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Pearson talent assessment corporate presentation
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Pearson talent assessment corporate presentation


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talent management

talent management

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1 Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 2. About Pearson• Pearson is an international media company & a global leader in educational publishing, assessment, business information and services.• We have our operations in 60 countries, with 34000 strong global work force.• Through acquisitions, strategic alliances, and organic growth, we have put in place all the pieces necessary to create the worlds leading learning company.• These include the most comprehensive range of educational programmes; leadership in testing, assessment, and enterprise software; and the very best in online consumer and professional learning.• Pearson owns: – Pearson Education - The worlds leading education company – Financial Times Group - Worlds leading business information companies, – The Penguin Group - The world-famous Penguin brand is the label of quality from novels and classics to cookbooks - and much more - around the world. Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 3. We are part of Pearson Group $8.4bn, 30000+ employees, operation in 60+ countries Pearson Education is the world’s leading education company. Leading brands: Longman, Prentice Hall, Addison Wellesley, Scott ForesmanThe Financial Times is the most international source of business news, data and analysis. Leading brands: FT, Economist, IDC The Penguin Group is one of the world’s great consumer publishers. Fiction, non-fiction, reference books 3 Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 4. Pearson Talent Assessment• The assessment group of Pearson formerly known as Harcourt Assessment is a division of Pearson Education Limited• We provide a range of effective and robust assessments to support your recruitment and selection decisions• They are used to predict the performance of potential and current employees in a range of roles and across different levels• These assessments are used to identify talented individuals or to uncover qualities required for promotion, progression and to inform your talent management initiatives.• Our instruments measure critical thinking, personality profiling, problem solving, and a range of job skills to deliver data-driven insights that inform and clarify an organizations human capital decisions. Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 5. Ability Assessments• Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal• Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal.• Raven’s Progressive Matrices• Differential Aptitude test for Selection – General Abilities Battery• Differential Aptitude test for Selection – Technical Abilities Battery• Versant – Proficiency in English language testing Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 6. Personality Assessments• SOSIE• D5D• GOLDEN Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 7. Ability TestingWatson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal• The Watson-Glaser series is the gold standard for measuring critical thinking ability and decision making in high-potential professionals, new managers, and future leaders.• WG measures higher level verbal reasoning abilities across five key areas: – Inference - The ability to evaluate the validity of inferences drawn from a series of factual statements. – Recognition of assumptions - The ability to identify unstated assumptions or presuppositions in a series of assertive statements. – Deduction - The ability to determine whether certain conclusions necessarily follow from the information in given statements or premises. – Interpretation - The ability to weigh evidence and decide if generalisations or conclusions based on the given data are warranted. – Evaluation of arguments - The ability to distinguish between arguments that are strong and relevant and those that are weak or irrelevant regarding a particular issue. Administration: Individual - 40 minutes, 80 items, Paper & Pencil or Online Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 8. Ability TestingRANRA• The Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA) measures higher-level numerical reasoning .• Numerical reasoning ability is vital for employees who need to make decisions using financial statements, trends and statistics, sales data, performance metrics and other information.• It is used in conjunction with the Watson-Glaser, offering a demanding, high level assessment of numerical and verbal reasoning skills when recruiting in the highly competitive management market.• RANRA can accurately predict a candidates ability to identify the following – most important information from a set of data, – compare complex quantitative information, and – break down information into essential parts. Administration: Individual - 20 minutes, Paper & Pencil or Online Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 9. Ability TestingRAVEN’s Progressive Matrices• Ravens is a leading global non-verbal measure of mental ability,• It helps in identifying individuals with advanced observation and clear thinking skills who can handle the complexity and ambiguity of the modern workplace.• Ravens offers information about someones capacity for – analysing and solving problems, – abstract reasoning, and – the ability to learn - and reduces cultural bias with a nonverbal approach. Administration: Individual -40 to 60 minutes, two sets, 48 items. Paper & Pencil Online coming soon. Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 10. Ability TestingRAVEN’s Progressive MatricesThe RAVEN’s Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM): – Suitable for senior management positions and senior professional and technical positions – Differentiates between people at the high end of intellectual ability – Contains Set I, with 12 problems, used as a practice or screening test – Set II, a 36 problem series that is always administered with Set IThe RAVEN’s Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM): – Suitable for supervisory/entry level management positions and mid-level positions – Ravens SPM contains 60 items split across 5 sets (A - E) proportionately Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 11. Ability TestingDAT for Selection – General Abilities Battery• The DAT has a history stretching back to 1947 with its original authors being amongst the most prestigious names in the history of psychometric test development.• DAT for Selection - General Abilities Battery assesses an individuals relative strengths and weaknesses across aspects of ability considered key to occupational success.• The General Abilities Battery combines the following tests together: Verbal Reasoning – How well can you understand ideas expressed in words? – How clearly can you think and reason with words? Numerical Reasoning – How well can you understand ideas expressed in numbers? – How clearly can you think and reason with numbers? Abstract Reasoning – How well can you understand ideas that are not expressed in words or numbers? – How well do you think out problems even when there are no words to guide you? Administration: Individual or Group - 60 to 90 minutes per battery, Paper & Pencil Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 12. Ability TestingDAT for Selection – Technical Abilities BatteryThe Technical Abilities Battery combines the following tests together: Numerical Reasoning – How well can you understand ideas expressed in numbers? – How clearly can you think and reason with numbers? Abstract Reasoning – How well can you understand ideas that are not expressed in words or numbers? – How well do you think out problems even when there are no words to guide you? Mechanical Reasoning – How easily do you grasp the common principles of physics as you see them in everyday life? – How well do you understand the laws governing simple machinery, tools and bodies in motion? Space Relations – How well can you visualise, or form mental pictures of, solid objects from looking at flat paper plans? – How well can you think in three dimensions? Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 13. Personality Assessments• SOSIE• D5D• The GOLDEN Personality Type Profiler Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 14. Personality AssessmentsSOSIESosie, the ECPA personality test, can be used to show what makes the person being assessed stickto his/her motivations.Sosie personality inventory measure 9 “character traits” and 12 “values”.The applicant reads 98 series of sentences (character assessment then value system) and is requiredto choose the ones that best describe him/her, least describe him/her and the ones that reflect whathe/she considers as the most and least important things in life.The standard result enables the assessor to put forward hypotheses regarding the character traits andvalues that are specific to each individual.It provides useful information in recruiting, coaching, career management and professionalassessments Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 15. Personality AssessmentsSOSIE comprises of:• 9 personality traits that represent the resources of the individual potential that will in the service of his professional activity (sociability, ancestry, emotional stability, curiosity of mind, etc.)• 12 values that represent the driving forces behind the reactions and behaviour of individuals (the taste of power, conformity, organization, method, etc.)• 4 styles of behaviour identified by factor analysis and highly related to the types of management – Stability and structure – Power and activity – Openness and control – Selflessness and conviction • Because it combines two complementary approaches, the behaviour and motivations, SOSIE promotes a dynamic and thorough knowledge of people. Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 16. Personality AssessmentsD5D• D5D stands for Description in 5 Dimensions of Personality .• It is a brief ipsative test of the big five personality traits of : Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness to experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.• In D5D there are 11 sets of 5 adjectives over which the applicant s are assessed.• It is short & crisp test which takes less than10 minutes to complete & yields candidates personality profile : – With complete description of the results in each dimension, – Cross dimensional score – "high" or "low". – Guide to questioning which indicates the relevant questions to be asked to the candidate, vis-a-vis his profile and scores.• It has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to use for recruitment and screening of job applicants at all levels. Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 17. Personality AssessmentsGOLDEN• The Golden Personality Type Profiler helps employees gain better insight into their personal style and how they impact others• The Golden Personality Type Profiler can help a person understand the basis for their decision-making and the way they relate to other people.• With Golden, not only can you see Jungian 4-letter personality type, but also the subtle facets/subscales that make up these personality type.• The Golden report provides actionable insights on personal style that anyone can start using immediately. – Leadership and organizational strengths – Growth opportunities – Communication and teamwork – Motivation and learning Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 18. Personality AssessmentsThe Golden Personality Type Profiler is used to: – Guide employees toward better understanding of their own behaviours, attitudes, career goals, and preferences – Build a solid foundation for team development dialogue – Understand an individual’s work style relative to othersADMINISTRATION: 25 minutes, OnlineMEASURES FIVE PERSONALITY DIMENSIONS: Extroverting vs Introverting Sensing vs iNtuiting Thinking vs Feeling Judging vs Perceiving (4th dimension also available in: Organizing vs Adapting ) Tense vs CalmAPPLICATION in Corporate: Employee Development Executive Coaching Career Planning Teambuilding Sales Force Training, and more! Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 19. Pearson Assessment offerings for variety of HR decisions:  Selection & Recruitment / Turnkey  Ability and Aptitude testing  Training Need Identification  Team Analysis & Development  Performance & Potential appraisal  Career and Succession Planning  Diagnosis of Performance Problems and recommendation of solutions  Vocational Education & Career Counseling  Competency gap assessment  Certification and Orientation programs on SOSIE and GOLDEN Pearson Copyright 2007
  • 20. Thank You Pearson Copyright 2007