. 15 — Public Open Space Rezoning and Corrections Funding is now available to community programmes and activities during the A summary of the submissions received to the above Proposed Plan Change is now groups and organisations to enhance the July 2007 school holidays. All providers available for inspection. A copy of the Proposed Plan Change and the Summary of community, economic and environmental must have OSCAR accreditation (phone Submissions received can be viewed at Manukau City Council libraries, the Customer development of Manukau city and its 0800 559 009 for more information on Centre (ground fl oor of Kotuku House, Manukau Square, Manukau city); or on the residents. accreditation). Please note that groups council’s website (click on the Plan Each of the city’s eight community are required to contribute at least one- Change Register). A full copy of the original submissions is kept at the Customer Centre boards has funding to allocate to third of the overall cost of the project. for inspection. groups carrying out projects in their Applications to both funds close at Any person may make a further submission in support of, or in opposition to, any communities. 4.00pm Friday, 27 April 2007. original submission up until the close of business on Tuesday 8 May 2007. If your group is working on a project For application forms or further Further submissions should be on Form 6 as prescribed by the Resource Management or service that benefi ts the residents of information please phone the Funding (Forms, Fees and Procedures) Regulations 2003. Copies of Form 6 are available from the one or two communities within Manukau Administrator on 262 8900 extension Customer Centre, council libraries or by requesting a copy on ph 262 8900 ext 8361, or city, you are welcome to apply to our 8367. fax 262 5169. Community Board Discretionary Fund. Information and application forms Further submissions should be sent to Plan Change Submissions, Manukau City School Holiday Programme funding may also be accessed via council’s Council, Private Bag 76917, Manukau city, Attention Melanie Hart. is also available to assist community website Within fi ve working days of making a further submission you are also required by organisations to provide holiday (key words: community funding) the Resource Management Act to send a copy to the person whose submission you are supporting or opposing. After further submissions close, council will schedule hearings of all submissions to the Proposed Plan Change and those submitters who have indicated that they wish to do Mangere Bridge Village so will be given the opportunity to present their submissions to the Hearings Committee AUTUMN FESTIVAL WEEKEND of Council. If you require more information about making a further submission please telephone Coronation Road — between the roundabouts at Rimu and Miro Roads. 262 8900 ext 8361. This Notice fi rst publicly notifi ed on Sunday, 8 April 2007. Jazz Festival Food & Wine Festival Saturday 21 April 5pm–9pm Sunday 22 April 11.30am–4pm Talent Coordinator Edwina Thorne Director Ross Hurley Sample a variety of local wine and food plus European, Eastern EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Featuring: North Harbour Swing Band and South American AT COUNCIL Onehunga High School Jazz Band Pony & Cart Rides for the children For these and other employment opportunities at council visit: Edwina Thorne Trio Morris Dancers & Music and select ‘Jobs at council’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. It’s all happening at Mangere Bridge! Recreation Programmer Aquatics / Lifeguard Inquiries to the Management Office, 636 7941 three positions available — permanent , full-time and part-time Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre Note: Details of the above event were received too late for listing in the Manukau Matters issue 17 events diary (March 25). Late advertisements cannot be guaranteed of coverage We have one part-time (8 hours on Saturdays) and two full-time positions available in the in-between issues of Manukau Matters. Organisers wishing to have their Manukau for recreation programmer aquatics/lifeguards to join our team at Lloyd Elsmore Park city events listed in the events diary, which is published in the last issue of Manukau Matters Leisure Centre. for each month, must submit their event to not later Successful applicants will be required to run aquatic-based programmes in addition than the end of the fi rst week of the month prior. to regular life-guarding duties. They will need to • have excellent customer service skills ALCOHOL STRATEGY REVIEW • enjoy high customer contact • have a current First Aid Certifi cate PUBLIC CONCERN ABOUT THE REVIEW WILL: • have experience in aquatic programming and PROBLEMS WITH ALCOHOL • Revisit what the main problems • have, or have the ability to obtain, the National Lifeguard Award (Pools). HAS PROMPTED A REVIEW with alcohol are and what outcomes Applications close: 16 April 2007, 12 noon Vacancy Number: MM 3737 OF THE COUNCIL’S ALCOHOL the community wants — are they STRATEGY. still current? • Evaluate the fi ve tools in the strategy THE COUNCIL’S ROLE IN CONTROLLING ALCOHOL The strategy identifi es a set of tools or for dealing with alcohol problems — policies that give the council and the have they worked? The Manukau District Licensing Agency liquor outlets is outside the control of the community the ability to deal with problems • Identify and evaluate new tools for (DLA), which is run by Manukau City DLA, applicants only have to show they have relating to alcohol. For example, the current dealing with alcohol problems — including Council, operates under the Wellington- the required building and planning consent strategy says the latest a club or bar can whether the council should limit the based Liquor Licensing Authority. It deals certifi cates. stay open is 3am and off-licenses have to number and location of liquor outlets. with all applications for liquor licenses and The DLA also has a strong inspection close at 11pm in most areas. The fi rst stage in the review will involve managers’ certifi cates that are not opposed. focus, checking liquor outlets are operating Manukau City Council introduced its working closely with other organisations If there are objections from the public responsibly. With the police, inspectors also alcohol strategy in 2002, the fi rst council in dealing with alcohol, including the police or other opposition to the application it is run controlled purchase operations where New Zealand to do so. and ALAC. referred to the Liquor Licensing Authority to underage people attempt to buy alcohol. The current strategy is based on fi ve IMPORTANT DATES make the decision. If the public have concerns that liquor tools: liquor licensing, education, bans and • September 2007 adoption of a draft When an application for a liquor license outlets are operating illegally they can bylaws, working with other organisations reviewed alcohol strategy is received the Manukau DLA considers complain to the DLA, who will investigate involved in reducing alcohol-related harm • November 2007 public notifi cation whether it meets the criteria for opening and take enforcement action if necessary. and not allowing alcohol advertising or for submissions hours and the suitability of the applicant. sponsorship on council property. • June 2008 adoption of reviewed The council’s liquor policy is also taken into alcohol strategy. account. The physical location of proposed PAGE 6 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  7. 7. Manukau Parks Have you made your Land Use Resource Consent — Rangers’ walk and talk submission to the Emilia Maud Nixon Garden of Memories, Howick programmes 2007 Manukau City Council’s Notifi cation of an Application for Resource Consent Experience the mystery of Draft Annual Plan? under Section 94C of the Resource Management Act 1991 Mangere Mountain Manukau City Council wants to hear The Properties Group, Manukau City Resource Consents, Manukau City Vision: provide the public with an what you think about the projects and Council, Private Bag 76917, Council, Private Bag 76917, Manukau city, educational and informative journey/ activities the council proposes to carry Manukau city. to arrive no later than the date given in experience of the natural and cultural out for 2007/08, as detailed in the Draft the notice above. heritage of Mangere Mountain. Take Annual Plan. 37R Uxbridge Road, The submission must be on Form 13, a walk with a park ranger and teacher A summary of the Draft Annual Plan Emilia Maud Nixon Garden of Memories, dated, signed by you, and include the from the Mangere Mountain Education was published in the 25 March issue Howick. following information: Centre. Increase your understanding of of Manukau Matters. Copies of the the geological and cultural history of the summary and the full plan are available Lot 20 DP 3545. 1 Your name, postal address and phone mountain and surrounding area. at: the council’s libraries; the Customer number/fax number Wednesday 11 April 2007 Centre, ground fl oor Kotuku House, The proposal involves the demolition of 2 Details of the application in respect from 9.30am to 12 noon. Manukau Square; on the council website the burnt-out building Te Whare o Torere. of which you are making the 17 Domain Road, Mangere Bridge.; or can be A replacement whare with improved submission, including location obtained by phoning 262 5104. facilities will be constructed on the same 3 Whether you support or oppose Take a trip to Otuataua Stonefi elds Submissions close at 4.45pm on footprint. The new two-storey building the application 20 April 2007. will have 50m 2 ground fl oor and 41.85m 2 4 Your submission with reasons Vision: provide the public with an fi rst fl oor, with an entry porch 5 The decision you wish the Manukau educational and informative journey of 9.87m 2. The proposal also involves City Council to make into the natural and cultural heritage Delivery of Manukau Matters 275m 2 of earthworks and the removal 6 Whether you wish to be heard in of the fascinating Otuataua Stonefi elds to semi-rural areas of a kahikatea tree and a cabbage tree. support of your submission. Reserve. Take a walk with a park ranger The whare will be used for teaching through the reserve and learn about the Manukau City Council’s aim is to Maori language, culture and arts and This application can be viewed, and reserve’s cultural history and geology. ensure all residents receive a copy of crafts classes. copies of submission forms are available Friday 13 April 2007 Manukau Matters. Address for service: Mr Craig Magee, at, the public counter, Customer Centre, from 9.30am to 12 noon. Copies are delivered free to all Resource Management Solutions Ltd, Kotuku House, Manukau Square, 56 Ihumatao Quarry Road, Mangere letterboxes, PO boxes and via rural PO Box 68 954, Newton. Manukau city and Howick Library, delivery rounds in the city. Submissions to this application must Uxbridge Road, Howick. Explore the wonderful However, council is aware that a few be received no later than 5.00pm on A copy of your submission must be Mangemangeroa Valley small semi-rural areas do not receive 4 May 2007. served as soon as reasonably practicable Manukau Matters. These streets or roads If you wish to make a submission on the applicant and should be sent Vision: provide the general public with are too close to urban areas to be on on this application, you may do so by to the relevant Address for Service as an educational and informative journey/ Rural Delivery rounds, but too rural in sending a written submission to the detailed in the advertisement above. experience of the natural and cultural nature (sometimes without footpaths council addressed to the Manager heritage of the Mangemangeroa Valley. and with houses a long way apart) to be An opportunity to explore the natural economically and safely delivered to via forest landscape and estuary of this our contractor’s walking delivery staff. beautiful diverse valley situated at Council is aware some residents in the edge of urban Manukau. Learn these areas are picking up their Manukau about its cultural heritage, increase Matters from their local library or from your understanding of the valley’s more urban neighbours. ecosystems, and develop an awareness If you, or persons known to you, are of environmental issues. not currently receiving Manukau Matters, Friday 20 April 2007 please contact council’s Call Centre from 9.45am to 12.30pm (262 5104) to report the non delivery. 108 Somerville Road, Howick. Please ensure you give your full contact information and state if you would prefer Note: Average level of fi tness and to have Manukau Matters posted (free) mobility required. Cost: Free. to your address or if you would like to SPACES ARE LIMITED — receive the publication via email as a BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. PDF attachment. Contact: Park Ranger — Education: Any other concerns re Manukau Anna Baine 027 270 8297 Matters delivery can also be reported to Join ‘Manukau on the Move’ – or 262 8900 ext 8224 for further the Call Centre where they will be lodged TEEN EXTREME outdoor adventure week information or to make a booking. with the delivery contractor for action. Monday 10 – Friday 20 April 2007 for: MOUNTAIN BIKING SAILING Dog Control Activity report KAYAKING KING OF THE HILL SUITA FOR A BLE On 15 March 2007 a report pursuant to section 10A of the Dog Control Act 1996, TREE TOP ADVENTURES GES was adopted by the Manukau City Council. The report contains information and statistics on the council’s dog control activity 12–16 for the year 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006. BE QUICK, CALL 274 6904 YEA RS A copy of the report can be inspected at council’s Customer Centre, Kotuku House, SUPERVISION RATIOS LIMIT PLACES Manukau Square; the internet service at any council library; and council’s website (keyword: dog policy). Copies can be downloaded from the Parents: These programmes are provided by ‘Manukau on the Move’ – council’s website; or obtained on payment of applicable photocopy or printing charges the Outreach Service of Manukau City Council, with professional, trained from Kotuku House or any Manukau library. recreation staff and well-maintained equipment. Manukau Matters Issue 18 PAGE 7
  8. 8. PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS INVITED TO TE WHARE O TORERE REBUILD PROPOSAL ABOVE: te whare o torere after it was damaged by fi re. ABOVE LEFT: rear and side views showing The formal process to allow for public input into the proposal to consent issues. the additional basement level in the re-build Te Whare o Torere in Howick’s Emelia Maude Nixon Garden The proposal, while occupying the same “footprint” as rebuild process. of Memories begins today, with the publication of Manukau City the existing whare, will also involve excavation to enable the Council’s application for resource consent (see page 6 of this issue). construction of a lower level to house improved facilities such as a Pacific Island Advisory The consent application seeks the demolition of the existing kitchen and toilet facilities. From the front boundary, the completed Committee (PIAC) Te Whare o Torere, which was damaged by arson in October 2004, whare would look much the same as previously, as the excavated Notice of meeting and its replacement with improved facilities on the same site. lower level is at the rear. Director of Community Ian Maxwell says the council is The consent also notes that the rebuild would require the 19 April 2007 commencing at 6.00pm encouraging people with an interest in the issue to make a removal of two protected trees — a cabbage tree and a kahikatea Totara Room, level 3, Civic Centre, 31- submission to the proposal. — along with some other vegetation. It is proposed that a camellia 33 Wiri Station Road, Manukau. “This issue has occupied the community, Howick Community tree on the south of the building be shifted to another part of Board and Manukau City Council for some two years,” Mr Maxwell the garden. Public welcome to attend. says. “It is time to move forward by encouraging people to Submission forms and the full application can be viewed at the participate in a public and transparent process where all parties public counter, Customer Centre, Kotuku House, Manukau Square, Contact: For more information contact will have an opportunity to put their submissions on this proposal and at the Howick Library, Uxbridge Road, Howick. Submissions Faama Viliamu, PIAC Coordinator — before an independent and highly respected commissioner.” to this application must be received no later than 5.00pm on Ph: 262 8900 ext 8469 or Email: faama. The resource consent hearings will be heard by the Hon Friday 4 May 2007. A date for the hearings will be set after Peter Salmon QC, who has extensive experience in resource submissions close. Discover your creative side NATHAN HOMESTEAD ADULT CLASSES OTARA MUSIC ARTS CENTRE with… 70 Hill Road, Manurewa ART Cnr Newbury St & Bairds Rd, Phone: 267 0180 Abstract Adventures** with Maria Fowler Otara Town Centre Painting: Elements of Design* Phone: 274 6400 ART, CRAFT, MUSIC, PERFORMING ARTS & LIFESTYLE CLASSES with Niki Phillips MUSIC CLASSES Drawing Skills Enhanced with Susan Ewen Please contact Nathan Homestead for dates Watercolours All classes are evening/afternoon Come and experience the programmes and times. Most classes run for 10 weeks. Mastering the Visual: classes. Classes run for 10 weeks or at Manukau’s arts centres. Inspiring Drawing, Painting and More* for two blocks of five weeks. classes and workshops for children, teens CHILDREN & TEENS CLASSES and adults. LATIN DANCE — NATHAN HOMESTEAD Monday ART PERFORMING ARTS Drum Individual with Frank Elia Children’s Art I (5-8yrs) and II (9-14yrs)* Term 2, 2007 Programme Salsa — Beginners* & Intermediate with Jacqueline Brand Tuesday starts 23 April Comic & Cartoon Art II (9-14yrs)* with Pare Paul Guitar / Bass Individual with Nooroa Te Hira DESIGN, MUSIC & CRAFTS with Vernon Katipa Design for House & Home: Singing Workshop NATHAN HOMESTEAD PERFORMING ARTS Furniture and Accessories* with Fia Wilson Talented Tots (2-5yrs) with Rona Walker Junior Drama (5-8yrs) with Sylvia Sandford Wednesday with Greydon Little & Claire Coleman Flax Weaving: Raranga Harakeke* Drum Individual with Frank Elia Intermediate Drama (9-12yrs)* with with Susan Winiata Thursday Greydon Little & Claire Coleman Guitar* with Andrew Wyatt Drum Individual with Frank Elia Senior Drama (13+)* with Belinda Schmid Jewellery Construction and Design* Guitar Workshop with Vernon Katipa Kicks Junior Dance (6-8yrs) with Simon Misdale with Heather Oldbury Leadlighting* with Graham Futter OMAC SOUNDHOUSE CLASSES Kicks Intermediate Dance (9-12yrs)* Mosaics* with Erin Gill All classes are evening classes (for 11yrs with Heather Oldbury Patchwork Quilting with Gloria Davis to adult). Classes run for fi ve weeks. Hip Hop Beats (13+)* with Heather Oldbury Perfecting Pottery* with Raewyn Neale Scrapbooking* with Janette Groot Tuesday CRAFTS AND MUSIC Beat Master: Progressive Sessions Children’s Pottery I (6-8yrs) and II LIFESTYLE with John Biddle (9-14yrs)* with Raewyn Neale Yoga** with Eileen Laurie Teen Clay (13-17yrs)* with Raewyn Neale Yoga* with Shirley Goodwin Thursday Guitar (7-13yrs) with Andrew Wyatt Beat Master: Progressive Sessions Term 2 enrolment OPEN NOW — WEEKEND WORKSHOPS with John Biddle contact one of our Arts Centres today! MATARIKI WORKSHOPS 16 June Digital Photography 1-Day 2 July Manu Tukutuku — Kite Making Workshop with Fiona de Gruchy For more information on intriguing (9-14yrs) 16 June Soft Stone Sculpture 1-Day exhibitions, unmissable events and 3 July Poi Making (9-14yrs) Workshop with Gillian Elmslie motivating classes, pick up your FREE copy of ARTS in the city available from your nearest Arts Centre, Leisure Centre or Library. * Evening Class ** Evening and Day Class PAGE 8 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at