Animal Farm Composition<br />The book ‘Animal Farm’ consists of two important characters, Snowball and Napoleon. Snowball ...
Animal Farm Composition
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Animal Farm Composition


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Animal Farm Composition

  1. 1. Animal Farm Composition<br />The book ‘Animal Farm’ consists of two important characters, Snowball and Napoleon. Snowball and Napoleon are two pigs that were controlling the farm after the revolution. After the Old Major’s death, Snowball and Napoleon followed his advice and succeeded in their task, but due to the conflict between Snowball and Napoleon, they were not able to agree or negotiate with each other. Although they were both domineering and superior to the other animals, they often had conflicts because of their different methods and strategies of ruling. The pigs, Snowball and Napoleon did not have any interest in working with one another because how divergent their intensions, their nature and their dispositions are. <br />Napoleon was one of the rulers in the farm. He has the character of being very avarice, egoistic and self-centered. In page 9, paragraph 2, line 17, Napoleon was described as the pig that has the reputation of getting his own way. He would be very seclusive he would not let anyone be informed with what he is up to, for example in page 22, paragraph 3 and line 24; when Jessie and Bluebell had given birth between nine puppies, Napoleon took in charge of those puppies and kept them in seclusion that not even anyone on the farm had a hint what was going on. Napoleon would not notify any animal on the farm, of what was going on. As how Napoleon wanted his own way, he always wanted himself only to rule the farm. As for the election Napoleon had planned Snowball’s defeat, he took the advantages of the dogs that were once puppies that he took from Jessie and Bluebell, to drive away or even kill Snowball (page 34, paragraph 1&2, line 19.) Napoleon not being able to speak persuasively, took advantage of Squealer (page 9 line 24), who was brilliant talker and was able to induce very well. Napoleon ordered Squealer to convince everyone on the farm that Snowball was false and like an enemy, which Squealer successfully achieved (page 37, paragraph 2 and line 6.) Napoleon also didn’t like any animal to associate with his rival. Napoleon was a heartless pig, which would eliminate the animals that were secretly involved with Snowball, even the animals who had a conversation with him or animals that refused to obey his orders. For example Napoleon ordered death sentence to the hens because they would not agree on giving away their eggs and in order not to so they would fly up to the rafters and lay their eggs there, where the eggs would smash. (page 51, paragraph 2). The dogs on Napoleon’s command killed the pigs, hens, and sheep. Napoleon was a cruel leader who would do anything that would bring him to be the superior. <br />Snowball was also the ruler of the farm. Snowball was vivacious, articulate, vivid and more inventive than Napoleon (page 9, paragraph 2, line 17). Snowball believed in following the Old Major’s idea, because he thought that it would successfully lead them to have freedom and humans would no longer rule over animal (through chapters 1-3.) Snowball also did not want anything that reminded them being enslaves. So Snowball ordered everyone to discard everything them owned that were made by humans. This was so because it he found it the symbol of slavery and captivation. (page 13, paragraph 1, line 13) Snowball liked the idea of them overpower the human’s ability to produce more than the animals could. He wanted to harvest much faster than Jones’s men would do, showing them that animals were more capable than Jones and his men. (page 16, paragraph 2, line 7). Snowball liked to be organized, so with is intelligence he thought of dividing the animals into committees called ‘Animal Committee’. He formed committees like the Egg Production Committees for the hens, the Clean Tails League for the cow, the Wild Comrades Re-education Committees (taming the rats and rabbits), the Whiter Wool Movement for the sheep and various others for different animals. (page 20, paragraph 2, line 14) Snowball was a good general, because he was clever enough to plan something if Mr. Jones came back with a surprise attack to possess his land back. (page 26, paragraph 3, line 14) Snowball wanted all the animals to have freedom, so in order to do so, he had to charge at Mr. Jones and drive away the army he brought. Due to that Mr. Jones fired at Snowball, he did get injured but continued to fight. This showed his loyalty to the animals and that he wanted them to be free not captivated by Mr. Jones and his men. (pg 26-27). Snowball was a ruler that wanted welfare for the animals and be independent. He also wants to minimize the animals’ work, so they worked of the windmill. <br />The similarities of the two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon are that they both agreed on the Seven Commandments at first whether or not they broke it later. (Chapter 1). They both were intelligent as they were literate- so they were able to read and write. (page 20, paragraph 3, last line- page 21). Both characters strive for the title of leaders of the farm and want to run the farm alone. This brought up all the disagreement between the two of them. They both were smart for making the animals do as they say, by persuading them saying “Do you want Jones back in the farm” knowing that this would scare the animals and make them do as they tell them so. They both wanted to educate the animals so that they would be literate in some degree. (pages 20-22) Both the pigs are greedy in some extent, because they both agreed that milk and apple should only be for pigs. (page 23, paragraph 1-2) Therefore both the animals are similar to some points, not those having to disagree with everything the opposition says. <br />The animals opinion to which animal is better always changes, because the animals always change their opinion to whoever is currently speaking. For example they had more votes for Snowball when he was speaking for himself and when Snowball was chased away, the animals concentrated more that “Comrade Napoleon is always right.” (Chapters 6-8) So these animals would not have a fixed belief of who is better or not. Whereas I think that Snowball would have been a better leader because his focus was honesty and wanted to bring good to farm for example the windmill idea, so then the animals would just have to work three days a week, which would definitely benefit the animals. (page 33-35) Whereas Napoleon chose to lie and mislead the animals to have things in his own manner and the way he chose it to be.<br />Snowball and Napoleon are two different people who think very differently and have unalike intentions. They both also have a contrasting characteristics and different goals to achieve. But they both certainly have some similarities too. Both of these two pigs chose to run the Animal Farm and they both have their own organization and structure planned out. Animals do think differently about each of these characters, but their judgment does change as the time goes by. So therefore ‘Animal Farm’ has many different theories planned from the two main characters, Snowball and Napoleon. <br />