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Manukau matters issue 16 2007


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Manukau City council city-wide newspaper

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Manukau matters issue 16 2007

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA MANUKAU CANINE COMMUNICATION PAGE 2 MATTERS M S 4 MARCH 2007 ISSUE 16 ‘SILVER LINING’ EMERGES BEAUTIFUL MANUKAU REVEALED OUT OF DESTRUCTION MANUKAU GARDENERS TURNED ON A STUNNING PERFORMANCE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MANUKAU A NEW TOWN CENTRE Mr Maxwell says. “There are commercial GARDENS COMPETITION, WITH MORE THAN 200 CONCEPT IS THE ‘SILVER opportunities in Tonga that are now open PRIZE WINNERS ANNOUNCED. LINING’ THAT HAS COME to businesses in Manukau through the bonds OUT OF THE DESTRUCTION of friendship that have been established.” Chairman of Manukau Beautifi cation Charitable Trust Reverend Mark Beale said the IN NUKU’ALOFA DURING Mr Maxwell says Manukau staff worked trust was pleased with the standard of gardens viewed and that the city seemed a lot PRO-DEMOCRACY RIOTS extremely hard to produce a report for the cleaner and tidier this year. Judging took place in the last week of November and fi rst IN TONGA. Tongan Government within seven days. week of December 2006. The delegation adopted a consultative Beautiful Manukau is a charitable trust supported by Manukau City Council to Manukau City Council Community Director approach that was seen as quite enhance the visual beauty of Manukau city. Projects include graffi ti removal, Ian Maxwell, who led a delegation of council revolutionary in the Tongan experience. rail embankment beautifi cation, murals, education and competitions. staff to help plan the rebuild of Nuku’alofa, “We were able to demonstrate the In addition to the support by Manukau City Council, the principal sponsor says the destruction proved a catalyst practice of policy development by for the Gardens competition was Envirowaste Services Ltd. for change. consultation. We met with every section See results at www.beautifulmanukau.org.nz “Showing real leadership, the Tongan of society, from the King himself to Government has taken the good out of the Government Ministers, local business THE WINNING GARDEN IN MANGERE ZONE 14, CREATED BY KUEA TELEPO. bad in planning for the redevelopment of people and the people on the streets. the town centre that should benefi t the Tonga had never experienced consultation Tongan people, its business community like this before. and tourism,” he says. “We also looked at how the right people Four Manukau City Council staff spent could be identifi ed and trained to ensure seven working days in Tonga helping the process was followed through. Some plan the reconstruction. The full costs of of that training might well need to be done the delegation were met by the Tongan in New Zealand and this, in itself, presents Government. There was no charge against opportunities for Manukau organisations.” Manukau City Council rates. Arrangements One of the key themes in the fi nal report were made to ensure council processes were was to ensure the plans were achievable, not affected by the staff absences and costs culturally appropriate and capable of being associated with these arrangements were built and maintained by Tonga. also passed on to the Tongan Government. “This was a unique experience for staff “I believe Manukau city will benefi t which adds to the depth of their skills and greatly from the good relationships with experience they bring to their own positions Tonga that the provision of council time in council,” Mr Maxwell says. and staff resources have helped engender,” WALK, TALK Five locations are visited by the programme: Clevedon Scenic Reserve, The next walk, on 16 March, is at Clevedon Scenic Reserve. “The landscape AND ENJOY Hampton Park Te Puke o Tara, Mangere Mountain, Otuataua Stonefi elds Historic is steeped in Maori history and we are treated to an amazing view of Clevedon Do you fancy an enjoyable walk coupled Reserve and Mangemangeroa Reserve. and the east and the west coasts,” with a rich insight into history, archeology, Walks take two hours and a bus will says Park Ranger Anna Baine. geology and nature? Look no further return walkers to the start. The talks will For more information and to book than Manukau city’s Ranger Walk and Talk include Maori use of plants, birdlife, and a place on the walks, call Anna Baine programme, which continues this month. pest management. on 09 263 7100. NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, EVENTS, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS
  2. 2. TOP LINE UP FOR – TE KAEAEA ECONOMIC SUMMIT 2007 Manukau Economic Summit Wednesday 14 March 2007 SIT FIDO, SIT! MANUKAU MATTERS A key event on Manukau’s business 5.30pm for 6.00pm start If your dog doesn’t listen to you, the – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is calendar, the 2007 Manukau Economic Genesis Energy Theatre, TelstraClear Manukau City Council’s contractor DSS published twice a month by the Summit, will be held on Wednesday 14 March Pacifi c Events Centre, Manukau Animal Management has free dog training Manukau City Council and delivered to at the TelstraClear Pacifi c Events Centre. sessions on offer this month. more than 100,000 households, rural This year two keynote speakers — Chief For more information and to register, The aim is to reduce problems by delivery addresses, and other locations Executive of the New Zealand Institute please contact Shelley Lunny at improving communications between dogs within the city boundaries. David Skilling and the Reserve Bank of New Enterprising Manukau, ph 262 7320 or and their owners. The sessions are – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps Zealand’s Sharon McCaw — will present their email shelley.lunny@em.org.nz. intended for dogs with little or council inform residents and ratepayers views on the national economic climate and Registration is essential. no formal training. about council decisions, activities, the impact on the local economy. Other The Economic Summit is organised The programme was projects and events. It is a cost- speakers include Michael Wilson from TV by Enterprising Manukau on behalf of introduced in Manukau effective way of providing important One’s morning business programme and Manukau City Council and is proudly last year and was a huge statutory information such as public Mayor of Manukau city Sir Barry Curtis. sponsored by Westpac. success, prompting its notices concerning planning and repetition this year. resource consent issues. Professional dog – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also trainers from Canine contains articles of interest to Manukau CELEBRATE PASIFIKA IN MANUKAU Solutions will assess residents, promoting the city’s MANUKAU CITY IS HOSTING SEVERAL EVENTS THIS MONTH each dog to gauge their resources, attractions, facilities and THAT FORM PART OF CELEBRATE PASIFIKA — A REGIONAL degree of ‘good manners’, community events. FESTIVAL SHOWCASING PACIFIC TALENT. obedience and overall standard of training. Owners are given feedback and guidance For more information about events listed below visit www.welcome2manukau.com CONTACT US AT where necessary. and www.celebratepasifi ka.co.nz. EMAIL manukaumatters@ Sessions will be held on 10, 11, 24 and manukau.govt.nz SCULPTOR Niu Life — Manukau’s Pacific 25 March. EDITORIAL 09 262 5223 DAVEY MCGHIE, NZ People: a Photographic Find out more and book by contacting EVENT LISTINGS www.manukau.govt.nz Narrative DSS Animal Management on 09 279 5095 and select ‘calendar of events’ under DAVEY WILL BE A Supported by the Pacifi c Island Advisory or 09 279 9318 or email Jackie@dssl.co.nz. the ‘most popular’ banner. GUEST ARTIST AT Committee, this photographic exhibition DISTRIBUTION 09 262 5104 THE MANULAND affi rms the generational bond that Pacifi c POST Manukau City Council, SCULPTURE people have with Manukau city. From 1 to FROM NEW YORK Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City SYMPOSIUM. 24 March at Mangere Arts Centre. TO OTARA (attention Manukau Matters) One of New York’s original graffi ti artists, DESIGNED BY New Work: ‘Ahota’ei’loa Toetu’u Eric Orr, is coming to Otara later this month Scenario Communications Limited A debut exhibition by emerging local as part of the Auckland Festival, AK07. Orr EDITOR Jenna Moore Manuland Sculpture Tongan artist ‘Ahota’ei’loa Toetu’u is famous for his collaboration with graffi ti/ CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards Symposium featuring traditional and minimalist pop artist Keith Haring on a series of New Held from 12 to 25 March at the paintings, Tongan bark cloth and lalava, York subway station drawings in the mid WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL Waterfront Reserve, Mangere Bridge, coconut sinnet lashing. From 2 to 25 March 1980s. VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? Manuland will feature some of New at Nathan Homestead, Manurewa. Orr will collaborate with local secondary In addition to your printed copy, we can Zealand’s fi nest sculptors and Pacifi c school and MIT artists to paint the Manukau send you a PDF version. Email us at artists. Visitors will be able to talk to Pollywood film screening City Council performance stage that manukaumatters@manukau.govt.nz artists as they work, and anyone is 15 March at te tuhi – the mark, Pakuranga. featured at the Ellerslie International welcome to attend one of the Public For more information phone 09 577 0138. Flower Show last November and is now at Artist Forums at the Mangere Arts Fergusson Oaks Reserve. WANT TO CONTACT Centre on Thursday 15 March (6—7pm) BUY SPEND SAVE NOW Come along and watch the COUNCIL, OR YOUR or Saturday 17 March (10—11am). A collaboration between performance/ transformation and hear what Eric has to ELECTED COUNCILLOR? Completed works will be exhibited and multi-media artist Shigeyuki Kihara, say about his art: Council’s main administration phone for sale on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 emerging artist and curator Ema Tavola • Live painting and workshops: 10am—4pm number is 09 263 7100 (business March. Contact Filipe Tohi, ph: 021 077 and cultural commentator Sieni Salesa, daily, Thursday 22 — Saturday 24 March hours). Use the Call Centre on 09 262 038 or visit www.manulandnz.com for which examines the way contemporary • Opening celebration featuring 5104 (24 hours) for assistance with: more information. artists of Pacifi c Island heritage can draw multimedia, music and dance: 4.30—7pm, graffi ti, roading, signs, refuse disposal, on gallery specifi c forms as a means to Saturday 24 March. traffi c, street lighting, environmental ASB Polyfest engage with new audiences. Supported by Everyone welcome. by-laws, noise complaints, dog control, The South Pacifi c comes to Manukau the Pacifi c Business Trust. From 22 March For more information visit www.manukau. statistical information, LIM reports, later this month in the form of ASB to 14 April at Fresh Gallery Otara. govt.nz or www.aucklandfestival.co.nz land rates and kerbside recycling. Polyfest – the world’s largest Maori The council’s website has contact and Pacifi c Island Secondary School’s Pacific Arts Fono details for all elected Councillors and cultural festival. Entry is by $3.00 Koha, An opportunity for Pacifi c artists and ANNUAL PLAN DUE Community Board members, at: preschool children are free. From 21 to other interested parties to discuss and FOR RELEASE www.manukau.govt.nz and click on 24 March at the Manukau Sportsbowl. exchange ideas on issues they face in their Manukau City Council’s 2007/08 draft ‘Your Council’, then select ‘Mayor and Visit www.asbpolyfest.co.nz for more arts practice. Contact Anton Carter, ph: Annual Plan, to be considered by Council Councillors’ for their contact details or information. 04 498 0729, or email antonc@creativenz. on 1 March, will soon be released for ‘Community Boards’ to see the lists of govt.nz to register or visit www.creativenz. consultation. Submissions will close on community board members. Bloodlines & (Re)Connections govt.nz for more information. Saturday 24 20 April, 2007. A summary of the draft Artist Glenda Vilisoni explores her March at the Otara Music Arts Centre. Plan, including a submission form, will be connection with her birthplace Niue, in Manukau Matters Issue 17 on 25 March. with themes and issues relating to Pasifika Storytimes The summary and the full draft Plan will contemporary Niuean culture. From Manukau Libraries celebrates Pacifi c also be available on the council’s website 24 February to 17 March at Fresh cultures in the city with Pasifi ka (www.manukau.govt.nz) from 12 March. Gallery Otara. Storytimes throughout March. Visit Copies will be available in your local NEXT ISSUE Sunday 25 March 2007 www.manukau-libraries.govt.nz for library or you can call the council on ISSN 1177-522X more information. 262 5104 to have a copy sent to you.
  3. 3. PUBLIC NOTICES The Resource Management Act 1991 Manukau Operative District Plan 2002 FREE Composting Courses 2007 Public Notice of the availability of a Summary of Submissions Received to Proposed Private Plan Change Manukau city residents are invited to take advantage of these No. 17 — Kelly’s Cove Structure Plan free Create Your Own Eden courses. Book your place to learn about home composting and worm A summary of the submissions received to the above farming. You will receive a $20 discount voucher to purchase Proposed Private Plan Change is now available for inspection. BE A SWIMSATION TUTOR a compost or worm bin upon completion of your course. A copy of the Proposed Private Plan Change and the Summary Manukau city’s Papatoetoe Centennial of Submissions Received can be viewed at: Manukau City Council Pools urgently need more swimming Times & dates: libraries; the Citizen and Customer Centre (ground fl oor, Kotuku tutors. Day Date From To House, Manukau Square, Manukau city) or on the council’s “Tutors need to be easy to chat to, Saturday 17 March 10.00 am 12.00 noon website http://www.manukau.govt.nz/tec/district/intro.htm have good communication skills, and be Saturday 7 April 10.00 am 12.00 noon (click on the Plan Change Register). A full copy of the original approachable to children, parents and Saturday 28 April 10.00 am 12.00 noon submissions is kept at the Citizen and Customer Centre for other adults,” says Melanie Gregory, Saturday 26 May 10.00 am 12.00 noon inspection. Centre Manager of Papatoetoe Centennial Saturday 25 August 10.00 am 12.00 noon Any person may make a further submission in support of, Pools. “They don’t have to be brilliant Saturday 22 September 10.00 am 12.00 noon or in opposition to, any original submission up until the close swimmers themselves as they are given Saturday 6 October 10.00 am 12.00 noon of business on 23 March 2007. specialist training. The key skills are Saturday 27 October 10.00 am 12.00 noon Further submissions should be on Form 6 as prescribed by communication, the ability to teach Saturday 24 November 10.00 am 12.00 noon the Resource Management (Forms, Fees and Procedures) people of different levels, and a sense Regulations 2003. Copies of Form 6 are available from the of fun.” Bookings are essential: To book your place telephone the Citizen and Customer Centre, Manukau City Council libraries Swim tutoring represents a great organiser, Kaipatiki Project on 09 482 1172. or by requesting a copy on ph 09 262 8900 ext. 8361, opportunity to step into the recreation or Fax 09 262 5169. industry and interact with children, Location: The Logan Campbell Education Centre, Further submissions should be sent to Plan Change it could also lead to part-time work. Auckland Botanic Gardens, 102 Hill Road, Manurewa Submissions, Manukau City Council, Private Bag 76917 For more information, please call Additional information may be viewed at: Manukau city, Attention Melanie Hart (Administration Offi cer). Melanie Gregory on 09 278 4167. www.manukau.govt.nz — Waste and Water Within fi ve working days of making a further submission you Website: www.swimsation.com — Waste Minimisation — Create your own Eden are also required by the Resource Management Act to send a copy to the person whose submission you are supporting or opposing. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Recreation Programmer After further submissions close, council will schedule hearings Aquatics / Lifeguard of all submissions to the Proposed Private Plan Change and AT COUNCIL (Permanent, Full-time) those submitters who have indicated that they wish to do so For these and other employment opportunities at council visit: Manurewa Aquatic Centre will be given the opportunity to present their submissions www.manukau.govt.nz and select ‘Jobs at council’ under the ‘most We are looking for a full-time recreation to the Hearings Committee of Council. popular’ banner. programmer aquatics/lifeguard to join If you require more information about making a further our team at Manurewa Aquatic Centre. submission please telephone 09 262 8900 ext. 8361. You will be required to run water-based This Notice fi rst publicly notifi ed on Friday, 23 Feb 2007. Grounds man/Cremator Operator programmes in addition to regular Manukau Memorial Gardens life-guarding duties. We are seeking an enthusiastic person to work as part of a You will need to have excellent Resource Management Act 1991 small team and carry out a variety of tasks including digging customer service skills, enjoy high Manukau Operative District Plan 2002 of graves, attendance at burials, operation and maintenance customer contact, have a current Public notice of Decision of the Hearings Committee of plant and equipment (including two cremators) and general First Aid Certifi cate, have experience in Relation to Notices of Requirement for Roading grounds maintenance. in aquatic programming, and have, Designations — Whitford Bypass and Primary Roads A genuine desire to provide a responsive and quality service or have the ability to obtain, the Widening included in Plan Change No. 8 to the public whilst showing appropriate sensitivity to bereaved National Lifeguard Award (Pools). families is essential. Vacancy Number: MM 3687 In accordance with clause 10 of the First Schedule of the There is a requirement to work a 40 hour week from 7.30am Applications close: 8 March 2007, Resource Management Act 1991, the Hearings Committee has to 4pm Monday to Friday although applicants must have the 12 noon made decisions on submissions to Notices of Requirement for fl exibility to work weekends when required. Conditions of work Roading Designations — Whitford Bypass and Primary Roads are excellent and competitive salary rates are paid. Widening included in Plan Change No. 8 [Minute Number: Vacancy Number: MM 3683 Coordinator – Injury Free H/FEB/74/07]. Applications close: 12 March 2007, 12 noon Counties Manukau (Maori Copies of the decision have been sent to the submitters and component) further submitters involved. The decision can be viewed at the Community Safety and Health Citizen and Customer Centre (ground fl oor of Kotuku House, Customer Service Representative An innovative and motivated person Manukau Square, Manukau city), at Manukau City Council Customer Contact Team – Written Communications is required to coordinate programmes libraries, or on the council’s website www.manukau.govt.nz/tec/ Have you got excellent written communication skills? If and strategies to reduce injuries for district/intro.htm (click on the Plan Change Register). you enjoy helping people and love the challenge of a busy Maori in Counties Manukau. This is a A copy of the decision can be obtained by request on team based environment, we need your “can do attitude” in 32 hour/week role. Familiarity with the 09 262 8900 ext. 8361 or fax 09 262 5169. our Written Communication Team. We have an opportunity Maori community networks in Manukau This Notice fi rst publicly notifi ed on Sunday, 4 March 2007. for an experienced customer service specialist to join our city, Papakura and Franklin, and team committed to meeting the needs of Manukau’s diverse experience in community development community. This is a challenging role which requires excellent or health promotion is essential. You Pacific Island Advisory Committee (PIAC) written communication skills, sound computer knowledge and will also need to be a capable facilitator Notice of meeting an ability to use your initiative as you strive to make a difference and communicator, and able to build to the community. If you wish to be part of a progressive relationships with a wide range of 15 March 2007, commencing at 6:00pm. organisation that puts people fi rst, then send us your individuals and groups. Totara Room, Level 3, Civic Centre, 31—33 Wiri Station Road, application today. Vacancy Number: MM 3684 Manukau. Public welcome to attend. Vacancy Number: MM 3677 Applications close: 8 March 2007, For more information contact: Faama Viliamu, PIAC Coordinator. Applications close: 12 March 2007, 12 noon 12 noon Ph: 262 8900 ext 8469 or email: fviliamu@manukau.govt.nz
  4. 4. Land Use Resource Consent Resource Consent Applications Notifi cation of an Application for Resource Consent Notifi cation of Applications for Resource Consents under Section 93(2) of the Resource under Section 93(2) of the Resource Management Management Act 1991 Act 1991 Auckland Regional Council has received Measures include: use of diversion drains to control Manukau City Council has received an application for resource applications for the following resource consents runoff, sediment detention ponds to treat water prior consent from Beachlands Quarry Limited. from Beachlands Quarry Limited. to discharge to the Te Puru Stream and tributary, Location: The location of the site to which this application Application No. 32855 for a Land Use Consent: topsoiling and revegetation of earthworks areas as relates is 885 Whitford — Maraetai Road, Beachlands, Manukau Sediment Control to undertake a quarrying and soon as practicable. city. The site is on the eastern side of the road, just south of the cleanfi ll operation and associated earthworks Mitigation measures on site to control dust include: intersection with Beachlands Road (Lot 2 DP 54701). in accordance with Section 9 of the Resource sprinkler system on roadways, wheel wash facility at The applicant operates a quarry on the site. It is proposed Management Act 1991. the end of the haul road, sprinkler system adjacent to extend the quarry beyond its presently permitted limits by Application No. 33120 for Consent to Discharge to Te Puru Stream, spray mist nozzles on quarry excavating deeper, by expanding the quarry excavation to the Contaminants to Air from the extraction, crushing, equipment and a water cart available during clean south and east and, by doing so, to extend quarry activity more screening, processing and transport of rock, where fi ll stages. or less to the boundaries of the site. The consent term sought the main potential discharge into air is dust, in Monitoring of the effects of activities is proposed. is unlimited. Conditions are proposed by the applicant to limit accordance with Section 15(1)(c) of the Resource These applications are for consents from the the effect of the quarry extension. Chief among these are a Management Act 1991. Auckland Regional Council (ARC) but notice is given proposed limit of 200 truck movements per day, a limit on Application No. 33121 for Consent to undertake that the Applicant has also applied to the Manukau daily production rates, a 10 hour working day, controls on works in a watercourse and to divert a watercourse City Council for the relevant consents from that noise, dust and vibration, and landscaping. The Pony Club being an unnamed tributary of the Te Puru Stream in Council. Stream will be relocated as part of the proposed expansion and accordance with Sections 13 and 14 of the Resource Address for service: GHD Limited, PO Box 76 477, a range of measures are proposed to avoid any adverse effects Management Act 1991. Manukau city 2241 from that work. Application No. 33685 for a Water Permit to divert Attention: Tony Miller This application is for a land use consent from Manukau City and take up to 400m 3/day and 146,000m 3/year Deadline: Submissions to this application must be Council but notice is given that the applicant has also applied of groundwater from the quarry pit for ground received no later than 4.30pm on 30 March 2007. to the Auckland Regional Council for the relevant consents dewatering in accordance with Section 14 of the Any person may make a written submission on the from that Council. Resource Management Act 1991. applications to the Auckland Regional Council no Address for service: Location: 885 Whitford — Maraetai Road, later than 4.30pm on the submission closing date. GHD Limited, PO Box 76 477, Manukau City 2241 Beachlands, Manukau city. The site is on the eastern The submission must be dated, signed and include Attention: Tony Miller side of the road, just south of the intersection with the following information: Deadline: Submissions to this application must be received Beachlands Road and to the west of the Te Puru 1. Your name, postal address, telephone number no later than 5.00pm on 30 March 2007. Stream. and fax number (if applicable). If you wish to make a submission on this application, you may do Approximate Map Reference: 2. Details of the application in respect of which you so by sending a written submission to the Council addressed to NZTM 1779800 5915150 are making the submission, including location the Manager - Resource Consents, Manukau City Council, Private The Applicant operates an existing quarry on the site 3. Whether you support or oppose the application Bag 76917, Manukau city to arrive no later than the date given in under existing use rights and four resource consents 4. The reasons for your submission, including any the relevant notice above. from the Auckland Regional Council. conditions you may wish the Council to include The submission must be on Form 13, dated, signed by you, and It is proposed to expand the quarry by quarrying if a decision is made to grant the application include the following information: progressively towards the southeast of the site, 5. Whether you wish to be heard in support of 1 Your name, postal address and phone number/fax number which will include quarrying through the current your submission. 2 Details of the application in respect of which you are making alignment of an unnamed tributary of the Te Puru Submissions are to be served on the Auckland the submission, including location Stream, referred to in the application as the Pony Regional Council, and may be posted, faxed or 3 Whether you support or oppose the application Club Creek. These works will require the realignment delivered to the ARC offi ce, the address and fax 4 Your submission with reasons of the Pony Club Creek around the southern number for service are stated above. Please note 5 The decision you wish the Manukau City Council to make boundary of the quarry pit and repositioning of its we are unable to accept submissions in electronic 6 Whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission. confl uence with the Te Puru Stream. The new stream format. A copy of your submission must also be The application can be viewed and copies of submission forms channel will have riparian planting. served, as soon as reasonably practicable, on the are available at the Public Counter, Citizens and Customer It is proposed to extend the fl oor of the quarry to a Applicant at the address for service stated above. Centre, Kotuku House, Manukau Square, Manukau city. depth no greater than RL—75m (75m below sea level). The applications and accompanying information Any inquiries regarding this application should be directed Groundwater will be diverted into the deepened can be viewed at the offi ce of the Auckland Regional to Conway Stewart on telephone 818 8988. quarry pit and will be pumped out at a rate of up to Council Monday to Friday between the hours of A copy of your submission must be served as soon as reasonably 400m 3/day to dewater the pit. The radius of the zone 8.30am and 4.30 pm. Alternatively, the application practicable on the applicant and should be sent to the relevant of groundwater infl uence of the proposed quarry may also be viewed at Manukau City Council’s Address for Service as detailed in the advertisement above. expansion dewatering is approximately 830m from Citizens and Customer Centre, Kotuku House, the centre of the quarry pit. No signifi cant leakage Manukau Square, Manukau city. from the surface water bodies (streams and springs) For further information on the application, Schedule of meetings for March 2007 to the quarry pit is expected by the applicant. Clean and making a submission visit the website fi lling of the completed void left by the quarry www.arc.govt.nz or phone Amendment to advertised Community Board Meetings activity will follow. 366 2000 or 0800 80 60 – Pakuranga Community Board & Botany Community Board An Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for the 40 if calling from outside Public notice is hereby given in terms of Local Government quarry expansion and cleanfi ll has been prepared. the Auckland area. Offi cial Information and Meetings Act 1987 of an amendment to the Schedule of Meetings previously notifi ed. A meeting of the Pakuranga Community Board will be held on 12 March 2007 in Use of reserve for communications station the Community Room, Pakuranga Library Complex, Aylesbury Pacifi c Events Centre Reserve — 770R Great South Road Street, Pakuranga, commencing at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend. The Botany Community Board is moving its meetings. Pursuant to Section 48A of the Reserves Act 1977, Manukau City Council notifi es a proposal to grant a From March the board will meet at the Botany Library, Botany licence for twenty years to Vodafone New Zealand Limited to install and use a telecommunications facility on Shopping Centre. The board welcomes community participation approximately 31.5m 2 of land described as part Section 1 SO 361058 (being Part Lot 2 DP 323900) contained and input on local interests and concerns. The details of the in Certifi cate of Title 96485 and located at the above address. A plan of the proposed telecommunications March meeting are as follows: Botany Community Board, on facility may be inspected at the main council administration building, Wiri Station Road, Level 9, Attention Nicki 5 March 2007 in the Botany Library, 1 Sunset Terrace, Botany Adler between 9am and 5pm weekdays. Any person wishing to object to the proposal may do so, in writing and Shopping Centre, Botany Downs, commencing at 6.30pm addressed to Manukau City Council, Private Bag 76 917 Manukau, Attention Nicki Adler, no later than 5 April 2007.