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MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
MyVideoTalk - A global Business
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MyVideoTalk - A global Business


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A hugely successful MNC in more than 80 Countries

A hugely successful MNC in more than 80 Countries

Published in: Business
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  • 1. My Video Talk Jan/2006 Ahead of the Wave Please view in “slide show”, on-line. All underlined words are live video links                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • 2. Simple ! Fun ! and Rewarding !
    • Online Streaming Video
    • Brings LIFE to e-mails and Websites, direct on to Your Computer, Mobile or i Pod
    • “ If a picture is worth a
    • 1000 words then
    • Videos
    • Must Be Worth a
    • 1000 Pictures! “
    • Anyone can DO IT !
    The Core Product:
  • 3. MyVideoTalk has exploded onto the Internet, experiencing MASSIVE GROWTH With VIDEO e- MAIL. Hence the slogan of "Bringing the World Closer Together” ! . Based on MVT’s phenomenal success, VIDI Solutions , the expert engineers in Video streaming development, joined with MVT, during 2005 for MVT to take over VIDI’s MARKETING internationally. A NEW era of co-development and a Strategic Alliance was formed to share unique proprietary technology To take Streaming Video to the World ! is the INTERNATIONAL division of Team Effort International is the Mother Co. based in San Ramon, Silicon Valley , California, with a proven track record of 5 years of operation. Their mission statement is a “ Commitment to Make a Difference” !                                                                                            MVT LEADS where others will FOLLOW !
  • 4. Keeping Good Company
  • 5. Personalize Your VIDEO EMail Insert, Photos, Graphics, Names, Your Video , Website Links and more !
  • 6. Personal Applications Have Fun with Family & Friends: Don't get to see family and friends often enough? Why not send video emails to let them “ See and Hear You” When is the last time the kids saw their grandparents? MyVideoTalk video email brings the world closer together . Bring to LIFE communication with family and friends across the world SEND Video-greetings for special occasions. Brings New Meaning to Romance Travelers send home video clips of your trip Kids and Students send Personal messages or video clips of Pop stars, Footy Heroes … Cheaper and more Fun than SMS texting . Think about it …?
  • 7. REAL ESTATE AGENTS - give home tours CAR DEALERS – Sales and Service NETWORK MARKETERS - Communicate RETAILERS - Promote SPECIALS Travel and Tour AGENTS Training and Education Hewlett Packard Management: WEB builders and IT Executives bring LIFE to their sites ….. and more ! Business Applications   Increase Your Sales! , Better Customer Relations , Improve Corporate Communications , Enhance Employee Training, Cost-Effective Advertising, Promotions , Club and Association News , and MORE ! MyVideoTalk's video email technology combines the power of television advertising with the simplicity of V-mail.                                                                                                                                                      
  • 8. Online streaming has become a $ 5 billion industry in just a few years ! Apples’ iTunes sells 1 million videos to stream to iPODS in 20 days 1/11/2005 Email has surpassed television, newspapers and magazines in coverage THE AUSTRALIAN Newspaper, admits to loosing ADVERTISING to the NET and expects further market share erosion in the future. 60 Billion e-mails Daily ! Soon a BILLION folk on the Internet ! A few Facts …… Be ready for the BOOM ! Video e-Mail is Highly Competitive compared to ANY other form of MEDIA and at less than ONE CENT per Message, and RETAIL plans starting from less than $ 10 pm, costs are cheaper than those for SMS or PHONE CALLS. Video ADVERTISING allows an EFFECTIVE “Rifle Shot “ approach to the Target Market with HIGH IMPACT ! Streaming VIDEO is already changing THE FACE of WEBSITES and E- mail . FAR more FUN , SAFE from virus , and less DULL boring TEXT !        
  • 9. MVT Streaming Video Conference another MVT “ World First “ Suits most Broadband connections See Talk and Hear GROUPS LIVE IN CONFERENCE all at once Brings Meetings to Life ! No more Expensive Travel, Hotels, Time Lost. 6 ACTIVE Screens with More folk Listening and watching in the Background ! High Security through passwords for Private Meetings. Monthly Subscriptions Start from as little as US $70 for a 5 seat Package to US $750 for a 1000 seat Corporate Room. Businesses may be in constant ONLINE contact 24 / 7. SAVES THOUSANDS $$$ on your Teleconferencing and phone Bills. The FUTURE is here NOW ! video images
  • 10. Representatives
    • The Promotion and Sales of MVT Video Streaming products and services is by
    • “ Word of Mouth” promotion, called Networking !
    • Testimonials
    • It’s a business of INVITING to “Have a LOOK “ and Try before you Buy !
    • Reps who like to focus on Retail or Corporate clients are generously rewarded
    • 50 % Commission on their Clients first months Subs. and 20 % RESIDUAL thereafter.
    • Once they have Developed their OWN Sponsorship GROUP, they may Earn UP TO 10% RESIDUAL overide Commission on Subscriptions on THEIR TEAMS monthly production
    • The set up costs of the Basic Rep’s business is US $200 ( Starter Pack )
    • Includes ONLINE Training, Websites, First months personal subscription, International Paycard, 24/7 Online Support, Video Library and more !
    • INCLUDED are 500 test drive SAMPLE PACKS to GIVE to Prospective clients ,
    • There are No Qualifications to earning RETAIL Commissions , and Starter Pack Reps may also earn Business builder’s Income, once Qualified.
    • They may choose to UPGRADE later to become Professional Business Builders
    • and Join their peers “ Community “ ( Annual subs apply ), providing EXTRA Support.
    • Reps . Enjoy a Heavily discounted monthly subcription ; 10 gigs viewing time
    • ( Approx. 160 hours p.m. ) at only $ 34.95 p.m.
  • 11. Network of Professional Business Builders
    • Reps who choose to participate in promoting the WORLD WIDE Growth of STREAMING Videos and Share the Generous Rewards Paid by MVT.
    • Would Join with the
    • TOTAL SOLUTIONS Package.
    Also includes ANNUAL Community Membership/ TOOLBOX, 1500 Test Drive Samples , LIVE Video Link to your OWN MARKETING WEBSITE 1 to 1 video calling, INTERNATIONAL pay card / banking and much MORE ! The Reps combined Presidential monthly plan # 426 at $54.84 is heavily discounted and highly recommended, it also Incorporates 500 test drives p.m . and your OWN 10 seat Video Conference Room . Start Up Cost US$359 (inclusive of first months Reps Discounted Video account)
  • 12. Sponsoring
    • To become Qualified to Earn from the Team Builders PayPlan
    • Reps will need to Invite, and “ Show and Tell “ folk about MVT,
    • streaming VIDEO and demonstrate VIDEO E mail
    • Upon Joining MVT, Your Sponsor, the person who has responsibility of looking after you to ensure YOUR SUCCESS, will place you with either of their TWO TEAMS who ALL work together to GROW the business.
    • You will need to Sponsor ONE person in each TEAM and remain Active to Earn Points which lead to Commissions to be
    • Qualified FOR LIFE in the TWO Team PLAN.
    • Note : Reps are NOT paid to Sponsor but ARE paid to Mentor and help
    • Those who they have Sponsored to success !
    • Networking through TEAM WORK means you are in your own business but you’re NOT ALONE ! You EARN as you LEARN !
  • 13. Mentoring
    • Once Qualified the New Rep’s. Role is to help those that they have Sponsored QUALIFY and START EARNING !
    • In exchange for MENTORING them to success, the New REP. is
    • Paid $25 per New Joining, each time “their Sponsorships” succeed in bringing someone New on Board.
    • Their TEAM UPLINE will help ….....“ HOW TO ? “….. via the simple Show and tell method … to get started !
    • This will include :
    • Make VIDEO MAIL. Use the TOOLS . Where to GO for HELP !
    • How to DUPLICATE SYSTEMS ? … and themselves.
    • It’s Not selling ! Just Invite ! SHOW ! JOIN ! Then REPEAT !
    • The TEAM BUILDERS’, Mentoring bonus fades away once YOUR REP. QUALIFIES and takes over this privilege on that TEAM group.
    • No commissions are paid for personal recruitment.
  • 14. Executive Status helping those YOU Sponsor
    • Once TWO of your Reps have Qualified (with your Help), one in each TEAM, You will be recognized as an EXECUTIVE and PAID an
    • $ 300
    This Would earn you $400 Minimum or $550 (if they were ALL Pro Networkers) so far, resulting in the recovery of your entire Investment and some profit. … It’s that EASY ! People helping People . You Sponsor Sue Joe who Sponsors Jack Jill Mary Sam
  • 15. TWO Team Cycle and Profit Sharing Bonuses YOU earn POINTS leading to Cycle Commissions each time your teams generate 5 New Total Solutions sales or 9 starter packs or a mix of both to bring about the same result You require a ONE third to TWO third Team Balance, either way . You will earn $100 In Commission. PLUS a company Profit sharing Bonus currently $50 TOTAL $150 EACH CYCLE . THIS is MAIN INCOME derived during your initial RAPID GROWTH Phase Provided you are a QUALIFIED TEAM BUILDER This income may “ Kick In “ before you become an EXECUTIVE due to rapid TEAM production from ABOVE or BELOW YOU You will continue to Personally Sponsor ,but MUCH of your Efforts will now be for your TEAMS , those who came in after YOU by YOUR TEAM EFFORT and your Upline TEAM SYNERGY causes RAPID TEAM DUPLICATION ! By working together leading to Explosive Growth and Incomes YOU may be PAID on up to 33 cycles per day .
  • 16. Cycle and Profit sharing Bonuses. New Reps “Spill Down” POINTS “Flow UP “ Limit 33 cycles per day Sue Joe You *(ALL joined as Pro Networkers ) Carry Over 360 points left, 240 points right Banked towards YOUR next Cycle - Your Teams Continue to Sponsor earning YOU $150 Cycle/Profit Bonus * Earnings so far : $ Builder 100 Exec. 300 Cycle 100 Profit 50 TOTAL : 550 spillover Upline
    • Once you have Sponsored 5 or more into YOUR Group
    • YOU shall start to EARN OVERIDE Income on YOUR Group's and their Sponsorship's as well as their RETAIL customers Monthly Subscriptions .
    • Provided YOU continue to Sponsor You shall rise through the EXECUTIVE RANKS.
    • Each batch of 5 sponsorships OPENS NEW LEVELS
    • Of RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS until you have sponsored 25 Qualified Reps, upon which you shall reach the RANK of
    • ALL PRO NETWORKERS should aspire ACHIEVE this Long
    • Term GOAL, from the UNILEVEL (comb) Plan.
    The MORE YOU SHOW ! The more they’ll JOIN !
  • 18. Monthly Team Commissions on Sponsorship Line Personal Sales Volume Requirements Commission Earned on Personal Retail Sales First Level representatives at Team builder status (each Team Builder Group at monthly minimum of 150 GSV) 1% Infinity Bonus to the next Presidential Platinum First Level Team Builders
  • 19. ‘ Test Drives ‘ Try before they Buy ! All Reps. Start out with a batch of TEST drives to Give - away to PROSPECTS as SAMPLES ! Take your free Video test Drive of the most versatile and easiest to use email video system,MyVideoWebMail Through the MyVideoTestDrive you can send a free video message to anyone anywhere in the world
  • 20. Back Office
    • Your Back Office is your Business in a Box :
    • Here you “ Make your Videos”
    • Track your Income and Orders
    • Monitor your Team’s Growth
    • Send your Test Drive “Give – Aways”
    • ONLINE Training at YOUR own pace
    • LOOK and LEARN from the EXPERTS !
  • 21. Training
    • How do You DO THIS ?
    • Your PEERS have REGULAR Presentations online for THIRD PARTY re-enforcement
    • The ASEAN Region has a FREE online Training – Meet the Leaders Every Tuesday at a time to suit most.
    • True NETWORKERS thrive on their TEAMS success
    • So you DON’T need to GO IT ALONE !
    • You may have Local MEETINGS where the more experienced will help YOU and YOU TEAM GROW!
    • You will also be expected to contribute and be prepared to TAKE the BATON in the Networking relay RACE of Duplication, as you LEARN as you EARN
    • OUR Group has access to SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE Websites
    • Created by it’s Members. We play to strengths and SHARE
    • ALL this Training and That Offered by the Company is FREE !
  • 22. Let’s Get Started! Speak to the REP who First showed you MVT Streaming Video is Changing the Face of the Internet Part Time ! Full Time ! Anytime ! Be part of IT ! JOIN Today ! As a REP and earn INCOME or a Customer and Promote ! Don’t miss out “ MyVideoTalk and Streaming Video is the new wave to hit the internet” Contact : JJ 09324226499 [email_address] Skype : jitendra_jog