Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011          Horizon 2011Electronic Books (eBooks)ELECTRONIC BOOKS WEBSITES:Delicious/tag/h...
Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011lighting.The size of the text on the ebook can be changed to a readers preference.E-book...
Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011How is it/will it affect our Work Lives?It would be much easier to carry any sort of boo...
Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011View more presentations from vidisingh.What?In this investigation project included us to...
Vidisha Singh (S03014)                                   Horizon 2011                                   extra effort point...
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Horizon Report- eBooks


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Horizon Report- eBooks

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Horizon Report- eBooks

  1. 1. Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011 Horizon 2011Electronic Books (eBooks)ELECTRONIC BOOKS WEBSITES:Delicious/tag/hz11+ebooks Does digital text create a cognitive gap? - OReilly Radar by psychemedia May 5, 2011 6:00 pm The physicality of printed books provides all sorts of additional cues that help us construct and reinforce our understanding about what we have read by making use of reinforcing spatial connections. The ebook equivalent mechanics are currently fa... 10 Reasons To Use Digital Textbooks | Edudemic by smadsenau Apr 10, 2011 5:54 am "Here’s a few reasons why the digital revolution is worthwhile when it comes to textbooks courtesy of CourseSmart:" 1 in 4 College Textbooks Will Be Digital By 2015 by smadsenau Mar 19, 2011 1:49 pm The high-tech halls by smadsenau Mar 17, 2011 1:41 pm "These days students everywhere are logging on and listening to lectures at home Treesaver | Design for reading by cogdog Mar 3, 2011 1:13 am Treesaver® connects writers with readers, and publishers with customers. It’s a new HTML5 platform for narrative experiences—with text and pictures and video. Treesaver divides content into pages, automatically adjusting to the size of any screen....Research:What?An electronic book is an electronic version of hard copy books, it can be downloaded or bought (legally)over the internet. An ebook can be read on the computer, smartphones (proper app needed) and any otherdevice, that is able to verify the ebooks.Who?Anyone can use ebook, recently many libraries have been installing ebooks.Where?The ebooks havent been used universally, but many countries like Australia have been adapting theebook.Cost?It costs a lot for a ebook reader. "There have been protests on Amazon due to the cost of the ebookreader."AdvantagesThere are over 2 million free books available since August 2009.Now ebooks are available on mobiles or any other devices that support the format or the file.Comparing the space a book takes, an e-reader can take up to thousands of book and still have enoughspace to take more ebooks but its limited by its capacity.Ebook websites are able to translate the ebooks into many different languages while a books need to betranslated, then published which would take more than a year or so.Depending on the device, the ebook can be read in low light or total darkness, but books need proper page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011lighting.The size of the text on the ebook can be changed to a readers preference.E-books have the capability to use the Text-to-speech software, where the reader can listen to the textinstead of reading it (Depending on the device, if available)E-books are cheaper than ordinary paper book.Ebook can be purchased, downloaded or bought in one place, but to borrow a book it takes a while toget/find the library then borrow or buy it.Production of an ebook does not need ink, paper etc.DisadvantagesThe longivity of a ebook.Not all books are formed into an ebook.You need a suitable device to load your ebook on.Because of some formatting it might not usable on some devices.Issues- social and ethicalIllegal downloadingIf ebook is damaged, stolen it might have to be repurchased again. The notions of privacy, private writing, solitude, and personal reading are changing.What is the technology? (Explain)This technology is a book in a digital form that is readable on digital devices that is able to supporte-reading format. These ebooks can also be born digital instead of being transferred to digital devices.eBook allows the reader to be able to get most of book of their preference instantly instead of driving,walking or find the nearest library. But to be abe to read ebooks, you need to have a digital device (thatsupports the format) and/or an ereader.How does it work?Basically all that needs to be done to get ebooks are to find a suitable site which is authorized andcopyright protected.These sites are both authorized and copyright protected:Project GutenbergAmazoneBooks.comPenguinBasically, all eBooks work the same. You go to an Internet-based bookseller, order a book,download it into your "reader" whatever it might be, and enjoy reading.How is it/will it affect our Personal Lives?eBooks provide an alternate reading choice for lovers of technology. eBooks offers a newdimension to the written word, allowing books to be distributed so much more easily. eBooksare ordered online and delivered electronically to your computer. You save money with noshipping and the lowest prices. Instead of spending most of your time searching for libraries andgetting a library card, the easiest way is to search online for a book and download it and voila there isyour book soft copy.How is it/will it affect our School/Learning?In years to come, a child will have just one e-reader to carry to school where all the text books they needare stored within that one unit. No more backpacks to be hoisted/luged around, or to be left anywhere oreven lost somewhere between school and home. Instead of having a huge Biology book to lug around,eBook would be able to carry your 300 pages book weightlessly. It can also be heard instead of readingby own self. page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011How is it/will it affect our Work Lives?It would be much easier to carry any sort of books around, just with on device that contains every bookyou need. Just need to find the book and start flipping the pages. Also instead of buying it and thenpaying extra for the shipping, its just so much easier when you can just buy it online and no extra charges.As well as audio, you can hear it too.Websites that helped: Works Cited"About EBooks - Information about All EBook Formats and Supported Devices" EBook Downloads - Get EBooks - EBookMall. Web. 07 Mar. 2011. ."E-book." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Mar. 2010. Web. 07 Mar. 2011. ."Electronic Books." Horizon Report Wiki- 2011. The New Media Consortium. Web. 05 Mar.2011. ."What Is an Ebook." Atlantic Bridge - Epublishing. Web. 05 Mar. 2011. .Pecha Kucha- eBookThe eBook Presentation page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Vidisha Singh (S03014)Horizon 2011View more presentations from vidisingh.What?In this investigation project included us to do a pecha kucha, which is where we only havepictures in our powerpoint presentation and with that we had to speak for 20 seconds about thatand each of us had to speak 120 seconds in total. This was something new we did in CT class.The people that contributed to this assignment were: Sophia, Bong Hee, Jaffer and Jacky.So What?This is actually an effective way of presenting because then not only we have words but we alsohave effective pictures which help out the audience. Also it may interest the audience becausethen they wouldnt have to sleep with their eyes open during the presentation. :DNow What?Maybe next time when we have to do a presentation I could just do that, which would get me page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Vidisha Singh (S03014) Horizon 2011 extra effort points, as well as it would be more fun for the teacher and students since it would be in a story format. page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (