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Resume Writing Presentation

Resume Writing Presentation



Presented by Vidhan Rana at Thames College on March 27, 2012. The presentation contains some relevant tips on how to write a resume, especially for BBA students in Nepal.

Presented by Vidhan Rana at Thames College on March 27, 2012. The presentation contains some relevant tips on how to write a resume, especially for BBA students in Nepal.



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    Resume Writing Presentation Resume Writing Presentation Presentation Transcript

    •  Employer Speak: what  Applicant Speak: what they say and what they they say and what they mean by it mean by it • Entry level position: • I seek a job that will draw Youll be making minimum upon my strong wage. communication & • Must be deadline oriented: organizational skills: Youll be six months behind I talk too much and like to schedule on your first day. tell other people what to do. • Problem solving skills a • I take pride in my work: must: I blame others for my Youre walking into a mistakes. company in perpetual • I have formal training: chaos. Im a college dropout.
    •  Networking  Nepotism • Through professional • Through family and channels friends • Based on knowledge, • Based on family links, skills and experience influence and wealth • Long term benefit • Short term benefit • Always grows • Limited growth Join Clubs: Rotary, Toastmasters, Student organizations, etc. Attend Events: Professional networking events, E4N, NBTI, etc. Talk to your seniors or your teachers LinkedIn
    • Structure it to improve yourchances to get called for an Interview Presented by: Vidhan RanaBiruwa Ventures, Pvt. Ltd.
    • What is it?What does it say? Who reads it? Basic TipsResume for BBAs
    •  Itis an evolving description of your experiences – documents and describes your skills and expertise • Outlines accomplishments, communicates your qualifications for employment Record of your Name and Contact info Tailor it for specific audience
    •  Academicachievements, student activities, and employment General skills you should communicate: • Learn quickly • Lead a team • Adapt to new • Follow instructions environment • Use time efficiently • Research, analyze, and • Deal with ambiguity solve problems • Make decision • Initiate and develop new • Communicate program effectively • Work collaboratively • Meet Deadlines
    •  Someone Gleaning • Scans your resume for academic degrees; job titles; special experiences or skills; Someone Reading • Learns valuable information about your achievements and gain an impression of your competencies and personal qualities
    •  You can’t write your resume in one sitting Start with a outline of your comprehensive outline of experiences Experiment with format and styles Understand what the employer is seeking Seek advice on drafts (friends, neighbors, teachers, coursins)
    •  Formatted Chronologically • Can structure differently – most relevant experience first once you have more experience I am a BBA Graduate Demonstrate skills and experience Give me a job Be sure to think beyond paid work experience • Clubs, teams, independent research, etc.
    • Career or Job Objective Name & Contact Information Education & Honors Work Experience Extra Curricular Activities Language & Computer SkillsInterest / Personal Background Reference
    •  It is better to include in a cover letter Use it to tailor it to each job application • Highlight relevant experience or information from your resume Write something meaningful • “Seeking a full-time position in a reputed bank”
    •  Be sure the information is accurate Make it professional • Email “hotgal21@hotmail.com” “cooldude@gmail.com” List your temporary address
    •  Where did you go to school, degree, graduation date • Spell it out “Tribhuvan University” not “TU” List your GPA if it is high, 3.0 or above • Highlight other proficiencies if you have low GPA Research paper, thesis project Special Honors – Dean’s / Merit List, SLC Distinction, etc.
    •  Usually the largest section • Include both paid and unpaid List job title and organization prominently • Vice President – Shanti School Project  Raised $10,000 by coordinating with volunteers in six different states in the United States to build a primary school in a village in Nepal Don’tjust say “Intern” – what specific role did you have? e.g. “Marketing Intern” Multiple positions? Include the most recent
    •  Make a list of all your past experiences • Include any volunteer, club, team activities, etc. • Even any unpaid position if you have gaps in your resume Consider what you did • What skills did you use, write specific instances of where you demonstrated those skills
    •  Learn about the Industry/Function your are seeking • Banking sector? Handling cash, controls, etc. • Tourism? Customer relationship, interpersonal skills, etc. Review the position description properly • What skills are needed for the job?
    •  Action, Context, Result, & Quantify • Action: e.g. “Raised funds” • Context: e.g. “Raised funds to establish an old age home • Result: e.g. “Raised funds to establish an old age home to provide proper health care for the elderly” • Quantify: e.g. “Raised Rs. 2.5 lakh to establish an old age home to provide proper health care for 25 elderly”
    •  Highlight what you have done Highlight what you can do Past tense for past positions, present tense for current positionsaccomplished financed managed researched bought handled negotiated settled calculated identified obtained streamlined controlled introduced presented trained earned led promoted won
    •  Articles & Period • Be concise, eliminate unnecessary articles “Analyzed the quantitative and the qualitative survey results of the Nepali banking sector, and produced a report” Becomes “Analyzed quantitative and qualitative survey results of the Nepali banking sector to produce a report”
    •  Personal pronouns • DON’T sound egotistical “I did this, I did that, …” “I am currently the debate team captain of my college and won two competitions” Becomes “Competed and won two debate competition leading the college team as a captain”
    •  Any clubs or social service? • These activities showcase your interests to potential employers Always explain the organization • CWIN, a non-governmental organization that advocates for child rights Don’t make this section longer than your work experience
    •  Say how proficient you are in a given language • Conversational in Japanese, Proficient in Korean Listsoftware programs, describe proficiency
    •  Helps establish an initial bond • “Play Guitar” “Hiking and mountaineering” “School Chess Champion” Write something that makes you different • “Born and raised in a remote village in Dolpa before I moved to Kathmandu for further education”
    •  Only include when asked, not necessary on a resume Include someone who you know professionally (no friends or relatives) Include full contact information and state briefly how you know the person
    • Be HonestDon’t be too GeneralLanguage and Layout Formatting Tips Resume Etiquette
    •  Promote yourself, but do not lie Makesure everything you write is accurate Have a LinkedIn profile? Clean up your Facebook
    •  Avoid job descriptions • Communicate the characteristics and attributes that made you a great employee in the past, will make you a great future employee Provide a complete set of skills • Leadership/Teamwork; Quantitative Analysis; Communication/Persuasion; Innovation/Creativity
    •  Make sentences short, not more than 2 lines Avoid bullets that are more than 3 lines Up to 4 bullets per experience • Make an introduction to the experience, expand on it during the interview!
    •  Use consistent fonts, bullets and indentation Don’t use fancy fonts, colored background, design, etc. • Readable font size (10-14) • Avoid using italics or underlines Make it neat and attractive – not crowded
    •  Paper Choice • Select good quality paper, avoid colors or patterns Carry at least 3 copies of resume to an interview Emailing: Always attach, Use PDF • Name attachments properly: “PKarkiRusume.pdf” not “Resume (draft).pdf”