The Board TV series promotional package


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TV Internet series about a Board of experts assessing a publicly traded resource company and the CEO for purposes of possible investment.

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The Board TV series promotional package

  1. 1. THE BOARDA pathway for publicly listed companiesto achieve capital goals based on expertpanel assessment.
  2. 2. What Is It?
  3. 3. THE BOARDA reality internet TV series.CEOs of publicly traded resourcecompanies are assessed and challengedby experts in the investment community.
  4. 4. How Does It Work?
  5. 5. THE BOARDEach new TV episode will capture a Board meeting inprogress, where Board members challenge the CEOs ofresource companies and assess their chances for success.A new edited Board video episode will be aired every twoweeks on the website and theassociated The Board YouTube and VIMEO channels.The show will be shot in HDTV.
  6. 6. Who Sits on The Board?
  7. 7. THE BOARDThe Board is made up of four investment communityexperts;Allan Bezenson – Managing Partner, CornerstoneCapitalMichael Thackary – Partner , McMillan LLPBrad White – CEO, Edge Hill PartnersGuest – high net worth investment expert
  8. 8. What’s in it for Me?
  9. 9. THE BOARDExposure for you and your company both to the members of TheBoard as well a through the HD video episode that is broadcast.Each participating resource company will receive; a full written report of The Board’s assessment and recommendations an HD video copy of the edited show for corporate use. six months of recognition and promotion on social media marketing on The Board network for all published company news posted to media outlets hot-linked logo placement free updates for six months on the progress of the company through The Board network
  10. 10. How is the Show Marketed?
  11. 11. THE BOARDThe Board TV episodes will be promoted using Pipeline,a highly engaged social media marketing matrix. Thisincludes multiple updates and links on Twitter, Linkedin,Facebook and contracted affiliate sites. In all, aggregationof each show will reach over 20,000 members of theinvestment community.
  12. 12. THE BOARDThe Board TV group is actively promoting the show tosecond window broadcast opportunities with Wealth TV(US Cable network) and international broadcastsyndicators to pursue foreign markets and in-air airlineplacements.
  13. 13. THE BOARDThe Board TV is a production.Ron Baker, CEO of DRIVEN has over twenty-five yearsof TV broadcast and marketing experience. Drive 4 Entertainment Inc. 289.337.6779 Office 36 Toronto Street, Suite 850 416.451.4287 Mobile Toronto ON M5C 2C5 DR-IV-EN Skype