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Manukau matters issue 17 2007

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA MANUKAU RATS! WE’VE GOT MICE!! PAGE 5 MATTERS M S 25 MARCH 2007 ISSUE 17 GUARDIANS OF THEIR FUTURE GET WALKING IN MANUKAU KIWI ESPLANADE TO MANUKAU’S COASTAL COMMUNITIES AND SCHOOL OTUATAUA STONEFIELDS CHILDREN ARE JUMPING AT THE OPPORTUNITY TO PAGE 4 BE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN KAITIAKI (GUARDIANSHIP), MONITORING SHELLFISH AT THEIR LOCAL BEACHES. Manukau City Council, the local community high educational values and to learn and the Auckland Regional Council have more about the coastal environment, joined forces to survey popular shellfi shing guardianship of shellfi sh resources for beaches on Manukau’s eastern coast. the future and practical application of Surveying events at Umupuia/Duders scientifi c method. Pupils may in time learn Beach and Kawakawa Bay involve 150 pupils to enter data into a computer program, DEALING WITH TRAFFIC from Maraetai Beach and Clevedon schools, analyse information, prepare summaries AND IMPROVING PUBLIC volunteers from Weka Watch, Pohutukawa and report back. Pupils have responded TRANSPORT — Coast Community Association, Te Puru Sea enthusiastically, keenly interested in seeing Scouts, Kawakawa Bay Youth Group, private how their work over successive surveys AMETI UPDATE individuals, and support from Umupuia may assist future decisions about shellfi sh Proposals for major transport Marae. The Department of Conservation and management. improvements in the eastern suburbs will JOBS AT COUNCIL the Chinese Conservation Education Trust The surveys will, along with information be discussed by Manukau City Council on PAGE 6 survey Cockle Bay, Howick. from groups around the region, provide 3 April. Manukau City Council Environmental input into a three-yearly report on the state The council’s Transport Committee Scientist James Corbett and Carol of shellfi sh populations in the Hauraki Gulf, will be considering recommendations for McKenzie-Rex, Clevedon Community highlighting trends in environmental quality the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Adviser, say the schools jumped at the and reasons for these changes. Initiative (AMETI), a joint project with chance to participate in a project with James Corbett says Auckland’s large Auckland City Council and the Auckland population with a taste for shellfi sh places Regional Transport Authority. huge demands on kaimoana (food of the Its aim is to improve arterial roads sea) along Manukau’s coast. Anecdotal severely congested with traffi c and reports from locals say our shellfi sh beds improve public transport so it can be a are seriously depleted compared to one viable alternative to the car. Decisions or two generations ago. Scientifi c studies being made this year will provide complement this information, provide a certainty about what package of measure of changes over time and help transport improvements will be made in pinpoint reasons for decline. All information the long-term, so the land needed can be will be useful for a Ministry of Fisheries protected for the future. review on shellfi sh management controls AMETI builds on work done for the later this year. eastern transport corridor project, with a Other signifi cant pressures on specifi c focus on the area between Glen shellfi sh beds include fi ne mud (carried in Innes and Botany. stormwater run-off from coastal land) Although Auckland City Council has smothering the shellfi sh, and the effects already made decisions on its preferred of pollution. Both Councils have already projects, Manukau City Council won’t do implemented controls to mitigate some of this until the 3 April meeting. these effects and the community also has There will then be a number of a large part to play. opportunities for people in the eastern Members of the community are welcome suburbs to fi nd out more and have their SEE NIGEL BORRELL PAINTINGS AT to join the monitoring programme. For more say on the proposals. NATHAN HOMESTEAD, information contact Carol McKenzie-Rex, Public information days will be held MANUREWA on ph 262 5437, or ph 0272 299 791, in late April. PAGE 8 email: NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, EVENTS, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  2. 2. – TE KAEAEA NEW GROWTH, NEW BEGINNINGS MANUKAU MATTERS IN THE MAORI CALENDAR, MATARIKI IS ASSOCIATED WITH NEW GROWTH AND NEW – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is BEGINNINGS — IT HAS PROVED AN APT NAME FOR TE MATARIKI CLENDON COMMUNITY published twice a month by the CENTRE AND LIBRARY. Manukau City Council and delivered to more than 100,000 households, rural One year on from when this unique opposite; parents coming to the library have and after-hours youth programmes. delivery addresses, and other locations experiment in the provision of community seen what’s on offer for their children next Some of the most at-risk young people within the city boundaries. services was opened, the combined library door and are encouraging their family into in the area have been among the fi rst – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps and community centre has not only won the activities and programmes on offer.” to benefi t. the council inform residents and several design awards, it has achieved Indeed, the popularity of the centre has “We’ve had kids come in here with ratepayers about council decisions, the most important acclaim of all — wide attracted some issues that the centre staff, real problems, who we’re now looking at activities, projects and events. It community use and support. youth workers and community are taking as suitable role models for a new youth is a cost-effective way of providing The centre has recorded more than half steps to deal with. The surrounds of the mentoring programme,” says Youth important statutory information such a million visits in its fi rst year, issued more centre have occasionally been associated Coordinator Joe Collins. “Young people with as public notices concerning planning than 100,000 books through its library, with anti-social behaviour, largely by local leadership potential are being empowered and resource consent issues. and its youth services, which began in youth gangs and their associates, attracted to work with the other kids here to help keep – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also November, received nearly 1000 visits in by the centre’s amenities. But while of the peace and induce respect for each other contains articles of interest to Manukau the fi rst two months of operation. concern, this behaviour is not being allowed and the rules we work by.” residents, promoting the city’s “This place is a magnet for young to undo the remarkable success of the Joe says it’s been a consultative process resources, attractions, facilities and people,” says Rosetta Reti-Simanu, combined facility, she says. where the young people themselves have community events. Implementation Manager, Te Matariki “The unwanted anti-social youth been involved in setting up the standards by Clendon Community Centre and Library, behaviour carried out by a minority of which they are expected to behave. Rules CONTACT US AT “and the community support has young people is a community issue”, Rosetta such as no gang colours, no “beef” — EMAIL manukaumatters@ been amazing. says, “and the community is taking steps to meaning no stirring, fi ghting or name calling deal with it. A pastors’ — and respect for others and for property EDITORIAL 262 5223 “There is an amazing amount of raw talent network group has are applied. EVENT LISTINGS www.manukau.govt. out here. We’ve been using the arts, been established to “There is an amazing amount of raw nz and select ‘calendar of events’ under particularly music and dance, to channel kids carry out after-hours talent out here,” Joe says. “We’ve been the ‘most popular’ banner. into productive activity.” patrols around the using the arts, particularly music and dance, DISTRIBUTION 262 5104 centre and nearby to channel kids into productive activity. POST Manukau City Council, “It’s the combination that seems to Clendon shopping centre, offering pastoral It just takes a facility and programmes Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City work. We’ve had young people coming to care and support, but also encouraging kids like we offer, backed by support from our (attention Manukau Matters) the recreation centre who see reading as to disperse and go home.” volunteers, and you can really tap into these DESIGNED BY ‘not cool’, being exposed to the library The up-side of the attraction of the young people’s potential. Already we’ve Scenario Communications Limited and its opportunities and starting to read centre has been the outreach to young seen young people get back into schools, EDITOR Jenna Moore and spend time in here learning. And the people through the centre’s after-school alternative education and employment.” CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL CALLING COMMUNITY GROUPS REQUIRING FUNDS VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? Every year Manukau City Council provides Pakuranga Senior Net is one In addition to your printed copy, we can funding to local groups to enhance the organisation which has benefi ted from send you a PDF version. Email us at city’s development. grants made by the Howick and Pakuranga One of the ways it does that is through community boards. “We run hundreds of community board grants, applications for computer courses for people aged over 55 which are being sought right now. and the money made it possible for us to WANT TO CONTACT “April is an opportunity for purchase nine more fl at screen monitors,” COUNCIL, OR YOUR organisations looking for grants to says Chairman Harry Lewin. ELECTED COUNCILLOR? complete application forms for Community If you’d like more information, contact The council’s main administration Board Discretionary Funding,” says Jenny council’s Call Centre on 262 5104 and phone number is 263 7100 (business Young, Community Funding Coordinator. ask for the contact details of your local hours). Use the Call Centre on 262 A STUDENT AT TE MATARIKI CLENDON “The money comes from rates and has Community Adviser or Democratic 5104 (24 hours) for assistance with: COMMUNITY CENTRE AND LIBRARY been set aside for specifi c purposes that Services Coordinator. graffi ti, roading, signs, refuse disposal, directly benefi t residents and ratepayers.” traffi c, street lighting, environmental LOOK OUT FOR YOUR NEW The criteria includes: groups must by-laws, noise complaints, dog control, MOBILE LIBRARY BUS be not-for-profi t; show their work is of statistical information, LIM reports, benefi t to Manukau residents and meets a land rates and kerbside recycling. Manukau’s new mobile library bus community need whether social, economic The council’s website has contact Te Hiku will be offi cially launched at or environmental; show signifi cant details for all elected Councillors and 12 noon on Tuesday 10 April at Manukau voluntary and fi nancial commitment; and Community Board members, at: Square and all residents are invited to relate to one or more of the council’s and click on join in the celebrations. strategic priorities and values. ‘Your Council’, then select ‘Mayor and Can’t make it to the launch? Then Examples of projects that might attract Councillors’ for their contact details or look out for your new colourful bus as it grants include: improving safety in public ‘Community Boards’ to see the lists of calls at one of 29 stops across the city, places; enhancing the image of the district; community board members. commencing 11 April. encouraging recreation and leisure The mobile bus book collection activities; new educational initiatives; and NEXT ISSUE Sunday 8 April 2007 contains 9000 books, talking books events that build a sense of community. ISSN 1177-522X and magazines. It is a ‘low rider’ bus Priority will be given to applicants involved — a vehicle which is easier for people to in partnership connections that avoid access — and is fi tted out with the latest duplication of services and provide more PAKURANGA SENIOR NET computer technology. effi cient use of resources. COMPUTER CLASS PAGE 2 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  3. 3. MANUKAU RESIDENTS RATE QUALITY OF LIFE ACCORDING TO A MAJOR QUALITY OF LIFE SURVEY JUST RELEASED, 89% OF MANUKAU’S RESIDENTS PERCEIVE THEIR OVERALL QUALITY OF LIFE AS GOOD OR VERY GOOD. The survey is the third in a two-yearly series Local Bill now before Parliament, and our since 2001 and covers 12 of New Zealand’s Annual Plan 2007/08 proposes increased largest cities. funding for eradication and enforcement.” The positive perception of quality of life Manukau residents also have issues extends to overall health and well-being, around crime and safety. They report with 86% of Manukau’s residents rating feeling less safe in their homes, their overall health as good or very good. neighbourhoods and city centre than the “The survey is in line with what we rest of New Zealand. already know. There are some areas we can “Our communities want to see more be particularly proud of and others where visible police day and night”, Cr Brown we know we can do better,” Manukau City says. “By the whole community pulling Council’s Strategic Directions Committee together in partnership, through, for chair Colleen Brown says. instance, Tomorrow’s Manukau, we can Manukau residents are more likely to work towards a safer city with reduced agree (78%) that their city has a culturally crime rates.“ PREPARING FOOD FOR SALE AT HOME? rich and diverse arts scene (New Zealand 64%). Thirty-one per cent of Manukau The safety, convenience and cost of public transport are further concerns GET THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS RIGHT residents were likely to have mentioned expressed by Manukau residents. Protecting public health and ensuring legal “Preparing food at unapproved/ good facilities and services, compared with “Again, we are working with the requirements are met is behind a Manukau unregistered premises can put it at serious 17% throughout New Zealand. Auckland Regional Council and ARTA to City Council Environmental Health campaign risk of contamination, which can cause “There are areas that continue to be a address these issues. A good example is to ensure city residents are aware of their customers to become very ill,” Ms Edwards concern to us, such as crime, safety and the Manurewa Transport Interchange, obligations if running a food business from says. “It is very important that food for graffi ti,” Cr Brown says. “We have taken linking bus and train services to improve their home. sale is made in a controlled and regulated positive steps regarding graffi ti, with the services and convenience for passengers.” “People think making and selling environment to protect public health. People food from home might be a good way of making and selling food from unregistered generating extra income or creating a premises are liable to prosecution.” MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL FINALISES FUNDING small business,” says Trish Edwards, one She emphasises, however, that the legal AGREEMENT WITH HOUSING NEW ZEALAND of council’s Environmental Health Offi cers requirements for a home food business “but it’s important not to start preparing do not apply when people make food for Manukau City Council has entered into a pleasant home environment for residents”. food until all health and other relevant special charitable or community occasions partnership with Housing New Zealand Housing Minister Chris Carter says regulations have been met. on a one-off basis. Baking cakes for sale at Corporation to upgrade its 515 Housing for the loan demonstrates the government’s “A lot of people don’t realise that the local school fair, for example, is exempt the Elderly units. determination to improve the availability you cannot use an existing domestic from the legislation. Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis and of good quality affordable housing in kitchen to operate a food business from “The food hygiene rules are for people Chief Executive Offi cer Leigh Auton New Zealand. home. A separate kitchen and storage making food from home and selling the food have signed the documents securing a “We believe that everyone deserves area, fi tted out in accordance with the at home or at a fl ea market as a business for $1.5 million suspensory loan from the access to decent housing, and we are not Food Hygiene Regulations must be their own fi nancial benefi t, and they must be Government’s Housing Innovation (Local afraid to step up and help local constructed, and the premises must complied with — even if that business only Government) Fund. communities achieve this goal.” be offi cially registered.” operates on an occasional basis.” Sir Barry says, “I wish to acknowledge The loan is interest free and will be The business also needs to comply To get started on organising a home the generosity of the Government for this waived at the end of 20 years provided with the rules for Home Enterprises under enterprise food business, contact fi nancial contribution which will help us to council still owns the Housing for the council’s District Plan and a building council’s Citizen and Customers Centre upgrade our housing for elderly citizens. Elderly sites used as security for the loan. consent will be required for the kitchen for an information pack, or council’s “I have seen some of the newly upgraded facilities. Once all relevant approvals are Environmental Health Unit and ask to units at Leabank Court. They’re a big SIR BARRY CURTIS AND HOUSING MINISTER obtained, the premises can be registered speak to an Environmental Health Offi cer, improvement and CHRIS CARTER CHAT WITH LEABANK COURT and begin operating in the same way as or visit — provide a very RESIDENT ALAN LATTA ABOUT THE RECENT other commercial food premises. Keyword: food premises. UPGRADE OF HIS UNIT IN MANUREWA. FIRE RISK STILL HIGH IN MANUKAU’S RURAL AREAS Recent rainfall has not been enough to “There have been no rural fi re permits offset the high fi re danger in rural issued in recent weeks because of the Manukau says council’s Principal Rural elevated fi re danger, and the rains we had Fire Offi cer Bryan Cartelle. recently have not been enough to ease Some parts of the Auckland region that policy. are experiencing near-record dry spells “This means that if people see a and there have been several rural fi res suspicious fi re in a rural area they should in Manukau in recent weeks, Mr Cartelle assume it is not a permitted fi re and says. He reminds residents that Manukau call 11 1.” operates within a Restricted Fire Season Mr Cartelle says anyone wanting to and fi re permits must be obtained for inquire about a fi re permit should call open fi res. council’s Call Centre on 262 5104 or him direct on 0274 977841. Manukau Matters Issue 17 PAGE 3
  4. 4. A combination of several connecting walkways, the route passes KIWI ESPLANADE TO through lands administered by Manukau City Council, Auckland Regional Council and Watercare Services Ltd. Its separate sections OTUATAUA STONEFIELDS can be done as short walks or the whole done as a day walk (there and back), or a half day if you can arrange transport at the other end. HISTORY, MAJOR CONSERVATION INITIATIVES, AND SPECTACULAR Beginning at the inner reaches of the Manukau Harbour beside WILDLIFE COME TOGETHER IN THIS ROUTE WHICH WANDERS ALONGSIDE Mangere Bridge, the fi rst part of the route is the well-formed THE MANUKAU HARBOUR COASTLINE BETWEEN MANGERE BRIDGE Manukau City Council Kiwi Esplanade Walkway, which explores AND THE OTUATAUA STONEFIELDS. the waterfront of Mangere Bridge township, terminating at its western end on the borders of Auckland Regional Council’s Ambury Regional Park. Ambury is a working farm open to visitors for picnics, education programmes and exploration of its paddocks, farm animals, abundant birdlife, and historic remnants of Maori occupation. On the border of the farm park, a few metres southwest of the visitor centre, a path links with an unsealed vehicle track, with off-shoot paths, that wanders south along the Mangere Ihumatao foreshore. This is an area rich in history and natural beauty, stretching seven kilometres from Ambury to the Otuataua Stonefi elds, administered by Watercare Services Ltd. The main feature of the Watercare section is New Zealand’s biggest coastal marine restoration project, which was done as part of the upgrade of the Manukau Wastewater Treatment Plant that the “Tens of thousands of migratory birds visit to feed in the tidal reaches of the harbour and rest on the banks, joining the many permanently resident bird species that can be viewed there.” walkway also passes. During the upgrade, 500 hectares of oxidation ponds were removed, reuniting the original foreshore with the sea. This included the Mangere Lagoon, a volcanic caldera that had been used as a sludge pond, which is now restored to a tidal inlet and is a haven for birds. In excess of 300,000 coastal plants were hand- planted to begin the process of natural regeneration of coastal forest and salt marshes. The restoration also included building shell banks to encourage roosting and nesting birds. Tens of thousands of migratory birds visit to feed in the tidal reaches of the harbour and rest on the banks, joining the many permanent resident bird species that can be viewed there. Bird hides are located along the route. Best viewing times are at high, or on the incoming tide. At the southern end, the Watercare track joins Manukau City Council’s Otuataua Stonefi elds Historic Reserve, where a network of tracks explore features of early Maori and European settlement. It is one of the last places remaining where visitors can see large-scale evidence of how people once lived and worked in the volcanic areas of Auckland. The durable stone walls and other features date back to the beginnings of Maori settlement. Access: While parts of Kiwi Esplanade and Ambury Regional Park are accessible by wheelchair, the bulk of the paths on this route are rough and suitable only for walkers with stout footwear. The unsealed road through the Watercare section is popular with mountain bikers. For the most part the route is flat and easy walking. The Stonefi elds area is rougher underfoot and there are some small hills. Dogs are not allowed in Ambury Park, or on the Watercare Coastal Walkway or the Otuataua Stonefi elds. Recommended: Plan a walk for the high tide and take binoculars for bird watching. Approach hides quietly and stay off the protected bird banks. Useful websites: Ambury Regional Park: southern-parks/ambury.cfm Watercare Coastal Walkway:, Otuataua Stonefi elds: A brochure on the Stonefi elds is not yet available on council’s website. To obtain a printed copy phone our 24-hour Call Centre on 09 262 5104 PAGE 4 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  5. 5. HELPING FAMILIES MAKE THE BEST DECISION Cheryl Brown loves her job, but it is major elements of her job. sometimes stressful, and that’s when she’s “Naturally, people arrive here in various able to “nip up to see Dad and have a natter”, states of grief and many people just don’t which always helps calm things down and know what to do. We can help sort things put life in its proper perspective. out, give people time to look at all the Cheryl is a Customer Service Offi cer at options — burial or cremation, what sort of Manukau Memorial Gardens and her Dad’s plot, does it need to be in an area where ashes are interred in a plot overlooking the there are less restrictions on decorations spacious and beautiful surroundings of the or headstone size — all these things. It’s gardens that are her workplace. important that for the surviving family they “Dad chose these gardens to be his fi nal are empowered to make a decision that they resting place before I started work here,” are always going to be happy with. she says. “It was a natural decision, it “There are so many different cultures seemed the right place. I’ve been here about coming here, we fi nd ways of dealing with two and a half years and at the end of every them all. Sometimes I have to draw a lot of day I like to drive out so I can go past him to pictures, or call upon a funeral director from say goodnight.” the same culture to interpret. But that’s the Cheryl says deciding to be interred at rewarding part of the job — when you see Manukau Memorial Gardens was the best people happy and at peace with the decision decision for her Dad and for the surviving they have made for their loved one.” family, as the gardens are such a place Manukau Memorial Gardens are owned of peace and the staff have an amazing and operated by Manukau City Council. personal commitment to the care, in perpetuity, of those laid to rest there. For more information phone Manukau And it’s helping people make the best Memorial Gardens on 279 8232, possible decision for their loved one and or visit the website at for themselves — one that they will always be happy with — that she says is one of the COUNCIL OFFICERS VISITING YOUR PROPERTY? ASK TO SEE ID Manukau residents are encouraged to ask for proof of identity when they receive visits asks for access to a property they have to produce a warrant or form of identifi cation, GET INVOLVED IN YOUR from council workers or contractors. Counties Manukau police have reported if asked. This includes council contractors and council-controlled organisations like COMMUNITY BOARD receiving complaints that people claiming Manukau Water. IF YOU’D LIKE TO TAKE A MORE ACTIVE ROLE IN YOUR to work for the council are going into If someone can’t produce a warrant or NEIGHBOURHOOD, OR WANT YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD, some homes and stealing wallets or other identifi cation, then it’s likely they ONE OF THE BEST WAYS IS TO GET YOURSELF INVOLVED other valuables. aren’t genuinely working for the council. WITH YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY BOARD. When someone working for the council Community boards are often referred to as of fi ve elected members and one to three the “grassroots of democracy” in that they councillors. Meetings are advertised in the RATS! WE’VE GOT MICE!! represent an opportunity for people to be heard at a very local level. second issue of Manukau Matters in each month (see page 7), and members of the MANUKAU RESIDENTS ARE REMINDED THAT RAT AND MICE There are eight community boards public are welcome to attend and/or ask to INFESTATIONS ARE A PUBLIC HEALTH RISK AND IT IS THE in Manukau city: Manurewa, Pakuranga, speak during the public forum. PROPERTY OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THESE Howick, Botany, Otara, Papatoetoe, Speaking at public forums can be PESTS ARE CONTROLLED. Mangere and Clevedon. Each of these has arranged through the Democratic Services a public forum which enables residents to staff listed below or by contacting your The reminder follows an increase in Cracks, holes and gaps in houses should be raise a wide variety of community issues. community board chair, whose details complaints to council about rats and mice in sealed or repaired to prevent mice and rats “During local body elections, voters can be found on Manukau City Council’s the Papatoetoe ward. from gaining access to buildings. have the opportunity to elect the website (click The biggest problem caused by these Small infestations can be dealt with using community board members for their area,” on ‘your council’ and then ‘community rodents is the risk to public health because traps and/or poisons. A serious infestation says Warwick McNaughton, Manukau boards’). they can spread diseases such as plague, might require the use of a professional pest City Council’s Manager Democratic Contact Democratic Services staff on typhus and leptospiroisis to humans. control company. Processes. “A member’s primary role is to 263 7100 and ask for: In addition, they can cause a lot of property To make a complaint about a rodent be an advocate for residents, raising local Botany: Charles Rhodes damage through gnawing building fi ttings problem contact concerns with Council and, when it comes Clevedon: Bryan Cartelle and furniture, and have been known to Manukau City Council’s to budget time, inputting on the things Howick and Otara: Shirley Samuels cause building fi res by gnawing on Call Centre on their district feels is important.” Papatoetoe and Pakuranga: John Skelton electrical wiring. 262 5104. The council People can choose to stand for election Manurewa and Mangere: Liz Fairlie The best way to prevent infestations are: also has a brochure to their community board in the local to store food and rubbish in containers that titled “Controlling authority elections in October this year, don’t allow these animals to gain access; Rats and Mice” but the way most people get involved is only put rubbish out an hour or two before which can be picked when a neighbourhood issue affects them. it is due to be collected; not allow sections up at council’s People can take issues up with their board, to become overgrown as these are great customer centres which represent the matter to Council, places for rats and mice to hide. One of the or ordered make recommendations, and work closely important things to avoid is throwing seed through the Call with staff to address locals’ concerns. and other food outside for birds as this is Centre. A community board usually consists an open invitation for a mice infestation. Manukau Matters Issue 17 PAGE 5
  6. 6. PUBLIC NOTICES Manukau Parks Rangers’ walk and talk Manukau Parks Update The Resource Management Act 1991 programmes 2007 March 2007 Manukau Operative District Plan 2002 Experience the mystery of Mangere Mountain Public notice of the availability of a Summary of the Submissions received to Proposed Plan Change No. 19 — Vision: provide the public with an Colin Dale Park rezoning educational and informative journey/ experience of the natural and cultural Murvale Reserve Redevelopment A summary of the submissions received to the above Proposed heritage of Mangere Mountain. Take Walkways Upgrade Plan Change is now available for inspection. A copy of the a walk with a park ranger and teacher Proposed Plan Change and the Summary of Submissions from the Mangere Mountain Education As part of Manukau City Council’s redevelopment plans for received can be viewed at Manukau City Council libraries, the Centre. Increase your understanding of Murvale Reserve the existing walkways are being upgraded. Citizen and Customer Centre (ground fl oor of Kotuku House, the geological and cultural history of the New sections will also be added to increase accessibility. Manukau Square, Manukau city); or on the council’s website mountain and surrounding area. Construction will take place over two stages during the next (click on the Plan Wednesday 11 April 2007 12 months. Change Register). A full copy of the original submissions is kept from 9.30 to 12 noon. at the Citizens and Customer Centre for inspection. 17 Domain Road, Mangere Bridge. 1 The fi rst stage of construction includes upgrading the Any person may make a further submission in support of, or southern walkways in the reserve. Work is due to in opposition to, any original submission up until the close of Take a trip to Otuataua Stonefi elds commence shortly and is expected to be completed before business on Friday 27 April 2007. the end of June 2007. Further submissions should be on Form 6 as prescribed Vision: provide the public with an 2 Stage 2 includes upgrading the northern walkways and by the Resource Management (Forms, Fees and Procedures) educational and informative journey creating new links. Work is expected to commence in Regulations 2003. Copies of Form 6 are available from the into the natural and cultural heritage October 2007. Citizen and Customer Centre, Manukau City Council libraries or of the fascinating Otuataua Stonefi elds by requesting a copy on ph 262 8900 ext. 8361, or fax 262 5169. Reserve. Take a walk with a park ranger For safety reasons, some sections of walkways will be closed Further submissions should be sent to Plan Change through the reserve and learn about the to the public during construction. Please do not access the Submissions, Manukau City Council, Private Bag 76917, reserve’s cultural history and geology. fenced off areas. Manukau city, Attention Melanie Hart (Administration Offi cer). Friday 13 April 2007 Within fi ve working days of making a further submission you from 9.30am to 12 noon. If you have any queries or concerns during this upgrade, are also required by the Resource Management Act to send 56 Ihumatao Quarry Road, Mangere. please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager: a copy to the person whose submission you are supporting Drew Kenny, Frame Group Ltd, PO Box 147 211, Ponsonby, or opposing. Note: Average level of fi tness and Auckland. Phone: 09 638 7221 Fax: 09 376 0513. After further submissions close, council will schedule mobility required. Email: hearings of all submissions to the Proposed Plan Change and Cost: Free. those submitters who have indicated that they wish to do so will SPACES ARE LIMITED — Council apologies for any inconvenience caused during be given the opportunity to present their submissions to the BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. construction. Once completed we are sure residents will enjoy Hearings Committee of Council. Contact: Park Ranger — Education: the improved walkways. If you require more information about making a further Anna Baine 027 270 8297 submission please telephone 262 8900 ext. 8361. or 262 8900 ext 8224 for further Manukau Parks This Notice fi rst publicly notifi ed on Friday, 23 March 2007. information or to make a booking. EMPLOYMENT Library Assistant Part-time 28.75 hours, Manurewa Library OPPORTUNITIES AT Are you enthusiastic, customer-focused and passionate about working in public COUNCIL libraries? The ability to provide excellent customer service and to be able to work as part of a team is essential. Applicants should be confi dent communicators. The ability to For these and other employment opportunities at council visit: speak Te Reo Maori would be an advantage. and select ‘Jobs at council’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. Vacancy Number: MM 3692 Applications close: 2 April 2007, 12 noon Customer Service Adviser Botany Library Librarian — Research Library Come and join the team at the award winning Botany Library, in the heart of the Botany Manukau Libraries, 37 hours town centre. We need a fun, dynamic, motivated, IT-savvy Customer Service Adviser We are looking for a highly motivated librarian to join our Research Library team. who has a positive attitude, excellent customer service skills and lots of initiative. You will assist in the delivery of specialist reference and research services and the The position is full-time, working Tuesday to Saturday (8 hours per day between the development of digital and heritage resources. You will have a tertiary qualifi cation in hours of 8.30am and 9pm). librarianship or equivalent, advanced reference and research skills, and a knowledge of Vacancy Number: MM 3697 Applications close: 2 April 2007, 12 noon digital information resources. Vacancy Number: MM 3690 Applications close: 2 April 2007, 12 noon Library Assistant 37.5 hours per week including Sundays, Pakuranga Library Librarian — Corporate Library We are seeking enthusiastic and motivated people with a passion for their local Manukau Libraries, 20 hours communities who believe libraries can be fun, friendly and fantastic. The ability to We are looking for a highly motivated librarian to join our Corporate Library team. provide excellent customer service and to be able to work as part of a team is essential. You will assist in the delivery of specialist reference and research services to Manukau Applicants should be confi dent communicators and comfortable using a computer. City Council staff. You will have a tertiary qualifi cation in librarianship or equivalent, Training will be provided. advanced reference and research skills, and knowledge of NZ legal resources. Vacancy Number: MM 3693 Applications close: 2 April 2007, 12 noon Vacancy Number: MM 3691 Applications close: 2 April 2007, 12 noon For more details on these vacancies, or to view the full list of employment opportunities at Manukau City Council, you can visit; email a request for a position description to; or phone 09 262 8907. Please quote the vacancy number with all requests or inquiries and with your application. Manukau City Council is a progressive organisation with a leading role in the Local Government sector and a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. PAGE 6 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  7. 7. Important notice for Manukau community groups Council and Community Board Meetings for April 2007 Remember to register with Charities Commission Pursuant to Section 46 Part 7 of the Local Government Offi cial Information and All charitable organisations (i.e. charitable incorporated societies and trusts) Meetings Act 1987, public notice is given of the meeting times and dates of the Manukau MUST apply for registration before 1 July 2008 if they wish to keep their charitable City Council and its Standing Committees for the month of April 2007. status and be exempt from paying tax on income. The following Standing Committee meetings will be held in the Manukau Room, Manukau Civic Centre on the date specifi ed. The Community Board Resource Consent The Charities Act 2005 provides for the setting up of the Charities Commission to Hearings will be held in the Puhinui Room, Manukau Civic Centre, and the Commissioners register and monitor all charities in New Zealand. This is intended to improve the Hearing meeting will be held in the Totara Room, Level 3, Manukau Civic Centre. accountability of the charitable sector and make more information publicly available. Clevedon CB Resource Consents Hearings Committee 2 April 2007 9.30am All previous designations of “charitable status” will no longer be valid for taxation Hearings Committee 3 April 2007 9.30am purposes. Existing charities and charitable incorporated societies must now formally Transport Committee 3 April 2007 5.00pm apply for registration as a registered charitable entity if they wish to: Economic Development Committee 4 April 2007 5.00pm • Be exempt from paying tax on their income and have donations exempt from gift duty Community Safety Committee 5 April 2007 9.30am • Be registered on the new charities register Corporate Governance Committee 10 April 2007 5.00pm • Use the phrase “registered charitable entity”. Community Development Committee 1 1 April 2007 5.00pm Environment and Urban Design Committee 12 April 2007 5.00pm More information on the changes to the Charities Act, as well as registration forms, Howick CB Resource Consent Hearings Committee 12 April 2007 9.30am are available from or by phoning 0508 242 748 (toll free). Strategic Directions Committee 17 April 2007 5.00pm Registrations must be completed before 1 July 2008 when existing taxation exemptions Te Tiriti o Waitangi Committee 18 April 2007 5.00pm will be lost. Creative Communities Assessment 24 April 2007 6.00pm If an organisation is an incorporated society but not a charity, then it does not need Council 26 April 2007 5.00pm to register. Commissioners Hearing 30 April 2007 9.30am If you have diffi culty getting information, Manukau City Council’s Community Council Plan 30 April 2007 9.30am Advisors may be able to assist. Contact: email or phone 262 5441. The Council meeting will be held in the Council Chambers on 26 April commencing at 5.00pm. Community Board meetings will be held as follows: Community Board Discretionary and School Holiday Funding Mangere Community Board 2 April 2007 5.00pm for Community Groups Nga Tapuwae Community Centre 253 Buckland Road, Mangere Funding is now available to community programmes and activities during the Botany Community Board 2 April 2007 6.30pm groups and organisations to enhance the July 2007 school holidays. All providers Botany Library, 1 Sunset Terrace community, economic and environmental must have OSCAR accreditation (phone Botany Shopping Centre, Botany Downs development of Manukau city and its 0800 559 009 for more information on Otara Community Board 16 April 2007 5.00pm residents. accreditation). Please note that groups Otara Music Arts Centre, Otara Town Centre, Otara Each of the city’s eight community are required to contribute at least one- Clevedon Community Board 16 April 2007 7.30pm boards has funding to allocate to third of the overall cost of the project. Clevedon Hall, Main Road, Clevedon groups carrying out projects in their Applications to both funds close at Pakuranga Community Board 16 April 2007 7.30pm communities. 4pm Friday, 27 April 2007. Community Room, Pakuranga Library Complex If your group is working on a project For application forms or further Aylesbury Street, Pakuranga or service that benefi ts the residents of information please phone the Manurewa Community Board 23 April 2007 6.30pm one or two communities within Manukau Funding Administrator on 262 8900 Manukau Room, Manukau Civic Centre city, you are welcome to apply to our extension 8367. Howick Community Board 23 April 2007 7.00pm Community Board Discretionary Fund. Information and application forms Fencible Lounge, Howick Library, Uxbridge Road, Howick School Holiday Programme funding may also be accessed via council’s Papatoetoe Community Board 23 April 2007 7.00pm is also available to assist community website Papatoetoe Chambers 31-33 St George Street organisations to provide holiday funding.htm Papatoetoe Early Childhood Educators Changes to Bylaws — Have Your Say Part-time/Full-time Te Matariki — Clendon Community Manukau residents have been invited Bathhouse and Massage Parlours Sale of Second Hand Clothing, Bedding, Childcare Centre from 18 February 2007 to have their say Bylaws Hire of Clothing Two permanent positions (15—40hrs per on proposed changes to bylaws for open The proposal is to revoke the current The proposal is to revoke the current week) for Early Childhood Educators air fi res, the sale of second hand clothes, bylaw and rely on the existing powers bylaw and rely on Medical Offi cer of with Diploma of Teaching, or currently bathhouse and massage parlours and under the Brothels Bylaw and Health Health and practices of traders as the in training, have become available at Te spa pools. Act 1956 to address health and hygiene most appropriate way to deal with public Matariki Clendon Community Childcare A summary brochure, full proposal problems of premises used for the health risks from second hand clothing Centre. A current First Aid certifi cate and submission forms are available purpose of prostitution. and bedding. is also required. The people we seek will at: the Manukau City Council Citizens Fire Prevention Spa Pools be enthusiastic, motivated and able to and Customer Services Centre, Kotuku The proposal is to prevent fi res in the The proposal is to revoke the current work in our team environment. House, Manukau Square; any Manukau open air from creating a nuisance bylaw and address public health An ability to provide stimulating fun City Council library; council’s website to people or danger to people and problems of spa pools accessible to and innovative educational programmes keyword: bylaws; property by adopting a new Rural the public by providing information is also required. This position provides or by calling the council call centre on Fires Bylaw, relying on existing powers to spa pool operators, using existing an ideal opportunity if you seek 262 5104. Submissions must be received under the Local Government Act, powers under the Health Act 1956 and fl exibility in working hours to fi t in by 4pm, Monday 2 April 2007. Where to or existing powers of the Auckland powers of the Department of Labour with study or other commitments. send your submission: Post to: Manukau Regional Council and police, and the and Environmental Risk Management Will consider job share. City Council, Private Bag 76917, Manukau New Zealand Fire Service to provide fi re Authority. Vacancy Number: MM 3711 (Attention Mohammed Hassan, Manager safety information. The current bylaw is Applications close: 2 Apr 2007, 12 noon City Environment). proposed to be revoked. Manukau Matters Issue 17 PAGE 7
  8. 8. MANUKAU CALENDAR Every Tuesday, until 10 April Get Up and Dance! 13 & 14 April NZ Hip-Hop Championships This is just a sample of the many events happening in Manukau. Free Salsa Classes and 2007 NZ BBoy For a full list please visit and click on “Calendar of Events” Venue: Manukau Square Venue: TelstraClear Events Centre in the “Most Popular” box at the top right of the page. Scroll down and click on Hours: 6pm–7pm Great South Road, Manukau city “Find out what’s on in Manukau”. Contact: Greg Whaiapu Hours: TBA 1 April Phone: 274 6400 Price: Fri 13 Apr: $15 Junior Prelims/varsity Multi-day events One-day events Manukau City Concert Band Email: prelims, $20 adult prelims. — Musical Delight Website: Sat 14 Apr: $15 BBoy Crew Battle, $20 SDNZ Until 29 March Venue: Papatoetoe Town Hall, St George St Get active with our free salsa dance classes Hip-hop Dance. No door sales. Who’s afraid of Hours: 3–4pm this summer! If you love to dance, or just Email: the big bad wolf? Price: Entry by donation want to have a go, then join us every week Website: Venue: te tuhi — the mark Contact: Calvin Norton in Manukau Square. There’s great music, For the fi rst time in New Zealand’s young 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga Phone: 278 1315 and an awesome tutor, Coco Sequeiros, modern culture, the big names and pioneers Hours: 9.00am–8.30pm, Mon–Thurs, Email: icywhi from Banda Latina. So put on some of Hip-Hop Dance have united to serve the 8.30am–4.30pm, Fri–Sun A fun and often fast medley of pieces suited comfortable clothing and come along for art, serve the youth, serve the nation. Contact: Cam McCracken to a 1 April concert. Ranging from selections some fun and fresh air. Open to beginners It’s all about Hip-Hop Dance Culture Phone: 577 0138 from The Muppets to The Syncopated Clock, through to advanced. Get Up and Dance! affecting movements of positive social Email: this is sure to be enjoyed by all. is jointly presented by Arts and Parks, change in the lives of our young people. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? presents Manukau City Council. Junior, Varsity, Adult and BBoy divisions contemporary artists delving into the rich 5 April will compete for the respective titles to terrain of fairytales, history and the occult, Krump Kings Until 14 April represent New Zealand in July at the “World either through contemporary revisitation Venue: TelstraClear Pacifi c Events Centre Buy Spend Save Now Hip-Hop Championships” in Los Angeles. of existing narratives, or in developing their Hours: 6.30pm-10pm Venue: Fresh Gallery, Otara Town Centre own complex mythical lands. Contact: tickets available from TicketDirect Hours: Tuesday–Friday 10am-5pm; 19 April—12 May Phone: 0800 224224 Saturday 8am-2pm Niu Life — Manukau’s Pacific 29 March—6 April Website: Contact: Ema Tavola People: A Photographic Crossroads Tight Eyez, the founder of Krump Kings and Phone: 274 6400 Narrative Venue: Harlequin Theatre Krump Kings team from America comes to Email: Venue: Fresh Gallery, Otara Town Centre 563 Pakuranga Road, Howick Auckland for the fi rst time to restore the Website: Hours: Tuesday–Friday 10am-2pm; Hours: 8pm, Sunday 6pm show. meaning of krump with a special concert. This new installation exhibition is an exciting Saturday 8am-2pm No show Mon/Tues The atmosphere will be one of connecting collaboration between performance/multi- Contact: Ema Tavola Price: $25 Adults, with the audience teaching how to krump media artist Shigeyuki Kihara, emerging Phone: 09 274 6400 $22 Seniors/Students + booking fee and what it means to krump. Releasing their artist and curator Ema Tavola and cultural Email: Contact: iTICKET gifts and talent, teaching positive principles commentator Sieni Salesa. Website: Phone: 361 1000 and values to life and a spectacular 45 Manukau Arts presents a community project Email: minute show of raw krumping. 29 March—28 April that refl ects the cultural and social identity Broadway, cabaret and jazz revue. Featuring Hide and Seek of Pacifi c Island life. Supported by the top local musical theatre and classical Every Tuesday, until 10 April Venue: Mangere Arts Centre Pacifi c Island Advisory Committee, it affi rms singers, with live jazz ensemble. Get Up and Dance! 93 Bader Drive, Mangere Town Centre the generational bond that Pacifi c peoples Free Hip-Hop Classes Hours: Tuesday–Friday 9am-5pm; have with Manukau city. Following its 31 March—1 April Venue: Manukau Square weekends 8.30am-3pm hugely successful opening at Mangere Arts Manukau City Symphony Hours: 4.45pm–5.45pm Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu Centre, Niu Life will show in Otara. People Orchestra Genesis Energy Contact: Greg Whaiapu Phone: 275 0482 are invited to view almost 300 photographs Autumn Concerts Phone: 274 6400 Email: from the past 50 years that show the many Venue: TelstraClear Pacifi c Events Centre Email: Website: facets of life for Pacifi c communities living Hours: Saturday 31 March 2007 Website: This group exhibition brings together in Manukau city. 7.30pm–10pm Get grooving with our free hip-hop dance designers and artists with a passion for Sunday 1 April 2007, 2.30pm–5pm classes this summer! If you love to dance, seeking out hidden treasures. 21 April Price: $15–$38, plus booking fees or just want to have a go, then join us every Festival of Colours Contact: Box Offi ce week in Manukau Square. There’s great 30 March—29 April Venue: Allan Brewster Recreation Centre, Phone: 976 7777 music, and an awesome tutor. So put on Painting Installation Manukau Email: ticketing@pacifi some comfortable clothing and come along by Nigel Borrell Hours: 10am until late evening Website: www.pacifi for some fun and fresh air. Open to anyone Venue: Nathan Homestead Contact: Yasmin Sait Swedish soprano Maria Keohane performs aged 10 years or above. Get Up and Dance! 70 Hill Road, Manurewa Phone: 835 9555/ 834 1057 operatic arias with the Manukau City is jointly presented by Arts and Parks, Hours: Monday–Friday 9am-5pm; Email: Symphony Orchestra, and Christine Chang, Manukau City Council. weekends 1pm-4pm The very best theatre, music, exhibitions, winner of the Genesis Energy 2007 Classic Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu food and dance from the variety of cultures Quest, performs Chaminade’s Concertino Phone: 267 0180 that make up our community. The festival for Flute. The MCSO, conducted by Music Email: will run for the whole day until late night and Director Uwe Grodd, is joined by Auckland Website: performers from all parts of the Auckland Philharmonia percussionists Vadim A solo exhibition by contemporary Maori region will take part. Simongauz, Jenny Raven and Judy Stokes in artist Nigel Borrell, whose painting the premiere performance of John Rimmer’s technique is based on his training in textile Manukau Refrains. The performance printing and design. He uses fabric dyes, concludes with Ravel’s dramatic Bolero. fi bre reactive inks and occasional additions of woollen embroidery and iridescent paints to create soft dreamlike forms. IMAGE: NIU LIFE AT FRESH GALLERY, OTARA Free Event Listing Once a month Manukau City Council will publish an events diary in Manukau Matters, which will feature the highlights of the comprehensive events list on the council’s website. If you would like your event listed, please visit and click on “Calendar of Events”. Follow the instructions to submit your event details. Your event will appear on the website and from these listings a range of key events will be selected for publication in Manukau Matters. Note: It is the responsibility of the event submitter to ensure the information provided is complete and accurate. The above events diary is published by the council in good faith from details provided to it by event organisers via the council website. The council makes no claim as to the accuracy or authenticity of the content of the web site events listing or its reproduction (in full or part) in Manukau Matters. PAGE 8 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at