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Video marketing 101


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video marketing 101

video marketing 101

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    • 1. 12 Steps toHardcore Video SEO
    • 2. Why use online video?•••
    • 3. Why use online video?• 4 billion views a day as of Jan. 2012
    • 4. Why use online video?• 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
    • 5. We need to talk!
    • 6. We need to talk!What’s the real purpose of video SEO?
    • 7. We need to talk!Video SEO helps your videoshow up on search engines
    • 8. We need to talk!Many videos are not created worthy of this honor
    • 9. We need to talk!If someone searches for a term and finds your video it must be
    • 10. We need to talk!relative
    • 11. We need to talk!If your video is not useful or entertaining than it’s just noise
    • 12. We need to talk!• Video SEO only works if you have good video
    • 13. We need to talk!• The video should be designed to be shared, get backlinks and should be good enough for people to want to watch it.
    • 14. We need to talk!• If your video is not good, trust me, you don’t want it to be seen!
    • 15. Caution• A lot of great videos go to YouTube to die. Many videos deserve to die!
    • 16. Caution• If I found your video searching, dont show me something unrelated.
    • 17. Caution• You might think that people want to hear about you, your business or your ideas
    • 18. Caution• Unless your are famous, attractive, funny, entertaining or have a great story to tell, no one cares
    • 19. Caution• Traditional video production does not work well on YouTube.
    • 20. Caution• Long intros, extended b-roll and fluff needs to be removed or your visitors will not stick around. Get to the point and tell your story.
    • 21. 1. Design Purpose• Understand what you want your video to achieve before you shoot.• What actions do you want the user to take?
    • 22. 2. Search-Designed Video• Not all video needs to show up in search!• If your CEO rants for 8 mins about a topic no one cares about, odds are your going to get like 100 views.
    • 23. Producing videos that get views• In the following example, we show up #1, #2 and #5 for the term “Asset Tracking” in YouTube
    • 24. Producing videos that get views
    • 25. Producing videos that get views• All of the stories that are showing up are about asset tracking, not just sales pitches
    • 26. Promote Social Behavior
    • 27. 3. Promote Social Behavior• Social seems to be more important for video than any other ranking factor. If people are taking and sharing your video, you will show up higher.
    • 28. 4. Video SEO 101• Don’t get caught up in very technical video SEO jargon. Gaming the system only gets you so far
    • 29. Video SEO 101 – Ranking Factors• Views, comments, playlists, likes, and shares have a direct impact on video SEO.• Unless people are being social with your video, you don’t have much of a chance to rank well.
    • 30. Video SEO 101 – Ranking Factors• My personal goal is to get 1,000 views and 100 social interactions in the first week of a videos life. For most terms, this blasts the rankings near the top of YouTube search.
    • 31. Video SEO 101 – Ranking Factors• Unless people keep coming to your video and talking about it, your video will have a very short life cycle in search• Relevance is how all search engines survive. If you make this your goal, you will be much better off
    • 32. Video SEO 101 – Basics - Title• The best way to create a title is to know what you want to rank for. You don’t have to get too fancy. Just make sure people are really searching for this term.
    • 33. Video SEO 101 – Basics - Description• Put a link on the first line as a call-to-action• Use your title keywords in the description• Tell people what to do next Good example:
    • 34. Video SEO 101 – Basics – Category & Tags• YouTube is a database, the better you tag and describe your video, the more likely the right people will find it.• If the wrong people find your video, it will most likely hurt your potential views
    • 35. 5. Video Advertising• Kick start your videos with Promoted Videos• moted_videos
    • 36. 6. Backlinks• Try to get as many people as you can to embed your video.• Link your webpage that has the YouTube embedded video to 10+ other video sharing sites and Social sites
    • 37. 7. Video Sitemaps• Add a video sitemap• Include: thumbnail, duration, title, keyword rich descriptions, landing page URL• maps/•
    • 38. 8. Annotations• If you tell people what to do, many times they will do it. Annotations are a great way to get people to watch more videos and subscribe to your channel
    • 39. 9. Captions• Always use captions for video SEO. Transcribing your videos can then allow you to put that text on your site.•• Look at the example of the transcribed text box
    • 40. 10. Playlists• Playlists are one of the most powerful things you can do for a new video.• In the next slide notice the 5 thumbnail. It’s just a playlist showing up in YouTube Search.
    • 41. Producing videos that get views
    • 42. 11. Video Syndication• Put your video everywhere!!! iTunes, Roku, RSS Feeds, video sharing sites•• DjA
    • 43. 12. Video Analytics• Understand the dynamics of what’s going on under the hood of your account.• Look at the Audience Retention to see when people are engaging and when people are leaving. Change your production style based on this information•
    • 44. Jeremy