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Talk on .NET assemblies
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Talk on .NET assemblies






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Talk on .NET assemblies Talk on .NET assemblies Presentation Transcript

  • Bellevue .NET User Group www.BellevueDotNet.com Vidya Vrat Agarwal . | .NET Consultant MCPD, MCTS, MCT, MCSD.NET , MCAD and MCSD Talk on .NET Assemblies
  • Agenda
    • What is .NET Assembly
    • Probing process
    • Private assemblies
    • Accessing private assembly using .config file
    • Shared Assemblies and GAC
    • Client Redirection to newly deployed assembly in GAC
    • Assembly execution and JIT
    • Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)
  • What is .NET Assembly
    • An assembly is a compiled .NET dll or exe.
    • An assembly in .NET contains Metadata and Manifest
    • Metadata is data about data.
    • Manifest is data about assembly (version info, dependencies etc)
    • ILDasm.exe can show the metadata and Manifest.
  • Probing process and Private Assembly
    • Probing is the process how .NET look out for an assembly during execution.
    • Any assembly which lives in an application folder is known as Private assembly
    • If an assembly is not found during the probing process FileNotFoundException exception is thrown.
  • Demo Probing process with Private Assembly
  • Accessing private assembly using .config file
    • Define a number of subdirectories to group related content. For example, assume you have an application directory named C:MyApp that contains MyApp.exe. Under this folder might be a subfolder named MyLibraries that contains MyApp.dll
    • Regardless of the intended relationship between these two directories, the CLR will not probe the MyLibraries subdirectory unless you supply a configuration file
    • . Configuration files contain various XML elements that allow you to influence the probing process.
    • . Configuration files must have the same name as the launching application and take a *.config file extension, and they must be deployed in the client’s application directory.
    • Thus, if you wish to create a configuration file for MyApp.exe, it must be named MyApp.exe.config and located under the C:MyApp directory or where the .exe lives.
  • Demo Accessing private assembly using .config file
  • Shared Assemblies and GAC
    • GAC is Global Assembly Cache
    • GAC is located at C:WindowsAssembly
    • .NET dlls live in GAC and user created
    • .dll can also live in GAC and can be referenced as Shared dll by many apps.
  • Demo Deploy an assembly into GAC & Access an assembly from GAC
  • Client Redirection to newly deployed assembly in GAC
    • Scenario: Consider you have a ver 1.0 deployed and later you built a new functionality as Ver 2.0, now you need redirect all the clients to the this new version of GAC deployed assembly.
  • Demo Client Redirection to newly deployed assembly in GAC
  • Assembly execution and JIT Visual Basic .NET Visual C# Visual C++ .NET .NET Platform Code .NET Framework Class Library XML Web Services ADO.NET Data Types Common Language Runtime Source code compiles as MSIL/IL/CIL Programming Services JIT compiler produces machine language Assembly execution and JIT
  • Demo Assembly execution and JIT
  • Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)
    • Ngen.exe is a tool that improves the performance of managed applications.
    • Ngen.exe creates native images, which are files containing compiled processor-specific machine code, and installs them into the native image cache on the local computer.
    • The runtime can use native images from the cache instead using the just-in-time (JIT) compiler to compile the original assembly.
  • Demo
    • Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)
  • Questions